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ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Heat 113, Rockets 110


LeBron James scored 32 points in the second half, going 5 of 7 from three-point range. The second-half total tied a franchise record and set a franchise record for points in a second half on the road. LeBron has scored 20 or more points in a half for the Heat 31 times.


Jeremy Lin’s airball with 9.9 seconds left. It was a terrible miss for the young and talented guard.


That’s the combined field-goal percentage for LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The trio combined to go 32 of 58 from the field for 81 points.


James’ performance was the game's highlight, but we’re spotlighting the stat line of Houston center Omer Asik. Asik scored a career-high 19 points, going 4 of 8 from the field and 11 of 14 from the free-throw line. He had 14 rebounds, including five offensive rebounds plus three assists and a blocked shot. He committed just one foul and had three turnovers.


DWYANE WADE on LeBron James having the best start to a season of his career
“Every year they say that. When you’ve got a guy who has won three out of four MVPs, sometimes you take it for granted. But even when he doesn’t score 30, you look at his stat line and he has 20-10-9 or 20-10-10. He’s a stat stuffer. But when he needs to turn it up, as you’ve seen, he had 32 points in the second half. There ain’t many guys who can do that.”

WADE on LeBron’s off-balance, fade-away three-pointers
“It’s weird, the way his body is made. He’s strong. You got to be very strong to shoot that shot and the guy obviously is very strong. There ain’t no defense for that. There’s no coaching for that. There’s no one who helped him. [Gloria] James gave him that.”

JEREMY LIN on trying to stop LeBron
“Marcus [Morris] played great ‘D’ on him in the second half. He was just hitting tough, tough shots.”

LEBRON JAMES on shooting 5 of 8 from three-point range
“That means nothing. That don’t mean I’m going to start casting. I’m just shooting it at a high clip right now. I’m not going to live out there. It was just one of those nights when I felt good.”

KELVIN SAMPSON, Rockets interim coach
“LeBron was hitting unbelievable shots.”

—LeBron hit the 30-10-5 mark for the first time this season. He’s done it 20 times in the regular season with the Heat. LeBron’s final stat line: 38 points on 14 of 26 overall and 5 of 8 from three-point range. He was also 5 of 8 from the free-throw line and had 10 rebounds (one offensive). He had six assists without a turnover and committed only one foul in 40 minutes.

—Chris Bosh has scored at least 20 points in three straight games. He is shooting 25 of 39 (.641) during that stretch.

—Ray Allen leads the Heat in fourth-quarter points with 35.


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Well, according to all the geniuses on this blog. Ray sucks, Joel needs to play more, we need to trade the bottom of our roster for Paul Millsap. Other then that, all is well in Heatville!

bky, you suck...

you must not know anything about this game, we do this every year and yes we won the title last year... but the trade for milsap would help us and yes, something just isn't right with ol ray ray... and yes, all things are just peachy in heatland... but, thats the way it should be.. that still doesn't mean we can't improve... it's hard to believe that ray would sell us out... but hey he sold out boston too... look, we want to win more rings, and theres always a way to get better.. gotta go, but i'm not done with you, you got alot to learn... tbc...

congrats to coach spo on 200th win..

I suck and I have alot to learn? Give me some examples? Ray isnt right? How? He is the best 3 point shooter in NBA history! He has been a defensive liability for years, what do you expect from a 37 year old? I must not know anything about this game? I have been a season ticket holder for 15 plus years, been to all the playoff games, flew to Dallas when they won, and last year I was there as well. You dont know me, you live in a fantasyland with these trades. Millsap would help, but he makes too much $$$, and Utah isnt trading for our trash, point blank. So you think that trading Ray is the solution? He is a major threat out there. You should worry more about Rashard and Haslem than Ray. I know Rashard is searching for his groove, but Haslem cant hit a barn right now. And everyone knows it.

look, the fact that you are a season ticket holder is great... give you credit there... but utah isn't signing milsap... they have too many young bigs and jefferson is the best one who might stay... with favors and kanter they can afford to lose milsap... plus they need some veteran guys to help their young reach the next level... lewis and ud are fine... when you watch the games live you can't tell me you don't see ray trying to get a deal ready for next season somewhere else... you can't.. we dont need someone selling us out to the highest bidder.. get rid of him... now boston doesn't have and we don't have to deal with him... send him packing to utah.. let them deal with him out west... win win.. not only that, it gets miller's contract off our books for next season... although i would sign milsap to a multiyear deal... i'm just sayin.. flex four, who can rebound, run, score, plays solid defense... ud will be here.. and he will battle to the end.. lewis is fine and we could use him... look, ray was a good pickup... i personally liked the signing... but something just ain't right when i look at him... look, don't mean to insult you.. but really, we have a chance to be really special.. i don't think ray is the right one for right now,, i'm just sayin..

games on i'm going to watch some Bball... gotta go..

the team needs help down low defensively and rebounding...

so the HEAT ORGANIZATION must take a hard look for... UFA KENYON MARTIN he could help the team and willingly take min contract and even a non guaranteed type of contract.

for me, i would take KENYON MARTIN in a heartbeat and choose to cut PITTMAN...

