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ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Trail Blazers 92, Heat 90


BEST OF LAST NIGHT: It was a tough loss but several positives came out of the game. The Heat rebounded better, tying Portland with 45, and Chris Bosh had a great game offensively, finishing with 29 points. Bosh was 13 of 18 from the field and made his final seven shots of the game.

WORST OF LAST NIGHT: It easy to be critical after the fact, but Bosh probably should have attempted the game-tying shot at the end of the game instead of kicking it out to Mario Chalmers on the wing. Bosh was open for a split second but it's hard to fault him for deferring to Chalmers, who was wide open. Chalmers had a good look but missed.

ANALYSIS: Heat coach Erik Spoelstra subbed out Chalmers with 3:54 left in the third quarter and Chalmers thought his night was over. He sat the entire fourth quarter before entering the game for Udonis Haslem for the final play.

The Trail Blazers shot 37.5 percent from the field in the victory. Seventeen turnovers by the Heat helped Portland make up for its poor shooting.

STEAK ENDS: LeBron James had another great all-around game but his consecutive games streak of at least 20 points to begin the season ended. James finished with 15 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists. Dating back to last season, James' streak lasted 54 games.


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Do you ever switch things up? Live chats? Maybe a question and answer forum? A day in the life of a Heat player?

GregG...keep drinking that kool-aid...that's some really funny stuff. Your reads always make me think & I too damn anal bout this stuff? Maybe so...

To's just so difficult to get a NBA win night in, night out. Our roster is totally geared to win playing up-tempo, small ball. They scored 80 points last many vs the Pacers ? Hardly show-time. By playing one particular style...these other teams have obviously made the adjustments necessary to let a guy like Chalmers last night take the shot. Not to say he's not capable but it shouldn't have really got to that point anyway. The point is...the NBA game has evolved...but not to this small extent and never will. Using LeBron to play over 40 minutes once again and to rely on his MVP production for every moment he's on the floor to just eke out another close win...will ultimately leave us holding a crap sandwich come playoff time.

To repeat...yep...that's a bitch.

Bottom line is the Heat should have known other teams would counter what they did last year. Does Spo have a counter for their counter? Spo counts on players too much. Player moves. You have to have a hall-of-famer or above average player at every position just to win by 1 point. Mean while the San Antonio spurs rested their best and nearly gave us our butts. We should be able to win with nobodies and blow out with the Heat, an All Star team at 4 positions (I still think Ray can make it if he was on the right team) plus a functional pg. It's not all Chalmers with his development either. Look at how many players leave Miami and become better. Bosh has been made a one dimensional jump shooter in a lot of games - did you see his spin move last night? Our offense has no fluid movement unless its a fast break. Have players cut more to spread the floor. Double screen for the cutter. I'm just saying, Spo has to count on his strategy more than the talent he accumulates. A team with Ray Allen, DWade, Lebron, Bosh, Rashard Lewis, Mike Miller shouldn't barely win against the Bobcats, not to mention Haslem, Chalmers, Battier, etc.

here's a trade for you...

pittman, anthony, 2nd round draft to the kings for tyreke evans....

^^^^ BLACK bruh, the KINGS have a bench full of bigs.. even if their all forwards they are some big forwards.. WHY WOULD THEY TRADE THEIR STAR PLAYER FOR PITTMAN AND ANTHONY??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?

Smitty, How do we get this reject black the truckster off this blog? He obviously has a hard on for making up stupid trades on a daily basis that will never happen!

^^^ Lmao! Classic! playing pick-up with Obama...he drives lane going weakly (of course) left...all his cronies part like the sea...he goes up & I crack him on his cover my back from black trucker...while ebust is laughing his ass off...and bky is bitching at everybody. Did I forget anything ?

