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Things you should read about the champs

Weekend reading before Monday's parade...

LeBron James had to reinvent himself to win the title ... "James’ transformation as a man and his difficult journey to his first NBA championship made Thursday night’s celebration that much sweeter." Miami Herald

Burden finally lifted for Pat Riley, LeBron James and Heat ... "This buys us our freedom," Pat Riley says with a smile. "The things that locked them up? They evaporated tonight. Now we grow. Now we evolve. Now comes the fun. This finally allows these players to be free." Miami Herald

The many different scenes and perspectives from the championship locker room ... "For owner Micky Arison, winning in Dallas in 2006 “was great, but to do it in front of your home fans is the greatest feeling in the world. To get behind three series in a row – this is unbelievable! I thought we were the better team last year, but we weren’t ready.” Miami Herald

Air Force One on the line ... "President Obama said that the team seemed to get stronger in each game of the playoffs, and he complimented the performance of the players and coaches. He asked Spoelstra to tell the team that they are all invited to the White House, and he looks forward to celebrating their NBA championship." Miami Herald

Six years late, Dwyane Wade content with different role ... “I played a different role. I had to,” added Wade, who averaged 22.6 points, 6.0 rebounds, 5.2 assists and 1.2 blocks and shot 43.5 percent in the Finals. “Last season, I felt it was too much questions in our mind, guys looking at each other and not wanting to step on each other’s toes. This year, I know I’m playing with the best player in the world, and that doesn’t take anything away from me at all. I’ve played with a guy who is a Hall of Famer, so I know how to be first, and I know how to be second and whatever else. It was hard for me to do it, and no one will understand, but it was easy for me to do it for this team.” Miami Herald

Thousands greeted Thunder in OKC ... Thousands of fans gathered in an impromptu celebration in a grass field near Will Rogers World Airport on Friday, cheering as players took turns at the microphone thanking them for their support. Associated Press

Dwyane Wade might miss Olympics if he needs knee surgery ... ''I've got to make a decision on what my knee needs and what's best, because my career and finishing my career strong is what's important to me,'' Wade said. ''And I know, yeah, the Olympics are coming up. It's something I really want to do. But at the same time, if I have to make a big decision, if something has to happen surgery-wise, that will have to be a step I have to take. My loyalty and my commitment to Miami Heat basketball is the No. 1 thing.'' Associated Press

LeBron's hard lesson ... YahooSports

Gabby Union said the Miami Zombie victim was the Magic City's biggest Heat fan, or something like that ... "The poor man who was a survivor of the bath salt attack [Ronald Poppo]. When they said, 'Anything you want to say?' He said, 'Let's go Heat!' It's about surviving and living for the next moment. If that man did not personify what that is, nothing will. Real Heat fans. Charles Barkley said we don’t have real Heat fans. Point to that man. We have real Heat fans.” Miami Herald


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I hope Jeffica Van Gundy and Mike Breen, aren't the announcers for the finals anymore, Van Gundy's bias and lack of professionalism was ridiculous. Every foul on the Heat he magnified and failed to highlight when the Heat were fouled and no call was made, Breen was only guilty for not calling him to task for it.

You have to be kidding. The Heat earned the title but Lebron and DWade get every call. The awful calls against Boston in game 2 enabled the Heat to make it to the finals. The no call when Rajon Rondo got hit in the head was the biggest call or non call of all. Nonetheless, congratulations to the Heat, You destroyed OKC.

^^^ Heatles are big stars! I feel like break foot off in your hating ass.

"The awful calls against Boston in game 2 enabled the Heat to make it to the finals."


Nice try.

Better try: Pierce (35%) & Allen (37%) shot in the 30%s while the Heat converted 13 more 3s (39 pts) than BOS *above the break* [ ].

Or, Bron/Wade were better defenders than Pierce/Allen while Boston's perimeter defense failed to close out against Miami 3pt shooters on the wings.

"Breen was only guilty for not calling him to task for it."


On what planet?

Breen was FAR WORSE than JVG. Re-check your DVRs. The 5-count indicement for Okie bias, Durant worship and/or impersonating a neutral observer is blatantly apparent.

Breen knows more about Durant's plumbing than Durant's personal proctologist.

"The 5-count [indictment] ..."

Then again, Breen could simply be incompetent beneath a benignly pernicious veneer which causes him to blurt Tourettish inanities at will.

Yes the officiating was bad look at the highlights. Bron or wade get slapped grabbed and pushed on each one of those plays and they didn't call a foul. Perkins is a foul machine. Harden flops. I aka goaltends.

Even without the highlights just watch the tape. I've been the biggest advocate for the ref's suck and we've been getting cheated all season. It's usually 3 to 1 on the ratio of no calls.

Hey OKc got all the calls last game and they still lost. There are no flaws u can find in the way the heat won the title.

Even I have to say

Good job spo

The haters can suck a big fat d6ck!!! #HeatNation #Heatles

Miami Heat 2012 champs. Very eager to see if they will be the 2013 champs. Anybody know what the deal is with Miller if he retires. How could the Heat maximize cap space.

????? I know that the big 3 will take up even more of the cap next year. How can we add another piece like we did with SB?

Goody, who do you think the Heat will try to pick up in free agency or by trade? I hate KG to the point of blurred vision but it's hard to deny what he would bring to the team.

Dudes...HEAT ARE CHAMPS ! (Can't say it enough !)


Greg...I hear ya...Kaman may be a piece that fits.


NO, NOT KAMAN... KG.....

I'm hearing KG and the Spurs? You guys catch any of that? Either Kaman or KG would be worlds above Eddie Curry.

I think we are still in the Ray Ray sweepstakes.

Two non-calls from Game 5:

Wade dives on the floor for a loose ball, and a Thunder player falls on top of him (making no play for the ball). Foul on Wade? If that's a foul on Wade, then when Westbrook was dribbling up the court, cuts in front of Bosh and slows down, that's a foul on Westbrook.

