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ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Heat 124, Suns 99

Dwyane Wade helped set the tone for a return of the Heat's signature defensive pressure against the Suns on Monday at AmericanAirlines Arena. The Heat defeated the Suns 124-99.

BEST OF THE NIGHT: Heat's defensive pressure
Miami started the game with a renewed commitment to defense after a pair of listless nights against New York and Denver. The Nuggets were 7 of 21 from three-point range and shot 39.8 percent from the field. LeBron James led the Heat with 11 rebounds and the Heat out-rebounded Phoenix 49-38. After allowing 70 points in the paint to the Nuggets, the Heat's defense gave up just 34 points in the pain to Phoenix.

WORST OF THE NIGHT: Michael BeasleyBronbeas A pathetic game by the Heat's former lottery pick. He had seven points on 3 of 13 shooting to go along with one rebound and an assist.

Dwyane Wade on Beasley (before the game): 

“He can score anywhere in the world. It’s just about what team is going to be best for him and can highlight what we can do and he fits in and feels comfortable with. Sometimes you get to a place and you’re around certain teammates and you just know that this is it and sometimes you’re just there and you’re just hoping you can get through the year, so it’s just about [Beasley] getting comfortable with his surroundings and where he is and just being comfortable in the player he is. I think that’s the biggest thing for him — just not trying to live up to the expectations of everyone else. You just got to be Michael Beasley and live with your own expectations first."

The number of assists by Mario Chalmers. Last season, Chalmers' high mark for assists was nine. He has had 11 assists in two of the Heat's first four games this season. Chalmers has five career double-digit assist games.

LINE OF THE NIGHT: Ray Allen had 15 points to go along with six rebounds and six assists. In his five seasons in Boston, Allen only matched those numbers once. Tom Haberstroh of unearthed he statistic and when he informed Allen of the night's significance, Allen said: "I'm glad I'm in Florida."

“They're a great team. There is a reason they have a ring and I think they are a much better team this year than they were last year. 

“Dwyane Wade was active tonight. He set the tone with this quick twitch on both ends of the court. He had some good lift, but he is spending a lot of time to put his body in position to respond. There is a lot of depth on this team and Dwyane Wade gets it. He might not have nights where he has to score thirty five or forty points plus, but with the opportunities that he has, he can generate a lot of easy opportunities for us.”

Like this one...Wade had 22 points and was 9 of 14 shooting.

“I feel like it’s in my hands a lot more.  I think Coach Spo is putting a lot of trust in me.  I am just trying to keep his trust.  I am still getting comfortable playing with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis and just finding where they like to be at and finding them to knock down shots.”

“When we defend we can do whatever we want offensively.  The sky is the limit offensively."

“To beat the best teams you are going to have to get stops.  What we are doing on the offensive end is being unselfish.  I’ve never seen so many guys get open threes because the ball is moving.”

“I always envision myself getting off to a good start and setting an offensive tone for myself.  I pride myself on taking high-percentage shots.”

“They know it is not just about three of them. It is about all of them.”

The Heat's ball movement was a thing to behold on Monday. It was basketball as the game was meant to be played. Players whipped pass around the perimeter at high speed and finished with 47 field goals on 33 assists, a highly efficient set of numbers. Mario Chalmers dished out 11 assists. Eight different players scored three pointers and the Heat was 15 of 26 from distance. For the Heat, it all starts with defense and the focused energy against the Suns helped the players find offensive rhythm early.

Marcin Gortat recorded his third double-double in the Suns' first four games. He had 12 points and 13 rebounds.

--Ray Allen has nine three-pointers in his last two games.

--Allen is the fifth player in franchise history to make 12 three-point field goals in the Heat's first four games of a season.Tim Hardaway made 14 threes in the first four games of the 1998-99 season while Eddie Jones (13 treys to begin the 2000-01 season) and James Jones (13 treys to begin the 2010-11) both made 13 threes in the first four. Allen tied Glen Rice, who also made 12 threes in the first four games of the 1994-95 season.

--Mario Chalmers moved ahead of Glen Rice for seventh all-time in franchise history in assists (1,076).

