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ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Heat 105, Spurs 100


BEST OF LAST NIGHT: Ray Allen's go-ahead three-pointer with 22 seconds left in the game. The Heat trailed 98-97 when LeBron James dribbled into the a double team and nearly lost possession. After bobbling the ball and fighting for control, James spotted Allen wide open on the left wing and shot him a pass. Allen did the rest.

WORST OF THE NIGHT: Gregg Popovich's decision to rest his players. It turned the game into a farce. Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Danny Green didn't even travel with the team to Miami. Popovich sent them back to San Antonio after the Spurs victory in Orlando on Wednesday. San Antonio was also without Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Jackson, who have been recovering from injuries. Thursday was the Spurs four game in five nights on the road and sixth in 10. Popovich thought it was more important to give his top six scorers a rest than play them in Miami.

The Heat only had five three-pointers. The season low was four at Memphis but the previous low for a home game was eight.

LINE OF THE NIGHT: Ray Allen had 20 points off the bench in 27 minutes. He was 7 of 15 from the field but his only three-pointer of the game the clutch shot with 22 seconds left.

DWYANE WADE on the Ray Allen's clutch shooting
“Am I surprised? No. I am not surprised. I am surprised that he continues to be open.  He is clutch and LeBron has done a great job of finding him at the end. That is Ray. Glad that guy is on our side.”

DAVID STERN on the Popovich's decision to rest his starters
“I apologize to all NBA fans. This was an unacceptable decision by the San Antonio Spurs and substantial sanctions will be forthcoming.” 

LEBRON JAMES on the David Stern's comments
“I am not going to be involved in what the Commissioner wants to do as far as his decision.  I don’t think Pop was in the wrong.  It is not in the rules to tell you that you can’t send your guys home or whatever the case may be.  The Commissioner made his decision and everybody has to deal with it.”

"It was great for all of our guys. They played a lot of minutes and I thought they performed very well under the circumstances. We made a couple of turnovers down the stretch, but a lot of that was because of the Miami HEAT defense. They (Miami Heat) get the credit for winning the game.”

—Spurs had six field goals in the fourth quarter and shot .316 from the field in the final period.

—Heat is 7-0 at home this season. Only two other teams are still undefeated at home. New York is 5-0 and Utah is 6-0.

—Thursday marked the first time in franchise history the Heat has scored at least 100 points in each of its first seven home games. The Heat is averaging 113.3 points per game at home.

—Heat is 5-3 in games when trailing entering the fourth quarter. San Antonio had a seven-point lead with 4:38 to play.

—Ray Allen leads the Heat in fourth-quarter scoring (75 points). LeBron James is second (73 points). Thursday was Allen's second 20-point game off the bench this season.

—Chris Bosh is averaging 22.3 points, 11.5 rebounds and shooting 64 percent in his last four games.

—LeBron James is tied with Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant for the most field goals in the NBA (138).


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Watching Wade is painful. He is not aging well at all for someone who is only 30 and is not a good enough shooter to compensate for this. He will be a role player within 1 to 2 yrs. Maybe a good 6th man, but thats about it.

i disagree.. i think we are just find...

trade wade ASAP

DC Hater? Black the Tricker? Lecabron? Relax guys. Don't jump into conclusions this early, come on!!

i don't know what's on D' Wade mind he is so clumsy every time he shoot's the ball he fell down then he is looking at the ref... why there is no foul it is not fun to watch.........

The Nets are the underdog in the upcoming game against the heat, and I suggest for NBA gambling fans to wager on the Nets getting the points and also for them to win on the money line. I will tell you why here and also how to bet it!!! Come by read and enjoy!!


I'd like to be the first one to beg LeBron not to opt out at the end of next season...and hope like hell he stays. There's really no other place to go or player(s) to follow. Dwight is a clown...the Russian is crazy...etc.


what are yall talking about???

ok, good matchup 2nite... the nets are playing better, their starting to gain chemistry, they look solid...

come to play... i think i'm coming to this one too...

hey, whats up with film about Bosh...

yall crazy or something???

dont piss my guy off now....

'WORSE OF THE NIGHT" was the Miami Heat playing a mediocre game against the Spur's bench...what a shame...thats a bad sign for the Heat's championship opprtunities this year...need to make a big trade and bring in a big tough young energetic center in order to match taller teams.

ff, go to hell...

good game... great win...

the defense was on display in the second half and the difference... as a team this was a great effort... wade, good game, just when they count you out, you show them what's up, good game....

we move forward... wizards are next... we cant take any team lightly, so yeah they have the worst record, but we must come to play, and win the game...

big game on thursday... watching all things heat...007...

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