Perkins hitting LBJ on his double pump base line bucket. There was as much contact on that shot, check Perkins arm on Lebron's chest, as there was when LBJ touched KD on his 10' baseline end of game shot. How many times did Perkin's foul get replayed. I bet not ad naseum. (sorry, latin ain't my strong suit)



I'll take JVG on the mike any day over the other cast of misfits commentators.

mike breen was irritating me. i even noticed sometimes breen had jvg at a loss for words because jvg didn't want to call breen out it seemed.

Mike breen - he was pushed, oh my.
or - durant felt he was fouled
etc.etc., but when heat get mauled,
- good defense by thunder.

Breen was terrible.

Andre Miller wants in Miami as a back up.
I like Chalmers as starter.

We really need a good center. Maybe Eddie Curry stays and Oden comes. I really think Miami should go after Yao Ming. Maybe he may want to come back after a year of healing.

I would love to see Fab Melo in a heat jersey.

Weee areeee the chaaaampions, my fri-ennnnndddsss

Lets go Heat!

...and we'll keep on fighting, till the end!!

Curry goes, Turiaf probably as well.

Andre Miller is a slight upgrade over Mike Bibby, but we have Cole coming in off the bench. We need more his speed at that position over experience, wouldn't you say?

Yes Breen is terrible, but at least JVG will keep it somewhat balanced. WIth Kerr and the Millers the (Heat/Riley) hate just keeps bouncing off each of them like a pinball machine.

I think Yao might be done, done. Besides, Dashi thinks he is softer than T-Mac, and that sets the bar pretty high. I think I'ld still roll the dice with Oden though. Injury prone, but a lot younger than Yao (reference the second half of Grant Hill's career).

Now, get out to the freakin' festivities and throw it up for the champs!!

I say get T-mac and G.Hill for the Minimum and Find a Way to Draft Fab Melo or another Young Center. NAte Robinson blocking Yao Ming makes him Softer than Charmin.

G.Hill or Tracy can defend and Shoot better than Andre Miller. I know Pat doesn't like tracy cause of what he has done to the heat in the past, not his fault when he's on he's on, Don't worry Washington Feels worst Greg he scored 60+ a couple times on them, and had 8 3's in the first in another game. The man can shoot the ball, that's his gift. G.Hill can play the Point and he has never won a championship. I feel that should be one of the reasons we get Veteran Players is because they want to win a Title. So they will take the Minimum.

That's why I see the Guys in Boston Retiring there. They already are a Team why go somewhere else and play 2nd Fiddle. Ya Think KG will accept BS from Bosh or any of the veterans on this team. Allen will but I also believe Allen is Loyal and He Loves Boston and Doc, so he's either retiring or playing with his boy Pierce til the end.

JVG and Marv Albert will be good to hear, but I think they might not like each other. I've learned to understand JVG. He will never be a Miami Heat fan cause he was a Knicks head coach When Physical Basketball was played by Men. Zo, PJ, Askins. GrandMama, Mason, Oakley. The No Blood No Foul Days.

T-Mac has as much chance as I do making the Heat roster. Ain't no way...definitey NOT a Riley character guy.

Kaman would have to take alot less than the other offers that come his way. Riley still probably envisions Kaman on the Heat since he almost drafted him back in 2003 instead of Wade.

We still need size...and based on JJ & Miller maybe looking to go out on top...we'll need shooters.

I would like to see the heat go after Nash, because he would give depth to PG's, shooting 3pt, assist would be unbelievable, and improve Bosh attempts. I would trade Norris Cole, because his playing time would go down. But Nash would make the heat almost unbeatable. Heat GO Get Nash!!
He is the best fit for the team to continue the title run. NO time for developmental players until James, Wade, and Bosh are done.
Get vets who are hungry.

nash has maybe 1-2 Years left. Trade Cole? Greg and Friends tell me U don't Agree with this. Out of all our young Ones he has the most promise. For that trade Rio? I personally will like to see them 2 develop into a PG tandem for years to come.

E.Curry looks like he might stick for another Year? I know popular opinion doesn't want him back. But he looked comfortable in that parade. If curry and Pitt can lose another 20lbs. We can give those 2 one more Year.

"NO time for developmental players until James, Wade, and Bosh are done."

Wow, I hope not everyone thinks like this. So U rather have an Old Dog who is only going to be with the Team for 1-2 Years. This isn't Video Games. Players need to learn the System the Heat run, Chemistry is also a factor, and #1 Spo's Trust. Trust Me

Why not start with a Clean Canvas and have Erik and the Coaching staff Paint their Vision and mold them, let them grow and become Stars with the Heat. So when the Big 3 Retire we don't have to "start over". We can keep going with our own Players. Cole, Pitt and Harris will be in their 7-9 year in the league(Veterans) by the time the 3 Retire. If we keep drafting and Developing hit or miss 50% we will have 4-5 more guys that can play and have been taught by the Big 3 and the Coaching Staff. Not 6-8 guys that retire before the Big 3.

I believe Riley can do a better job at Drafting players now, than in Years past(Recently He's been doing Ok). Pat only has to worry about Building the Team thru FA, Trades and the Draft. Pat doesn't have to worry about Coaching and wasting his time coming up with Gameplans, Rotations, Playoff runs, Etc.

The NBA draft is June 28

U think Riley will be prepared to make an Educated Decision if he had to coach this team this year or last. Ask Spo, What he thinks about the prospects in this years draft and he will tell U he was to busy with Coaching the Team to a championship this Year.

Riley can sit back and Watch all the College Basketball he wants. How else does he pick Norris Cole out of Cleveland State?

Agiain the NBA Draft is 2 days Away. We haven't even had time to Discuss Picks. We are still Celebrating our title we won last Week.

Remember we are a Family Organization. The Heat Cleaned House Cause of the Big 3. Clearing Cap Space. Once the Big 3 were signed getting UD, JA, and JJ resigned was top priority. Then we started signing outside pieces.

