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Taking questions on the Heat

Join the live Q&A right now. Ask away...

Phil Seiter (@SeiterBomb) asks via Twitter: Has Ray Allen and fam settled in SoFlo, or will they remain in New England?

The move is complete. Ray Allen is fit and ready to push Shane Battier and Mike Miller for playing time.

RaRa (@RaRaRLN asks via Twitter: When does Mickey Arison plan on paying the citizens of Miami what he owes for the AAA handout!

I sense a little hostility here. Micky Arison (not Mickey) has provided the City of Miami a valuable asset in the Heat. I'm no accountant, but I'm pretty sure the city benefits from the team's presence. Consider it an investment?

Ash asks via the blog: Is Josh Harrelson expected to play a big role this year?

He's got to make the team first. I'm betting on Mickell Gladness. We'll see.

Josh (@UnbiasHeatFan) asks via Twitter: Who gets the last two spots?

I'm not so sure two is the magic number here, but I'll gladly indulge the question. Clearly, there will be competition at center and wing to fill out the roster. James Jones has guaranteed contract for this season and next season (he's to be paid $1.5 million for the 2013-2014 season), so I'm assuming he's safe.

How safe is Dexter Pittman? The big man has been a project for the Heat for two seasons but last year his biggest contributions during the playoffs were starting that forgettable game in Indiana and then later body checking Lance Stephenson. Pittman's penchant for picking up fouls carried over into summer league, something I'm sure concerns the Heat. Still, Pittman is guaranteed more than $800,000 this season whether he makes the team or not. I'm not sure there's enough value in eating that money to take on another player who probably won't see much playing time.

That leaves us with your magic number, two. Terrel Harris bumped Eddie House last season in a shortened training camp. I'm going to assume Erik Spoelstra is still in love with Harris' defense, a premium for the Heat especially considering all of the offensive talent on the perimeter. 

The last roster spot will be a battle between Mickell Gladness, Josh Harrellson and Jarvis Varnado. I'm going to side with Gladness for one reason. Dudes from Alabama are crazy.

So, here's my predicted roster coming out of training camp:

1. LeBron James

2. Dwyane Wade

3. Chris Bosh

4. Mario Chalmers

5. Joel Anthony

6. Ray Allen

7. Shane Battier

8. Mike Miller

9. Norris Cole

10. Rashard Lewis

11. Udonis Haslem

12. James Jones

13. Terrel Harris

14. Dexter Pittman

15. Mickell Gladness


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