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And the award for the funnest Christmas shoe goes to ...

LeBron's Christmas shoes are regal and Kevin Durant's are modern art but the award for the funnest Christmas shoe goes to Heat reserve Terrel Harris...


Chris Bosh calls them "upside down cupcakes."

LeBron's 2012 Christmas shoes are sure to be a hit ...


Kevin Durant's 2012 Christmas shoes ... yes, please.



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Could we calm Cousins down and turn him into the best young bigman in the game... Could this be a Christmas gift...

Crack-pot trade theories are fun to talk about, but come on, seriously? Erik Spoelstra has called Chris Bosh the team's "most important player." Why trade away your "most important player" during the middle of a potential championship run when it's no guarantee that Cousins will fit into the system. Haven't we already seen what happens when you shuffle around important pieces and change systems on the fly (Lakers)?

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