I see us adding one Veteran for the Minimum, maybe 2 if Milk Retires.

You say "we" alot. I guess you work for the Heat.

We can't just look at the offense end and start adding players.

We didn't add Battier for his offense, we didn' get Turiaf and roll the dice with Curry for their offense.

I believe that Ray Allen can play in our defensive 'system'.

For all the hand wringing over our PG not staying in front of Rondo or Rose, how do we think Nash is going to do on defense?

We don't have a problem moving the ball on offense, most of the time. Nash is going to need the ball in his hands a good bit of the time to be ultimately effective, if not, he just turns into another jump shooter to spread the floor, and we've already got them.

Grant Hill fills the same role as Battier, and I'ld be good with him, but for goodness sakes,

GET OFF THE T-MAC BANDWAGON!! It doesn't really matter what big 'scoring' games he had back in the day, it would be like adding Penny Hardaway to our roster, not very probable. How would he enhance our line-up? Defense, ball handling, shooting, athletisism?? Nope,nope,nope and nope. Washed up, no heart, head case -- yeah, that's the ticket.

For shooters who would be available...who would you rather - Ray Allen or Jason Terry ?

Ray's work ethic is solid...and if 100% healthy that would be crazy 3ball scary at 37.

JT is 34 and would probably have alittle more game off the dribble. That too would be interesting.

Who else is out there ...that is available ?

But then too...I'm feeling alittle Festus (Ezeli)maybe coming our way on draft day...then looking at Greg Oden. It just may come down to who will REALLY take a paycut to play with DA CHAMPS !

Heat fan in Canton,Ohio. Since days of Zo Mourning.(REAL FAN) Surrounded by haters Clev. fans anti Lebron 24/7 mouths, shirts, hats, etc... DVR game fouls out of hate? Lol Calls are a 2 way street. Add GREAT DEFENSE, and HEAT opponets will have LOW shooting %.Say what you will. I'LL STILL WAKE UP MIKE TUCKER tomorrow...HATE nor WORDS can take away the RING & 2 time MVP in same season. CAN'T wait till next season!!! GO HEAT!!!!

Thanks Dashi for the the response, I however; know a lot about basketball. The reason I stated in the earlier post about Norris Cole was due impart because the heat does not need to develop Cole. This the NBA when you have three stars in three critical positions 2,3,4/5.
Dashi remember this is not college or high school with developing players.

In the NBA you only talk developing any player(s)is when you are rebuilding franchise. Here is some food for thought, examine the MJ Bulls teams. How many players developed as a rookie during the MJ Bulls title run? I can tell you only one BJ Armstrong i think. ( the heats has Rio)

Everyone else was a hired Gun.

Get Nash or Allen or both.

If you have observed Riley as a Coach and now GM rookies don't get run, unless that rookie is a lottery pick.

As a parting shot i would still trade Cole and Pittman to help with Cap Space to acquire good Vets.

Thanks lets chat in about three weeks.

The Coach

^^^^ Thanks for Responding like an Adult. Very Few do, Without Denigrating MY opinion.

I know this ain't college or High school BB, Classic Canes. Basketball players are different from other athletes. I've been one of the Few here that doesn't compare professional Athletes With Amateurs.

MJ, Pippen and Kukoc were drafted and developed by the bulls? Back then U didn't have a Cap. I remember when jordan came back they were paying him 52 mil a year or some astronomical number like that. I agree U have to get Veterans for the Low. But once the Big 3 Retire it would be nice to keep playing at a high level. I believe Rookie Contracts don't count against the Cap in the NBA.

Now, to the T-mac Insults(I sense T-Mac has hurt UR feelings Before GG).I told U he's not an all world Defender, Doesn't Mean he never blocked Kobe's shot Multiple times or any other Player. But to insult the Mans Ball-handiling Skill, Shooting Ability, and Athleticism. WoW, That's just Hate. I'm not even going to Comment on the other Blasphemous Comments.

T-Mac is Younger and Taller than Nash, Terry and Ray Ray. He just turned 33. Has More Versatility Which the Heat Like. T-Mac can play 1-4. He did it against the Heat this Year off the Bench. When He beat the Heat in the 4th Qtr this Year. Rio on T-Mac or JA on T-Mac is A Missmatch on Both Sides of the BAll. From The Second Game on Spo Smartened up and put LBJ on Him when ever they would bring him in off the Bench.

Quick Greg Who Averages More Pt's, Ast's, Reb's, Stl's, and Blk's a Game?
or T-mac(He still Averages better Numbers even with the Injured Seasons added Up. Yet, T-Mac Sucks)

Yes, JA doesn't belong in that Conversation. But Numbers don't lie. Ja Doesn't belong on the Court. Look how much better Spo looked once he sat him on the Bench. I don't care how much little things U do right. If U play 30+ Minutes a game U need to Average at least 10 & 8. Look at UD.

T-Mac put up decent comeback #s for the Hawks -- on offense -- but even those #s failed to carryover postseason. Moreover, after 14 yrs in the league, TMac remains one of the WORST help defenders ever. Miami's d-scheme is ALL about help. Biggest negative intangible: attitude. Key graf from recent AJC appraisal: "McGrady’s occasional flashes of solid play couldn’t compensate for his physical decline and seeming reluctance to accept it." [ ].

Also just say no to Ray Allen. If the Heat woo any Big 3 C, it should be KG who/whom, at 36, still showed plenty left & would be the near-perfect complement to Bosh *if* Garnett could accept lesser mins. and/or a lesser role. Ditto Crawford, who's had only 1 decent all-around season as a 12-yr pro -- his first at ATL. Would rather keep Jones/Miller since Crawford is streakier and a bigger defensive liability than both.

Draftwise bigs -- like what I've seen of Kyle O'Quinn, who projects in the 30s. O'Quinn only measures 6-8.5 but 9-3.5 standing reach makes him longer than Melo (9-1.5). Problem: O'Quinn is attracting growing buzz with defensive chops and more off. tools than big-name bigs despite small school background. Wouldn't waste a pick on Melo or Ezeli.

