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The crazy and interesting and crazy interesting “Stuff People Ask Me on Twitter” …

Kirshner Saintil (@selfmade8806) asks, do the Heat have a free throw coach? Because if you look at it, missed free throws are another reason they lost.

The Heat does not have a coach for free throws. Each player is simply required to work on his free throws after practice. Now, I have seen Wade use the Heat’s wall-mounted, shot-doctor machine. The devise uses a laser (or maybe magic) to measure the angle of players’ shots. Usually, James Jones and Mike Miller use it for three-point shooting but recently Wade has used it to help him be more consistent at the line. The trajectory of Wade’s ideal free throw is about 45 degrees. 

During the regular season, the Heat shot 77.5 percent from the free-throw line. On the road, the number was close to 80 percent. On the road, when pressure and fatigue have more of an impact, the Heat shot 75.6 percent.

In the playoffs, the Heat has shot 71.9 percent from the free-throw line. In this round—and this is kinda crazy—Miami has shot 66.9 percent from the line, including 61.4 percent from the line at TD Garden.

Wade is a career 77 percent free-throw shooter in the playoffs. During this postseason, he’s shooting 69 percent from the line. While that number is well below average, it’s not unprecedented for Wade. In the Heat’s five games in the 2010 playoffs, Wade shot 67.5 percent from the line.

Of course, Wade isn’t the only Heat player choking at the free-throw line. Mario Chalmers is shooting 69 percent from the stripe. He’s a career 78 percent free-throw shooter. LeBron James, a career 74-percent shooter from the line, is shooting 64.8 percent from the line in the Eastern Conference finals.

Kyddhere (@kyddhere) asks, should the Heat fire Spoelstra before Game 6?

That would certainly alter his reality.

Mark Kitchens (@MarkSnitchens4) asks, any idea why Wade and LeBron aren't going to the podium?

I have to assume that they’ve simply run out of clothes and are too embarrassed to wear the same thing twice on national television. Image is the most important thing at this point. They’ve made that clear.

Ghettolicious (Esteedeesha) asks, do you use mama biscuit soap?

More commonly known as Mama Biscuit Ass Soap, this specialized sanitary product is marketed to exotic dancers who might lack the proper freshness after a long night of work. I use it often.

Jordan Tipton (@JBTipton8) asks, is it OK to feel bad for myself right now? Where do they go from here?

You’re true fan, Jordan, and you should be proud of that fact. But no, it’s not OK to feel bad for yourself. Step away from the ledge, my friend. It’s perfectly OK to be frustrated that your team lost but don’t let that feeling be confused with self loathing. And, by the looks of the crowd on Tuesday, most people didn’t seem too upset. Just go to the beach and enjoy the summer. Plenty to do in Miami than sulk.

Metta World Mark, @MettaWorldMark) asks, what does the team usually provide food wise for the team?

Turkey sandwiches before games. Dexter Pittman likes Taco Bell but the Heat won't buy it for him.

BetrayedBocaBaker (@psulur) asks, did the Heat do a "good job"? Follow-up question: Was that a "good effort"?

If this question seems a little vague to some people, our friend from Boca Raton is referencing a YouTube video that surfaced after Tuesday night’s game of a young Miami fan cheering on the Heat’s players despite the loss. If only every person in Miami was this genuine and passionate. Here’s the video:

Ramon Branger (@ramonk82) asks, why do you think Spo didn't play Joel last night? And why hasn't anyone asked him?

I know you don’t expect a straight answer on this one because I certainly wouldn't get one if I asked it. Why does Spoelstra do anything he does during games? In all seriousness, Bosh took Anthony’s minutes. Plus, Anthony didn’t exactly standout in Games 4 and 5. He averaged less than three points and two rebounds in those games. Still, it’s kind of odd to start Anthony one game during the series and then not play him at all. But we could go on and on with that theme.Consider this: The Heat has started three different centers this series and will likely start a fourth on Thursday (Bosh).

Travis Sherwood (@hutchieman) asks, should Spo have played Bosh in the 4th Q last night?

To loosely quote a line from a movie, do you leave your best horse in the stables for the Kentucky Derby? Spoelstra didn’t play Bosh in the fourth quarter and that decision might be one of many that come back to haunt him. Now, give Spoelstra credit for even playing Bosh. It was risky. But Bosh was up to the task and should have been in the game in crunch time. When Spoelstra said it wasn’t “fair” to play Bosh in the final three minutes, I think he was taking about Bosh possibly reinjuring himself.

