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Dwyane Wade hasn't worn his compression sleeve for two straight games. Why? I have no idea but I could guess. It probably has something to do with trying to break out of his shooting slump. I realize that makes no logical sense.


Wade had six points on 10 shots against the Clippers on Nov.14. It was the last time Wade has worn his sleeve.


Wade missed two straight games with a foot injury and returned ... sleeveless! He's averaging 23 points per game with the sleeve.

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We won't know for certain until about 20 minutes before tipoff on Thursday, of course, but Erik Spoelstra has two main options here. The first is the more traditional play, moving Chris Bosh to power forward and inserting Udonis Haslem into the lineup at center. The second option is more likely: Move LeBron James to power forward and start Mike Miller at the three.

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I think he still turns the ball over too much. That said, he's one of the toughest guards in the league. Love his game.

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I think he'll miss the next two games. He's shooting for a return on Dec.4 at Washington. No rush.

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As a lifelong Braves fan, I cannot.

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I have a Harold Miner rookie card. Upper Deck.

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If the Heat was meeting with President Obama on Dec.3, I would know by now. So, no.

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Yes. LINK.

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The additions of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis has, without question, made the Heat a better team. Both players are shooting over 52 percent from three-point range and Allen's late-game moxy has already accounted for two victories in the Heat's first 13 games. Beyond the offseason moves, the team is playing unselfish and confident basketball. All that pressure last season to win a title is gone. Statistically, the Heat leads the league in points per game (104.8), field-goal percentage (.494) and three-point field-goal percentage (.432). The Heat was the first Eastern Conference team to 10 wins and hasn't lost at home.

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I'm going with Mike Miller. He's already started three games and inserting Miller into the starting lineup would not disrupt the Heat's second unit.

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James Jones can come off the bench and knock down three-pointers after not playing for a month. There's your answer.

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Sad, sad, sad. But since so little is understood about mental illness, and doctors really have no idea how to properly treat it, then I'm not expecting the general public to feel very sorry for the guy. No, I don't think he'll play this season, if ever.


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