^^^ yes.. Grab Kmart before another (potentional playoff team) grabs him. I think we should cut either Harris (who wont get playing time anyway) or Pittman. Harrellson should stay because he is a better version of pittman

Does anybody want to float an idea out as to why KMART hasn't been signed yet by ANYBODY, or why he has been virtually irrelavant since his Denver days?

Greg, I think He played pretty well with LAC last season. He just wanted too much money, and with a heavy tax, teams dont want to take on more payroll..

Smitty - did you just answer the question why the Heat haven't signed him?

to be honest, we dont need k-mart... because teams have to wait til december 15, before they can trade newly signed free agents, i really think waiting to see what comes available, it the smart thing to do... but keep pietrus's agent on hold for a minute.. maybe a spot for him just have to take less for the first year with team option in the second.. i'm just saying.. but i'm waching whats going on with milsap... i think he would fit perfect here... still not sure what denver would want for mozgov, but we could use him too...


cutting a non guranteed contract to pick up a veterans minimum would tax the heat even more..

ok, clippers 2nite... look, our defense has to be better.. they like to start the game going into jordan... bosh, don't get into foul trouble early.. clamp down on him make him pass out, make green shoot the ball... blake in the post or on pick and rolls are a part of what they do but with our defense won't be to hard to defend.. paul is the key.. contain him as much as possible.. rio, got your hands full.. crawford off the bench has been big for them... with bledsoe...

now, bron, go down in the post early, they can't hold you and get them in foul trouble early, changes the hole game.. bosh, be smart, use you jumper, pick and rolls, get to the line, back cuts, make them know you were there... wade, your matchup, is lopsided, take advantage of them, they can't stop you... rio you got your hands full, but make them pay aswell, be aggressive, get to the line, that shot will be there... battier, your open shot will also be there, let it fly... look to take a charge or two.. ud, come to play... lewis, that second unit can't stop you from that midrange jumper, low post turnaround, longball, you can take advantage of your time on the floor... cole, be smart out there, your midrange shot will do the trick, use it... solid defense and good shots... we should win this.. 48 minutes.. let's see.. watching all things heat... title run 2013... yeah...007...

their second unit in the third is where they gain their leads.. key point in the game to watch.. our second unit or someone might need to lead our second unit alittle bit... maybe bron or wade... but take that time of the game over.. thats when crawford and bledsoe go to work...

I think the only reason the Knicks haven't signed K-mart is because Riley has showed no interest. N.Y. will block just like they did with Camby. There strategy is to load up on big men and try and wear us out inside. K-mart is the best big man available right now.That will change. Patience is the best option. Choices are better. We may still end up with K-mart and I'm ok with that.

I believe he is ready for Miami now that he has removed Trina's tatooed lips from his neck. Look like he is over her. She use and ABUSED his asz. The fellas in the Bottom might still be laughing at his asz though.

LOL at the trina comment..

About LAC - We really have to contain J. Crawford. If we can keep him under wraps and stop DeAndre from having a field day then the game is ours. Let CP3 score his 20 points, let Blake get all the Alleys he can and let him get his 16 points, and shut down everyone else. easiest way to beat LAC. (Of course we tried that with Memphis, then Wayne went for 25pts. but we'll see how it works with the Clips)

Allen, Cole, chalmers and Wade got to play better in the back court. The Heat has to come out with a lot of energy. I don't want to see Bron using a lot of energy guarding CP3.
Got to keep a body on Blake at all times. Got to rotate to their outside shooters better. Our D is way behind our offense.
Just need a large serving of the Big 3 with a side of the supporting cast. Need this win tonight. Got Denver tomorrow in mile high. It has never been a good place for Miami to play.

hey check out this three team deal...

Heat trade: mike miller, joel anthony, first round pick from philly
Heat receive: paul millsap

Jazz trade: paul millsap, mo williams, raja bell
Jazz receive: jose calderon, linas kleiza, mike miller, and mia first round pick

Raptors trade jose calderon, linas kleiza,
Raptors receive: mo williams, raja bell, joel anthony

numbers work.. all teams win...

if the HEAT decide to pick-up K-MART, meaning PITTMAN would be out...

think, the NUGGETS would accept HASLEM if traded to MOSGOV...

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