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Injured left foot keeps Wade out of lineup

DENVER — Dwyane Wade will remain winless in Denver.

After struggling through 29 minutes of action in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Dwyane Wade was held out of Thursday's game in Denver to give his sprained left foot time to heal. Given the difficult nature of the road back-to-back and Wade’s myriad minor injuries, his drop off in production made the decision to bench him an easy call for Spoelstra.

“After we looked at him after the game, we thought it would be good to give it a go but he’s not 100 percent,” Spoelstra said. “He has a bunch of little minor injuries, so we’ll continue to take this day by day.”

Wade has never defeated the Nuggets on their court. He is 0-8 in games with him in the lineup.

The Heat plays the Suns on Saturday in its final game of a six-game road trip. It has been a difficult week for Wade, who injured his thumb on Monday against Memphis and sprained his left foot stepping on Chris Bosh against Houston on Wednesday. On top of those injuries, his left knee, surgically repaired in the offseason, is still tender.

"You know the most important thing is health," Chris Bosh said. "Like I said yesterday, in the long run, and to be quite honest, we're not going to remember this game in a few months. We do have to play the game, we have to prepare and we respect it because it's a stepping-stone to where we're going to go, but we're not going to remember it. So with that said, he needs to take as much time as he needs, as it's all about being healthy."

Wade is averaging 16.7 points per game in eight games. It’s his lowest per-game scoring average since his rookie season (16.2).

“He has been through it all before,” Spoelstra said. “It says a lot that he even wanted to be out there tonight. He’s not 100 percent, but he’ll never tell you that. Hopefully he’ll be able to get healthier. Thankfully, none of his injuries are serious.”


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hey just came up with three team deal...

heat rrade: mike miller, joel anthony, and draft pick from philly
heat receive: paul millsap

nuggets trade: timofey mozgov
nuggets receive: joel anthony

jazz trade: paul millsap
jazz receive: timofey mozgov, mike miller, first round pick from heat..

this would work...

good game... good win... close out trip in phx... lets finish trip with a win...

Good win! 7-3 is a good start considering they played 6 on the road and teams had a combined record of 47-32. Two back to backs and 1 west coast trip out of the way. They had some injuries but no one is tired. Coach Spo paced the guys smartly. D is getting better and good things will happen for this team.

^^ good trade idea Black.. question tho.. what would nuggets gets in all that? Cap relief? I think it'll make our team better, but it wont do anything for their team. Mike Miller played pretty good last night tho! he's been doing well in every regular season game he's played so far.. and IDK giving up a first round pick?!?!? The heat need to continue to build around their core, they need to add a few younger guys. There is some talent in this coming up draft, I would like to see them hold on to that pick for a lil while longer and see whos who coming out of college.

With all this 'hoop-la' about Royce White, I wouldnt mind the Heat grabbing him up (if he wasn't so unstable, and missing practices, and going AWOL etc.) He was a baller in College..

better yet... excuse me???

only change to that trade is denver gets the draft pick and everyone will be happy... we will than have a positionless roster with a lot of options.. history in the making.. watchout na..tbc...

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