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ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Heat 106, Hornets 90


BEST OF LAST NIGHT: The Heat's second quarter
Miami outscored the Hornets 33-15. Shane Battier and Joel Anthony provided energy off the bench and the Heat blew the game open with a 25-4 run. The Heat was 13 of 17 from the floor in the period. 

WORST OF LAST NIGHT: I have to respectfully disagree with Dwyane Wade about New Orleans' proposed new nickname. Wade called Pelicans a "terrible" idea on Saturday. I kinda like it.

It was the best shooting percentage for the Heat this season. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James combined to shoot 20 of 28 from the field for 50 points.

NIGHT LINE: After struggling against the Knicks, Dwyane Wade bounced back with 26 points on nine shots. He was 8 of 9 from the free-throw line.

NIGHTLY ANALYSIS: It appears like Udonis Haslem will remain the Heat's starting power forward for the time being. The Heat scored 31 points in the first period and the combination of Joel Anthony and Shane Battier off the bench helped hold the Hornets to 15 points in the second period. The odd man out appears to be Rashard Lewis. Lewis was a starter earlier this week but hasn't played in two games.

“We need him. He is one of our anchors to our defense especially in our back line. When guys drive past us he is able to clean up a lot of what we have on the perimeter. To have him back in the rotation was a good thing for our team.”
—LeBron James on Joel Anthony

“I feel a little bit better; I have been feeling better the last few games. Tonight I got some shots to go.  Our big guys did a great job of setting screens and getting me to the rim and opened me up to get a couple [easy shots] going to the basket and then I hit some outside shots.”
—Dwyane Wade

“When you are trying to turn things around you are going to have a period where it is not like you want it. We stayed with it.  We got a feel for what they were doing...We started communicating a lot more.”
—Chris Bosh on the Hornets' big first quarter and the Heat's adjustment 


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Cole has also been a big key on defense putting pressure on the ball...something Chalmers has never been able to do. Chalmer's game seemed to go south when for some reason the Herald wrote something about him not making the All-Star ballot...not happening ever - sorry.

Just wish Wade would become more of a facilitator when the quick muscle twitch is missing...rather than force something time after time when it just isn't there. He needs to clean up his game going forward and this would be an obvious start.

Bosh just needs to quit thinking and just play. He does need space to get his shot all these teams body up on him and no matter how short the defender is...he can't/won't shoot over him. Just put a body on him and he struggles.

My opinion, Heat still need an inside presence - period. Asking LeBron to do what he does is too much.

My lord, can you please post something relavant other than "what happened last night" or "what happen at 4am on twitter"???.

Waste of a blog. This used to be a very informative blog now we just have a snapshot of what we all saw last night.

We watch the games Joe please do some actual reporting and dig deeper. Like whats up with Lewis, Harris and maybe a update on our developmental players.

I am tired of reading "What happened last night".

Does the herald really pay you for this garbage??

SugaCane, I have been saying this for years!!! If he even gets paid for this, he is robbing the herald blind! I give up, its always the same garbage over and over again. It really explains why he literally has only 10 people max that even blog on this site. He never digs deep, and half the time his "recap" is like 2 days after the game is played. Ugh

As one of th3 10 people who read Joe's blog, let me help:

Lewis - reread the above article, Joe explains his lack of minutes there

Harris is playing behind Chalmers, Cole, Wade, and Allen - need furter explanation?

Developmental players? I'm not the least bit worried about players who aren't good enough to put on the Heat uni. Please, just report on the players actually wearing the Miami jers.


These are some of the people who keep going to MacDonald's and complaining that the lettuce isn't frsh.

get'um greg...

we just fine, if u dont like, well, u know...

Greggembe, You actually think he does quality work? Give me a break! He never breaks stories, never does anything creative, no live blogs, its always the same crap. Yeah I know, dont go on here then, blah blah blah. But I come on here to read blogs or stories related to the Heat. And I am constantly disappointed in everything he writes. Never gives his opinion on what can be done to improve the team, trade ideas etc. Its always "this happened last night" or "recaps of the game" usually 36 to 48 hours later, and by then I am focusing on the next game. He should really shadow Ira Winderman for a day, who has been the Heat beat reporter since the beginning. He takes 3 questions a day he posts on sun sentinel, tweets alot during the game, suggests things like, why not keep Garrett Temple since Rio got hurt and Cole injured his groin. I can go on and on. Bottom line he is not

getting the job done.

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