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Status update on LeBron James

LeBron James was still sore on Wednesday after Tuesday's bout with leg cramps but said he "should be fine" by Thursday night.

The Heat plays the Thunder at 9 p.m. on Thursday in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. The Heat leads the series 3-1 and can clinch its second NBA championship in franchise history with a victory.

"I feel a lot better than I did last night--that's clear," James said during his post-practice news conference at AmericanAirlines Arena. "I'm able to walk up here even better than I did last night when I talked. I'm still a little sore because of the muscles just kind of being at an intense level, very tight."

James received treatment on his legs on Tuesday night and again Wednesday morning. He participated in the Heat's light practice. 

James went down with a leg cramp in his quadriceps during the fourth quarter of Game 4 and was carried off the court but reentered the game to sink a clutch three-pointer with under three minutes to play. James, noticeably fatigued from the cramping, then left the game with under a minute to play.

"I'm going to use today as an opportunity to continue to improve with my legs," James said. "And also with the game being basically at midnight tomorrow night I have all day tomorrow, too, to prepare." 


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Superman will be ready. The question shouldn't be if he will be ready? It should be why it happened? We all know the reason why

Remember I showed nadal and that lady catching cramps. They were back on the court the next day running around trying to win a Major. Any one who has played sports or ran for long period of time knows what a cramp feels like. I luv when the guy asks lebron have u ever caught a cramp before? Really, ask any Pro athlete that question or any HS kid who has played in Miami's Humidity. Fatigue causes cramps.

Here's something I've always wondered about: do league rules prohibit ingame oxygen supplementation? Oxygen + electrolytes + massage could mitigate muscle spasm if/when they arise and oxygen augmentation itself could mitigate late game fatigue and, as a result, enhance late-game performance. I know onhand medical staffs are allowed to administer oxygen in emergencies, but are they allowed to administer same as, say, a preventative measure? (rhetorical)

I think the league might drag their feet on the oxygen tanks and masks on the sideline, for perception reasons. You know, the same reason an NFL player needs to go to the locker room to get 'retaped'. Football doesn't want to have needles poppin' on the sidelines, my guess, is that the NBA has those same issues with tanks and masks on the sideline.

Dashi - you're a Lebron fan, not a Heat fan. If LBJ signed with the Celtics or Knicks tomorrow, you wouldn't give the Heat a second thought. So, just move out of the way when the Heat parade comes rollin' down Biscayne, and let that 8-year old 'true' fan to the front of the line.

There isn't a player on either team that isn't tired/fatigued at this point. Those cramps could have happened to Westbrook, Coles, Bosh, anybody. Take any chance to denigerate our coach, won't you. Even after all the support from his players, GM, and former players and coaches recently, you still know better than this young seasoned coach??? One of these days Alice.......straight to the moon!

even for lebron to take oxygen that would mean they put him on the bench. Won't happen U know Why.

I believe it's an inside Venue there should be no reason to use oxygen, not as humid as outside. I've seen them do it in football all the time though. Maybe he gets a placebo affect? Oxygen will let the muscles heal up faster after a Workout/Sport Activity(Heals the Mini-Tears in the Muscle, Keys to Muscle Growth Exercise, Food, Oxygen). Maybe they put him in a Hyperbolic Chamber for a bit.

Tell him to drink pickle juice to prevent Cramps, Ol school remedy. The best things for Cramps are rest and fluids. He should do something extra stretching pre-game.

I also have an Idea? Give Lebron at Least a 2 Minute Break Each Quarter.

Let's go Heat. Finish 'em

Fool I told U in Basketball U Root for the Players not The Team. Else the Jersey's won't have Names on the Back. Wait to Lebron gets old and I move on to another BB Player.

Always trying to find a Way to Discredit The Almighty's Opinion. Not Cool. Do we Sleep together always with the Dashi this Dashi That. Dang Fool Be Easy, Take Dashi's Johnson Out ur mouth.

That's the Problem right there greg. U view the Heat as an 8 year old would. Dashi Looks at the game of basketball like a 30 year old man does.

Don't they have the team names on the front of the jerseys?

I root for the organization. Example: I was a Heat fan DESPITE the fact that supercoolbeas was rockin' a Heat jers. Today there are ZERO players, coaches, administrators, owners on this team that I don't respect and root for, and I have a feeling it's going to stay that way for a long time. I wasn't a Shaq fan either, but was ecstatic to see the 2006 team achieve what they did, (thanks ZO).

Oh, that was your johnson?? I thought it was a piece of my morning bagel crumb stuck in my tooth.

Yes Everyone's tired, but Lebron is the only one catching Cramps. Explain that, Greg? The Greatest physical Specimen on the Court has "Muscle Fatigue".

U know the most physically fit player in the World is Tired and a 1-Leg Wade is not? Why is that? OverUse?Could it be Wade gets a Mandatory 2 minute rest each QTR, else he bitchslaps Spo.

