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Harrellson joins Heat in Portland

PORTLAND — Josh Harrellson, released last week by the Heat, was back with the team on Thursday for Miami's game against the Trail Blazers.

Harrellson signed a 10-day contract with the Heat on Thursday and was active for the game. Presuming he would be brought back with the team, Harrellson remained in Miami after being waived.

The Heat worked out veteran NBA center Chris Andersen earlier this week but instead went with Harrellson and former Heat second-round draft pick Jarvis Varnado. Varnado signed a 10-day deal on Wednesday. There is a possibility that Andersen could still join the Heat. His work out with Pat Riley might have indicated that he needed to be in better shape before being signed. Heat players must pass conditioning tests before they can play.


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Keep the info coming Joseph, you have a long way to go, but keep it coming.





TAKE A HARD LOOK AND PURSUE *GREG ODEN for multi year contract check if he is going to be healthy and we are set to repeat the title...

we cant defend our title if we stick with this roster....

This is just great...can't beat anybody on the road & LeBron is spent. What the hell is Spo doing ? As I mentioned earlier...this road trip could be a disaster and so far it is. The small ball caught up with the Heat and now not having the ability to play different styles with this roster is obvious.

Stretch during last year's CHAMPIONSHIP run, where the Heat were 7-6 in January - the sky didn't fall then, and it ain't fallin' now.

What is SPO doing? Probably scanning down through this blog looking for advice from people who watch games, but don't study the game or it's tendancies.

Last night Heat had 45 rebounds, same as Blazers. Heat with more points in the paint 44-38. Heat with 6 blocks, Blazers with 2. Maybe our knee-jerk reaction will swing back to we need help on the perimeter. TRADE Wade for Russell Westbrook.

Blazers had 30 FTA, Heat with 20.

Heat with 35 FGM, Blazers with 30.

And for goodness sake Pat, get off your duff and trade the heart and soul of your team (UD) for a player who's played 80 games in the last 4 years. (Oden) How did Riles ever get to the position he has, being as incompetent as he is. Oh, that's right, the multiple NBA Championships.

Hahaha! Why the hell would OKC trade the 24 year old Westbrook for 30 year old Wade. What a joke you are! LOL

^^ who would ever sugguest a trade like that?? that will never happen, on both ends of the trade

What the hell was Spoelstra laughing about immediately after the game was over???!!! What a schmuck! Laugh it up you idiot!


Hook, line, and sinker!

Chalmers had a good look at that last shot to win the game.

Maybe SPO was laughing at the Blazers and the confetti and streamers dropping from the rafters like they just accomplished something extraordinary.

Maybe he was laughing at the schmucks who he knew would be writing the Heat off this year, despite still having the best record in the Eastern Conference.

Maybe he was laughing at all us middle class idiots whose take home pay just took a hit because of the underqualified idiot residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

K-Mart has spurned the Heat 2 years in a row and signed with another team. K-Mart has a bad history with Alonzo, if I remember correctly K-Mart and Zo almost got into a fight when they were playing for NJ over comments made about his kideny problem.

its true, Matt. you are on the money. Kmart can be an idiot, but we need someone with heart on the team. Joel Anthony just hops around like an animal but when his players get fouled he walks away. He could at least be like Rodman or Ben Wallace if he's going to lack so many other skills.

Wade just isn't that good anymore. I always thought Wade was better than Lebron. And Wade may give Kobe a run for his money as to the Jordan talk. But I'm starting to believe we need to give Chalmers a green light to do more (he was attacking the hole and finishing acrobatic layups like vs. Thunder) and if Wade's content to be a role player let him. Wade wants superstar treatment from media and refs, but it doesn't seem he's willing to put more work in for it. He's rich now, has a couple of championships, but he doesn't have the hunger to be the greatest and his game is suffering for it as he gets older.

Wade is what's not good with the heat and sort of shows what's wrong with the Heat on the micro level. This team only goes as far as Wade takes them. Lebron can win games, Bosh can beast up, but in the end I still believe Wade is the leader of this team. I mean honestly, if you look at it, between Lebron and Wade, the Heat's personality most resembles DWade's. Lebron will play through sickness and injury and push himself. Wade sometimes seem to just go through the motions, jogging down court on defense of when dribbling.

of = or in last sentence.

You always thought Wade was better than Lebron? Wow! Your on crack.

even worse...apparently i thought it was crack, but it was really bath salts...

UD seldom plays with heart, and don't get me started on Battier walkin on the court. Wade, jeesh, all that acrobatic stuff is just for show - I'll bet fallin from 3 1/2' in the air to the court doesn't really hurt your hips/back/arms/legs. Lebron, doesn't work to keep that body, that's all HGH he got from A-ROD. And those calves on Ray Allen are implants, that's not really conditioning. Cole doesn't condition either, he's just young. Mike Miller walks like an old man, I know, I am one. What a dysfunctional crew we have. Can't imagine what the other 26 teams with worse records than us are saying about there piece of crap teams.

Cool, take your old ass and stop following the Heat then you miserable s.o.b.

Clowning. We are better than 26 other teams. But I want the bath salts to kick in on the heat and have them eat these other guy's confidence. We are losing a lot more lately.

Is it about his"Image" with Birdman or his conditioning ?
We need someone like him to Thump the opponents and
not finesse them like Bosh and UD has just gotten old.
Go back to old school, not small ball and remember
the A.Morning era of guarding the Boards, all balls,
every ball. Give Chris Andersen a shot, he stays hungry let him feed.

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