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LeBron named East player of the week

The NBA announced on Monday that LeBron James was the Eastern Conference Player of the Week for games played Nov.5-11.

The Heat went 3-1 last week and James averaged 21.0 points, 11.0 rebounds and 6.0 assists per game. James shot .569 during the four-game stretch. According to, the league's reigning MVP is off to the best start in his career in effective field-goal percentage (.588), rebounding percentage (17.5) and assist to turnover ratio (3.07).

James has recorded a double-double in six of the Heat's first seven games. James has been named player of the week 38 times, a record.

Nuggets second-year forward Kenneth Faried was named Western Conference player of the week.


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congrats to bron being named player of the week... big ups... they can't hold me.. 007..

Got anymore brilliant trade ideas black? How about Terrel Harris, Josh Harrelson, Joel Anthony and that 1st round pick for Chris Paul! LOL

Here's a trade suggestion:

BKY for Sledge

Whatever that means.

Ahhh I get it. You 2 idiots are in this together. Another reason why our country in the crapper. Makes sense now.

I would rather they cut bky before his contract is guaranteed.

Nice win but watching this team play D is depressing. The 2nd unit will need to be better. This is not L A. I refuse to believe 10+ treys is the new normal on our defense.
Our guards are shooting .285 in the last 2 games. Those numbers really suck. Perimeter D is awful. The back court has a lot to improve on.

true, i agree jpejeff... but, part of securing the glass we have to as a team, clog the paint.. now with a move that helps down low, it keeps us spreading our defense so we're out on shooters.. one thing to add, we won last year with defense.. not three point shooting.. we could lose a shooter or two to get help down low.. and we might need to use joel some, his six fouls could be used... be aggressive, even if he fouls out.. the blocks are important...

now let me clarify what just said.. three point shooting is important... but, our defense is more important... timely three point shooting went along way during our run, but we dont want to get three ball happy.. i would trade allen, miller and that philly pick for paul milsap... still have shooters.. get help down low.. i'm just sayin..

i dont trust allen...

CB bailed us out last night with a rebound when Wade missed those 2 FTs...and then hit 2 FT himself. Nice comeback win. I don't know if I put that much importance on Lin's missed shot as Joe did. They did have like 8 seconds left when, FOR ALL THE SPO HATERS, they came out of a timeout, had one guy dribble the ball-in one spot-and then throw up a 3 with the best defender in the league guarding him. No ball movement, no screens, no penetration. Almost EVERY NBA team does this, so let's not single out our Champion Coach when he does it. I don't know why they can't run a play in those instances, seems like some movement would be better than standing and chucking.

Has Joel been getting ANY run?

BKY - I think Jeff and I covered the state of our country quite extensively last week. If you check back on this blog, I think you can find a view that fits yours. Notwithstanding a few comments sprinkled thoughout the year, I'll be glad to stick with Miami Heat basketball conversation on this blog.

Clip joint tomorrow. Should be another tough test on our road trip.


Wade's has been a liability the last 3 games. It's amazing we are 2-1 in that span. He has been having more and more stretches where he is the weak link. You don't go out partying the night b4 a game if you're sick. You treat it like any other injury and take care of your body(game 1). You can't shoot 20% on 15 shots(game 2). You have to make free throws to put a team away(game 3).
No one knows this better than Wade and he will improve. He will be there when it matters the most; he always is. I just wish he would put more urjency in the NOW. This L A/ Denver back to back is a good place to start.


"I would rather they cut bky before his contract is guaranteed."

Huh? Mature I see. What does have to do with this blog. This is opinionated forum. If you can't handle the Heat then get out.


You don't trust Allen? The best 3 point shooter in NBA HISTORY? On defense you don't? Or in general? Here we go with another assassine trade thought from you. And now you want to play Joel Anthony? Were now a positionless team. He is a MAJOR Offensive liability. It's like playing 4 on 5 with him there. Come on man!

I thought my writing was bad until I read your post bky. Im ready to write a book right now.