My attempt at political humor...

bky...above I meant to say the NBA has always evolved...but not to the small ball level the Heat roster is designed for...LBJ playing those heavy minutes to eke out wins not good.

the best trades will be allen and lewis to the kings for evans...

anthony to the nuggets for mozgov.

jones, 2n rounder to the hornets for j. smith..

to the guys who think the kings have to many bigs... i say what bigs are you talking about??? cousins, thompson, after that you have a young robertson and a short hayes and johnson... who else??? do y'all watch or have league pass??? i do...

let's add this stat for the kings bigs...
robinson, 6'7
hayes, 6'6
johnson, 6'8
cousins, 6'11
thompson, 6'10

you add anthony at 6'8, and he's right at home..

to the smart guy who doesn't know who j. smith is from the hornets.. he's the 20th pick in the 1st round in 2007 by you guessed it.. the heat.. jason smith.. 7'0 center...

y'all gotta get your b-ball knowledge up... dam.. how can we talk if y'all have no clue???

How does Jason Smith help this team?? He avg. 3 ... 3 rebounds a game.. at 7'0.. 3 rebounds a game.. NEXT..
as for the kings team.. So you basically just further proved my statement if the team has everyone in the 6'8-6'11 range, WHY WOULD THEY ADD MORE!?!!! "Anthony will fit right in??" there wont be enough minutes for any of them bruh!!! come on black you gotta get better with your trade ideas..

Black, have fun watching the Heat play the Kings tonight. You can drool all night at the guys you want that will never be on in a Heat uni.

Black your trade idea...
the best trades will be allen and lewis to the kings for evans...

anthony to the nuggets for mozgov.

jones, 2n rounder to the hornets for j. smith..
Tyreke evans has one year on his contract left - Kings arent going to trade their number one scorer and possible franchise future player for Ray allen and rashard lewis.. (and thats no offense to Ray Ray who has been the HEATS best clutch shooter since Thunder Dan..) - NEXT

Anthony - 6'9 Mozgov - 7' footer and starter why would the nuggets trade for an older, shorter, and offensive liability in anthony for their starting center? - NEXT

JJ for J. Smith - this trade would make sense if the hornets didnt have enough shooters already or if they just need someone to keep their bench warm. - again I say NEXT

the thing that makes so much sense and would be a story book ending/start to seattle would trading allen and lewis back to seattle... if you remember when seattle was going to be sold to okc, they traded allen to boston and let lewis walk... now their getting a team back in seattle... bring back their two stars who brought them a lot of joy... we just have to take evans to give their fans some happiness and at the same time move forward... win for both sides...

^^THAT WAS like 5 years ago! there not the same players anymore.

and we get smith and mozgov in here walk with them, get them in the gym, work on rebounding and defending the post.. they both have a foul line in jumper... but size is what we lack... like the 90' bulls.. longley, etc...

again, mozgov doesn't start for the nuggets... koufus and mcgee get all the burn there... and the hornets could use the pick more than anything moving forward... jones could help coach up their young talent as well as be a solid shooter...

another thing... i just want to get the heat fans opinions.. not fans from other teams... these trades help the heat... fans and players from other teams don't see this as a good trade... why?? it makes the heat that much tougher to beat come postseason...

look, let me be clear... i'm not trying to build a new computer or invent a new wheel... you can't teach size... no matter what... we just need some size... the bulls let asik walk.. who really thought he would get 10 plus boards a game in the league??? you lying..

you put these guys on a team and tell them your rebounds are like points to us... you grab 10 rebounds, it's like scoring 20 points... we can use that...

smitty, one thing you said caught my attention the other day... there are a lot of teams looking overseas for big guys... that's true... there is a lot of big's overseas...

if we could find some one like ibaka, gasol or dirk that would be nice...

key word... LIKE, one of those guys...

^^ The Spurs are looking at a big overseas right now.. IJS.. There are not alot of quality bigs available right now.

Well, another annoying blog post by the famous black the truckster. Good Lord, this guy what friggin' waste of space.

Ive been looking at Greg Oden highlight film.. and man... If I were same the position as the Blazers GM I would have picked this guy over Kevin Durant also.. If he would have stayed healthy, they would have Dameian Lillard, Nicholas Batum, Alridge, and Oden! thats a pretty good team!
The Heat need to take a chance on Oden.. if he can just be healthy for the Playoffs that'd be enough..

