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ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Heat 103, Nets 73

BEST OF THE NIGHT: LeBron James was two assists shy of a triple-double and he only played 30 minutes. Not bad. He finished with 20 points on 7 of 12 shooting (2 of 3 from three-point range) to go along with 12 rebounds (four offensive) and eight assists. He had a steal and two turnovers. LeBron has four double-doubles in five games.

WORST OF THE NIGHT: Joe Johnson had nine points on 4 of 14 shooting in 33 minutes. Not good for a player who was brought in to be an elite scorer. As for this whole idea that Johnson is somehow a better team player now that he's away from Atlanta, I guess there's some truth to that but I didn't see any proof of it on Wednesday night. Johnson had one assist and two rebounds. 


The number of players who scored for the Heat. After the game, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said he wasn't afraid to go 10, 11 and 12 deep in his rotation. Whoa there, Spo. Let's not get crazy. It should be interesting to see what the Heat's rotation looks like in big games (Lakers, Thunder, Celtics). It might give us some idea of what a playoff rotation might look like with this group. As for a Wednesday night in November against the Nets, 13 players saw the floor and everyone scored except for reserve center Josh Harrellson.

And since we're on the subject, how does James Jones do it? Once again, the guy comes in ice cold at the end of a game and immediately smokes a three-pointer. I'm guessing Jones would say "practice" is how he does it.

LINE OF THE NIGHT: Well, since we've already highlighted LeBron's big night, I guess we need to give Rashard Lewis some love. Lewis led the Heat's bench in scoring with 13 points on 6 of 9 shooting. He was 1 of 3 from three-point range and a steal in 20 minutes. Yes, he was on the floor for 20 minutes and didn't record a rebound or an assist. But, hey, as Spoelstra likes to say, he probably had a few "hockey assists" in there somewhere. Lewis has scored in double figures in three of the Heat's first five games.

The Heat entered the game ranked 28th in the league in scoring. The Nets shot 37.5 percent from the field and 14.3 percent from three-point range. Any questions?

Dwyane Wade said he expected the numbers to average out fairly quickly—the Heat was last in the NBA in points per possession a few games back—and it seems Wade was correct. Miami is now 29th in points per possession after five games.


Just not a good game for the Nets. Kris Humphries did well in the first quarter—nine points and seven rebounds—but finished with 11 points and 11 rebounds. Deron Williams had three assists compared to seven turnovers. Brook Lopez only played 21 minutes (eight points, seven rebounds). We've already called out Joe Johnson.


—The Heat's starters outscored the Nets' starters 67-54.

—With a record of 4-0 at home, the Heat is off to its best start at home in franchise history.

—Here's a odd note. The Heat has held the Nets under 100 points for 13th consecutive games. Sounds like a lot, right? Nope. The franchise record is 24 (Dec. 26, 1995-Dec.14, 2000).

—Conversely, the Heat has scored at least 100 points against the Nets in last seven meetings between the two teams.

—The margin of victory (30 points) tied the series record against the Nets. The last time the Heat defeated the Nets by 30. The last time the Nets played at AmericanAirlines Arena last season.

—Eight different players had a three-pointer in Monday's victory against the Suns (a franchise record). On Wednesday, seven different players had three-pointers against the Nets. The Heat has 35 three-pointers in its last three games.

—58 assists in the last two games. Wow.

—LeBron leads the league in 20-point games. He has five. Put another way, one in each game.

—All of Wade's points came after the first quarter. He's 19 of 28 (.679) in his last two games.


—LeBron is eight rebounds shy of 5,000.


