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LeBron: 'Charles Barkley needs to shut up'

Dwyane Wade shot a career-high 84.6 percent from the field on Monday in the Heat's 101-92 victory against the Hawks. Wade was 11 of 13 from field against Atlanta and he's 20 of 25 from the field in his last two games.

Wade's hot hand led teammate LeBron James to offer this shot at Wade's No.1 critic, TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley, who recently said that Wade's skills have diminished because of age and that Wade needs to adjust his game.

“It means that Charles Barkley needs to shut up," Barkley said. "[Wade] has been shooting 80 percent from the floor the past couple of games, come on man, it is crazy. That is why he is who he is. He is unbelievable.”

While Wade has downplayed Barkley's analysis, James said Barkley's criticism has not gone unnoticed.

“He is a motivated guy," James said. "All competitors get motivated when someone says something about them. He doesn’t pay much attention to it, he has heard it, I know he has. He doesn’t pay much attention to it but he does get motivated by it.”

Barkley has been critical of Wade several times in the last two seasons but recently said Wade has lost some of the explosion in his legs. Wade had knee surgery this offseason and said he expects to be back to full strength by the All-Star Game. It appears Wade is a little ahead of schedule.

“I really didn’t listen to the noise," Wade said. "I haven’t been paying attention. My job is trying to get better and get stronger on my own. I never really concerned myself with the noise that goes on outside here. I just try to be as efficient as I can, shooting 13 shots it is not nothing I am used to.  Some nights you go 11-13 and some nights you go 3-13.”


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Hello hello. Man this blog sucks!

Here come the Dubs!

Raptors are shopping Bargnani... do we have the pieces to have him?

do the Raptors trade Bargnani to Heat...

>mike miller
>joel anthony or udonis haslem
>plus pick(1st round 2013 fr.sixers)

just sayin

Riley would never sign Bargnani. Too soft.

Barkley is a commentator - his job is to make comments. I personally am a fan, because he doesn't just spout the company (NBA) line, you know, like MSNBC. I don't agree with everything he says, but I do like his candor. It's obvious Wade doesn't have the spring in his legs like he did in 2006, but he DID have his leg worked on over the summer and is getting that spring back. Still my #1 choice for SG, easily. The trend in society to be offended by anything and everything is REALLY getting old. We are led to believe that we have to tiptoe around everybody's emotional well being. It's like everybody has PMS all the time. That being said, if Wade keeps playing like he has recently, I say, give Charles a mike and an audience and let him keep talking through June! Barkley needs to shut up? Not as long as we keep winning, let the brotha speak.

Heat defense improves immensely with the Warden roaming!! Keep him in the rotation. Unless we get back a Camby, Chandler, or someone like that, we don't trade him.

Was at the Wizards v Heat game last week. It was easily 3-to-1 Heat gear over Wiz gear in the arena. My one son, wife, and I were in the '3' catagory. Way to represent Heat nation! Get a chance at redemption vs the Wizards in a few days.

Anybody seen any black mamba troll markings lately? I luv LA!

some good pts made greg, that knee surgery probably still doesnt have him at 100%, hopefully he gets there playoff time.

as for barkley, he's a fat porker, w.e

well, good test tonight... we have to bring it on the defensive end and crash the glass on both ends... we are OK... I think all the attention is on the knicks and whats going on out west, and that's just fine.. we have to get in a groove, and start going on a run... starts 2nite though... one by one... 48 minutes... let them talk, we just focus on winning... watching all things Heat.. i see a tweek comin... 007...

look at this roster:

center: Bosh, K-Mart, Pittman

power forward: Millsap, UD, Harrellson

small forward: Bron, Battier, Jones

two guard: D-Wade, D. West, R. Carney

point guard: T. Evans, Rio, Cole...

with some suttle changes this roster gets better on both sides of the ball... and the aggressiveness is back at a solid level... THOUGHTS???

black you have some nice dreams....its already going to be a struggle to try and re-sign the big three when that time comes

take a chill pill, relax, strap your seat belt, enjoy the ride pops

Well, Charles will always talk trash about every one. Look how he talk about James last year during the finals. But the reality of the talk is his desire to be controversial and stir a devate. Other than that he (Charles) is okay with his comments or gossips.

CB led the NBA or was near the top in technical fouls when he played is anybody surprised at his type of commentary.I think thats what they wanted when they hired him.

I think Riley needs to start worrying about
L James. Saying on NBA channel after the Atlanta game that JC and his Wife are like family, that worries me and it should also to Pat, next year contract is a option year for all three, will Bron opt out and go to Brooklyn?
Riley better find out so there can be a major block buster trade. Just saying I call it like I see it, cant be friends with the enemy! IMO!

It's a termination option in the forth year, my bad we have LJ for one more year guarantee!

Well, good game, even though we loss... I would like to say that the foul on Bron was a dirty/dangerous play... In my opinion the NBA should look at this play and David Lee should be fined and suspended... The game of basketball is not football, hockey, or the ufc... Plays like that risk a players season, career, and are dangerous to a persons life... Should not be allowed to shove a player down while in mid air... Not exceptable, and has to penalized for it.. my opinion, the ref's got it wrong.. not a fragrant 1 ... more like a fragrant 2 ejection and suspension, with a fine... From the high school level to the NBA, this can not be allowed... From the guy on the end of the bench to the best players in the world... especially the best player in the world... Can't happen... Two points or a game in the regular season is just not that serious... If the NBA doesn't take charge on this matter, it will continue to happen... Messes of the game.... I'M JUST SAYIN... 007....

OK, we move forward...

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