UD needs to grow his braids back.. thats whats effecting his jump shot. his head is off balance.

Smitty, Did you see the Barry Jackson article the other day on Oden? He interviwed his agent and said the Heat are one of the teams that haven't even called about Oden, which is insane in my opinion. We should take every measure to sign him for the minimum, what's the holdup???

BTW, you notice I said BARRY JACKSON not JOSEPH GOODMAN interviewed him. Incredible how he still has a job here.

Goodman is awful - was awful when he covered the Gators. He must be someone''s nephew to have a job.

Oh, and hey is "streak ends" and not "STEAK ends"

(Now watch him correct this and have some snappy comeback)

Richie, It's good to hear someone else besides me ripping him all the time. Your right he probably got "handed" this job. Man, I never thought I would say this, but I miss Michael Wallace. Joseph is so out of his league on here.

Big game tonite...go get em'...we should be fine...watching all things heat...OO7...I see a tweak comin...I'm just sayin...dam...I will post a new trade once we play sacramento and fall in love with another player...until then, back to watching league pass by myself...


still had trouble on the boards, but it wasnt as bad as other games..

@BKY - I read about it on hoopshype the Greg Oden thing.. Its amazing how many stories gets mixed into what really happens.. I think the HEAT NEEEED .. NEEEED to sign him. I would be willing to part ways with Mike Miller, if it meant getting Oden (espcially if the HEAT can work their magic and get him healthy!) Just Imagine a healthy Greg Oden, being mentored by the great Alonzo Morning!! and with this team! yea, this needs to happen before Wade gets too old also.. just sayin..

i see that i'm starting to get some fans... wow... don't you just luv the hate... let's go heat...

must be a laker... now they want reke...

Hey Black, That Evans guy, Wow! He was really something special last night! Still want him?

yup... see, you put him on our roster and watch him transform into a star type player.... you fail to see how systems and playing with great players help young talented players get the best of their abilities...

evans would be a very good addition to this team...

now, you might not see what i see... but if they make that deal... you willl....

i wonder if they would give up cousins tooo...

i know the other teams don't want us to get any of those two on our team...

there is a reason we have more players and coach reading the herald... the word is getting out about our fan base and how we're trying to get better... the league is officially on notice... the heat fans are trying to win more titles... now i see why we're not getting fouls called... we are now public enemy #1...

i messed that one up a little...

there is a reason we have more players and coaches reading the herald.. the word has gotten out about our fan base and how we're trying to get better... the league is officially on notice... the heat fans base are trying to win more tittles.. now i see why we're not getting fouls called... we are now public enemy #1...

when ever i bring up a player, for whatever reason, the lakers are interested... go figure... they have 100 million dollar payroll and can't things out... think kobe's reading??? or is it magic???

think melo's reading??? or the pacers??? or maybe kd and westbrook???

i know one thing, we have the pieces to make a trade.. just wonder which trades we make...

the only thing i don't get is, why are we getting robbed by the ref's so much... the bulls had the best team in the 90's and they were protected...

why are we not getting a fair shake, game in and game out???

i can count about 5 games, where the ref's costed us a win...

not good...

we must keep our focus... this will be more of a challenge this year... and preparing for the big picture is a must... it's not too early...

and yes, i still say get rid of ray allen...

Why is the Herald charging me for this app when the beat writer is not writing a piece for us after a game?

it's free for everyone else... but anywhoo lot of games on 2day... catch up with y'all 2morrow...

Because the beat writer is the worst in every facet.

There's just no quit in that Black Trucker dude...I'll give that to him...bizarre. Getting banged & bounced around in his truck cabin has left him pretty much like scrambled eggs.

Chalmers - FINALLY - for one game at least. Now...if we could only see UD hit a 10 foot jumper.