--LeBron had his second double-double of the season (23 points, 11 rebounds) and six of his career against the Suns.

--LeBron has scored at least 20 points in each of the Heat's first four games. He has scored in double figures in 423 consecutive games, the most among active players. Durant is second with 246.  

--Ray Allen's 15 points pushed him past the 23,000 mark for points in his career. Only three active players have more points: Kobe, K.G. and Dirk.

--Monday was Wade's 600th game.

--The victory against the Suns came on the Heat's 25th anniversary as a franchise.


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"THEIR a great team" - solid work

Thanks, Richie. And thanks for the "solid" contribution to the blog. "You're" depth of knowledge is fascinating.

I got 99 problems but Mitt ain't one!

Good stuff. Agree with the general consensus Heat amped up defensive focus. "But" still too many 2nd chance points allowed from a team as bad as the Suns.

And for the 2nd consecutive name, the Heat have come out on the short end of FTAs. What's up with that DAVID STERN?

How the frick do Danilo Gallinari or Goran Dragic draw more FTAs than Wade or LeBron? I don't wanna hear about Miami's league-leading FG% either. Many of those inside makes SHOULD'VE included and-1s. You can't depend on 50+% against good defenses.

I can sorta understand Shannon Brown drawing whistles. Brown is aggressive and somewhat beefy for a guard. But if you're warning Barea and Sloan about flopping, what about putting a lid on drama queens like Gallinari and Dragic for grunting like Sharapova or flailing like Gasol at the slightest contact?

"And for the 2nd consecutive [game]...

Mitt got 99 answers to every problem but you can't trust one!

^^I like that.

just got done voting... 4more years... lets go...

like this matchup against the nets... lets take it to them... they aint ready.. all talk... come to play...

Just got done voting....$4 trillion more in debt....let's go

Go to where??? Greece?

Spending our kids and grandkids future earnings is the 'fundamental change' we can believe in.

Allen West in 2016!

Let's Calm down, chill out and drink a BUSH. You know, like we did back in 2000 to 2008. On the other hand, we don't need no weak asz BUSH. Let's celebrate 4 more years with something stronger like some Hennessy.......Or some Jack Daniel to help you deal with Romney getting beat down today.

i'll drink to that...

It is amazing that the demographics that are hurt the most by this Presidents policies are the President's biggest supporters. What is the unemployment rate among young black males today compared to, say 8-10 years ago? How many college kids are graduating with jobs in their profession? How many immigrants are leaving their poorly run countrys to come here for job opportunities, only to find our work force and economy struggling mightily, barely moving forward?

Meanwhile, we are on this blog evaluating and lauding these NBA ballers, who have worked hard to get to the top of their profession, who's income is in the top 1% of our country. Aren't we suppossed to resent their success?

The middle class income has dropped dramatically in the last 4 years, but that's who is supposed to be the focus of this administrations economic policies. People in the private sector have seen their retirements wiped out (unless you work for the federal gov't or a union, which the gov't will subsidize) and their house value drop.

Who really is benefitting here?

Oh yeah, the unemployed who got their new "Obama phones". Thank God, someone is moving ahead.

Think implementing Obamacare will stimulate the economy or slow down hiring?

I can only lift my concerns up to God, he is in control, not anyone in DC.

I had a bunch of cool Hova lyrics I was going to use, but let's just say, ex-coke dealers must have a special bond.

Maybe during time term, IF Obama floats a budget to Congress, it won't get shot down 99-0, but don't count on it.

For a country that is having economic/financial problems, having it's credit rating downgraded for the first time in history, having a budget might not be a bad idea. Maybe even a 'balanced budge', one that doesn't rape our children's future with debt. But then again, unlike a state Govenor's budget, who are forced to 'own it', community organizers probably never had to even look at a balance sheet or budget. Sometimes you reap what you sow.

good prez back in office... thanx guys... 4more years...007...

