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ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Knicks 104, Heat 84



They showed up en force despite hardships caused by Hurricane Sandy. "Ra-Sheed Wa-Llace" chants at the end punctuated the building's pent-up energy after days of traffic snarls, power outages, fuel shortages and other problems. A moment of silence (a rare thing in Madison Square Garden) was observed before tipoff for the victims of the superstorm. Heat players Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh said afterwards they were just happy to be a part of the emotional night.


Dwyane Wade had 15 points in 35 minutes after beginning the first quarter scoreless. The Heat fell to the Knicks 104-84.


WORST OF THE NIGHT: Mario Chalmers' rough game
As good as Chalmers played on opening night, he was that much worse on Friday. In 20 minutes, Chalmers biggest statistic was his number of fouls, six. He had three points to go along with an assist and a rebound.

NIGHTLY NUMBER: 19. The Knicks were 19 of 36 from three-point range. Meanwhile, the Heat was 7 of 20.

LINE OF THE NIGHT: Knights reserve Steve Novak had 17 points in 26 minutes. He was 6 of 10 from the field and 5 of 8 from three-point range.

NIGHTLY ANALYSIS: The Heat couldn't match the Knicks' energy in the first quarter, falling behind 33-17. Wade was off his game in the first period and the Heat never recovered. He finished the game with four turnovers. James had five. As a team, the Heat had 21 giveaways compared to 18 assists. New York again started strong in the second half, outscoring the Heat 26-19 in the third quarter. Heat starters Chalmers and Shane Battier didn't offer much support (five points) for the Big 3. Ray Allen had five points off the bench. 

The Knicks went with a small lineup against the Heat and beat Miami at its own game. New York coach Mike Woodson started three guards (Ronnie Brewer, Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton). Carmelo Anthony led the Knicks with 30 points at power forward.


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we move forward.. hope they have a good season...

Good stuff. Dear NYK == Thanks for turning out but those guys you beat weren't the Miami Heat. They were Miami CARE, Miami UNICEF, Miami Red Cross. Thank them now for their compassion, aid & relief. Because that's all you're gonna get.

Snapshot forecast for pending season ...for both Heat & this blog ? Show-up when you want to ? least go down swinging !

good win... good game... that team will be a hand full out west... we play them again soon, be ready for a fight... although regular season they have something to prove... we're looking at the big picture...

like the way the team came together to get this win... might need pittman in that one...

so far, real good... the east will be tough as well... but i still like our chances... everyone stay healthy... get treatment... watching all things heat... title run 2013... 007.. holla at ya boy...

Wow...some game...ABA retro !

So far...UD & Joel look to be pre-pre season worthy.

LONG SEASON so enjoy the ride !

the nuggets have a center named timofiny mozgov, think we could use him????.

hows this trade sound??? timofey mozgov, wilson chandler from denver, for miller, anthony and a pick???

turn around and trade chandler to atl for harris..

how bout i say a three team deal??? heat, nuggets, magic...

heat get: mozgov, jj reddick

nuggets get: anthony, miller and pick

magic get: wilson chandler

makes sense for all teams, i'm just sayin...

center: bosh, mozgov, pittman, harrelson

power forward: bron, lewis, ud

small forward: battier, pietrus, jj

guards: wade, allen, reddick

point: charlmers, cole

good win... good game... one thing i noticed, we have two new guys who can really help this season... now, we have three scoring options already... the key is, how do we keep everyone in the flow... we know our top three will see the ball most of the time... and we know ray ray will get an open look, now we have to figure out how to make it ez for lewis to best help this team and how to keep him in the flow... i see how and it will take a little time to fix.... i wanted to see the first ten games, to see how we looked first... but see, he has a good long-range jumper, but, thats not it, back cuts, post ups, pick and pops, dont make him drive, could lead to problems, no need, even the pick and roll, would work... we have many options, but thats what makes this team that great... rio looked good in this one... that open shot will be there all season... ud on the pick and roll looked good too, work on that dam jumper... gotta get it right... nice to see jj hit two threes.. still got it... good... really need the next two before we go out west... as of now, playing through bosh has looked real good.. but bron and wade will have to keep everyone honest.. would like to see bron in the post more.. wade, more cuts, and motion.. both looked good in that one.. and they will try to key on yall, but with this team, the key is to get everyone going so they cant keep up... and thats the beauty of this team.. now there will be a period where getting everyone on the same page will be tough, but i haven't seen that yet... this looks like it will just get better... on the defensive end we look a bit slow, but that will come too.. we could tighten it up a bit.. when joel is on the floor, let him know its ok to be aggrssive, he can foul out, its ok... be aggressive.. pittman too... when it comes to rebounding, we as a team have to crash the boards, not one player but all... attack the boards, but be safe.. i still would tweek a little but not much... so far, real dam good.. watching all things heat... title run 2013... holla at ya boy.. 007...

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