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pretty good game last night. I would like to see Bron get at least a few mins in the 4th so he can get those triple doubles

good game... good win... last nights game showed me a few things... this team is very special... now there will be off nights, but, we really have a chance to be special... look, there are a couple of teams trying to compile enough talent to matchup with us, the thing they don't account for is the time it takes to get the chemistry right... we have a core that has put in the time and adding pieces just makes things even better... couple of things to watch... bosh, when we play teams with big front lines, slow down, your jumper is the key, back cuts, roll to the rim, set the drive up, get to the line, in close, dunk the ball, they cant hold you, just calm down a bit, your game is key, you should have a steady 22-10-3-1-2... bron, your all around game can not be touched, but start down low, create open shot for the guys outside, in the open court you and wade are the best in the league, run as much as possible, good game, you should have a steady 28-10-7-2-2... wade, your play will balance everything out, they key on bron and bosh while you cut to the rim, inside the paint shot, a lot of motion, in the open floor, you attack but not as much, in the post looked good last night, but not to much, with all this talent, you should have a steady 24-6-6-2-1, rio, getting in the paint looks good, but there is a jumper there for you, right below the foul line, stop and pop, the three ball will be there, but we need a big for you to lob it to in the paint, try to get to the line some on this road trip, might be key... battier, the open jumper is very important to our offense, let it fly, solid defense, some nights will get tough, but hang in there, like your effort, very important... ud, stay solid... allen, his shot making has been good, keep him looking at open shots, bolds well for us... lewis, looked real good in this one, taking him back to his sonic days, but be careful... look we go out on the road with everyone wanting to get a piece of us and we have to put on a show, we should win all six of these, so lets see... one game at a time.... 48 minutes... watching all things Heat... title run 2013.. holla at ya boy... 007...

I didnt know Eddy Curry got cut from the MAVS. i thought he played pretty well for them.. They cut Curry for Troy Murphy.. mmm that has to suck for Curry

Heat best team in the league! When the Heat lose is because of lack of effort! But when they guard you hustle rebounds. And steal the ball and run the floor they are unstoppable! Especially with Ray and Lewis open for threes. Best three point shooting team in the NBA! I love my HEATTTTTTT!

ATL will be no pushover...they played OKC away HARD & were too strong and physical. Have 3 guard set with Harris, Teague & Williams which produced. Friday night special coming at cha !

not even half a season and the lakers get rid of mike brown...

thats what i mean... these teams think its ez to put together a championship roster...

although i might add, i like what joel does for our team, i would move him to denver for mozgov...

i also feel that with allen and lewis, we can get rid of miller... but it has to be for an expiring contract... maybe luke walton, and buy him out or waive... sign pietrus instead...

and whats the deal with whiteside... thought he could help shut up all that big frontline talk out there...

pittman, mozgov, whiteside, harrellson, all on the roster for the bigs out there...

i'm just sayin...

ok how bout keep joel, trade draft picks to nuggets for mozgov... but trade miller for expiring contract to be waived or bought out... no need for whiteside.. but bring in pietrus... might have to waive harris or put him in the deal with miller...

ok, nice matchup 2nite... this is a matchup in which we should dominate, but they play hard, so be ready... everyone come to play... have fun, be safe... watching all things heat.. title run 2013... 007...

good solid win...bron, plz be careful, get treatment, that play scared me, we can not lose you, get treatment... seems like the teams out west have stepped there aggressive play up too, we have to be careful... but play our game... good win... hopefully wade is back too... tough win but thats just how they play... we move forward...tbc...

this memphis team is playing real well... they're big up front and their backcourt is playing well... gay is their go to guy, but i like our defense on him... might need to use joel, pittman or harrellson in this one... just to bang down low... our offense should be fine... but the glass is where they dominate... we have to battle them there... wade, might need a big one in this one from you... bron, get treatment and be careful, but your matchup with rudy in this one will be key... bosh, you have your hands full, but calm down, your jumper will be key, back cuts, rolls to the rim, use the pump fake inside, might get to the line a bit... rio, they have speed at the point, but you will be open, be aggressive... battier, hang in there, this will be physical, but you will see that open shot in this one.. ud, goota battle down low, crash the boards.. allen, your shot will be open, let it fly... lewis, pick and pops, threes, in the post, just play your role, dont need to over do it,your fine... joel, need for you to play the defensive star when your outthere, block shots, take charges, use your fouls... cole, be aggressive, look to drive and kick, solid defense... one game at a time.. 48 minutes... we are the Heat.. watching all things Heat.. title run 2013... yeah... 007...

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