You sound like a real idiot with the Tmac love fest. Seriously dude, his downside far outweighs his upside. Sure you're smarter than NBA General Managers. Yet he was relegated to the Hawks.

Enough with T-Mac. He's been a bum for years...what aren't you getting ? Duh ... !

We need more size (being just alittle athletic would help)& also shooters. Whether anyone wants to play for the Heat and get paid less than the market would offer...well that's the question to be answered.

I'm just making my point. Be Easy. Can anyone of U make a Counter Argument like Taheati. I can debate the other points to, but whats the point.

Team Offense & Defense, Yeah Mike Miller & JJ are Better Defenders, Ball Handler's and Distributors. Sure

I forgot more athletic too. Don't let me show U the 2012 tapes of 1-leg T-mac schooling them and playing team D. Battier is in it also.

Again I believe Ray is going to stay or go where the money is best. Same with KG. They can take a Pay cut and still earn more in boston than in miami. Also it's not just about the money, The love and respect they get in boston. They will get nowhere else, They won their only title in boston.

U are not going to go from a Max contract to a minimum 1 unless U have a Serious Injury. Bostons big 3 can each get 10 mil to stay in boston for the next 2-3 years and be way under the cap. and guys don't worry Doc is already looking at T-Mac coming in for the Minimum.

Yes, Veteran FA will come. I just think we will get the one's who have never won a title not one's that have. I like kidd over nash or terry. but U think he will leave dallas? G.Hill will do, he has about 1 year left. Can play multiple positions. Shoots, Distributes(Passes), Rebounds and can Defend. Plus he has the Submissive Attitude U Fans like.

Big Men FA. What About Hasheem Thabeet? I don't know if he will take the Minimum? Even with what he averages. NBA Center has to be the most easily overpaid position in sports, as long as ur 7'+, No Skills required. 4 & 4, Ur Guaranteed at least the mid-level. 7', 15 & 10 and Ur a Max Contract Guy.

Our best Chance Might be Bosh gaining a little more weight(10-20lbs) and starting at Center. That would Justify his salary more as a Max player. Not a lot Centers can shoot the 3. Only Bosh and Bynum, I'll take my chances with Bosh. Plus we already have a Couple PF's. Shane and UD.

Draft Wise? I like Quinn also. What about Henry Sims of Georgetown?

If T-Mac was all that, why would he settle for league minimum salary? Maybe, you are overrating his skills. Wait, I know you are, if you just compared McGrady and Battier.

Continuing your downward spiral of credibility, did you just mention Bynum and Bosh as centers that can shoot the 3. That is priceless. Bynum got benched for shooting one, and you put him in that catagory? No Kevin Love? No Paul Gasol? No KG? No TD? You put Bynum in the long range shooter catagory? I still am rolling on that one.

Greg. Bynum and Bosh was a joke.

U see what I'm saying. Everything I say U have to take it literal. Or put a negative spin.

Also all those player u mentioned are PF's. KG played half a season as a C, He has played his whole career as a PF. I wasn't talking 7 ft Shooters. Dirk would win hands Down. Why didn't U mention him with the rest of the PF's.

T-Mac was injured. Again, I'm done discussing this subject with U. I will never compare Shane To T-Mac. Shane Can't hold T-Mac's Jock. Shane's had a better Career? Shane scored 17 pts back to back for the first time in his career this year and then did nothing else all playoffs. T-Mac Averaged over 30ppg and 6 asst in the Playoffs for his Career. What I said Is I'll show the Tape of him Schooling Battier and the rest of the Heat Bench. I don't want to show anti-heat material. Has shane ever dropped 43 on MJ? or 40+ on Kobe or LBJ? Has Shane Ever Dropped 40? or Held his opponent to Zero? Which is the Equal to dropping 40 on O.

Answer the Haseem Thabeet Question?

The Draft Question? Which is tomorrow. Quinn, Sims, or Melo.

Again, I feel Ur hate for the Man. Wow

I've just said I would like to sign him for the Minimum. Also, in my last post i said I'm fine with the heat going somewhere else. Doc is looking into him. He also took less cause he knows he is still rehabbing. He said he doesn't play basketball for money, He's made enough. He just wants to win a title. There was an ESPN interview where U can see if he has Heart or Not.

Also, The T-Mac Hall-Of-Fame Train left a long time ago. From him being considered One of the Best in The NBA, or He was never that in ur Eyes. Funny Shane has never been in the Conversation for Best Defender in the NBA. Specially not for Best player in the League.

I'm just saying they were nights this year when those 3 pt shooter weren't hitting their shots. Nobody can Create Offense off the Heat Bench. Only Cole and Harris. JJ, Milk, and Shane are spot up shooters. And Shane is More Defense than Shooting.

Why didn't U compare him to Milk? T-mac will be signed for a lot less.

Assinine reply.

1- Didn' mention Dirk or Al Harrington for that matter. Didn't think I needed to list all of the bigs that shoot better than Bynum from outside, because it's, like, ALL of them.

2 - All you have is offensive one game stats for T-Mac. Scoring on MJ, wow, how long ago was that? Wizard days? And if MJ was guarding T-Mac, that meant that Phil thought T-Mac was the least offensive perimeter threat on his team. Who was Pippen and Harper guarding?

3 - Battier was in the discussion for defensive player of the year when he was in Houston, and maybe Memphis.

4 - Battier was as important as any player outside of LBJ for the Heat championship run this year. Don't get cornered into that PPG stat to determine worth.

5 - Again, our bench players are usually playing with one or two of our top scorers, so none of them will be asked to be primary scorers. Remember when everyone was hoopin' and hollerin' about the Bulls bench scoring, how high that number was? I do, and I also remember that bench couldn't get them out of the first round, past the Sixers. Please, our second team could take the Sixers down.

6 - Shooters aren't on all the time, that's why you collect shooters that do more than shoot. Miller - rebounds, Battier - defends, Jones - is developing other skills, but his defense isn't as good as Miller and Battier's, that's why he was not in the regular rotation.