Christopher Allard (@ASAPInfa) asks, why did the Heat suddenly forget how to play basketball the way they are capable?

I’ll answer this question with a question. Why does everyone forget that Rondo dislocated his elbow in Game 2 of last season’s Eastern Conference finals? That not-so-small detail greatly affected the outcome of the series. Maybe this is as good as the Heat is capable of playing against a team with a superior point guard and center.

Alex Lum (@alexlum2) asks, do you think the Heat wins Games 6 and 7 if Bosh plays more?

I don’t think there will be a Game 7, if that answers your question. Bosh will play more in Game 6 but it might be too little too late. At this point, a victory for the Heat in Game 6 is probably less likely than, say, Mario Chalmers teaching advanced Calculus to a group of sixth graders in Nome, Alaska. OK, I kid. The Heat still has a fighting chance. If LeBron James is on your team, you’ve got a chance.

Marlo (@marlostatus) asks, should LeBron ask for a trade? This team worse than the CAVS team he played for.

You could certainly make a compelling case. Could LeBron’s 2010 Cavs defeat the current Heat team? It’s something to ponder. As for the trade, that’s not happening. Talk about an image crisis. LeBron would never recover from that one. James got himself into this mess, so he might as well see it through.

Louis Merein (@305miamiteams) asks, should Stan Van Gundy coach the Heat? It would be giving him a second chance.

Van Gundy is much to mean to coach the Heat. LeBron likes nice coaches. Seriously, Van Gundy has a little more pride than that, I think. Maybe once Riley retires.

Josh (@UnbiasHeatFan) asks, since the season might be over very soon...draft talk. Whose your guy? I like Andrew Nicholson.

Last season’s “my guy” was Kenneth Faried and I nailed that one. Going with Jae Crowder of Marquette this time.

Ryan (@RealRyanPatino) asks, in your honest opinion and I'll take a direct message for the answer, how rigged is the NBA's officiating, if at all?

In my honest opinion, everyone is on the take. You, me, your mom, the refs, everyone.

Avery Banks (@AveryBanks77) asks, my question is how long will it take Pat Riley to coach or replace Spo. It's playoffs and still no good rotation?

Rotations are so overrated. That’s outside noise. That’s not my reality. This is a long and strange journey and we’re all on it together for whatever reason. *drops acid*

Rolly Mendoza (@rollzter) asks, does the blame go to the players or coaching staff when Heat uses so many isolation plays?

Did the credit go to Paul Pierce or Doc Rivers when Pierce jacked that three in LeBron’s face? Look, when you have LeBron and Wade on your team and they’re surrounded by role players who aren’t pulling their weight offensively, isolation basketball is just a reality. So, I guess it’s mostly the players’ fault but the fault shouldn’t entirely fall on LeBron and Wade.

Place Your Bets (@SELFMADE_G22) doesn’t really have a question, but he did leave a good comment: "If the Heat wins Game 6 they have to put the video of ESPN analysts calling Heat fans"soft"on the big screen see how they react.

You’re right. Heat fans need something to get their blood pumping because the Eastern Conference finals apparently hasn’t done the trick. I couldn’t believe how quite the crowd was in the fourth quarter on Tuesday. It’s as if the fans were too nervous to cheer. The perception of this team has been so out of whack since the beginning that it has affected how Heat fans cheer for the team. That’s the best analysis I’ve got in that department. Either that, or Heat fans are soft. But I live in Miami. I KNOW Heat fans aren’t soft. Not exactly a soft town.

Aaron John Gonsoulin (gonsoulin16) asks, will Bosh start Game 6?

He better.

Adam (@dolfan0516) asks, why does the team look so disinterested/lethargic for large portions of the game?

The Celtics mixed up their defenses in second and third quarters and the Heat was either too lazy or too unprepared for it. Between the second and third quarters, the Heat scored 36 points in 24 minutes. Pathetic. Miami had substantial leads at halftime, entering the third quarter and in the fourth quarter but couldn’t hang on. I wouldn’t exactly call it lethargic because the Heat out-rebounded the Celtics by 10. But Wade certainly seems to take plays off and LeBron settles for too many jumpers. In the second quarter, James was 4 of 7 from the field and the rest of the Heat was 1 of 15!


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