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Ray Allen's mom bedazzled in personalized Heat dress

Screen Shot 2012-10-30 at 7.59.01 PMRay Allen's mom, Flo Allen-Hopson, has always been a fixture at her son's games. Miami will be no different, apparently.

Allen-Hopson posed for this picture before Tuesday's season opener. She's best known for her creative take on jerseys, which are decorated with hundreds of sequins.



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SO FANCY INC. made her Custom Miami Heat Jersey!!

Great game! Great win! Great rings, 219 diamonds each! Let's get another!

Great start to a HEAT season! Beat Celtics!!!

Poor Sour KGarnet hahaha

F KG!!!!


good thing we played the celtics....i'd rather rub it in their faces instead of the thunder LOL!

Heat=72 wins!

Nice win!!! Way to dismantle the C's!!!

Posted by: So Fancy Inc. | Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 10:38 PM


Do you guys have a website/Facebook/Tumblr/Etsy etc. account?

Alright BLACK,
Varajao made me a believer... that dude had 23 rebounds and 9 assist?!?!!?!?!... yea he's not bad

Well...there's the precise reason Rondo as great a player as he is...has been dangled as trade bait the last two years. Clothes-lining Wade when game was over is not the smart leader mentality choice of your team. Maybe...the memory of the pretzel-heap Wade left Rondo in a couple playoffs ago is hard for him to forget.

Great first game to start the season...! Don't think many teams will match up with Heat by going small.

yup.. i basically thought the same thing RP.. he reminds me of A.I. very talented, but so immature at times. its crazy.. but then again AI never clothes-lined anyone.. he just didnt think practice could make him better..

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