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Let's compare LeBrons on eve of his 2011 Finals meltdown

Everything seems so crystal clear right now. The season is going to be over in two games. Fact. I remember feeling the same way last season.

Then I remember Game 4.


If your memory needs joggling, that's the game when LeBron James' game melted through the reactor's core. Up 2-1 in the series, the Heat led by nine points with 10 minutes to play in Game 4. LeBron's stat line in the fourth quarter: 0 points, 0 of 1 from the field, 0 of 0 from the free throw line, 1 assists, 2 turnovers.

"Obviously up until the Finals last year he was having an amazing playoffs," Wade said. "He had a game where he struggled and he kind of let that get into his mind a little bit and he was thinking too much."

We all know what happened from there.

"I let my teammates down," James said before the Finals began in Oklahoma City.

James appears to be in a better frame of mind this time around. His statistics don't compare to the 2011 Finals. In finished with 107 points and 43 rebounds in six games against the Mavericks. He needs 16 points and 12 rebounds to match those totals and can do it in two fewer games in this Finals.

"He's just a totally different player," Dwyane Wade said. "Now he's playing, he's on attack and being very aggressive. When he puts his head down to go to the rim, you have no other choice but to foul him or he's going to finish. I love how he's attacking the basket because good things happen for us."

Said James: "Last year is last year and we're not going into a Game 4 on someone else's floor. We'll be ready for the challenge."


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"We know [playing Harris] won't happen."


I don't know that. I know this: a) Harris was inactive vs. BOS, was reactivated for OKC, b) Miller's grimace is better than his game and c) Jones isn't suddenly gaining what he always lacked -- lateral quicks.

We also know Bron, Wade & Bosh *must* avoid foul trouble without the Heat -- as a team -- conceding stops.

Compounding the (potential) problem, the Thunder will be MORE, perhaps considerably more aggressive in Game 4.

In a perfect world, Harris plays because he's a better athlete, defender, (instinctive) boarder than Miller or Jones. But I'll settle for imperfect if the P/T is meaningful and/or unprompted by injury or Too-late-I-told-you-so foul trouble to MIA's big 3.

I also suspect, Ira Winderman doesn't rate much cred among players or coaches (c'mon, raking Wade in his mailbag col for T/Os obviously caused by Thunder players slapping, grabbing & yanking to silent whistles?) ...

... and Joe's question about the "dynamics" of KD's 4th foul and subsequent rest really *did* stump Bron during the Q&A (next-time note to JG: 'dynamic' is too abstruse; why not plain, 'ol "effects"?)

U know playing Harris Won't Happen. We would just Shorten the Rotation. Instead of Giving our players the proper Rest per Game.

I feel Starters Should play a Max of 40 Minutes a Game. U should at least get a 2 minute break each Quarter. They are Exceptions to every Rule, but just don't make it a Habit. U play harder when U know a break might be coming, Instead of picking Ur spots to rest on the Court since Ur going to be out there all game. Sit Ur happy Butt on the Bench, I'll have Someone else run around for U if U just want to Watch. That goes for everyone not just the Big 3. Attack, Stop Standing Around Looking at the Highlights.

Believe Me I think WE got great bench players we just don't use them. UD,Turiaf, JA, Battier, JJ, Cole, Harris and My Boy Pitt. 3 out of the 8 Need Developing but they have Potential.

Hypothetical Situation(Conspiracy), Lebron threw last Year for a couple of reasons.

Payback for The 06 Title- Yes, Most people believe this is the MAin Reason, Not Me

The Pending Season Long NBA Lockout- He had to make Sure his Salary for this Year was Guaranteed.

As A Lebron fan I can tell U he has had a lot of "Suspicious" Moments thru his Career. It helps having Haters that call it "Choking". Takes away from the real Problem.

When He Left Cleveland Everyone Felt he threw the Series cause he Didn't like Mike Brown and was tired of the Cav's not trying to build him a team for Years, but willing to Profit off his Name. Lebron Built The Quickens Arena, Else it would've been the Cav's in OKC not the Sonics.