President Obama and the Miami Heat are very similar.They Both got unreasonable haters.They Both kick the crap out of their opponent when it matters the most. They both will be on top for FOUR MORE YEARS. People on the left just don't get it. The economy was in a Mack truck that got BUSHwacked.It was going down hill headed for a cliff. Not only did Obama stop it but he rolled up his sleeves and started pushing it back up hill. Even though he had the entire republican party on the other side pushing the other way, the truck hasn't fell down the cliff yet. Now he has the american people behind him to help get back to the top of the mountain top.The president don't see color. He tries to level the playing field so everyone has a fair shot. The republicans will feed the rich and let the straps fall down to whoever.That trickle down sh*t don't work. The American people have spoken. Republicans need to get the hell out of the way and be part of the solution instead of the problem. They got control of the house running on jobs. Now write a couple of jobs bills and stop blocking.

Even crazy asz Newt Gringich had enough since to get the hell out of Clinton's way. The economy flourished and a republican congress took half the credit. Al Gore loss the election and you know the rest.

Enough "sense"

*Thank you America*


What numbers about Obama's economy are better than Bush's? Unemployment - No. Amount of people on government assistance - No. National Credit rating - No. Gas prices - no. Value of your home - No. Can you help me here, I'm not seeing anything that says this economy is better than it was from 2000 - 2006. 2006 being when the wicked witch of the west moved into the OZ seat in the Senate.

The president doesn't see color - is just insanely false. The most racially minded president ever. Beer summit, Trayvon Martin, 'typical white person' comment about his grandmother, etc...

Level the playing field?? I'm the first one to push equal opportunity BUT NOT EQUAL OUTCOME. If I start at the same path as another co-worker and they outwork and outthink me, I don't deserve a piece of their pie, PERIOD!! If everybody gets the same outcome, then why the hell should I work harder? That mentality sets everybody up for the poor house.

That trickle down sh*t worked in the 80's when Tip O'Neil and Reagan worked TOGETHER. You old enought to remember what kind of toilet our economy was in when Reagan took office. It was a whole lot better when he left. Clinton and Gingrich worked TOGETHER, that is what is so different about our gov't today.

Republicans blocking? How many democrats voted for the ONE budget Obama did float to congress? ZERO, it got shot down 99-0. Obama's party had control of congress and could have passed anything they wanted to from 2008-2010. What did they do? Threw billions to a couple of sinking solar companies. Saved the auto unions, er eh, industry, except for Ford, who took NO stimulus $$, and they didn't go belly up.

Why is Springsteen, Jay Z, and athletes in general reveered by the left, but if you actually work hard and build a business, you are demonized? Herman Cain - Dominos? Seems sort of hypocritical to me. If you are going to hate someone's succes, shouldn't you hate everybody's.

What exactly to you envision this country looking like in 4 years? Greece?

How did the stock market react to the election?

When the takers out-number the makers, we are in trouble. We are in trouble!!

I'ld rather put my faith in my fellow Americans, than in the gov't. This current gov't seems to want us to believe that we can't do for ourselves, we need them.

I don't deserve any of what Wade and LBJ have, I didn't earn it. Just like people that haven't done a damn thing for me, don't deserve and of my pie. But then again, you know that championship that the Heat built last year....nope, you didn't build that.

Tomorrow, hopefully I'm back to basketball.

I hope so because you are hopeless. Your thinking gives this country a lot of hope for the future.

C'mon Jeff, I have a lot of faith in 'OUR' country, just not that much in our federal gov't, or in the direction we have been going.

Don't care to throw out any numbers regarding our economy compared to 2000 - 2006?

Care to name any countries that are prospering using Obama's formula for gov't? Yes socialism does make the rich poorer, but it also makes the poor poorer. Is that what you want?

Can you tell me why I deserve some of Wade's earnings?

Some people are financially stable cause they continually work hard and make good decisions. Some people are poor because they are lazy and make bad financial decisions over and over.

I'm not hopeless - educate me.

