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PLAYED IN THE PALACE: Pistons 109, Heat 99



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AUBURN HILLS, Mich. -- Miami was missing Dwyane Wade as everyone knew but that hasn't been a problem so far this season.

It was on Friday night, however, as the Pistons were on fire for the final three quarters and rolled to a 109-99 win at the Palace.

Yes, the Pistons finally beat someone other than the Washington Wizards for the first time since Dec. 8 as they held a double-digit lead for much of the second half.

The Heat shot close to 52 percent from the field; problem was, Detroit shot 58 as the Pistons became the first team to crack 100 on Miami since the Knicks did it earlier this month.

"You would think on the road if you shot 51 percent and score 99 points, you are putting yourself in position to win,'' said coach Erik Spoelstra.

"But it wasn't even really close.''

-- Miami had tied a season-high with six straight wins as it hadn't lost since
Dec. 12 against Golden State.

Detroit lost seven of nine coming in -- with both wins coming against Washington.

The Pistons' non-Wizards win came in Cleveland three weeks ago.

-- Miami looked unstoppable against this Detroit team in the first quarter.

The Heat then forgot to play D and didn't get much out of players other than those named LeBron James (35 points, six rebounds, five assists) or Chris Bosh (28, nine boards).

James and Bosh were the only two Miami players to reach double-digits in scoring.

Ray Allen ended with nine points after scoring just one in the first half.

Detroit had six players in double digits.

"We're a team that wants to be whole every night and we were missing a big piece,'' James said of Wade. "Guys have to step up and we didn't have enough defensively.''

Said Spoelstra: "Shoot, I would love to sit up here and talk about offense. But the way they were lighting us up, that wasn't an issue. We had open looks.''

-- Detroit trailed 32-17 after the first 12 minutes but scored 41 points in the second quarter.

The Pistons led Miami by six at the half.

The Heat didn't respond and missed its first five shots of the third as Detroit opened things up to 15 points.

Miami didn't get its first points of the second half until James drained a 3-pointer from 25 feet out.

-- Detroit outscored Miami 64-39 in the second and third quarters with most of the scoring coming from reserves.

While Detroit's bench scored 65 points (60 percent of the Pistons' output), Miami got just 20 points (20 percent) from its bench.

"They have guys who want to play,'' Bosh said. "Give credit to them. They played well on offense and we missed shots we usually make. That took some of our wind out as well.'

-- Miami closed to within 10 heading into the fourth after James sank a long baseline jumper on the final possession of the third after pushing Tayshawn Prince out of the way.

James and Allen -- who missed his first five from the field after missing Wednesday's game with a shoulder injury -- scored the opening six points of the fourth to quiet the full house out in the Detroit suburbs.

Well, for just a bit.

The Pistons answered the James/Allen 8-0 run with a 7-0 run of their own, one fueled by a follow-up dunk by Charlie Villanueva.

"It all dissolved in the second quarter when they got off to that great start,'' said Bosh, whose team hadn't surrendered 100 points since the Knicks got 112 on Dec. 6.

"We pretty much dug a hole we couldn't get out of. They got into a rhythm, their guys were hitting shots. .-.-. We just couldn't stop them.''


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Wow! For a second there I was very impressed with Joe that the game recap was on the blog on the night of the game. But in reading the final sentence I realized something, wait this recap is way to informative to be a Goodman. Sure enough it was posted by George Richards! Lmao! What a joke!

Btw, Thanks George for your THOROUGH work in the recap! Its nice to see quotes from coach and the players. Maybe you can teach Goodman the ropes on how to write an actual blog. Thanks!

Well, hey, look, we move forward... this 10 is still moving in a good direction and we will be just fine... This loss does show you that we have to be ready game in and game out to battle on both sides of the ball... our defense didn't show up last night.. From my point of view everyone didn't come to play... Started out good though, but after a good start we just went back to the hotel before the clock ran out... But hey, we're ok... We move forward, a 9-1 record would not be a bad run at all... heads up, let's get it tonight... big picture, we could use a trade though... I'm not going to lie, I came up with one, and it might work.. don't know if y'all would ok it but it looks good to me... give me a minute and I will post it...

Now this is what I call a blockbuster deal...

Would you make this deal????

Kings trade: T. Evans, D. Cousins, F. Garcia, M. Thornton, and Jimmer
Kings receive: W. Chandler, D. Williams, R. Allen, D. Cunningham, T. Harris, M. Lee, 2 first round picks, 2 second round picks...

T-Wolves trade: D. Williams, D.Cunningham, M. Lee, 1 round pick...
T-Wolves receive: M. Miller, T. Mozgov, Jimmer

Nuggets trade: W. Chandler, T. Mozgov, 2nd round pick
Nuggets receive: J. Anthony, R. Lewis, M. Thornton

Heat trade: R. Allen, R. Lewis, M. Miller, J. Anthony, T. Harris, 1st round pick and second round pick..
Heat receive: D. Cousins, T. Evans, F. Garcia...

Now don't know if they should get all those draft picks but the numbers stack up... we lose some shooting but are team get a big and a six man, and Garcia shoots the long ball well on a 1 year deal... THOUGHTS????

you got a trade in mind???

The Heat are 20-7!!! We have had a couple of bad road losses to Washington and Detroit(Without Wade) Why would you break up the team??? We just won the Championship with this squad last year. Adding Ray in the process, Listen I know you can't stand Ray for whatever reason..I also don't know your fascination with Cousins and Evans. Cousins is a disaster. Come on man!

Look, I really see adding some size and a younger athletic guard coming off the bench as a good thing... Can we win another title with Ray??? Yeah, sure we can... But how many could we win with the addition of Evans and Cousins??? I say with the big three and you add help, it's possible to say at least four more... I'm just sayin...

OK, I'm going to watch UK vs LU....

Forget it, your exhausting. Go somewhere else with these fantasy trades you come up with. Your wasting everyone's time.

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