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Udonis Haslem returns to the action against Wizards

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Udonis Haslem is set to make his preseason debut tonight against the Wizards at Kansas City's Sprint Center. Mario Chalmers is also a possibility.

Both Haslem and Chalmers have been sidelined since the beginning of training camp with upper-leg injuries. They worked out alongside each other before Tuesday's game in Raleigh, appearing ready for a return after a long series of sprints. Haslem, who participated in a full-contract workout on Saturday, is more likely to see action against the Wizards.

"I think he will physically harm me if he doesn't play tomorrow, so he's playing," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said.

LeBron James is ready for Chalmers to rejoin the starting lineup. James voiced slight concern on Tuesday about the need for Chalmers to play a few games before the season begins.

“He hasn’t practiced because of the quad injury,” James said. “It doesn’t matter what kind of rhythm you have, you need some kind of repetition out on the floor and we haven’t been able to get that.”


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Keep Garrett Temple !

Please keep Garrett Temple.. He's had a few bad turnovers, but overall, he looks like the most polished P.G. that we have. Although I would like to see how much Chalmers have grown this off season. He was GREAT for the Heat in the playoffs and finals, so we'll see what happens.. (But please keep Temple)

Look Smitty, we got title to win, ok... anyway... look at this lineup, Wade, Allen, Lewis, Bron, Bosh.... either Wade or Bron might have to run the point, but, this is scary good...i'm just sayin...

no doubt, best looking team since the days of Zo, Tim, and THUNDER DAN! lol .. but we still have a few flaws, of course the 5 spot, but also a steady handed P.G. all of them are turnover prone.. the closing unit on this team will definately be Wade, Allen, Bron, Battier, Bosh (and battier is interchangable with Lewis, if he can start rebounding, and hitting his shots like he was last night)

Let's work RIO and Bat and UD and JA in that mix as well.

I think we are starting to see the 'Rondo-ing' of Mario Chalmers, meaning, we will be talking about the Big 4 in Miami someday. That is NOT to say he is on the same level as Wade, Bron, and CB, but he will become as important to the Heat's success as RR. Also, let me add that our Big 3 are, and always were, better than the trio in Beantown.

I will get a chance to see the preseason game tonight vs the Wizards. It will be covered by the Wizard's, which is a local network for me. Yes, there about 60 nights a year I wish I lived closer to the MIA.

Heatpeat in 2013!

we need to trade JA

Smitty - why do you want to trade the best post defender we have? He fits perfectly into this team, plays defense, contests shots in the lane, doesn't need shots on the offensive end to keep him motivated....what do you think we'll get back in return....are you just trying to create another roster spot for a guard that, unlike JA, won't see the floor?


I mean, you can go back as far as 16 months when the Heat took out the Bulls in the ECF. JA's interior defense was critical to stopping DRose (specifically).

Rose would work to get into the paint only to have his shot blocked or altered by our 6'9" jumping bean. There ain't too many big men in the league today that would have been as effective at doing that. Howard, Camby maybe - it's a short list.

I love me some Chris Bosh, but he (notwithstanding his play last year in the post-season after he got back from his groin/ab injury - he was a beast) isn't going to supply that kind of defense for this team.

good points... but, i like a trade for varejao.. i'm just sayin...

he wants out of cleveland... he just might be the right one...

Heat needs strong UD


Joel is good, if he can develop a few post moves, maybe a hook shot. But he's a horrible rebounder, he does not box out well, he's undersized against most bigs (as is Bosh). If we play portland, ATL, Boston, then yes I would put JA out there, but other than that most people's back up center are better than him. Omar Asik from that same chicago series ate him alive! thats why he got overpaid this season. JA needs to rebound, if hes not going to develop that offensive game, he needs to improve else where to help the team. rebounding is something we need that no one does outside of Haslem bron and wade

and no black Varejao isnt the answer either LOL.. I would take Javale Mcgee over Varejao

So Smitty, if JA develops a low post game and gets, let's say 6 more shots a game, who are you taking those shots from? Are you taking shots away from Wade, LBJ, Miller, Chalmers, Ray, Cole....? We won't run plays for JA in the post, he just needs to catch the ball in the lane, or grab that OReb and put the ball back in the damn hole. Your complaint about JA doesn't seem to be legit.

He is one of the few good post defenders that CAN guard on the perimeter also, which makes switching on some high ball screens available to the Heat. You don't get that from Bynum, Asik, or most bigs.

