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Chris Andersen will add some color to the Heat's locker room

If nothing else, it's going to be fun with Chris Andersen around. I mean, look at the guy's colorful neck. That neck just screams super hero here to save the season.

Here's really all you need to know about the Heat's new center/forward: He sometimes refers to himself in the third person as "The Birdman." See, even Andersen thinks he's a super hero.

"I'm here to give them everything I've got, defensively, diving on the floor, blocking shots, you know, the usual that a Birdman does and what Birdman brings," Andersen said on Sunday.

Will Andersen solve the Heat's rebounding woes? No, but he can't hurt anything, that's for sure. In the Heat's four lossess this month, Chris Bosh has averaged 3.8 rebounds per game. Of course, I'm not suggesting Andersen is going to take any minutes away from Bosh. Most likely, guys like Joel Anthony, Shane Battier and Mike Miller will see their roles shrink to make room for Andersen.

Will Andersen be a long-term answer for the Heat? Don't hold your breath. He's on a 10-day contract, which means he'll likely be on another 10-day contract after that. The Heat has brought in big men in the past to help the team chew its way through the gristle of the season. See: Erick Dampier and Ronny Turiaf.

So, here's a fairly awesome picture of Andersen, brought to my attention by @javier710.


Of course, this tasetful portrait predates Andersen's "Free Bird" neck tattoo.



Seriously, what happens when The Birdman gets The Turkey Neck later in life?


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Am digging the chicks...his looks - not so much. Just hope he stays clean...

Well, let's see what he brings to the table...

I still like the thought of making a move to bring in Cousins... Thoughts???

Picking up Andersen is serendipitous and timely, a quality player that most teams wont sign because of his age and fears of further health complications. For miami, this means a cheap veteran and talented player that fits in the payroll/team. I think he'll fit in the same way Turiaf did for us last season. Plus bringing andersen, vernado and pitman in has made miami a much taller team real quick.

I have a feeling that most other bigs(like Cousins)are being well protected by other teams, which they should. But seeing the way things are going, the stars are being aligned for another Heat championship repeat!

Black, would you shut up with the Cousins trade! It's not going to happen! There is no doubt in my mind you need help. Your so annoying!

PEDOPHILE.... That's why the Nuggets dumped him in mid-season last year....


you really got to get with the program... we Heat fans enjoy talking basketball here on the Herald blog site... whether it's trades or daily topics, in terms of our team... we enjoy talking or blogging about whatever it is we're talking about...

You come in this season, and try to ruin what we have had for years... leave us the hell alone... you are a negative person who really looks to bring conflict instead of adding to a topic... and if you don't like what we write on here find another website... DAM...

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