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LeBron hopes Chalmers grows up this season

OK, that headline is a bit misleading. LeBron James isn't upset with Mario Chalmers or anything. James only joked after Tuesday's practice that if Chalmers wants less grief from James this season then Chalmers would have to grow up.

Chalmers mentioned on Monday that he liked it if James toned down his on-court admonishments this season every time Chalmers makes a mistake. We all know James' "Chalmers face." James didn't have much sympathy or Chalmers on Tuesday.

"If he’s grown up in the last year then it will tone down," James said. "It’s that simple. If he doesn’t want that type of reaction from me…"

James then relented a bit in mid-sentence.

"I could do a better job of that as well," James sad.

But wait, James thought, this is Chalmers we're talking about. Who cares what he thinks.

"I understand that but I don’t do it just to do it," James finished. "He messes up sometimes."


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GET 'EM!!!

i feel do what ever work, as long as WE winning do what u do

Leborn the best player of all time @ leader_st

Let the young man play his game and James should play his. We have coaches for that!

Leadership is something u can't teach. Coaches can't pep talk chambers and have the same impact as if lebron were doing the pep talking.

Cole u are next!!! Stay on their azz!!

Chalmers needs to realize his potential, start being more consistent then maybe Lebron will get off his back.

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