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ABOU LAST NIGHT: Bulls 96, Heat 89


BEST OF LAST NIGHT: Bulls relentlessness on the offensive glass. Chicago had 19 offensive boards.

WORST OF LAST NIGHT: Chris Bosh had five rebounds. Bosh has 13 rebounds in his last four games.

The overall rebounding differential. Bulls had 48. Heat had 28.


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Joe, Is this the best postgame report you could come up with? Man, your something else!

What a lazy article....
I hope you are not getting paid this shitty article

bky, you need a girlfriend...

and stay off the juice man...

Black, I'm married with 4 kids, Make great money, Live in a $500,000 house in Weston, and live in beautiful South Florida! Life couldn't be better. I'm just sick and tired of this laziness in this blog. And idiots like you that bring nothing to the table but stupid trade scenarios that will NEVER HAPPEN! And your grammar or lack thereof is quite comical! What high school did you attend or not attend? LMAO

Black, How about ripping the guy below my comment? Derbani1976. He obviously feels the same way about this blog too. But it's obvious your obsessed with me by commenting on everything I write, so that's fine. I think it's great that you can't help yourself. Hahahahahahahahaha!

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