^^^ LMAO! You got that right. Bizarre is an UNDERSTATEMENT

I think black does have a point when he said the system and being around savy star caliber players do have an effect on young players.. it really does. I'll bet half my paycheck.. well maybe not... but I bet when Tyreke Evans leaves Sacremento, his stats will dramatically increase! he's a great young player, but his team, and that system he's in sucks. and no cares because their trying to move the team.. Now would I be willing to give up Ray Allen for him? not yet..

what now for the "BIRDMAN" update???

still hoping he could make the team...

cut Harellson...









My thoughts? Your a bafoon

And your keyboard must be broken because your cap locks for some reason was on mostly on your idiotic rant.

As I stated, Miami needs to try to unleash Chalmers if DWade isn't going to step up. It's not a bad thing to have more than 3 capable players. And it looks like that's exactly what the heat did. Kudos!

Rockstar, I'm all for getting rid of Joel Anthony, but would we really get a second round pick for him? Maybe the second round D-League draft, but he's not worth a second round pick.

He's completely worthless! You guys really need to step it up. I feel like I'm watching Dumb and Dumber everyday with this blog. And it begins with the idiot that supposedly writes for it.






As I have stated many times on here. I live in Weston, I will be at the athletic club tomorrow morning working out at 8am sharp. I will be there for 2 hours. Let me know, btw maybe you can drop off your keypad at Best Buy on the way there to get that caps lock fixed. Lmao!

alright now bky... rockstar's one of our guys... be cool... he has an opinion.. no need to insult him...

besides, you have yet to say something that makes sense your dam self... imo..

you know, there are certain arena's acroos the league where you gotta know their just not gonna call a fair game... my list...

San Antonio
Golden State

for whatever reason, they just don't call a fair game...

next up the jazz.. come to play... really need to get a win... even with the ref's helping them, we must stay focused, and get this win... down the stretch... either feed Bron in the post or attack the basket... if it's a tight game... that warriors team is dirty... come to play, but be careful... david lee for whatever reason isn't getting tech's called but he's has been fouling extremely hard this season... be careful... maybe call up pittman.. five games left, 2-3 record so far... we looked good in the last one... utah is always better at home... come to play.. take it to them... we should be ok...

I think with my 13 years as a Heat season ticket holder I have brought a lot to this blog, and I don't need to prove anything to anybody. But when people come on here and say ludicrous stuff I'm not going to keep my mouth shut.

LOL ^^ thats why its blog.. everyone can come and give their opinions.. and hey if someone thinks its a dumb idea, their going to tell you! lol Ive been told plenty of times on here that I was dumb.. it happens, but take it personal guys, were all here for a common goal, support the Best team in the NBA which is the MIAMI HEAT... Now that that's out of the way.. back to basketball related topics..

@rockstar - I see your point with that frontcourt lineup.. I defintely think the HEAT need to see where Greg Oden stands as far as health. He could seriously be that one piece they need to CATAPULT them over the time!!!! as far as Varnado goes, I must say he has more upside than Joel. He has more offensive capabilities than most people give him credit for, and obviously a shot blocking monster. I just want to see him get more run in an actual NBA game, and see if he can stay healthy also. Im skeptical on Birdman. I dont think he's been working out since he's been amnestied, and the last thing we need is another outta shape big, warming up the bench.

one more thing, Mario.. this guy.... Obviously he has way more skills than just dribbling down the court and passing it to Wade or Bron. I think he would be an awesome 2 guard, he can drive to rim (he may not be a slasher, but he can get to the rim) plus he can shoot.. He just needs to be aggressive every game! even if his shot if not falling, get to the line.. Rio was instrumental to us winning several games in the playoffs.. now if we can get him, Wade, Bron, and Bosh going all at the same time, then that'd be a force to recon with.. but I swear with this team, if one person is hitting shots, another person isnt.. its weird.. rio hitting, ray missing.. Ray hitting, battier missing.. Wade hitting, Bosh missing.. Bosh hitting, Wade missing. its so weird..

