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LeBron named East Player of the Week highlights

LeBron James was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for the second week in a row. He's been named Player of the Week 39 times over his career and 13 times with the Heat.

First, the numbers STRAIGHT from the Heat's press release: 

James led the HEAT to a 3-1 record, averaging a league-high 29.0 points, 7.3 rebounds, 7.0 assists, 1.25 blocks and 1.00 steals while shooting 48.9 percent from the field and 40 percent from three-point range. He posted two double-doubles while leading the team in minutes in all four games, in scoring on three occasions, in rebounds and assists twice each and in steals and blocks one time each. James has now scored at least 20 points in each of the first 11 games of the season, a new career-best to start a season. Additionally, he has continued his streak of scoring in double-figures in a career-high 430 consecutive games, including 152 as a member of the HEAT, a new franchise record.

Now, let's rank our best highlights of the week. Rolls of the drums (like, four imaginary drums, just to make this official)...

This first highlight was early in the Heat's game against the Rockets. James had a season high in points, 38. Maybe Mario Chalmers should get Eastern Conference Most Improved Lob Passer of the Week.

Moving to later in the game. James nailed this three-pointer with 1:49 left, cutting Houston's lead to a point.

And, of course, Jeremy Lin provided the Eastern Conference's Gag of Week, or maybe the year. The Rockets TV annoucers were momentarily speechless. Collective crowd reaction: "What the?!"

Moving to Los Angeles. Not a good outcome for the Heat, although LeBron did have 30 points. We'll skip the highlights and just offer up this excellently produced preview of the game I found on YouTube.

On to Denver, where the Heat won for the first time in 10 years despite the game being a back-to-back on little sleep. James had 27 points and the highlight of the week...

And then James left this guy hanging after the game. James probably knew he had the flu at this point during the road trip, so he likely was just doing the guy a solid.

James played with flu-like symptoms in Phoenix, scoring 21 points in victory.

Who said Mike Miller can't play point guard...

And then the reverse slam. I couldn't find an individual highlight for it on YouTube, but the play stood out for two reasons: 1. It was a sick dunk. 2. LeBron was actually sick. He sprinted the entire length of the court as soon as Michael Beasley lost possession of the ball. The Suns weren't loafing on the play, conceding an easy basket. Four players tried to race back on defense but none could keep up with LeBron.

Here are the game's complete highlights...


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The only other player that could actually contend with Bron for a player of the week is D. Wade, if he goes back to pre-bron Heat era.. Or Rajon Rondo, the triple double machine..

Miami needs to play bigs. I'm sry guys, but Spo has to (have we heard this before) figure out a solid rotation. Not just big names to look like an all star team, but figure out what pieces fit together.

Personally I will not start D-Wade. I would have him come off the bench since he has similar skills to lebron.

Mike Miller

Shane Battier
Pittman (give the young gunner minutes to develop him)

I also wouldn't mind K-Mart, but Alonzo Mourning and him once almost came to blows so maybe thats what holds the heat back on this move.

you drinkin too early...

congrats bron... nice week... good set of games comin up... enjoy your holiday guys... watchin all things heat... title run 2013... happy turkey day everyone....

All the sports writers and analyst praising the Knicks and Lakers! Im glad the Heat are not under the radar this year, it's early and it's a long season i believe Pat and Spoelstra are pacing this team, it boils down to who is the healthiest team in the playoffs, I want Ray Wade Miller and everyone period to stay healthy, and than we will see our Team the
MIAMI HEAT rise to the top! I believe the Knicks are much improved but do they have the other parts the other key players to beat the Defending champs. I just don't see it..Kidd
Is 50 years old, their bench is Wallace Kidd and I forgot the other guys. It's hard to pronounce dinosaurs names! LOL! The cream always rises to the top!

I want to see Harrellson get some minutes.. We still havn't seen what the young guy can do.. I hope this isnt another Eddy Curry thing, were we keep a guy just to sit him on the bench when their are better canidates out there that could help the team

Bust is back - criticizing our Championship winning Coach.

Set rotations vs game time adjustments - here we go down that well traveled road again.

Wade off the bench, huh? Priceless.

Alonzo wants to win, and pretty sure that would trump ANY beef he had with players 10 years ago. Actually, I think Riles might have the final say on personnel moves.

Trucker - help me out here - what is TOO EARLY to drink. "Is 10 o'clock in the morning, too soon, to drink beer....I don't know, and I don't care" - Darius Rucker

Congrats Lebron! Happy t-Giving Heat and heat fans!

look, i just put roster together had to get it out...

center: bosh, pittman, (need a big)whiteside, k-mart etc...

power forward: millsap, ud, harrellson

small forward: bron, battier, lewis

two guard: wade, pietrus, jones

point guard: charlmers, brooks, cole

had to get it out...

just sayin...

Black, I guess 10:00 isn't too early to drink beer.

What, no Hardaway, Mourning, Marjerle, PJ Brown, Posey, White Chocolate on this squad?

Here goes my roster:

PG - DRose / Chalmers / Cole
SG - Wade / Allen / Ginobli
SF - James / Battier / Miller
PF - Bosh / UD / Faried
C - J. Anthony / B. Lopez / Camby

I like our chances. C'mon Pat, make it happen. As you guys dissect my list, feel free to substitute one of my veteran studs for a big name college player that had great collegiate game and sucks at the next level. Think Adam Morrison or supercoolbeas, someone like that.

lol, wow... smdh... i deserved that...

It's all good....can't take life too seriously, all the time.

Bucks about to get a little eye-opener tonight.

Miami need to And one more big men to help

Miami need to Add another big guy

No, not putting him down. We have an 8-3 record and the losses are to teams the Heat always seem to have a hard time against. My point is - Wade came off the bench for the olympics and was the team leading scorer. Why have so much firepower on the first squad? When you can have a dominant Lebron able to kick it out to Ray Allen, and Wade and Bosh teaming up - where Wade can be his dominant self? Don't get me wrong, they have to play together too...maybe start wade and sit him early so he can go out with the second team.

Harrellson I would like to see him get some of Haslem's minutes. Haslem is a warrior but he's more useful in the locker room now then as a player. He's sort of like Charles Oakley in was.

We will lose games as Spo tries to come up with how to integrate everyone and I'm fine with that. The only problem I have is that in those losses, Miami lost by double digits and it appeared Spo should have pulled an injured Wade and used some athletic young men like Harris in those situations. He was letting Haslem get his wind in some games where Haslem was making a lot of mistakes, so get the young ones like Harris and Pittman.

I don't think Spo's in game adjustments were terrible in fact. the only in game adjustment he really needed was to match athleticism with athleticism in those loses and that meant having his rotations meshed together already.

good mtchup 2nite... come to play... this team is good... come to play...

A Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

would you trade allen, lewis to the kings for evans???

could we use k-mart, pietrus??

would a trade for millsap make sense???

millsap would be geat to us but then if we trade for him it might include HASLEM...



good solid win... really would like to get some info on battier... hopefully not serious... need to keep him available throughout.... the moves are available... interestig to see what happens... we have a chance to improve, not just for right now... we move forward... lets see what the spurs do when they come to town... watching all things heat... title run 2013... we have a chance to improve longterm... i'm jus sayin... 007....

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