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ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Heat 110, Mavericks 95


BEST OF LAST NIGHT: The Heat's defense through the first three quarters of the game. Miami led 91-61 entering the final period.

WORST OF LAST NIGHT: As one of my Twitter followers put it last night, O.J. Myth-o. He was 3 of 14 from the field and had four points entering the fourth quarter.

Dallas' percentage from three-point range. The Mavericks were 3 of 22 from outside the arc.

LINE OF THE NIGHT: The honor goes to Dwyane Wade, who had 19 points on 7 of 13 shooting in 27 minutes. Wade also had six assists and five rebounds. He blocked a shot and had three turnovers.

"We want to get back to defense. That's our statement and we understand that when we defend and rebound we're a great team. We're a very good team because offensively we always shoot a high clip. On defense, if we keep teams under their average then we have a great chance to win."

"I wish I had a magic pill or speech for the team but it wasn't. This has been building for more than just the last few games. It's been building over the last few weeks or so—it started to change. Not as consistently as we would have liked but we started to take steps forward to our normal Miami Heat defense which was absent that first block of the season."

"They were playing us tough tonight...they were making tough shots when we weren't, then we had more poor breakdowns as the game went on. It was very disappointing on how we playe, but we'll have to forget it quickly because we have another tough one tomorrow."
RICK CARLISLE, Dallas coach 


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Ball Movement - check

Defensive rotations - check

D Wade playing at a high level - check

LBJ tired of hearing this Carmelo/Durant MVP talk, so I'll show you who the best player on the planet is - check

Road win - check

Getting focused for OKC on Christmas Day - check

greg gembe dumbo - check

Good win for the Heat .. And I have to give a big thumbs up to Bernard James he was the only person on that dallas team actually playing (and because im military and we gotta support our own) .. Oh and danthay jones was playing decently for dallas also.. But there is no denying this Heat team when they play good solid defense and are sharing the ball..

Cousin Eddie, how ya been partner? How's that RV workin' out for you? Shitter still full?

Worst of last night? Why are you relying on your twitter followers for that info??? Get with it man!!! Are you not at the game????

Its called "interactive media." It's this new thing. Maybe you've heard about...

Bottom line, you do a horrible job. You ever think thats the reason why only like 8 people are on this blog. And Ira Winderman has like 1000! You need to step up your game. Jobs like yours are few and far between. You need to take advantage of your opportunity and bring more to the table.

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