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Harris and Pittman sign with Peak and more could follow

Well, I guess we now know that Terrel Harris is going to make the team.

Harris and Dexter Pittman were introduced as endorsers of Peak on Saturday in Shanghai during a promotional press conference that included Shane Battier. Peak is a local sponsor of the Heat. Nothing is certain, but it seems unlikely for Heat coach Erik Spoelstra to cut Harris at this point. Harris does not have a guaranteed contract for this season.

At least one other Heat reserve will soon be following Harris and Pittman to Peak. James Jones has agreed to a contract with the shoe compay, according to a source, and is set to sign a contract next month. Jones is currently under contract with Nike.

Udonis Haslem is currently in negotiations with Peak and could announce a deal soon. He's also in talks with Nike and Li-Ning, Dwyane Wade's new shoe sponsor. Battier, who has worn Peak shoes for most of his career, was the first player in the NBA to wear the shoes.


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Who cares what shoes they wear? How is Harris developing would be a better story.

No one is going to wear that garbage.

Steve and Plomo, You guys are right. Another useless be honest I only go on here because I laugh my butt off on the idiotic stuff Goodman writes. Don't know how he is employed at all. Garbage!!!

I agree with everyone. Guy flew to china with the team to report this dreck? What a waste of space. Terrible "writer"

Man, the spoils of winning a championship...Even Terrell Harris got a shoe endorsement...GTFOH!! That's alright though, get your money Harris!!

Really? Pittman has a shoe deal? I woulda thought he had a better deal with payless, and target like Shaq did.. big men shoes dont really sell well (not everybody is a 6'11 285 pound guy)

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