Tough to rebound when you are leaving your man to contest shots. I think I'll trust the Heat management on this one (over your view), and I believe that they see value in JA.

.. and thats coo. we're all entitled to our own opinions.. but, we'll see how much playing time he gets when healthy.. if you recall Heat management's view of Joel Anthony was he was not good enough to help us compete in the finals. Ronny Turiaf, logged more minutes then he did, is Ronny Turiaf a better defender than JA? No. But they realized he has a more complete game. Crashes boards, can actually catch a pass, and can hold his own against a big body.. oh and lets not forget he can wave the mess out of his towel! lol..

Again, against smaller guys sure I'd put JA in after Bosh.. but we need someone who can come in and help us against the two towers that is in LA. hopefully Josh Harrellson will pan out, but we'll see.

Harrellson isn't a banger, but he can stretch the floor.

We've owned the Lakers the last few years, not intimidated by their size at all.

The days of needing a towering/lumbering big in the middle of the lane is gone. You must be mobile and be not lost when you are more than 12' from the basket as a big today, and that is something JA does well.

Turiaf did log more post season minutes for the Heat last year, but who did the Heat keep on their roster, JA or Towel-waver?

I look forward to the Heat playing teams that think they can plant a 7 footer in the paint and win against us. Hell, put 2 on the floor at one time (Knicks/Fakers/etc..) and we'll run them into the ground.

Speed > Size

you realize that Turiaf chose to leave right?

Harrellson not a banger, but a big body.. We owned the Lakers with derek Fisher, and Bynum, not with Nash and Howard.. Not saying the HEAT cant beat them, but it would be alot easier if we could keep Bosh on Gasol, and have a big-ger body hold down d. howard. Joel has 2 up sides, he can move his feet and block shots. He doesn't rebound, He cant finish, and he's a HORRIBLE pick n roll player, something that every team in the NBA uses. there are two HEAT players who I wish were never on the team (both have anthony in their name) Anthony Carter and Joel.. I hope Joel can prove me wrong tho

JA doesn't have to be a pick n roll player, as long as he sets a good screen, we get the defensive switch we are looking for, or we create space between the ball handler and his defender. I believe JA sets good screens, regardless of whether he gets the ball back or not.

Fish didn't play with the Lakers last year.

Again, when you are coming off your man to contest shots, you are seldom in rebounding position.

My list of players I hated to see in the Heat uniform starts with Shaq and supercoolbeas, and involves Ricky Davis. I didn't like that we picked up Antoine Walker, but he didn't disappoint as much as I though he would. Oh yeah, we had Penny Hardaway in camp a few years ago, that left a horrible pain in my gut as well. Eddy 'buffet' Curry was useless, would have rather had Michael Doleac back.

Didn't Fisher played with them for the beginning of the season?? then Ramon Session came after him, either way both of them were not good when the Heat played LA and OKC.

As Far as the pick and roll - yes he sets a solid screen, but the guy defending joel, knowing he's offensively challenged, is just gonna go for the man with the ball, or he's going to stay down low because they know NO ONE is going to kick the ball out to him, and if they do he'll bobble it.

the bigs that talking about, that Joel will be guarding, aren't very good shooters (aside from KG, and Al Horford who are also playing out of position also), so why would we need him to go contest shots?

Yea I agree with you on RIcky Davis also.. crab.. I was actually rooting for Curry last season, until he stepped on the court... Thats one big no one needs until he starts playing like he did when he was in chicago

I cant believe you said javale mcgee... you think the nuggets are willing to trade him, they just gave him 11 mil per... sometimes think about your post before you press post... varaejo is available... and yes he does rebound and can score when asked.... not 20 plus, but 10-10 and two blocks... we could use him...

Look, a solid trade for the heat right now before the season would be to trade anthony, miller, jones and a pick for vareajo and gibson.... both teams win... end, story.. watching all things heat... title run 2013... 007...

Black, how do the CAVS win with that trade? and didnt Gibson just go down with a concussion (not the end of the world) but why would we trade our broken pieces for another broken piece? (and I was merely using JaVale Mcgee and an example.. wasn't serious) but Varejao - He's not that good sir. HOWEVER, I do believe he is an upgrade from Joel Anthony.

Q-rich just got cut by the magic... could we use him here... hey.. why not...

more assets, possible trade... i'm just sayin...

OK, no Q-rich... just sayin...

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