Ok, let's go point by point. The republicans politicized the debt ceiling(1st time in the history of country) that led to our credit rating getting lowered. Presidents don't control gas prices. They go up and down during the year. Bush made the $4 + dollars a gal the new normal with his unauthorized invasion of Iraq. OIL MEN PROFITS ARE THRU THE ROOF.
I got a home. It lost all its value under Bush. It has risen the last 4 years just like my 401 k. I lost more than half my money under Bush but got most of it back under Obama. STOCK MARKET IS FINE. Calling the president the food stamp president and a liar in the House of Representative is racial.Calling him a socialist and questioning his citizenship is way more racial than anything I've seen him do. Yeah democrats got somethings done when they had control b4 GOP lost their dam mind. They had more fillabursters in 2 years than in all the years before hand combine. GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY PLEASE!
Auto industry has paid back there loan with interest.All that fuss just caused the GOP the election. You're right about takers and makers. The wealthy(not rich) are the takers though. Wade and Bron support Obama despite him trying to raise their taxes. They don't believe Obama is trying to give their money to me or you. Fox news got you brainwashed with that crap. I guarantee they needed help getting to where they are right now. A family member, coach or someone gave them a hand up. That's all POTUS was saying.
Finally, Newt and the GOP didn't work with Clinton until after the potus shut down the government. GOP blocked him for 5 years and didn't start working together until after a failed impeachment attempt. Newt had more mistresses that Tiger Woods at the time. That's a whole new story though

332 electorial votes is backing me up. What you got?

Well, first, Reagan won all but DC in 1984, does that mean he was a better President than Obama? No. That doesn't validate your opinions. Many Americans hated on LBJ last year and this year, doesn' mean us Heat fans, that were in the minority were wrong to appreciate him as a person and a player.

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

I thought it was an international committee that down-graded our credit rating because we foolishly were borrowing and spending millions, billions, trillions of dollars with no signs of being able to pay that debt. How are they swayed by our internal politics? Printing more dollar bills usually devalues the dollar. I'm not an economist, but I do have to balance my family's budget every month. Community organizing probably doesn't give you much experience at this.

Presidents don't control gas prices. Gee, where was that revelation from 2000-2008? No they don't, but they can somewhat control the value of the dollar, but how they spend the American peoples money.

Unauthorized invasion of Iraq. Who were we supposed to get authorization from? There was a coalition of about 30 countries that were involved. Iraq did invade Kuwaiit and part of the agreement that the coalition of countries would cease the military action against Iraq for invading a neighboring souverign country was to allow the UN to monitor them. They broke that agreement, had 18 separate UN resolutions warning them to abide by their agreement. Then we went back in and after the surge, that worked, helped them establish a government that was not a dictatorship, killing their citizens with sarin gas and other methods.

Who makes more $$ on a gallon of gas. Oil companies of the federal gov't?

What was the value of your house in 2006? Better than in 2000? I bet it was.

Why are references to food stamps, lying, and socialism considered racial references? And should that offend his 50% caucasian ancestory or his 50% negro heritage? Are you saying food stamps, lying, and socialism is dominated by one of these ethnic groups?

Questioning someone's citizenship is going to happen to any president that waits 3 years to release a manipulated (by many accounts) birth certificate, spends millions of dollars to bury his college transcripts, passports, and just about everything about his past. That ain't race, that's reality. What's he got to hide?

I'll have to do some research, but I seriously doubt that the auto industries have repaid all the money that was thrown at them. In three years? That's a lot of vehicles dude, and I just don't think that happened.

The wealthy are the takers. What exactly are they taking? When we hear that we are going tax these evil corporations, do you think they are going to just swallow that tax? Hell no. Me and you are going to pay more for every service and item we purchase. That seems simple to me. Why don't people grasp that simple truth?

Obama himself said that he wanted to redistribute the wealth. Why would Wade and LBJ think they would be exempt from Obama taking their money? Oh, that's right, I'll be Jay-Z isn't worried either.

There's that mandatory FOX News reference. I guess than I need to say The View, MSNBC, John Stewart, and CNN. Now, are we even?

Failed impeachment, oh contrare. Clinton was impeached and the history books clearly show that. The first sitting president ever, I believe.

That's all I got. Thanks for engaging with me, Jeff. It's been fun.