I bet 50, Spo has never Caught a Cramp in his life. He has never Strained or Exerted his body hard enough to reach the point of cramping. U can tell by his lack of Understanding of player fatigue being a Valid Reason to make a Substitution, not just the rotation.

Oh, Yeah Asz Clown Look ^^^ that's how a post looks like when U wanna State Ur opinion without Belittling The Other People who post on this blog,, Mr. Cry Baby Bully

Only you would say that Wade is NOT tired at this point of the season/series.

SPO played college basketball, I believe Division 1. So your 'any one who has played sports' theory contradicts the 'spo has never caught a cramp theory. But your whole M.O. is to contradict yourself, and be hypocritical.

You keep waving that LBJ flag, and the rest of will continue to wave the Heat flag. Funny how everywhere LBJ goes, he's had shitty coaches. Coincidence? The great Dashi One is probably the only one who has the experience and know-how to coach this athlete. Well, until SPO wins his 17th Championship in a row - consistency rules supreme (unless you're coach k)

U see I was an Orlando fan Growing up(Shaq,Penny,T-mac) until 03. U get tired of Seeing Talent get Wasted and not Kept. U know they traded T-Mac the Off-Season they got Howard. Alot of Talent has gone thru That Organization. U know they drafted Miller and also Stoudemire they just traded Amare on Draft Night. they could of had Howard, Stoudemire, T-mac, Miller, and G.Hill for like 5 years at least if they never would have traded any of them. With Doc Rivers Coaching Them.

Before that was the Jordan Legacy for Me and Everyone Else. Yes, I will become a Die hard Heat fan After Lebron Retires, but I know BB is about the Player not the Organization. Else ur Denying all the People around the World a Chance To root for Lebron cause they are not heat fans. U don't hold that much Power, Sorry Buddy.

Oh, Yeah that little 8 year old shouldn't be worrying about me at the Parade. He should be Worried about the Bums and Zombies running Loose. Or U haven't been down here long enough?

Talking about Biscayne U sound more like A Broward Guy to me.


University of Portlnd is Division III. His dad probably got him that job. Sort of how his DAD got him the Job on the Heat. Look it Up

This is the finals and as Dwade told his team mates, it's supposed to hurt...putting your best player on the bench because you're scared of cramps is just an asinine thought...Dashi finally came out the closet, he's not a Heat fan he's just a bandwagon tool showing up here for the playoffs...where you been all season and the last couple years?? Beat it punk!! This is HeatNation not LebronNation.

Fool U must have not been reading Cause i said it from the Beginning Let me Guess

Fire Spo is all U Understood. Yeah, I'm the one blinded by Hate alright.

Did I say put him on the bench cause of Cramps?

I've been banging the We have A Bench Let's Use it. Give the Starters at Least 8 Minutes a game Off. Startes Shouldn't play 40+ on a Consistent Basis. Look It Up

Not denying anyone a chance to root for their guy. Just be clear about your allegiance. Your's is to a player to a team.

Did you just use talent and T-Mac in the same sentence?

Orlando's had some good teams, the last being when they went to the Championships in 2007, I believe. Then they made some bad personnel decisions. Ain't the coaching.

Not a Florida resisdent, but I might come down there to vote as one of the thousands of dead people you have to keep on your voting records. THE DEAD HAVE BEEN DISENFRANCHISED FOR TOOOOO LONG! Good luck with that.

Rick Scott is fixing that with the Citizen Voting thing he's doing. Some find it Unconstitutional, i find it right and Needed. U have people that are Dead and Some that are not even Citizens and they have A Right to Vote. No wonder they Rig Elections in Florida.

What's funny is the Last Election I wasn't allowed to Vote on the Local Politicians or Laws only on the President and senate. I wasn't on the list and they didn't want to let me Vote. Even though I had my Voters Registration and FL drivers License from the last 10 years same Address.

Yes, T-mac is Talented. U do know until Recently He had one of the Highest PPG in the playoff's over 32.0 for his career. 2 time scoring Champ. 7x All-star, 13 points in 33 seconds on POP, Multiple Buzzer Beaters, Etc. Etc.

I've said it for a minute we should get him for the Minimum next year. Shane had his best back to back playoff game when he scored 17 pts. Milk is done. T-mac would add scoring off the bench. Ur telling me T-mac can't take on Fatboy Harden off the bench. T-mac can play 3 positions (SG,SF,PG). Picture Bosh, Battier, James, D.Wade and T-mac as a line up. Not as Ur starters, before U go on and Beat me up for it.

U can even have Shane and T-mac off the bench with Harris and Cole. That way U even out Experience with Youth.

T-mac would Automatically become the 2nd best dribbler behind D.Wade. Yes, I'm a Lebron fan but one of his biggest flaws to me is the way he dribbles. That's the Real reason Lebron should post-up or Palm the ball and do a fake before he starts dribbling.

I just can't with this idiot anymore...totally ruined it for me.

Greg, Jp, Energy, black, taheati and the rest of ya'll REAL heat fans see ya next season when this tool is gone. HEAT UP!!


