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Injured left foot might keep Wade out of Wednesday's game against Clippers

LOS ANGELES — Dwyane Wade did not participate in the Heat’s shootaround Wednesday morning at Staples Center due to a sprained foot and his status for Wednesday’s game against the Clippers is in question.

The Heat (6-2) plays the Clippers (5-2) at 10:30 p.m. and whether or not Wade plays will be a game-time decision. Wade sprained his left foot on Monday during the third quarter of the Heat’s 113-110 victory against the Houston Rockets.

“Personally, I think it’s a deep bruise in my foot area but obviously I’ve got to do my job in getting my X-rays to make sure it’s nothing more than that because it’s on a bone,” Wade said. “Then I’ll come out here and warm up and see if I can put pressure on it.”

Wade turned his foot after stepping on Chris Bosh. He returned in the fourth quarter against the Rockets but did not score in final period despite playing the quarter’s full 12 minutes. He finished the game with 19 points.

“I want to play tonight,” Wade said. “Obviously this is a big-time, prime-time game,” Wade said. “But I want to feel good by being in it, so we’ll see.”

It has been a difficult road trip for Wade. He jammed his thumb while going for a loss ball against the Grizzlies on Sunday. The Heat plays the Nuggets in Denver on Thursday before flying to Phoenix for the final game of its six-game road trip.

“Certain things are a part of sports,” Wade said. “It’s unfortunate, but twisting your ankle, messing up your thumb, you know that’s a part of it and it’s coming. Sometimes you’re able to play through it and sometimes you’re not depending on if you’re going to help our hurt your team. I’ve dealt with that my whole life.” 


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The hits keep on coming for Miami. This may be one of the most difficult stretches that I have ever seen for our sports team. Look at the state of the Marlins, Hurricanes, Dolphins, etc. The Heat look good, but Wade is already starting to show signs of breaking down only two weeks into the season. The man is an injury magnet.

Either D Wade is wearing fucked up shoes or he has small bones that he keeps getting injured! Why is this dude, getting injuring himself all the time! is it lack of nourishment or what! Will he ever win the MVP? Nope Will he ever lead the NBA in scoring againg dnt think so! I saw Dwade being the next MJ, all i see of him is a faded out player! He seems to not have the heart and desire to be the leader nor MVP! this is sick!

No worries because........BOND............KING JAMES BOND is on the job. I worry more about getting blown out in Denver if Wade sits tonight and plays tomorrow. It would be a repeat of Atl/ Memphis all over again.

well, one thing i noticed... we need to keep anthony... his defense will be needed... they played us well... but, hey, we move forward... i think if there's a big out there that blocks shot like he does than maybe.. but as of now, he's a keeper... still like the thought of trading for millsap, and adding pietrus.. miller, that draft pick and allen...

look at the lineup: bosh, millsap, bron, wade, rio... backups: anthony, ud, lewis, pietrus, cole... don't forget battier, pittman... and jones, harrellson, harris...

our dfense has to be what we keep as our staple when it counts the most... for now we look great as we come to town... but when it is all on the table, we want to carry another trophy... that team will do it.. and keep guys fresh for the long haul... off to denver, they want to get back tha game we won... so lets see... i would play anthony some in this one... didn't think he would be missed, i was wrong... keep him.. his defense goes a long way..

see i would rather depend on our defense and our main core than all this three point shooting.. i'm just sayin..

Our defense is what has been the problem. They are collapsing to much on defense they're not on the perimeter like they were last year. I think they finally embrased the 'small ball' thing and they over-compensate on defense, all the wing defenders (including rio for some reason) always falls back to the middle to try and help out our bigs. THATS NOT THE ANSWER.. If the guy down low is too big for Bosh and Battier then pick in a big (Harrellson, Joel, somebody) who can effect them, thats another reason why I think we should add Kmart.

^^ Black, why would you want to trade our number one scoring threat off the bench? Ray Allen has proben he's still got alot in the tank and is still the NBA's leading 3-pt shooter of ALL TIME! i like millsap, i like pietrus, but i wouldnt mess with the roster the Heat have now for those guys. ESPECIALLY if pietrus is seeking more than Vet Min. I would like to see who shakes free before the trade deadline tho, Im sure Denver will cut loose or want to trade one of its 3 centers on their roster before the deadline is up.

And one more thing and im done... WHY WAS OUR BIGGEST BIG (thats not injured, Josh Harrellson) NOT ACTIVE WHEN WE PLAYED ONE OF THE BIGGEST FRONT LINES IN THE NBA (DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffen and Ryan Hollins and Lamar Odom) ?!?!?!?! Im pretty sure we could have used him for a 10 min stint or so.. uhhh ok im done ranting now.

Actually im not done, I swear this is the last one.. WTH was up with Rio! the first two plays turnovers from him! That basically set the tempo for the rest of the game! Bron did his best to will the other guys to play well, but DANG RIO! I know CP3 is good, but really? Thats why we should've kept Garrett Temple.

Its just the start of the season. We'll be fine. We do need to stay on the perimiter, maybe this positionless defense is not for us?

well, everyone has an Ahole too... look, i agree joel could have helped in this one.. and allen has been good off the bench.. but, we can not sit here and think battier will last the whole season at the four spot... he won't be there for us come post season... the reason i say millsap, he changes our frontline a bit, he adds rebounding, and defense from the tip, and can score.. what we don't want to do is rely to much on three point shooting.. because in the playoffs those shots seems to not fall as much.. you might get a game like what miller did last year, but where was he the whole playoff run... ray ray didn't look so hot in green last year either... millsap would help on the boards,, where we need help, and rotations on defense.. and if you give let say pietrus a deal that the first year is vet min and more the next year, i think he would come here... but, listen we're ok.. we might want to look at denver though.. they have a center in mozgov who i think would help this seasons team.. i don't think losing allen would hurt, hell he wasn't here last year and we did fine...

i would use ray as a chip for a trade that helps long term.. and temple wouldn't have helped either...

^^ all that can be answered by not trading anyone, cutting an non guranteed contract and picking up Kenyon martin for cheap.. he adds defense, rebounding, and scoring, all the things millsap does. And Kmart is a little taller than millsap which helps.. We are ok.. not panicing, but I am upset when we let games like this slip away. Pietrus would do nothing for our team but add another wing player which we really dont need and frankly he's not better than ray allen, if at allens old ages. All pietrus is going to do is jack up shots. I wouldnt mind getting mozgoz tho..

look, pietrus is better on defense... millsap is better than martin, sometimes i womder bout yall... and martin never had an offensive game.. just dunks.. remember when the jazz came to mia acouple of season's back and millsap lit us up for 40... this guy can play... they don't want him and it would be nice to fit him in right here... and once again, getting rid of miller's contract is big moving forward...

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