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Reading: It's fantastic

Today's reading list:

A mix of past and present will meet Ray Allen on the hardwood in tonight's season opener, Miami Herald.

LeBron James is humbled by his success, Palm Beach Post.

Ray Allen, Celtics need to cease fire,

Eyeing a repeat, Heat fight 'disease of more',

Rondo is the best point guard in Celtics history, says Tiny Archibald, Boston Globe.

Michael Beasely hopes to find a home in Phoenix, YahooSports.

Burning questions of the 2012-2013 season,


What's gotten into the T-Wolves and their newfound defensive success? I credit Andrei Kirilenko, but read for yourself, Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Sixers coach Doug Collins hates analytics, Philadelphia Inquirer.



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Rondo is the best point guard the C's have ever had.. If he can get his shot consistant, he'll be a top 2 if not the best PG in the game right now.. if he keeps getting those triple doubles he'll pass CP3 as the best PG ..

If you aren't a threat to score from beyond 15 feet consistantly, you can't be better than Williams, Paul, Nash, Chalmers, etc...

Wall, Westbrook, Rondo, aren't consistant outside threats, that's why the Heat give Rondo plenty of space when he's on the perimeter.

I slightly disagree with you Greg, lol

Rondo led the league.. THE LEAGUE in triple doubles last seasons. That alone makes you better than Chalmers. Rondo has a much better all around game. a case can be made for CP3, D. Will, and Nash, but Rondo isn't too far behind them. watchout, he'll be an superstar nextseason no doubt..

So you are taking Rondo over Chalmers in a 3pt shooting contest? How about a step inside the arc shooting contest?

Triple doubles is one stat, just like points, rebounds, assists, and steals in the Championship series is a stat. Hand pick any stat you like and this becomes a fantasy league debate, which I don't quite comprehend. Screw fantasy, in the real world you (take it from here Herm Edwards) YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME, HELLO. One stat alone ultimately matters, and Chalmers did pretty well in that catagory.

So the league leader in triple doubles will ALWAYS be a better player than Chalmers? Hmmm?

When everyone is healthy D-Rose is the best PG in the league.

YES the league leader in trips will always better than Chalmers unless he was league leader in triple doubles.. and if you want to pick one stat pick rebounds.. or asst. both of which Rondo eclipse Chalmers. I'm a heat fan, but I know we dont have the best players at every position. and Rio is one of the position that we are not the strongest at.

HELLO, Rondo was the only one on his team playing to win the game when they played the HEAT in the ECF when he scorched Rio for a 44 points in a game. including outside shooting. Rio does 2 things well.. he can shoot the 3 ball, and he can get out the way when Bron has the ball.. he's not a play maker or floor general by any means.. at least not on this team. sorry bro. I gotta take Rondo over Rio. (to answer your question, no I would not take Rondo over rio in a 3pt contest but an all-star game or picking an overall better player, yes I would pick Rondo all day)

Rose is legit..he plays more like a 2 guard anyway.. but yes he would be one of the top 5 point guards in the league.

RIO scorched the whole team for 44 points, albeit, a few of those points came at the end of the game when the Heat had a sizeable lead.

Chalmers didn't get to the lane off the dribble against the Thunder? He doesn't get credit for creating his own shot, because he doesn't have to with this team, but he certainly stepped up in the postseason last year, right?

Nobody on the Celtics rolled over for the Heat last year, so the Rondo wasn't an Army of One playing against the whole Heat team.

He did hit some outside shots, and I bet there weren't any Heat within 5' of him. There's a reason you smother some players and you leave others open. I hope he hits his first three tonight early, and then we can watch him go 2-9 from behind the arc. Long shots - long rebounds - outlet - fast break - dunk!

Rio never had a game over 25 points..

I hope he is missing his shots, because the Heat do thrive in transition basketball, and fast-breaks..

the bottom line was Rondo is better Chalmers lol.. period. Thats not saying that rio can come around and be 'our' rondo. Rondo was horrible his first couple years in the league, until the Celtics molded him to the player they needed/wanted him to be.. the same can be said for Rio, he just has to stop with the turnovers, bad lob passes, and bone-headed mistakes on defense. he's come along way since Kansas, i just hope he can continue to improve.

He will and we'll enjoy watching and this team prosper!

Job is picking up, can't blog anymore today.

Smitty, enjoy the game tonight, partner!


Dont worry guys, Rio is in the last year of his contract, (team option at 4 million next year) the Heat wont pick that up. So we dont have to talk about his idiotic plays he makes almost every game.

Why won't the Heat re-up RIO's contract?

Is it because he will have won two NBA rings and he will want to get paid more with another team, ala James Harden (without the rings)?

Chalmers, while admittedly not quite as sharp as Rondo in the overall game, is no slouch. Hate him all you want, he does have the respect of his coach and teammates.

Just wanting to change your personnel for that newest next thing in college doesn't always work - reference Micheal Beasley.

Hey just this week those old ass Steelers beat everybody's shiny new toy in the Redskins RGIII.

Most of the time experience trumps marketability.

Too many people worried about what's next instead of what's now. They never hand out next year's trophy, they always hand out THIS year's trophy.

C'mon 8:00.

No, its because he does dumb things on the court. Lebron was yelling at him all year! Bottom line, were a positionless team if you havent noticed. Btw, we have Cole. And with Mickey hating to pay the luxury tax, its easier to walk away with Chalmers.

whoa whoa whoa... where is all this trade Rio talk!?!? Rio is the best pg FOR THIS TEAM (not in the NBA).. honestly who would you replace rio with? Cole isn't ready, he's too spuratic or clumsy if you will, he'll mold into a good PG, but in a couple years. Rio is good, he takes critcism well, and he has GROWN leaps and bounds every single year.. he is miami heats PG for while.. unless CP3 wants to take a huge pay-cut =) ..

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