7 - Every player on this team displayed the right team attitude. Don't think that's Tracy's strong suit. Ask JVG, he probably knows a thing about that.

New Heat pickups for next year:

1-Allen Iverson
2-Vince Carter
3-Tracy McGrady
4-Ron Artest

...and if there is $$ left over, Rasheed Wallace would add some bench scoring.


Because attitude doesn't matter!

Again hate.

#3- 08-09 2-nd team all-defensive team. Are not guys that are up or defensive player of the league.

It appears no one has ever second Guessed Ur arguments with facts. I know another reason no one debates with U is cause U go on a Belligerent Rampage Most the Time. Believe Me U killed The T-Mac Discussion, Champ.

Again, The Draft Is Tomorrow. We can Discuss FA's In a Couple Weeks.

Should we trade Up?

"Believe Me U killed The T-Mac Discussion"

Thank the Good Lord above!

Oh Yeah Big Dawg U Can Add Mike on the List.

Players that Average less PPG, Rebounds, Assist, Steals, and Blocks per Game. Notice how 4 of the 5 Stats are not just Points. 2 are Defensive Stats. Again T-Mac won't Flop, but he will draw more Fouls than these 5. Even last Year coming off an injury.


Even last year if U look at a per minute basis, Instead of just per game. He can do in 15 minutes what 3 out the 5 can do in 30. And he would be 2 seasons away from Knee Surgery, not just coming off another knee procedure or about to have surgery. Last year he was coming out of a lockout and trying to play some Minutes for a Playoff team?

If it was about Money he would sign with the Wizrds or the Cav's. Trust Me the guy just wants to come off a bench for a Contender.

No set backs this off-season. The heat will be getting a Low Risk-High Reward Guy. Like Chad with the Dolphins. And T-Mac is not a Twitter Thug. The Man does Documentary's in Africa for Charity(Reason he wore #3 with Knicks). Yeah He's Horrible.

Last year he lashed out because he felt he was healthy enough for more minutes. Atlanta just lost by 20 and he only played 4 minutes, When he lashed out once. Also don't forget Tracy already said, he went up to the coach a couple times about his minutes earlier in the season and the Coach didn't Reply. Probably was Joe Johnson not wanting to be Exposed? U know Joe is the highest paid player in the NBA.

don't get it......never will.

"What about Henry Sims of Georgetown?"


Don't know much about him. Clips suggest only avg athlete; doesn't look quick (esp. feet), tends to gather, not fluid; has good hands and can pass but can he read defenses? 46%/FG% not reassuring for a big. Some say 2R, some say undrafted. Would the Heat use their only pick on this guy? Not likely. Could end up TC/UFA.

Can we shelve (preferably bury) TMac-to-Heat for now?

Draft 2morrow. The pick and/or how we use it could impact cap-strung title defense. Big or small, wing, front or back, project or production?

We proved we have enough talent to win an NBA Championship. We just need to tinker to get better, not reinvent.

Veterans win over youth almost every time. We can grab a young player or two - considering Howard, Turiaf, and Curry should be gone - but chances are, they won't be impact players.

Keep Coles, Harris, and Pitt (no more stupid fouls) maybe add a Grant Hill, KG, Allen, J. Terry and we should be good next year.

Oh, and keep the coach. He's got a CHAMPIONSHIP QUALITY ABOUT HIM!!!

We don't need any1 who is gonna take minutes away from Wade, SB, chalmers, Bron, or Cole. We need bigs to back up Haslem and Bosh. Camby, Odom, KG or any solid big availible got to be a priority. Well KG would start. I would love to see Jared Sullinger of Ohio St fall to us in the draft. Ray Allen could take Miler's minutes but Nash would be a big asz mistake. I love see Bron in a P/F Point position. Love seeing Wade play some point. We already have great role players that allow them to do this. I can't see Nash in this role.

I agree with Sims, I was just throwing that out there. Wanted to Talk about the Bigs and the Draft.

I believe Quinn can be the Norris Cole of this Draft? A Small School kid that can play at a high level.

I can also see us going after a PF like Sullinger or PJ III from Baylor, Moultrie from MS. Maybe we can buy a Second rounder?

Do U think We can Trade up for PJ III or Moultrie?

The Heat are now 1 of 10 teams to win at least 2 titles. If we win 4 or more the list gets shorter. Only 4 teams with 4 or more titles. Lakers, Celtics, Bulls and Spurs.

Again I've said it a Million times. If Spoelstra would've won last Year. He already would be a Shoe-in for the NBA Hall-Of-Fame. less than 10 coaches in NBA history with 2 titles or more. Hey Greg if he repeats U can Change "Championship Quality" to HALL-OF-FAME Pedigree.

Funny. After reading/hearing how "deep" this draft was, didn't get that feeling at all eyeballing non-lottery wings/guards & their clips at [ ].

Only 2 (non-lottos) held my interest.

Darius Miller F, 6-7, 4-yr player, big leap from soph-to-jr, unselfish role player with nba range, can defend 3-pos, has helped his team win at every level; early 2R projection

Kim English G/F, 6-6, 4-yr player, breakout sr. yr converting 52%/FG% 46%/3PA% hauling 4 rpg as 2-guard; impressed at Portsmouth despite move to point; not outstanding athlete but defends well using high ball iq; 2R/UFA projection.

So the 3 non-lotto guys I'll follow this summer/next season are O'Quinn (C/F), Miller & English.

n.b. Not 2nd-guessing Riley/Kammerer no matter who/how they pick (though I hope any interest in Melo is a smokescreen).

I was raked BIG time for the disliking the Beasley pick so being a leper is nothing new.

But as a Heat fan first, I really do hope Riley's loyalty pays off. Kammerer & staff haven't *drafted* particularly well in recent years (Cole is an undrafted F/A) [ ].

So fingers crossed, esp. POST-draft (i.e., UFAs).

