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ABOUT LAST NIGHT: Grizzlies 104, Heat 86

GAME STORY LINK: "Memphis Blues"

BEST OF THE NIGHT: Tip of the hat to Wayne Ellington, who knocked down seven three-pointers and scored 25 points, a career high. The Heat was focused on stopping Memphis inside the paint and Ellington flipped the script.

WORST OF THE NIGHT: Shane Battier's matchup with Zach Randolph, who had 18 points and 12 rebounds. Randolph is not to be confused with David West. Battier played just 16 minutes and committed four fouls.


The Heat missed 14 free throws and the Grizzlies made 14 three-pointers.


Giving it to Rudy Gay despite Wayne Ellington's big game. Gay had 21 points on 7 of 17 shooting, including 2 of 3 shooting from three-point range. He also had eight rebounds, five assists, four steals and two blocks.

LEBRON JAMES on the Heat's two losses this season

"We have lost to teams that have shot extremely well outside. Our number one key is to protect the paint and help each other in the paint."

DWYANE WADE on his off night

"Just missed some shots. It happens. I have been shooting very well, high 50s. It says a lot. I had some great looks. It just didn't go down." 

LIONEL HOLLINS, Grizzlies coach

"I think tonight we came out with a little more energy and urgency at the beginning of the game and we didn't play from behind and that was huge. We made shots and they tried to take Zach and Marc away early, which they didn't, but we kept battling and started making shots and we had a stretch where they turned the ball over and made shots, and we ran and the next thing you know we're up by 15 points." 

WAYNE ELLINGTON on setting the tone early

"You can't be on your head. You've got to be on your toes."

The Heat attempted 20 more free throws, had more points in the paint (42-40) and more offensive rebounds (15-11). Usually, those measurements point to a Heat a victory. Pretty sure that's what the Heat will take away from this game. A loss to the Grizzlies during a long road trip is no reason for an overreaction. Still, there are some areas of concern. In the Heat's two losses this season—both blowouts—Miami's defense has allowed 33 three-pointers on 60 attempts.

—LeBron James had 20 points, 10 rebounds and six assists. James has had at least 20 points and 10 rebounds in five of the Heat's first seven games.

—Chris Bosh led the Heat with 22 points. Bosh has led the Heat in scoring three times.

—Dwyane Wade was 3 of 15 from the field and finished with eight points. The last time Wade scored in single digits was in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Pacers. Wade had five points in that game and shot 2 of 13 from the field.



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We're ok... I still look at a 38-3 at home record and a 22-19 record on the road... Look, this loss only shapes a big game for us come March... We must mark it on our calendars... REMATCH... Now, the rockets are trying to get there chemistry together, but when we come in they will turn it up, so be ready, come to play.. they really don't have an identity yet so trying to gauge them right now is crazy... just run them off the court.. lottery team, with no pick... watching all things heat.. title run 2013... i see a tweak comin... 007...

miller, jones, harris and the philly pick to the jazz for paul milsap... they need shooters, we could use some help on the glass, in turn we stay out on shooters.. help more ways then one... i'm just saying..

and sign pietrus...

didn't see the game yesterday.

Were we contesting the 3's?

Were our rotations slow?

A lot of drive and kicks, or were they moving the ball around the perimeter?

No panic, no massive trades to zap our depth at shooting from the arc, just wanted to know how they got their looks from deep.

they played well, they were aggressive, they shot well... we lost one that game and two thus far... we move forward... rockets 2nite baby... come to play... we mad.. what yall wanna do... watching all things heat title run 2013... holla at ya boy... 007..

why is it everytime we lose a game against a really good team that was on fire idiots clamor for massive trades of players. Our defense is to blame for that loss, Coach "I don't know how to coach" spo refuses to ever let our defense rotate out to the 3 point line, all we do is pack the paint. Which is great until you're giving up 3's every play.

Hey Cap'n Heat,

Your right, anytime we lose this guy "black the trucker" chimes in and comes up with these ridiculous trades that won't EVER happen. Two weeks ago, he wanted to also trade the bottom of the roster for Anderson Varejao! LMAO! He must think that this first round draft pick must be not lottery protected. I love coming on here and reading such nonsense. Oh, and sign Pietrus like he is going to be the savior! HAHAHAHAHA!

Thanks Black. I will definitely see the Clips and Nuggs games. Sometimes the game is as simple as they made shots and we didn't. We'll just stay true to what we know works, trusting each other on the court. At least, that is what I think Coach "I'm the reigning Champion Coach who knows how to construct defensive strategy" might say. Memphis' has been strong in the paint offensively this year, so you pick your poison and make the other team shoot low % shots. Think Ellington is ever going to have another one of those nights against us? Me either.

well, hey, they played well, they shot well... we move forward.. but this game was tougher than i thought it would be.. give them credit..

BKY.. when you don't know what your talking about it's best to listen... i'm just saying...

off to L.A. the clippers are playing well.. we'll have to play better to get that one...tbc...

I dont know what I am talking about? I have been a Heat season ticket holder for 17 years. I have seen it all, through tough times and through the best of times. And the stuff I read on this blog is so outrageous I just shake my head in disbelief, its truly incredible!

hey, the season just started.. there's more... just be patient... you might learn something..

I wont "learn" nothing from this blog I will tell you that. It all starts at the top with Goodman, who is the worst reporter on planet earth. There is a reason that he literally has 5 people that are on this blog. Unlike others like sun sentinel who have hundreds of bloggers. And know what they are talking about. Truly embarrassing. And u may say, well u shouldnt be on here then. Believe me, its comical and it gets me through my day laughing my butt off!

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