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Harrellson parting ways with Heat to explore other options

Heat reserve Josh Harrellson will not resign with the Heat for another 10-day contract, according to Harrellson's agent.

"It's best for both sides that Josh look at other options," agent Merle Scott told The Herald's Barry Jackson. "The Heat believes it needs something different than what Josh can offer. The door hasn't been closed on a return down the road."

The Heat's 10-day contract with Jarvis Varnardo is also set to expire. The Heat can wait until Wednesday to resign Varnardo.


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Good for Josh.. he'll land on a good team. he's a heck of a player, too bad he couldnt get any playtime here.. best of luck Jorts

good luck to Harellson...

now its time bring in the "BIRDMAN"...

is there any news for the trade rumors to TIMOFEY MOSGOV?





My thoughts are you post the same thing on here everyday! Are you a mental patient? How the hell are we supposed to know if Pat Riley is working on it? This isn't the Truman Show!!!???

The bottom line is this is the team were stuck with. You people with these fantasy trades that will never happen is just maddening. Bosh is struggling, fine...we have to find a way to incorporate him into the offense more. Lebron is exhausted, the man can't play 45 minutes a night, Spo is going to wear him down. Wade is up and down, he said himself that it will take him the whole year to get where he wants to be. We need to be patient people. It is what it is, nobody wants Joel Anthony's contract. These teams are going to want a Cole for example, not a washed up James Freakin' Jones! And that 1st round pick we have, it will be a pick in the 20's. That doesn't appeal to teams. Step it up people!

right now the Heat are in first place. Spo loves the way Anthony plays defense and his ability to catch the ball and do something productive with it has improved. Large slow centers will not fit into the Heat's defensive scheme which requires a lot of switching and closing out on the open man. And right now the Phili draft choice is in the lottery and Phili could easily miss the playoffs. Imagine if the Heat are lucky (like Chicago was when they ended up with the #1 pick and had Rose fall into their laps!). Let's not panic and let the team compete with the current personnel!

Philly pick lottery protected.

So best for Heat if they finish 8th seed which would deliver around a 15th pick in first round.


Sweet thoughts guys..."they are who we thought they are" (Thanks Dennis Green...hilarious!)

I'm over ragging on Bostrich...hope Spo just plays him at 4 and this current lambast burns enough to make him tougher.

It'll be interesting who becomes available soon. Riley holding all his cards tight...till the very end.

BTW...Can't say enough about Spo standing up to Wade & Bosh recently using the old coaching standard of using the bench as the ruler. THAT sends a message to the whole team which will be lasting.

Got too much time today...think I saw one of the coolest things ever. Anybody see the end of Butler/Gonzaga game ? Pull up YouTube of final shot. Watch Brad Stevens the whole time ball is inbounded, stolen...with ultimate game-winning shot taken. Dude has his arms folded...while walking towards scoring table to opposing bench without any emotion. Unbelievable !

The Phili pick is only protected if it is a top 12 pick, so the goal is for Phili to have the 13th pick

Well, I sure hope we pick up more in a trade... Not that our team is bad or anything... I just feel that a good trade, would really help this season's team...

But, I came up with some great plays, that would really look interesting...

For now, just waiting to see who makes the first move...

Gotta think there's one comin..

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