Smitty, But when Wade and Lebron are chewing you out if you make it mistake, it makes it hard for Chalmer's to just go all in. Bosh also needs a green light instead of sitting on the outside for a jump shot. All in all, Miami needs a different offense. We are playing a offense built for the 80's-early 90's New York Knicks. That means, the Heat's offense doesn't place our players in the best positions...the offense is still an offense where the everyone's standing around because there would be a dominant center like Ewing or Morning in the middle to get the ball, so everyone's on the wings waiting to shoot if the center has to kick out.

btw bky, was rockstar on this blog before you? this is a blog - War of words - and if rockstar made you want to quit and take it to your gym, he won. I mean, he hit a nerve and you couldn't verbally comeback so you had to take it to another arena where you think you can win.

Whew, you guys keepin' it crackin' over the weekend.

Here's what I heard from our game Saturday:

LBJ played 29 minutes

Tyreke 'Oscar Robinson' Evans - 25 min / 8 pts / 7 rebs / 3 turnovers / 2 assists - all OFF THE BENCH.

Good win versus crappy team.

As long as we keep improving until April.

RP - nice comeback. Allow me to add to it. Not sure I have to keep Black off your back - don't know his political leanings, just know that if anybody is not concerned about our country, you haven't been paying attention to what is happening. How quick do you think the secret service men's guns will come out to protect our Pres? Oh, guns are OK if they are protecting our leaders, but you and I's lives are not worth protecting. Maybe they are 'good' guns, like the ones sold to the Mexican drug cartels by our gov't. Bush was ridiculed for even talking about 9/11, where 3000 people were killed by a religious group that numbers in the billions, because he was 'politicizing' the event. Now we have individual nutcases in Arizona/Colorado/and Conneticut, who only kill in 'gun free zones', and it's all liberal media can talk about. Just like Eric Holder said, "never let a crisis go to waste". Is that why Chris Matthews was so elated that the life taking Super Storm Sandy hit right before the election?

And thank whoever the Einstein was that thought I was serious about trading Wade for Westbrook. I need to spell out the sarcasm when I use it.

Robert Palmer - "Oh, it takes every kind of people, to make the world go round"

True our offense is stagnat.. its alot of ISO's and dribble dribble pass.. although at the beginning of the season it was alot more ball movement.. thats what we need to get back to.. since we dont have a Big man we can dump it down to to score if everything else fails..

Big men aren't the only guys who can score in the paint. Not long ago Tony Parker led the league in scoring in the paint, and he's a PG. LBJ/Bosh/Wade can all post up their men. Our team is about the 3 D's. Drive the lane (or at least an entry pass into the post), Draw the defense, and Dish the ball to your teammates.

We do have two of the best dribble/drive players in the league suiting up with us each night, and that's not changing any time soon. We've stacked our roster with 3pt threats (ridiculously stacked), and that's the direction we and the league is headed. That back-to-the-basket dump the ball into Shaq's fat a$$ 30 times a game ain't where basketball is headed. Even the 6'8" and above players can put it on the ground and attack the rim.

Some of you would just as well as $hit on SPO as to recognize his knowledge and work ethic. Sort of threw a turd in your punchbowl when he won it all last year, didn't it? Well, keep preachin' your hatred, and try to fill in the blanks in your theory along the way, with every Heat set back. I'll be on here in June talking about the Championship series and you guys will still be wanting Avery Johnson as coach. How predictable!


"btw bky, was rockstar on this blog before you? this is a blog - War of words - and if rockstar made you want to quit and take it to your gym, he won. I mean, he hit a nerve and you couldn't verbally comeback so you had to take it to another arena where you think you can win."

When did I quit??? I said I was working out in the morning, he said he wanted a piece of me, so I responded by telling where I was going to be...He didn't hit a nerve at all, he made a stupid comment, and I called him out on it, I VERBALLY come back all the time on here, I'm not hiding from nobody, never have, never will! If I see someone write something completely outlandish, I always say something, bottom line the blog needs people that know what they are talking about.

TIMOFEY MOZGOV... PAT not a 1st rounder but Joel Anthony...

or maybe James Jones..