Really? I will be at Substantial Subs in Weston at 6pm. Would love to meet you in person. Hope to see you then. I work for a living, which is something you probably don't. If you need directions let me know.

Don't need JA to score any points. He won't score a lot of points, he understands this, so he won't look to fire up a lot of shots either. The other 4 positions can get their shots up. BUT....

JA can be the backbone of this defense. His shot blocking and shot contesting are definitely an ASSET! One of the more mobile post players in the league, who will not (compared to other post players) get burnt automatically when switching on th perimeter.

JA was crucial to our shutting down the MVP in the 2011 ECF. My opinion is we don't need any roster changes at this point. We have what we need to win. We have more ammo this year than last.


I agree JA is an asset off the bench only. He plays better is spurts off the bench then as a starter. We do need to mix him in every once in a while, it would of been nice to see him guard Randolph the other night. But it is what it is.

I never get caught up in who starts the game, that's for ESPN and NBA officials to worry about. Depending on the opponent, he can be very effective at anchoring our defense. To say we need him every once in a while, but not that first minute of the game is an idea I can't grasp. So we would use him to guard Randolph the last 47 minutes of the game, but not the first???

SOooooo K-Mart to the Heat??

Yeah, that's what I said, every once in a while. FOR EXAMPLE to match up against a guy like Randolph! You said it not me "Depending on the opponent, he can be very effective at anchoring our defense." So who are we going to take out of the starting lineup? Battier, the guy that changed the entire dynamic of our team when he was inserted!

I think you guys give too much credit to Joel Anthony. He's an OK defender in the paint and yes he's mobile, but any 6'10 - 7'0 center really just does what they want when he's guarding them. JA is good when there is a small quick PG or SG driving to the lane, but when it comes to defending BIGs... he's mediocre at best

I'M a truck driver that's always at work. I'm in Portland,Me right now. You say you'll be at 1150 Weston rd at 1800. It's only about 1600 miles but I'll do my best to get their for you cupcake.

@ greg

We gonna need Joel. NY got more quality big bodies inside. I see why CB was a lil worried about them. I'm all for bringing in Kenyon Martin for the minimum.Another big body can't hurt. Spo has limited Bosh, Haslem and James minutes so far. This is excilent strategy.



If we sign K-Mart, it shows we have no confidence in Haslem, and that would be bad for team morale. Plus the Big 3 gave up money for Haslem to be here.

Spo has been a EXCELLENT coach this year. My only problem was watching SB try and defend zach Randolph. He needs 1 more quality big body.


You want to try and spell it again, you did it wrong twice already. LMAO!

I've been a K-Mart fan for a while. I thought the reason we cooled on him, or he cooled on the Heat, was because of his salary demands. We don't have a lot of extra salary $$ laying around. Like everybody else, if he buys into our team's philosophy,great. We just don't need any off-court distractions while we strive for that ring. K-Mart ain't that much taller than JA, and has a few more miles on that tread, but he does bring a bit more offense, IF NEEDED.


And you want to write a book??? Hahahahaha

I admitted my writing was bad. Yours is so bad, it makes me fill like a author. I can't believe you're this dumb.......Yeah I can after rereading this post.


"I would rather they cut bky before his contract is guaranteed."

Huh? Mature I see. What does have to do with this blog. This is opinionated forum. If you can't handle the Heat then get out.

Posted by: BKY | Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 12:29 PM

It makes you "fill" like an author??? Lmao!

Your writing and spellinghas improved. Who are you really?

Your spelling has not. You just wrote "spellinghas" last time I checked that is 2 words, not one. The comedy show continues...Who am I? You will never know. Lol

I know who you are. A dumb aszhole that needs attention. You won't get 1 more second of mine. Do ya FEELME?

Is feelme one word also? I will check the dictionary and get back to you.

bky is Sledge undercover....get back in mommy's basement and go make me a sandwich while you play with that little weiner of yours

Hey Eddie,

Just saw your mommy on the corner of 10th and 3rd. She was great! Thanks!

well dam.. i missed all this... GOOD...

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