Nets tonight. Let's get it done! bad.

I see the bailout of the auto unions, damn, I did it again, the AUTO INDUSTRY (minus Ford, who took NO stimulus money and is still operating) was repaid. It seems that the billions of taxpayer money that was sent to 'bailout' the auto industry that was so devestated because their products weren't competitive to be sold on their own(or pay union leaders)was AMAZING paid off in three years, WITH INTEREST (as you added). No, like you, I don't recall hearing how the sales of the new VOLT or any other Government Motors vehicle was shooting through the roof, making it possible to repay those billions of dollars of TAXPAYER money, in THREE years mind you. No, it was paid off in the voting booth on Tuesday. It works something like a bribe, like paying for votes.

Yes, we as a country are moving FORWARD to Dependence FROM Independence. This mentallity is NOT sustainable. Don't believe me, ask a Californian how they are doing.

As long as we have the 'i gots mine' mentality, and run from the 'their is honor in working for a living' we will be a nation in decline.

Obama inherited a worse economy this term than last term. I'm sure that's still Bush's fault.

Yes, trickle up poverty does work! Yes we can! bankrupt America.

No one on the left agreed with Reagan or Bush's policies but they worked with them for the country's sake. No fillabursters while in the minority and no talk about repealing any legislation that had already passed.

A international committee did down grade our credit. They did it after we temporarily refuse to pay our bills. Not future bills but past bills. It's ok to cut future spending but you can't tell people you're not gonna pay them what you owe them(debt ceiling).

Gas never got to $3/gals under any president before Bush Jr. It got to almost $5/gal while he was in there. It went down, back up and back down again. Now $4/gal is the new normal high. No president before Bush would ocupy any country in the middle east because of this. Bush is a oil man who profits off of high price

The 1st war by Bush Senior was done the right way. Iraq invaded Kuwaiit. We went in with world support and kicked asz. We got the hell out and didn't damage our economy too bad.

Bush Jr. went in unauthorized. He never went to congress. Unlike his father and every other president(who took us to war) before him. ONLY CONGRESS CAN DECLARE WAR(10th amendment) He had hardly no allies and most of the american people was against it .No WMDs, just a bunch of lies and higher gas prices.

Auto bailout was no bribe. You don't pay bribes back WITH INTEREST! It saved millions of jobs. All that anger from the right over something that saved jobs while giving the government a profit is curious to me. I rather see the government make a profit while saving lives than see corporations making one while destroying lives.

I can't wait for 2016. Clinton and Obama will campain for Biden or/and Hillary for another land slide victory. You guys will lose the house if you don't change your ways. GOP lost the popular vote for the house in THIS election. Only redistricting saved em from losing the house. Biden will get all of Obama's supporter and tap into some GOP rural area voters. You guys will lose future elections without better minority support. I hope everyone in GOP keeps talking like you are right now. 2016 AND BEYOND LOSERRRRRRS!





If you think making the rich pay more is gonna hurt us, then you need to look around. They got 12 st8 years of record profits while people were hurting. Put everything on the table. Cuts and raising taxes for the rich. Actually it's not raising taxes. It's letting a tax cut FINALLY expire.

Reagan and O'Neil DID work together. Do you want to see the economic numbers of 1980 compared to 1988? Unemployment rate, interest rates, earnings, etc... I think you know they were MUCH better in '88.

Clinton and Gingrich DID work together, and prospered under the tech boom of the 90's, partly, I'm sure because the gov't got the hell out of the way and let businesses develope and thrive and not tax them to death.

Filibusters? How about trying to figure out a freakin' budget for a country who's debt increased more in the last 4 years that the first 200+ COMBINED!

IRAQ - are you saying that region would be better off if we let Saddam Hussein continue to rule, killing many of his own people with sarin gas and any other means he cared to? Some WMD's were found in Iraq, check the records, but Hussain admitted to bluffing about the amount because he was afraid of his muslim brothers in Iran. Kumbaya

Unauthorized by Congress - like Libya in 2011? Is Congress authorizing all the drone assignations we've been doing since the Nobel Peace Prize president took office. Maybe Bush was the first to abuse the Presidential Order and bypass congress to do what he damn well pleases.

