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LeBron leads in jersey sales

LeBron James' colossal year just keeps getting better.

James led the NBA in jersey sales from April to Nov.26, the NBA announced on Wednesday. He last led the league in sales in April of 2011. James' top-selling jersey comes after a banner year for the Heat's forward. He was named the MVP of the league last season and then won his first NBA championship. He was named MVP of The Finals. Over the summer, James led Team USA to a gold medal in the London Olympics.

Dwyane Wade was seventh in jersey sales.

The league's Top 10 leaders in jersey sales, based on transactions from the league's store in New York and

1. LeBron James
2. Kevin Durant
3. Kobe Bryant
4. Carmelo Anthony
5. Derrick Rose
6. Rajon Rondo
7. Dwyane Wade
8. Blake Griffin
9. Dwight Howard
10. Chris Paul 


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Rondo passed wade... eh.. I like Rondo as a player, so i guess thats not too bad, but really? hmmph.. guess they thought he was going to pass Magic's record for most consective games with over 10 asst.. guess they were wrong now.. lol

What was Ratboy thinking? From the angle I had, it looked like Humphries barely even touched Garnett, much less fouled, much less flagrantly fouled KG. I guess Rondo thought he was on the shhtreet and had to play the tough card. Little boy, Humphries would crush you in a minute. Surprised KG didn't do a couple of pushups while on the floor, maybe next time, 'cause....anything is possible!

LOL, and for the record KG's push-ups are weak.. but anywho, yea Rondo completely flipped-out, I guess he thought Humphries was just going to walk away and brush it off. It really wasnt a hard foul at all! KG went up, humphries put his hands up, yea a little contact, but it didnt deserve that type of re-action from Rondo.. but then again Rondo wants to walk in the path of his big brother KG, so he's going to try and be the "tough" guy.. (for the record, KG aint come to his defense on the court when him and wade went to the floor and rondo's shoulder happend to get dislocated)

big game 2nite... run the offense... shut them down with defense.. just win baby... come to play....

ya'll see this kid playing for kentucky... no ones talking bout him as much, but he's a 7' footer who played widereceiver... this kid is the next best thng and he rarely plays at uk... just watch him... maybe that pick could be very important down the line...

its still early.. Fab Melo was pratically a star in syracuse, a 7' good shot blocker, and the celtics sent him to the D-League, sooo idk, gotta see.. I wouldnt count the chickens before the eggs hatch

see, when a young player comes in the league, the system that he's brought into really makes the or a difference... i know it's early, but 7' footer with the speed and agility to play widereceiver is sick... if he's around when that pick comes available, take him and run... don't look back... don't say a word... just run... i'm just sayin... watching all things heat...

^^ yea thats true, as long the said player believes in the system and invest in getting better it could be a plus.. like Thabeet, he was horrible after his UConn days, but now hes with the Thunder he's playin as a decent backup. so yea it does depend on the system.. But a 7ft Wide-reciever does sound intriguing..

let me give some examples: tyson chandler, deandre jordan and thats just two...

ok, back to the now... they will try to get bosh in foul trouble... put some one else on duncan... bosh, your jumper will get open looks all game...

The heat dont have anyone who can match Duncans length and defend his post game except for Bosh. and even so Duncan is still very crafty.. I would keep Bosh on him and just try to keep him, and have everyone else play honest.. dont cheat, or help out down low (unless Joel Anthony is down there) and we should be ok.

bron, they have no one that could guard you... dominate... wade, be aggressive, they can't guard you either... coach, do you think harrellson would be an option here... this might be a matchup where he could fit the bill...

wow, just got word the spurs sent their players home. matter... just win baby...

Hope you were not dumb enough to buy tickets! Popovich is a maniac, feel bad for those that bought tix for the game.

Rondo got 3 suspensions in 9 months. This guy is a habitual offender. I see him rapping with the 2 Live Crew in the near future.


I love my Heat but if the starters were playing we probably get blown away! I'm starting to worry about DWade Pat Spoelstra need to make him
Come off the bench until he can prove himself. Don't know what is his problem if it is his health his age his super star girl friend I don't know but if he doesn't improve by game 50 or 60. He ain't going to improve, than there is a serious problem guys with Wade.
He is not the same player from that first year with LeBron and Bosh! I'm staring to worry about Wade! And Spoelstra never had the balls to bench one of these guys for giving a lackluster effort! I never liked Spoel! But he prove me wrong but IMO it was Bron more than coaching that really wanted the title!
Look at Popvich great coach great motivator!

I just want to say one Pop prob the BEST coach out there right now.. I put him and Doc Rivers as 1st and 2nd respectively.. and thats no offense to tom thibideau, or george Karl.... Anywho

Im actually glad how the heat are playing.. YES they should be blowing EVERYONE out of the water (especially a SPURS team with no all-stars), but just last year Miami would get off to a run n gun start and look like they would dominate the game, but then somehow in the end they would get tired or something and they would lose, and everyone was talking about how the heat cant win close games in the end.. NOW its completely oppisite and we are winning all of our close games, sooo.. If they could somehow combine last season with this season, lol unsstoppable..


Black, Ray with YET another game winning shot. Do you still not trust him?

IDK how Black could have ever doubted the BEST 3-pt shooter in the HISTORY of the NBA to date...

Black...ray ray aka spray spray gona make you a believer son...we just need to stop this...gona go into cardiac arrest one of these nights

I want to also add that Rashard Lewis looks done, I hate to say it but it looks he was stuck in slow motion last night. He hits a 3, then disappears. Its a shame because I really wanted it to work.

well, at least i got a chance to see my guys live...

pop sat his guys out, but we still won, and that's all i care about...

really enjoyed myself...

good win...

i really have to say, i'm glad both bron and bosh chose to sign here with the heat... thank you...

now ray allen aka ray ray, you are really a great shooter... i really have to admit the truth... it is what it is...

ok, we move forward...

bkn nets are playing well, and we can not let them come in here and beat us up on our home floor... come to play... watching all things heat...007...

the only reason why the brooklyn nets are better now is because of Gerald Wallace... when he was injured they sucked..they need to get rid of Joe Johnson and start marshon brooks.. JJ is really bringing the offense down on that team.. he stops the ball EVERYTIME they pass it to him, then trys to create when the shot was already created for him, or the lane was wide open for him.. ugh.. I put joe johnson right up there with Joel Anthony.. #trash..

but anywho, yea the NETS have really came around now that wallace is back. Their a pretty big team. The team I would mind if the Heat collapsed in the middle cause they dont really have solid shooters outside of Stackhouse and D. Will right now.. (a case can be made for said trash above, but hes so inconsistant) ..

Black, So you got hoodwinked into buying tickets. Ugh, hope u didnt pay alot to go. I am a season ticket holder, so it doesnt matter to me but I feel bad that Popovich would do that.

well, i've been wanting to get some time off to get back and catch a home game... i mean i try to catch games on the road too.. but, i'm just happy we won... would've really got me if we lost to them with their players sitting at home.. but hey, we move forward.. this season, looks very good so far... i think we could work on some things to sure up both sides if the floor but hey, only 14 games in.. no complaint here..

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