Me duhmb.

"Kammerer & staff haven't *drafted* particularly well in recent years (the draft day trade for Cole being a noticeable exception)"

"... being a noticeable [and notable] exception)"


Well, it's time to make the moves to get things ready for next year... Gotta say, like the thought of having Ray Allen... Why not try to get KG as well.. Another player that would fit is Reggie Evans.. What about Marcus Camby.. Look, they know they have to take a pay cut, but come to win... I'm kinda stuck, looking at Andre Miller and JKidd..

I think we either buy a pick or move up to get Fab Melo.. Two would be Miller out of Kentucky...

Well...yes - since it was I who posted last years pick in Norris Cole days in advance I might add (guess every dog finds the bone sometimes) My not so strong take for this year is this - if Dramont Green is available...the Heat will take him...50/50 chance he's still there. Somebody decent will be available at 27.

KG news, Just heard he is going to announce Saturday if he will either retire or Re-sign with Boston.

KG would've been Ideal, but we have to keep in mind the player not just what we want as fans. That's why I find it hard for those Boston guys to go somewhere else, Specially for the Minimum. They already have the City's Love and a name in Boston History. They can retire or play out their careers in Boston.

If we are going to Sign Veterans for the Minimum. I believe they have to be hungry. U know old guys that have never won a Title.

Reggie Evans sounds interesting. He just might be to young and want more money to play.

It looks like Pitt and Curry are going to be back if we don't draft a big, Fine With Me. D.Green fits the profile of a player the Heat will Draft. Former player of the year, High Motor, Good Basketball IQ, A little Undersized. O'Quinn also fits the Profile. They might be sending Smoke Screens by not talking about him or mentioning Melo's Potential.

I agree this draft is not as deep as the Analyst Say it is. Not a lot of Can't Miss Prospects. No Europeans.

I was with taheati in that leper colony, but hindsight says we've been healed.

RP, can you make it two years in a row with the needle in the haystack?

I don't follow college ball that much, so I don't have an idea who to pick.

I do agree with Jeff that Nash isn't a good fit for us.

Whoever we add from the draft, will almost certainly see NO time in May 2013.

Although I still like Kaman in the middle, I would gladly add a Camby instead. (thanks Black)

Big day in America. Hopefully we are all content when he retire tonight.

I say it's between O'Quinn and Green tonight. Both would be good fits.

Camby already took less money to play in Houston. Camby asked to be traded there last year and then took a pay cut to stay. He really really likes it there(That's where he lives year round). Camby would've been perfect though. Camby plays D, Rebounds real well and doesn't need the ball a lot if at all. Camby is the prototype of what U want in A Defensive Center. Tyson Chandler Reminds me of a Young Camby.

Again if the 2 Fatboys lose some more weight(15-25) and get the system down. We will be OK.

If pat doesn't feel the need to Upgrade over Pitt and Curry. It might mean 2 things. What is out there is probably not a whole lot better than what we have, and just Maybe he feels Pitt and Curry have been Progressing in the Big Man Weight Loss Program(Member Ike Austin) and they will be ready to play Center next year.

I'm telling U if the Fatboys come in under 290 next season. We will be alright.

"I don't follow college ball that much, so I don't have an idea who to pick."


Me neither. That's why it boggles the mind why scouting services (not fans, or schools with a rooting agenda) *only* post 'highlight' clips at YouTube when they'd be doing themselves AND their clients (or prospective) a BIG favor by giving equal time to perceived weaknesses/negatives by posting lowlights. I mean, whether you're a GM or fan, wouldn't it be 'nice' to see the best of the best AND the worst of the worst to put everyone in comparative scale?


"It looks like Pitt and Curry are going to be back if we don't draft a big, Fine With Me."


Gawd I hope not, even if we don't draft a big. Riley has never been afraid to cut his losses. This is that time. JA provides usable depth and Turiaf would be a fool to opt out so the Heat have leeway (with CB's move) at 5. I can see a need for more swing depth at F, i.e., guys who could conceivably rotate 3/4/5. Pitt/Curry aren't those guys. Also, KG doesn't play for luv. Garnett is all about winning, which can rub teammates the wrong way. I've hated/luved the guy for the same reason. My guess: He's seriously thinking about Miami, like many others.


"Another player that would fit is Reggie Evans."


If the need is strictly and only rebounding, yes. But Evans is nowhere close to the more complete player Rodman -- who could also pass and defended much better -- was. Evans has never cracked .100/WS/48 in 10 yrs. Rodman averaged .150 over 14. Evans is too 1-dimensional. The Heat need more versatility from every body IMO.

"... when they'd be doing themselves AND their clients (or prospective [clients]) a BIG favor by giving equal time to perceived weaknesses/negatives by [including] lowlights."

Just say NO to buzz. Buzz (at the moment) says, Sullinger may "fall" to Heat.

I don't know about you, but one of my WORST nightmares was the thought of DaeDae Cook getting a ring before Bron.

Plus, the recent trend of high OSU picks (Turner, Oden, Cook, Conley) yielding low-to-average returns will only continue with Sullinger -- a smallish, slowish, limited big who promises to disappear or become rotation roadkill at the next level.

Pitt - staying - OK
Turiaf - staying - maybe. A whole year in our system, I'ld give him a chance
Curry - NO - waste of a roster spot, no, no, no

As proof from this year, we don't need a stiff 7' to 'anchor' our defense. Let JA, Pitt, and whoever else (not named Eddie Curry) do the heavy lifting in the paint for the first 80 games, to save CB, UD, Batt, LBJ from wear and tear on the body. If our forwards need to defend the opponents bigs in the playoffs, we can (ref: 2012 ring). Let the other teams adjust to our quicker/smaller lineups. The days of the lumbering loaf in the middle are slipping past us (ref: 2011 & 2012 Lakers)

ok melo's gone.. maybe perry jones or kim english...