We only occupied Iraq as long as it took for our military operations. Hell, we are still 'occupying Germany and Japan' with military bases and I'm pretty sure WWII is over. Ditto with South Korea. Are you a Ron Paul supporter that thinks we should pull all our military back to within our borders? Do you think the world would be a safer place then? Yeah, let's wait until Al Queda and the muslim brotherhood (synonamous)are ruling Canada and Mexico, and THEN take action. That's the thinking that led to 9/11. Name one country in our the last century that the US has invaded/occupied and made ours____________.

And how the hell does an industry that was so inept as to needing billions of dollars of you and I's money, bounce back on it's feet in less than 3 years and pay that $$ back? They must be selling a whole HELLUVA lot of GM cars in Florida all of a sudden. People buying a lot of cars that nobody wanted up until 2008. Can you explain how that happened? Cause really, GM needs to share that secret with EVERY damn body. They expecially need to share it with solar companies, that were tits up and we still sent huge piles of cash too. Maybe GM can resurrect that industry as well. And how did FORD survive without the bailout money? I guess it wasn't the WHOLE auto industry that needed help, just the poorly run companies. If they keep making products that the public doesn't believe have value, then they deserve what profits they get. It isn't like Americans aren't driving cars anymore, SOMEBODY IS MAKING A DECENT PRODUCT.

Let me ask you this: If you were president of a company and had to deal with a union that ballooned the workers salaries and benefits and held DOWN production, would you considered moving your company to another location (be it another right to work state or another country), don't you owe it to the owners and shareholders that employ you to get the best return on their investment? (And damn you for working hard to get to the president position, success sucks!)

Oh the Republicans do have ethnic minorities in their ranks, but what happens when they step up. MSM ridicules them as uncle tom's and house niggas. Doesn't that seem strange for a group that touts their 'diversity'? Rubio, Cruz, Love, West, Cain, Rice - there are plenty out there, but really, are we voting for a vision, or a skin tone? Doesn't the MSM stereotype ethnic groups by saying they should all think politically the same? Yes, they do. Isn't that racial profiling? What are they afraid of, losing some voters off their plantation? Democrats HATE blacks and hispanics that have the nerve to see a different vision other than theirs. They HATE to hear Bill Cosby talk about personal responsibility, because if we all worked at keeping our sh*t in line, we would not need Big Brother's help...and without that percieved need for gov't handouts and entitlements, their vision is shot in the ass. Democrats don't want to see you make it by yourself, they want you dependent on the gov't.

Are you saying in order for the Republicans to win the next election, (and PLEASE PLEASE let it be Uncle Joe Biden as the Dem nominee) they just need to trot someone out that is of a minority ethnic group? What are we electing a Celebrity in Chief? What platform should they run on? "America - the only country in the world who is not allowed to enforce their borders" Or how about "America - come get yo free sh*t before we go bankrupt". Now, admittedly not EVERYONE will be bankrupt. Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Reed, and the rest of the Congress will still be flush with cash.

The problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other peoples money - M. Thatcher

We still haven't answered why the demographics that are being hurt the most by Obama's vision for America, are the ones that are being hurt most by his policies. Young black males are being hit hardest by this administration, as far as unemployment goes. Are they not paying attention? They can't be that short-sighted to see that the free sh*t they are recieving now, will not last forever. Santas bag isn't never-ending. They aren't voting just on race are they? Cause if that were the case, the Republicans could run a ticket of Condelessa Rice and Marco Rubio and get ALL of the ethnic minority AND women vote. They already get the majority of the MARRIED women vote, but not the single women vote. Would they still lose to a malado and an old white guy? How diverse is that ticket?

And how many women can afford to go to Georgetown University but can't afford contraceptives?

All Americans are the losers if Obama's plans succeed. Well, unless you are a union member, or a member of Congress, or a failed solar company. Oops, forgot one - GUN and AMMO SELLERS.

Got run, got some charity work to do.

^^^ I wondered where the KKK got its funding.

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