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Watch the awkward moment between Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett


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KG must be a bad 'breaker-upper'. Even when he was in Minnesota with Starbury and Wally Szerbiak he wasn't content with the talent around him, and these guys left pissed at him.

Does he understand that, just like Ray Allen, he left a team to do what he felt was in his best interest?

He always looks like he is pissed about something, like someone, or something, is offending him. Well, Mr. Magruff, Magic won a lot more than you ever did, and he played the game with positive enthusiasm. It can be done. How I wish the media would not celebrate this behaviour, or act like that is how people show approach their jobs. What is wrong with running around the court high-fiving your teammates and smiling occassionally?

Maybe some more pushups on the court will help your skinny-a$$ control your attitude. Who knows, 'anything is possible'.

^^ LOL ^^ Your absolutely right. Now i may not agree with being super friendly with the "enemy" especially in the finals, but KG thinks he's in a gang or in the Army.. let it go.. KG lol LET IT GO

after everything is said and done, its still a game. what happens when you retire KG? and basketball isnt our life anymore?? idk .. but whats sad is that I see Rondo falling down the same path as KG and thats not good

Of course KG has every right to act like he did … Celtics gave 36 mil for 3 yrs… Allen asked for 2 yr 18 mil but they lowball him with only 6 mil per yr.. KiloGram’s act was very childish …… Ray played 5yrs with Celtics and was big part of assembling “The Big 3”. We all know Danny Angie is a snake, one time he almost traded Rondo. I wished their season go South and one of these (KG, Rondo or that bandwagon Terry……) get traded to a bottom feeder

Never was Jason Terry fan, and now his attitude and current team makes it even more fun to root against him.

Where my black mamba fans? You guys haven't won a game in MONTHS!! Can we slow down on penciling the Fakers into the WCFs? You play the Clippes on Friday, think you'll get your first win then? I don't.

I watched the game with my young nephew. He thought what KG did was funny. He don't like shaking the opposing team's hand too. I worry about that boy. KG and some of the media contradicts everything I say to him. Old school ways suck and everyone has a obligation to call it for what it is........BAD EXAMPLES FOR OUR YOUTH!

KG throws elbows with the intent to injure, whacks drivers across the face while walking away like nothing happened,hits jump shooter in the balls and shows no sportsmanship before and after games. Somewhere in between all of that he has become a well respected, fierced competitor.

Lol. Ray was the only touch of class on the Cs. Now, what u C is what u get: A buncha creaky cranks flapping their gums about "Celtic pride" as they pee themselves green with envy while Rondo the Ratboy scurries to-and-fro slurping their colostomy bags.

And Rondo is learning from KG.. lol so we'll see where that team is in 5 years..

I too never EVER liked Jason Terry, even when he wanted to come to the HEAT, im glad he didnt. my question is, so if Ray was traded, when Boston played against the team they sent him to, would KG still be "KG" and not shake his hand??

I hope Miami kick that asz everytime they play.So far so good. I thought Doc saying their was nothing dirty about the Rondo foul was classless too. IT WAS A FLAGRANT 1. Tell ya player there is no place for that. Blame no one but yourself when this loose cannon gets kicked out of a game because he thinks his behavior is ok. Then again, Boston gets away with murder and Doc knows it.

I don't know if I should be surprised that Doc OK'd, (in the media, anyway), Rondo's beatch play. That might be just shining the positive light in public, but in the locker room, I hope he ripped Rondo a new corn I hope D Pitt got from his coaches and vets after last year clocking Stevenson from Indiana at the end of an already determined game.

Still like Doc as an elite coach with Pop (sure, I'm partial to SPO too) and Danny Ainge, as a GM, has kept the Celtics relevant.

Taheati - never cease to impress with your posts. Excellent!

@ Greg......What up!...........I agree with Taheati to. Ray was the only 1 with class on that team. Doc and Angie got to be responsible for some of the behavior that KG and company displayed over the last 5 years. If Doc is saying something in the locker room, Rondo and KG ain't hearing it. Pat would have intervene by now. Danny Angie is not no Pat Riley.

100% agree with you Jpejeff. Miami is a class organization, and don't believe that the Pittman incident last year was left unattended to. I bet Dex heard it from the top (Riles) on down to fellow players (UD).

Any of you guys make it to Game 1? Loved the energy I heard coming out of AAA.

Just had a birthday and my gift was a couple of tickets to see the Heat play in DC. Can't wait.

Next up - the Knicks. Amare out again? How's that investment looking for ya NYC?

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