T-Mac can play three positions, ON OFFENSE, maybe. He couldn't guard me on the court though. You can put up all the individual scoring stats you want with T-Mac, but how many years did he play in the NBA before he even saw the second round of the playoffs? He couldn't handle the conditioning in our pre-season camps, probably wouldn't play because he's never played defense a day in his life.

Heatup - feeling your pain. Sometimes I go off of the bball subject with a line or two and just sit back and watch the stupidity ensue. A couple of paragraphs about voting issues? Whew, my day is almost complete now. Hopefully tomorrow our posts will be more about basketball elation than about elections and Harden being fat. What the ???? is that about?

15 down - 1 to go!

JVG was his coach, Doc Was his Coach. T-mac can play individual defense and Team Defense. His Offense just overshadows it, thats how gifted he is. He might not jump as high as he use to but he is still long and Agile. He's not NBA first Team Defense.

What U mean is T-mac doesn't Flop(Take A Charge) last time i Check D-Wade doesn't either. Again, that Sentence doesn't mean He's a better Defender than Wade.

T-Mac's not a Ballhog can Pass real well and Set Ur Offense up for Wade and Lebron(that way they don't have to hold the ball so long). Plus he can Shoot and Rebound Better than Shane or any SF/SG/PG we have on the bench. The man use to avg Lebron numbers for a couple years before the injuries (27+pts 6-7 Rebs 7-8 assist). That's why I say get rid of Milk and Keep Shane. Shane can play Defense and in the System the Heat run T-mac can play 4 positions with shane and him Rotating on PG-SF.

We have good defenders on the bench already but they are nights when we need someone to come off the bench and drop at least 15 maybe More.

U know That's not fair the whole t-mac never left the first round. He is the Perfect example that it's a team game not an Individual One. Why Lebron Left Cleveland. In Orlando Grant Hill was never healthy(Thank U Zo) and in Houston Yao was Yao. AkA The Big Pu*sy. He would've been better off with Howard, Instead Orlando got Francis and Mobley.

* Rotating on PG-PF

Let me see, Yao is a big kitty kat (why, I don't know) but when T-Mac was in Houston, he bitched and whined and used his back injury as an excuse to get his way. Where's the consistency in your arguement? T-Mac gets traded from the Rockets goes to the Knicks and his back AMAZINGLY feels a lot better. No consistency to your arguement.

to counter cramps you have to eat plenty of bananas and drink plenty of water and youll be fine.

lmbo at Heatup...Well tonight is the night. I expect Miami to win. Just trying to find me some heat gear since I'm in VA for the month.

To be honest, Spo has grown a lot from the ridiculous energy bus (hense my name of course) book he gave players a year a go. He's just has to stop with the bad interviews of talking about human conditions. It makes the Heat organization look bad. He's been coaching better in the finals and I'm not saying that because the Heat are winning, but because he's playing more of the bench, less of JA in the middle (JA is a 4 at best), and he's stopped with his scheduled rest for players which let teams know if they could just stay in game, Spo would rest stars and they could then make run at the end of 3rd and beginning of 4th. He's calling timeouts before lead is lost.

He still needs to develop a better offense, stop with his 101 rotations, and get tougher with refs.

Let's go Heat!

speaking of Yao, I think since he took a year off, Miami should go and see if his body is healed enough and is mind is into giving it one more shot at a championship at vet min.

U just keep amazing me with ur negative opinion of everything I say. T-Mac hasn't been healthy til maybe this year. Knee and back issues. He hurt his back carrying yao. If T-Mac was healthy he would be worth a lot more than the minimum. Hate is hate and I know where ur going again. I give u the stats and ways we can use him, but cause dashi says it, it is wrong. T-Mac doesn't talk bad about his teammates or coaches. Maybe Kobe?

Hey Tracy has more steals and blocks per game than shane. For someone that doesn't play defense that's pretty good. Now, lets leave that for another day.

Hey and consistency and forever are 2 different things.I bet u can consistently keep trashing my opinion for the next 1-2 years, but I bet U can't do it forever.

Since consistency and forever mean the same thing. T-Mac was consistently great for 6-8 years, that doesn't mean he'll be great forever. I guess MJ is inconsistent for U. He was only consistently great for like a decade

Wonder why u like Spo so much since he doesn't fit ur crazy view of the word consistency

Let's go heat. Heat in 5! Finish them


we're in more quarter and up by 22


well, it looks like he is feeling great today. he had a nice game. though i still think that he still needs to prove a lot of things.

We are the champions my friends And we'll keep on fighting till the end We are the champions We are the champions No time for losers 'cause we are the champions

Of the world

We are the champions my friends And we'll keep on fighting till the end We are the champions We are the champions No time for losers 'cause we are the champions my friends

World Champs Miami Heat

Good job Everyone.
Everyone involved deserves Congratulations

Heat In 5! We did it. The Last Game Was a Dominating Effort All Around. Offense, Defense, Rebounding, Hustle Plays.

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