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LeBron and Twitter-verse react to Harden trade

LeBron James had plenty to say on Saturday night when the James Harden deal went down and, of course, he wasn't alone. It seemed like everyone in the NBA had a take, reaction or funny comment about the trade. Here's a rundown of the highlights:

(Note: OKC traded James Harden and others to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin and others and assets on Saturday. I've read everyone's insta-opinions on the trade — Who won? We must know now! — but I still have no clue which side got the better of the deal. I let you know in a few years.)

Like most of us, LeBron was in shock when news broke of the trade.

LeBron then made some vague reference to pork.


Kevin Durant had a lot to say about the deal.


Myrmidon and echo Eric Maynor delivered his best interpretation of Durant's tweet.


Nick Collison tipped a 40 for his homie.


Kendall Marshall snickered, resumed watching Notre Dame's ascension into the heavens and released the mute button on his iPods favorite playlist—Nickelback, Coldpay, The Monkeys and My Other Favs. Note: Marshall went to the same high school as half my family. The place just pumps out Notre Dame fans. It's sickening.


Jeremy Lin lit a few candles in his room in remembrance of teammates he played with for a few days.


Chandler Parsons coulda been great headline writer.


Landry Fields coulda been a so-so comedian.


Many were incredulous. Others skeptical. Still more dumbstruck.


Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips was just downright chapfallen, disconsolate and a danger to himself...a day before the deal even went pubic.

Screen Shot 2012-10-28 at 10.48.13 AM

The Lakers tried to remain composed.


Our good buddy Daequan apparenty celebrated his last night in OKC in style. I remember those crazy nights when I was a kid. You wake up in stooper in some ditch with sun beating down on your face and you're like, "Dear God! Thank you! I'm alive!" Maybe I'm misinterpreting that.


Like me, Deron Williams is getting old. Slept through the whole damn thing.



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