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Rapper Meek Mill is coming to "that Heat game on da wood"

Rapper Meek Mill is LeBron's new long-lost best friend and he's coming to "that Heat game on da wood" to show off his new shoes. I'm trying to break into the rap game, so my plan is to slip him a demo tape at halftime.

I have no effing clue what Mr. Mill is talking about when he says "on da wood" but it sounds pretty dendrological. LeBron listens to Mr. Mill before games, but who doesn't?

Screen Shot 2012-10-28 at 12.22.53 PM


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Da wood - Floor Seats on the court.

HEAT fans are winners and know how to spell, I'm Barack Obama, and I approve of this message!

Heat v Lakers in Finals. I said it 1st!

I wonder who the heat are going to cut mid-season to pick up a big body like they did last year. I wonder which big will shake loose this season.. hmmm

This just in.. Eddy Curry has not only been picked up by the Dallas Mavericks... He will also be starting when the Lakers face dallas on tuesday.. hmmmm... did the heat really miss out Eddy "Hamburger" Curry or is Dallas just desparate because Kamen, and Dirk are both out

Desperate, Smitty. Desperate.

Yea Joe, I agree lol ... but I am going to watch that game just to see how well the Lakers play without Kobe, and how well this Dallas team is without the Dirk.

Miami Heat fans ... dumb as wood

"Da wood" as in the court. And that line is from the intro of his new album. He's also signed a shoe contract with puma so he's going to the game to promote his new sneakers.

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