Moultrie 1st impressions (incl. assimilated reports from,,

On paper, has the versatility you'd like for combo F who could also see time at 5. Production spiked after transfer to Miss. Strong build/frame, decent length + quick hops = consistent boards in traffic. Not quite jets but good speed for size. Solid faceup j out to elbow and could develop NBA 3. Has postup skills despite limited moves. Decent handle, at college level with attacking mentality but tends to force, rush or play out of control against equal/better athletes/defenses. Gets to the line (.484/FGA as jr) & converts but hard to say if he'll get same calls in The Show.

YouTube clips from swishscout

Don't miss the clip on ball-handling.

Never mind. Heat traded Moultrie to Philly for #45 + future 1st.

I liked Moultrie Pre-Draft. We Just traded him for 76er's Future 1st rd pick. I like that even More.

WE have the 45th pick.

Taheati the Pitt and Curry comment was about the Draft. I should have elaborated More. It would be fine with me if we don't draft a Big man. But yes we should still upgrade the Position. Hasheem Thabeet for the Minimum?
I would Love to see KG or Camby, I just don't know.

How do U guys feel Wade is Having Surgery and Milk is not?

I agree Wade should have the Surgery, that explains a lot about how he's been playing, Even the Blow-up in Indiana. << I will explain If U want.

I also feel Milk should have the Surgery or tell the Miami Heat his Plans for the Future.

We can Amnesty Miller or ask him to retires. Just don't string us along cause we won't even be able to use the Injury Exemption if he pulls what i think he is trying to pull. We can go after Ray with the Mid-level and still sign someone else for the Minimum.

"I can also see us going after a PF like Sullinger or PJ III from Baylor, Moultrie from MS. Maybe we can buy a Second rounder?"

"Do U think We can Trade up for PJ III or Moultrie?"

We didn't buy a second, But we got a future first. Which will be higher than anything we will get. We also got the 2nd rounder and didn't have to trade up for Moultrie. Would've liked PJIII, But I like the Future 1st more.

I also heard the Heat are bringing in a kid they drafted in 2010 that can defend and play SF/PF/C. The Heat will have a pretty good Summer League Team, Which can translate to Young bench Depth to start the Next Season.

SG/SF- Harris
PF/C- Varnado

Justin Hamilton. 7-0 spaceeater. See D-league, Europe, Mars.

kyle o quinn was still on the board. guess they went with size over skill.

This draft is more about that Future 1st rd. I hope

Traded out of 1st to save a few LT $$$. Still no reason to draft Ernest Brown II.

Good news: Boston drafted snake eyes. Sullinger + Melo = 16 fouls per 48m (includes 2 Ts apiece for 3s/5s violations)

Breaking news!

Heat will introduce draft pick Justin Hamilton at Just Right Carwash, Express Lane, 1:00 pm to 1:04 pm.

Add another one to the Big Boy Plan.

I don't see him playing a lot, but for Summer League and to push pitt for Minutes.

bad pick... had a chance to get perry jones the third.... and we settle for hamilton.. what are we doing....

Look, the celts blocked us from getting our pick... But, we can take a few players back from their team... Peitrus, Bass, Allen, KG, etc,...

Let the games begin.

DMN reports Heat sign undrafted Longhorn J’Covan Brown [ ] profile: hit it on the head.Heat can't afford to pay a 1st rd pick and upgrade in Free agency.Well they probable could afford it but its probably not worth it..Come on FA...where you at?

bad draft. This is one of few deep drafts. There's a deep draft every 5 years. There were a few skill players out there. I wanted the center picked at 30. The guy we picked was compared to Horfort. That's a good comparison to have. But to be honest i would have gotten a nice 2 guard because Wade didn't look so good this year. Riley, I hope, has a great plan in the works. I like Ray Allen, etc., but we need some young players instead of overhauling our roster every year. **signing** Very disappointed with this draft. It wasn't the time to be stagnant. Hopefully that first round pic goes in a trade for a decent center.

lets go eat

@ energybust you hungry

Posted by: jpejeff | Friday, June 29, 2012 at 02:21 PM


Thx but I was wrong, according to Riley. Riley told reporters the trade was done to increase the future value of the 1R pick (potential trade or eventual pick) so Dashi was essentially right ("This draft is more about that Future 1st rd. I hope").

Shh. Don't agree with me it will affect ur credibility.

Riley is looking for a long guy, that can shoot the 3 and play a little D. Who could that be?

He also said he is happy with Cole and chalmers. So Nash doesn't seem to be in the plans.

It came to my attention KG might be out of our price range, 3 mil won't cut it. At least we know Riley is looking for a true big man. If Pat can find what he's looking for in FA we will be dominant.

The old man might not draft, but he sure can convince people to play for him. Having this team and being in Miami doesn't hurt either.

"It came to my attention KG might be out of our price range,..." -Dooooshi

Didn't know that you worked in the Heat front office.'s pretty obvious...Riley had no intention of drafting anyone. Just postured for a future pick...BTW I think the Heat owe the Cavs two future 1st rounders at some point. So this year's draft amounted to saving guaranteed money to a 1st round rookie (2nd rounders don't count) & paying off a debt.

So...let the free agent games begin ! Starting tommorrow! The only question is for the Heat...who wants to play for Da Champs while taking most likely a substantial pay cut ?

Ray Allen ?

Chris Kaman ?

I don't know about the rest of you guys, the draft just don't excite me no more. This FA PERIOD is what gets my blood boiling.

KG signed 3 yr 30+mil deal.

No I don't work for the heat. I read up on my sports and have the capacity to retain what I read. I usually try and post knowledgeable information not just insult the almighty.

Member I said heat in 5 for the title, that was an educated guess.

The NBA draft is not like the NFL draft, No buildup No drama. It almost seems fixed.

I believe ray will take a contract similar to KG. I think I said it before the Big 3 from Boston can cut their salary in half and still stay. They were all earning 20 mil, now they will earn 10 mil to stay in Boston.