Anyone want to join me tomorrow at the Miami Herald headquarters demanding to know how Joseph Goodman still has a job??? This guy hasn't written anything in almost 4 days in the blog!!! COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! FIRE GOODMAN FIRE GOODMAN FIRE GOODMAN!!!!! Unless this guy is an unpaid intern, any answer I receive other than that is deemed unacceptable! This guy should be arrested, he is robbing the Herald BLIND!!!

bky, I take that back...if rockstar was the one saying that silliness then by all means, you won the war of wits by making him so upset, he wanted to escalate. I admit that I didn't follow the whole conversation.

bky, you need to just find another website to read more about sports... try the bleacher report... or hoopshype... maybe realGM... but don't mess with the herald... we like having a place to talk about the Heat... get yourself a woman, MAN...

Greggembe - This isn't about Spo, it's about the Miami Heat. I've stated we need the princeton offense regularly. Others have admitted it as well on the blog but the reason for not getting it was it would take too long to learn. Similarly the same reasoning is used with why the Heat doesn't use the Triangle. The heat has the off season to implement a new offense. The 3 D's you're preaching about is the same offense used in little league. We have at least dynamic players on the team (Chalmers can drive, just isn't an above the rim player, Wade, Lebron, Allen, Bosh, even Mike Miller can drive in, Rashard Lewis)...this team needs a dynamic moving offense where the slasher is already moving, not starting from a stand still and taking players off the dribble. Imagine DWade cutting out to the wing, as Lebron is given the ball with a full head of steam and dunks. Standing around means a clogged lane and is much easier to defend.

@energy_bust...Thanks for that. @blackthetrucker, I have told you before I am married with 4 kids, live in a beautiful home, live in south Florida, heat season ticket holder, the works, I go on real gm , hoops hype, and bleacher report everyday. I could care less what you think, I THINK you need a WOMAN, the ones you pick up in your truck cab maybe isn't cutting for you. You come on here and NEVER make any sense, you come up with a new trade everyday that will NEVER happen! Your the one who is the laughing stock of this blog, along with your boy Joey Goodman. MAN...

so the question becomes.. Do we need new players? or a new coach?

FINALLY - Spo benching Wade & Bostrich ! Popovich would've benched them both weeks ago. They act like they don't even want to be a sense of entitlement. Maybe GregG can come up with a political message. May if Obama had not been re-elected.

When the Jazz took off in the 2nd quarter both Wade & Bosh laid down and quit playing. LeBron probably could've had 50 if he wanted. It's a shame those guys are just happy with making the playoffs and taking their chances. How can a guy 6-11 get 1 rebound ?

This road trip has been awful. Spo must be totally frustrated with this group. Big hats off to him for benching anyone who quits the fight.

FIRE SPO!!!!!!!!




Else Next Season!! You Are Going To Have The Same Team Without Lebron!! ONLY SO MUCH INCOMPETENCE!!! ONE PERSON CAN TAKE!!

"ONLY SO MUCH INCOMPETENCE!!! ONE PERSON CAN TAKE!!" - Exactly what I thought when I saw your post.

RP - didn't see the game last night, so I don't have anything to add. Will say that if any player is not bustin' his rear to win a game, time to sub. We have hungry players on the bench that are ready to go. Sometimes even the best players need that reminder to refocus.

EBust - basketball theories are the same no matter what level. NBA players just do it higher and faster than all other levels. There is no MAGIC offense that works every time. By the same token, every one of them will work when executed. If there was a perfect offense that always worked, every team would implement it today, and by tomorrow Popovich, SPO, and Rivers would have a defense for it.

Been to more than a few coaches clinics with top name college coaches, and guess what, they run pretty much the same drills, offenses, and defenses, that are used in high school and middle school, they just have better athletes. Theories stay the same at all levels. I'm sure you've noticed this during your playing/coaching/spectating career.

And Chalmers not playing above the rim - boy, that sure hurt him in Sactown the other night, didn't it. If mj would have put up the same numbers as RIO did, we'ld be watching a 30-for-30 special on ESPN this weekend about it. Throw in a 'he was hungover, er eh, had flu like symptoms' and it's gold Jerry, GOLD!

