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Stuff People Ask Me On Twitter

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Great question. The obvious answer is, of course, LeBron, but scoring has been so balanced to begin the season that it's tough to say at this point. LeBron moved ahead of Chris Bosh in scoring after Monday night's victory against the Suns. But look at the numbers. Each of the Heat's "Big 3" is averaging at least 20 points per game: LeBron 23.0 ppg, Chris Bosh 22.3 ppg, Dwyane Wade 20.0 ppg. And can you really cal it the "Big 3" anymore? Ray Allen is averaging 15.0 ppg off the bench. Entering Tuesday, the Heat leads the NBA in scoring with 111.8 ppg and field-goal percentage, 52.0 percent. 

But to answer your question, I'm going with history here. LeBron will once again lead the Heat in scoring.

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Yes, we all know Joel doesn't have the best hands in the league. But in terms of defensive quickness in the paint, few players can match the Warden. Remember back to Saturday's game against the Nuggets. Kenneth Faried was killing the Heat inside to begin the game. Enter Joel Anthony. Faried was held scoreless during Anthony's time on the floor in the second and third quarters.

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For starters, Bosh is fully healed from his abdominal strain he suffered in the playoffs. His range of motion is back. Still, that doesn't account for all of Bosh's offensive explosion. Of all the players averaging at least 15 shots per game (31), Bosh is the leader in field-goal percentage (.630). Not bad for a player who jokingly calls himself Mr. Random because the Heat rarely runs a play for him. If LeBron is the engine of the Heat's offense, then Bosh is the machine's transmission, guiding the system smoothly through different speeds. Bosh has done this for two years but his impact has been amplified in the first four games of his third season with the team. He knows the offense. He knows where his spots on the floor will be long before they appear and he has one of the best jump shots in the league. To quote my friend Israel Gutierrez of ESPN.com, "If Bosh knew playing center would be like this, he would have switched a long time ago!" Bosh is more at ease with himself this season both on and off the court and I'm sure that helps as well. He won his first NBA title last spring and got married over the summer.

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Who's to say?

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Cocklaphobia, look it up.

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Each player is invaluable to the team. Wade is the team's captain in addition to being one of the best shooting guards in the league. Bosh is an All-Star, most likely a future Hall of Famer and the Heat's best post presence. It's a tough question. I'm going to say Wade because, at this point, Ray Allen could slide into the starting lineup if Wade went down with an injury. That said, the Heat will have a tough time repeating if either player goes down. It probably means nothing at this point, but Bosh has a plus-minus of plus-9.5 and Wade has plus-minus of plus-2.0.

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This is a ridiculous question. LeBron is a Jeep guy.

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Well, since Eddy Curry is no longer on the team ... I'm going to have to go with Bosh. He's the definition of a Renaissance Man. We can't have any favoritism going on, so Metta World Peace would have to be brought in to moderate.

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J.J. is a steady presence in the locker room and one of the smartest people I know. I'm pretty sure that has something to do with it. Plus, he keeps himself in shape and ready to enter games in case someone goes down with an injury. He's a professional in every since of the word. Also, the guy is one of the best spot-up shooters in the league, so that helps.

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He'll be in the conversation, but if the award ended today it would probably go to either Kevin Martin of Oklahoma City or Lou Williams of the Sixers. Overall, Martin is ranked 18th in the league in scoring (20.7 ppg) and Williams is right behind at 19th (20.5 ppg). I usually vote on this award, so I keep a close eye on it.

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Must love dogs.

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The Knicks are off to their best start since 1999. Sure, I'd say it's cause for concern, especially if New York knocks down 19 three-pointers every time it plays the Heat. J.R. Smith is a handful off the bench and we all know Novak can fill it up. It will be interesting see where Amare fits in when he returns from his knee injury.

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Cavs certainly impressed on Monday night against the Clippers. Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving combined for 52 points and Irving's dagger at the end of the game was downright cold blooded. LeBron might have stayed in Cleveland if Anderson Varejao was playing this good four years ago. Varejao had 15 and 15 against the Clippers and is second in the league in rebounds per game (15.0) behind Zach Randolph of the Grizzlies (20.3). Tyler Zeller was active off the bench, until DeAndre Jordan caught him with that inadvertent elbow. Zeller had 15 points and seven rebounds in 25 minutes.

Yes, I think can Cleveland can slip into the seventh or eighth spot in the East. A first-round matchup with the Heat would be a ratings blockbuster.


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