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Rondo accuses Wade of being 'dirty'

This Heat-Celtics rivalry is going to be crazy all season. Check out what Rajon Rondo said about his flagrant-1 on Dwyane Wade.

“I mean, I don’t think it was a hard foul,” Rondo told “[Wade] sold it a little bit, and that’s basketball. They were up, he drove to the hole, I didn’t want to give up a layup. Simple as that. I didn’t yank him down, or, dirty plays that you’ve seen him play in the past. So that’s what it is.”

So, in other words, Rondo is calling Wade a dirty player.

On Tuesday night, Wade basically called Rondo a punk after Rondo's hard foul on Wade with 16 seconds left in the game. Wade called the foul a "punk play" and described the foul as a two-handed clothesline.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers went on the radio in Boston on Thursday to defend Rondo. Rivers said Wade has doled out his fair share of hard fouls through the years. He then pointed out Wade's role in Rondo's elbow injury in the 2011 playoffs. Rondo and Wade got tangled up and Rondo badly dislocated his elbow trying to brace his fall.

"I don't think (Rondo's flagrant) was a 'punk' move unless (Wade's foul) was, too," Rivers said.

Wade's version of events on Rondo's injury (ESPN radio): 

"Rondo pulled me and I pulled him and we both fell. That's how I was falling because Rondo pulled me on that play. I apologized to Rondo for that because I don't ever want to see anyone get injured. Just like I didn't mean to injure Kobe in the All-Star Game but things happen. But it wasn't 18 seconds left where the game was decided. That's what I was talking about when I called it a punk play. There's 18 seconds left, why are you going for my neck? You can do that early in the game, in competition, let's go."


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rondo is a pu**y

"Punk" play is right.

And you can add "p_ssee" for good measure.

Rondo/Wade 2012 ->

Wade/Rondo 2011 ->

Fact: NO ONE was airborne when Wade backed Rondo down in 2011. On that play, Rondo OBVIOUSLY tried to flop his way to an offensive foul, fell the wrong way, broke his elbow. Karma is a ditch Ratboy.

Fact: Wade was ALMOST airborne when Rondo clotheslined Wade & yanked him to the floor. If Wade had only been a foot off the ground, we could be talking about ankle or ligament injuries from an awkward Rondo-induced Flagrant 2.

"Punk" play is right. (revised link)

they need to just let it go.. I honestly dont think it was nothing more than at the most a hard foul. Should Rondo have done it? NO, like Wade said it was 18 seconds left on the game, so if Rondo was ejected, it wouldn't matter the game was done. I guess thats the "punk"-ness that Wade was talking about.

Rhonda is a great player. She's certainly one of the best point guards in the game but like a lot of super short players, she overcompensates for her lack of height with phony aggression.

lol so whats KG's excuse? ^^

Taheati, have you patented 'Ratboy' yet?

I'ld like to use it in future references.

Old ass Knicks tonight. (Although, I for one, would not have minded Camby on the Heat for a year or two, but that's his loss now)

Any predictions other than Amare won't be a factor?

Can't wait to see J Kidd trying to catch RIO or Coles. I do like Kidd, but it might be time to hang 'em up.

FACT: Dwayne Wade is one of the dirtiest players in the NBA.

FACT: Miami is a fraud, front-running sports town.

Stop whining.

Nimbus82 that is called ENVY


Look, I'm not from MIA so I don't have to support any other sports teams other than the HEAT.....but...

Marlins, Dolphins, etc... What the heck to you mean by a fraud front-running sports town? Is there such a thing as a legitimate front-running sports town? How about a fraud, last-running sports town?

Are you saying they get down on their teams when they aren't winning? So that puts Philly, NYC, LA, and, well, every other city that is home to a professional sports team on that list.

You sound like a Knick or Laker fan anyhow, just here to stir up some jealousy-filled angst.

If Wade is dirty, what do you consider Kobe?

How about Artest? Is he a stand up citizen too?

Haaaaaattttteerrrrrsss - come out and plaaaaaaayyy!

That elbow Artest gave to Rondo was priceless. I think her period came on afterward.

Mrs gregenbe, you can't hide how envy you are.

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