Hey Dashi, with Avery Johnson's success in Brooklyn, maybe we could entice him to take over for the current NBA Championship Coach.

This just in : the federal government is taking away all planes in response to the 9/11 tradgedy. And next up on the docket is the discussion about how SPOONS make us fat. Could silverware be the next enemy of the state?

Just read off of bleacherreport that the HEAT might go after MOZGOV.. Black you got your wish.. (however they better not trade Ray Allen for him)


You Still Don't Want To Admit Spo Is Part of The Problem!!!

Spo's Own Words!

We Don't Run Any System On Offense!! We Don't Call Any Plays!!

Spo Said So Himself!!

the last set was 8-2... even if we should happen to go 5-5 on this set, we could go 8-2 on the next set and be right on pace... we're still ok...


big picture... make the right moves...

not sure I would have Bron battling with big's like last night...

make the right moves...

All those events trying to break those blocks and boards with your head, starting to get to you Chuck?

Which problem is it that we are addressing now? Our record? Our position in the league regarding PPG, shooting %, 3pt shooting %, offensive productivity?

Chucky, you don't like SPO even AFTER he helped bring a trophy to Miami. You don't like him even after he was given full support by his players.

What did you expect SPO to say? Here's our playbook, there's a copy for each team in the league?

I must admit, I like Spo to an extend.. but I do think a different coach would greatly help out this team.. a sloan, jackson, heck bring gundy back, I think all of those coaches are better than spo, but he's been doing a decent job. the only i dont like about him is that everytime he says were tinkering with our lineup, he does do it! lol he's like set on 8-9 man rotations at the beginning of the seasson!

Use all 15 if that's what it takes.

What's the use in having tools in the shed if you never use them.

Different teams might even need different tools to combat them.

Our problem isn't on the offensive side of the court. It's defense, and it's corretable.

Anyone know who won the NBA championship last January? Oh, you win them in June? OK, we're good.

Any truth to the rumor that Lance Armstrong is going to replace Carney as the White House's spokesman?

Greg, I can't say I like the job Spo is doing, but I am unbiased. It's not that I don't like Spo personally. I don't know him. He seems cool enough.
My breakdown:

1) This happens with the heat regularly under Spo. Before with a weak team the Heat would were streaky like this. So we upgraded to 3 super star players who were the lead scorers on their team and another Big 3
player from Boston, an above average player like Mike Miller, a rising Chalmers, and we still get this streaky play. No ifs, ands, or but, Miami should be the most dominating team of this era.T
hese guys should have broken the Bulls most-wins-in-a-season record. When people ask which is the best team ever put together, people should compare the 2011-12 Heat team vs. 2012-2013 team.
Miami's not even in the category though, to even be in the category against the 95-96 Bulls.

2) If this happens regularly where the Heat, with super stars stall out yearly, but teams like the Spurs don't, then it's a coaching problem or system problem. You can change as many players as you want.
Heck, the Heat are one step below an all-star team with Wade, Lebron, Bosh, Allen, Lewis, Miller, even Chalmers. Then add Battier, Haslem, etc. and you have to admit this team is underachieving.

3) KUDOS for Spo benching Wade. He has to get back to the working on his game and playing lazy. Wade is truly messing up his legacy with a season like this. He's truly losing it.

4) Bosh shouldn't have been benched. Spo makes Bosh a one-dimensional jump shooter and that's on Spo. Bosh can do some things. Heck, he has only for years made Toronto somewhat relevant.

5) There are a lot of other coaches out there getting more with less than Spo. No one can deny that.

Let's Go Heat!

^^^I wrote a book so make corrections as needed lol

#5 - I will deny that

#4 - Bosh is free to get as many ORebs and put backs as he wants.

#3 - Agree with the benching, but not Wade's legacy taking a hit. That can't be determined until after this season and after he's done playing. Every player goes through rough patches. EVERY PLAYER!