RP, u can't go 2 consecutive years without having a 1st in the NBA. That's why the Heat had a 1st this year. They traded last year to toronto. We had 1 this year but next year we give ours to Cleveland, not the one from the 76ers. Then Cleveland skips a year and gets our 2015 not 2014.

The NBA draft just has to much going on. The trades don't get announced or confirmed til after the draft. The whole lottery is fixed.

"We had 1 this year but next year we give ours to Cleveland,...". -Dooshi

We? Didn't know that you work in the Heat front office.

With Nash and Kobe (not) defending the perimeter, Artest a fraction of his younger self, Gasol being European (soft defensively) and Bynum (head case, waiting to implode at any minute) - does anybody think this team will give up less than 105 points a game? I mean, where do you hide KoMe defensively? When you are looking at bringing in a 39 year old perimeter player to help you on defense, do we start looking at that annual 1rst team All-Defense gift the NBA hands KoMe each year? You shouldn't even be considered for the 1rst team if you don't check the opposing teams' best perimeter/post player. Can't wait to see all the Laker's opponents run over that mix of players. Oh wait, they still have Matt Barnes don't they? Riiiggghhhtttt!

what about raymond felton? trade miller to portland to get felton and he retires there...

lewis is a good sign...

yes get allen signed...

joel's contract to houston for camby...

no camby? ok, allen, lewis, felton, brand, jo...


That carbon monoxide is supposed to be vented 'outside' your cab.

You didn't just suggest getting Elton Brand and Jermaine O'Neal, did you?

Brand is still an undersized PF/C, who can score, but I think we are looking for a taller, more mobile center. And that would exclude JO right there.

It's probably some of that championship champagne still in the system.

This offseason has so many key players that could help us with our title run for the next two to three years. yes, sign brand.. yes sign lewis... yes sign allen... now you ask? why go after felton... because he has a little of what wew need on both sides of the ball.. so, yes sign felton... our team has the kind of mismatch problems that no team would be able to handle us... maybe not jo... but who?? at the five, reggie evans, maybe... get rid of miller. maybe sign and trade for felton... mini-deals for lewis and brand, they want rings...and these moves add depth... we should be fine with this roster...

I just don't see Brand as helping us. He's undersized, and not real athletic (like Joel Anthony is). He can score in the post, but I don't think we want to slow the game down to accomodate his skill set. I'm not hatin' on EB, just don't think he's a good match with our current team.

Definitely NO Jermaine O'Neal....I will hate on his game.

Reggie Evans, plays hard, plays defense, rebounds, doesn't need a lot of shots, but I'm not sure he won't explode during the season and cost us (think Pittman's foul in the Pacer series). Not hatin' on him either, but we have one, if not the best, rebounder off the bench in UD already.

Lewis, he can definitely help spread the floor, but he'll have to play better defense than he has his entire career when he walks on the court. If he is willing to do that, sign him.

Love the Ray Allen signing...LOVE IT!

Felton? As long as we don't lose Chalmers or Cole to get him. I think I'ld even keep Harris over him, but realistically, it's because I'm more familiar with Harris than Felton. I'll let Riles figure that one out.

I wanted Camby, but not at the cost of Cole/Anthony/draft picks. So, good luck NY, with that pickup.

Black, you do some traveling. Does the subject of the Heat's championship ever come up, and what kind of reaction do you get when you show your Heat colors?
Has the media convinced the average Joe to hate this team and their accomplishments?

It was crazy that Houston wanted 1st round picks for Camby, a player on the downside of his career that may only have 1 season left.

Ray Allen - yippie!!!!

If Mike Miller can come back, with him and Ray having the ability to shoot, drive or pass, Miami is looking even if not more talented then some of those 90's bulls teams.

Will James Jones retire? Pls amnesty Joel Anthony and sign him at vet min. How did Eddie Curry look at the end of the season? He's only 29, but if not him, should Heat go after Oden or Kwame Brown? Both have have mcl tears if i'm not mistaken. Brown is better all around but has small hands. Oden is always hurt so he couldn't develop and get better. Brown looks like he can run with a running team. Oden, i'm not so sure, but has bigger hands and can rebound.

Let's go Heat!


I'ld like to see Jones/Miller/Allen all be part of the 2013 squad, but if one had to go, it would be Jones. If Miller does retire, keep Jones (and Harris).

Eddie Curry is a bust. He had a chance, couldn't impress the coaches enough to get into the rotation, and he got a ring. Ba-Bye!

Anthony at $3mil a year, or whatever the figure is, is not eating up that much cash. Let him stay, he's done everything that I think has been asked of him. The coaches and players seem to respect him - he definitely fills a role for the Heat.

Now, Kwame or Oden? I can't believe that Oden is in any position to demand a high salary, given his injury prone career start, so with certain physical assurances, I'ld roll the dice on him, if there was a spot left on the roster. Kwame, seems like he's been a bust damn near everywhere he's been. Even if you are OK with his court stats, his mentality seems like his biggest detriment. Although we have what I believe is a strong professional locker room presence (and that's not coincidental - thanks Pat), I don't believe Kwame's attitude would sit well with this current group. Would you roll the dice with Oden?

I agree. Kwame can be physical, can post up, can defend the middle, but I don't know if it was his old unprofessional demeanor and not letting Michael Jordan mold him (the greatest - like not letting Mike Tyson teach you how to knock someone out or not allowing the Gracie's not to teach you brazilian Jujitsu) will forever hurt his rep as a player. Is he hungry or has he come to the conclusion he will never be great and only in it for the money?

Will Oden be scared to play hard cause one more injury and he's pretty much Yao Minged/out of the league? I would role the dice on Oden since we don't need a traditional center, but I think Brown would be a better fit. He's faster than Oden, but Brown doesn't deserve a championship. He's done nothing to earn it.

Good signings Pat... Both Allen and Lewis will help in many ways... But, I would like to add, Reggie Evans and Raymond Felton would really add depth to an already well-rounded team.... get rid of miller... that contract could turn into two final players.... bring back pittman..


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