#2 - Spurs won like 20+ straight games going into the WCFs last year, then the Thunder beat them. Did Popovich suddendly forget how to coach? Miami played in the last two championships, SPURS - nyet!

#1 - Freak your comparisons with the Bulls, the Heat aren't chasing that record, and freak anyone that wants to put that high a standard of success for this team. They were built to compete for Championships an so far they done EXACTLY that! No way the league is going to bend over for the Heat the way they did for the Bulls. Don't try to rewrite history, the Bulls had every advantage under the sun going for them. The only team close to that now, is the Fakers.

This is the same expected predicable BS we heard last year before we won our Championship. You guys overreact with every little hurdle. Thank God, Riles, SPO, and the Heat players don't subscribe to this banal crap.

no, not over reacting. I still go by the same mantra - break teams spirits by dominating in the regular season. Make them feel as if they don't have a chance. That their playoff series is just a formality. This will make those teams lose. Say the Heat and Knicks are battling but Miami has dominated the Knicks all season. Say the playoff game is close. In the mind of the Knicks, being dominated all season, they will subconsciously know they can't win against the heat and in crunch time find a way to lose. Maybe some missed free throws, etc. And this is why most playoff series go as they are expected. Underdogs usually feel like they shouldn't win and find way to lose.

On Wade, maybe I was a little extreme when I said will mess up his legacy, but Wade came out older and for someone to be considered great, I think they have to prove it at least 10 seasons. It's a similar argument I have about the Heat. You strive for being the greatest. You don't just want to barely make it or be on the cusp. You want to be way on the other side of greatness, not just made the cut to be considered great.

Anyone here about the robbery at Miami Herald headquarters? Yep, you guessed it. It's good ole' Joseph Goodman! Going on 4 days now with nothing posted on the blog!!! unREAL!!!

Yeah...thought BKY would have a massive splat on "Joey with the his ugly funky hat on".

Spo is spot on...just alittle late in the process. It's like he's taking little Dwayne & Chrissie by the ear and showing them this is not how you act on the NBA baskeball floor.

Bottom line as an old grade-school coaching don't give 100%...I'll find someone else who will. You don't want to play hard...then get the hell out...NO MATTER WHO WHO ARE !

Spo just got sick & tired of watching this entitled bullshit...and got fed up. UD - god bless him for trying - may just have lost his game regardless how much he tries. can he match up with a 6-9 Al Jefferson on the box without looking like a rag doll which is basically what Bosh looks like most of the time other than when he is shooting an outside jumper. ONE Bosh rebound for the game ???

These guys as a team have no fight in them. When things don't go their way...collectively they quit. LeBron deserves better and has reason to think these guys are just riding his coat-tails until playoff time. Both Wade & Bosh embarrassed themselves last night as they have before and thank God Spo held them accountable.

Ok, this just isn't as bad as y'all putting it... I think, with a subtle adjustment in the style of play and maybe a trade or two I believe this season could take on a different style of Ora that would be nice to see....
First, Bron should not be in the paint on defense guarding fives.. out... Although, he could guard 1 through 5, NO.... His game is so versatile that he could run the point and control the game just play the field... We have to stop the bleeding though... Gotta get a win... We play to our strength... We have to guard better... Gotta stay aggressive, and play defense first... We can score on anybody... Our sets have to be tighter... Switch to shooters and guard the glass... Grab the rebound and go, but have a plan on offense... Motion, pick and pops, with the option of back cuts, set up a three, attack the rim, mid foul line jumper, and one, with wings and an inside out front line.... Still work to do, but we're ok... Y'all know where this going right... IMA tweak it a little, but just think how it would play and it look good to me... tbc...

Heat trade: Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis
Kings trade: Tyreke Evans

Heat trade: 1st round pick
Nuggets trade: Timofey Mozgov

Heat trade: James Jones, 2nd rd pick
Hornets trade: Jason Smith

See you put Reke in the back court with Wade, and you have him on the floor with Bron... Now you have some athletes who can guard, and make plays... You look to add depth and size upfront.. need big's... I would keep Vanardo... Bring back Pittman..

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