Last Year the Whole Jason Terry Joke. Lebron can Stop Little Man in His Sleep. Yet after game 2 Terry gets the better of Lebron for the rest of the series. Please, U can't honestly think Terry can score at will against LBJ. He Locked Down D.Rose 1 series before, he can't stop Terry?

Lebron is talented enough that he can get away with it and we won't ever notice the cheating. But I get my suspicion every time U see him do a couple Easy Mistakes or T.O. cause of real bad passes, followed by a Bunch of Bricking Long Jumpers and No Effort or concentration on playing team Defense. Yea, It's mental alright.

Pete Rose is the Greatest Hitter of All-Time and Nobody Knew he Gambled on Games until they caught his Bookie. And they still can't point out when Pete Cheated during his playing Days just his Managing Ones.

Nobody Played Baseball Harder than Pete Rose. Nobody Plays BB harder than Lebron James.


Associated Press
June 18, 2012, 7:35 PM ET

MIAMI -- David Stern is determined to stop the floppers, even if it takes until the next morning. The NBA commissioner believes too many players are deceiving referees into calling fouls by falling down, or flopping. [As a result,] he and the league's newly reformed competition committee met Monday for a discussion about how it can be prevented. The committee is made up of coaches Doc Rivers of Boston, Rick Carlisle of Dallas and Lionel Hollins of Memphis; owners Dan Gilbert of Cleveland and Joe Lacob of Golden State, and general managers Bryan Colangelo of Toronto, Sam Presti of Oklahoma City, Mitch Kupchak of the Lakers and Kevin O'Connor of Utah.


So. Does Ginobili retire today or tomorrow? Ditto Varejao. And why aren't the Heat repped on this committee -- AGAIN?

Seems at least ONE Colangelo gets slotted every year. Whattup with THAT?

Can't believe I'm gonna agree with Greg Cote. For once.

"Haters of Miami Heat’s LeBron James can be quieted for good with two more wins" [ ].

Well almost. Haters won't stop. Ever. But their audience will shrink. Fast. Just do it.

My bad for going offtopic also with my Hypothetical Theory.

The Haters are disappearing, But as a Lebron fan I agree it's to early to say that. We need 2 more wins.

The same goes with Spo. The 1 Spo Critic or Hater in people's Eye will go away and respect him if he wins 2 more Games.

U know I won't go away, but he will earn my respect from that moment forward.

I wouldn't even try and make fun of his dancing(U know he Can't Move) or his Corny Speech filled with Spo Talk(Grinding it Out, Our Identity, Etc.) during the Biscayne Celebration.

Just win Baby, and all the Hate will Disappear. Let's go heat and Win Game 4


Associated Press

June 18, 2012, 7:35 PM ET
MIAMI -- David Stern is determined to stop the floppers, even if it takes until the next morning.


Imagine if they did this in soccer. There wouldn't be a sport. Seems like Stern is trying to use some kind of scare tactic here. It won't happen.

Stern got way too much power. The guy always got his hands in the player's pockets.

He's like that little town that collects a lot of revenue thru speed traps.

My Tuesday wake & bake hits:

1 - If Harris ever sees the court in this series, the officials will give him NO break. They don't want to see the 12th man off the bench come in and start d'ing up Harden and Westbrook. Any, ANY, contact will be a Heat foul, so if SPO is going to roll the dice on Harris, he'ld better do it at the end of a quarter when we don't have many team fouls. That being said, I'm not hatin' on Harris. He opened my eyes with that 14 rebound game vs the Sixers earlier in the year.

2 - I don't mind players trying to take charges. OF COURSE, they exaggerate the contact. If they didn't, the big boys would never be able to take a charge and the guards would have free reign to run into them - which is part of what the league wants - more offensive drives to the basket to feed the ESPN highlight reel. Maybe it's just an officiating thing. If LBJ goes in for a layup and KD takes a bit of contact and falls, maybe it's a NO CALL. Officials don't have to call anything just because a player tries to draw a charge (which now has the ugly connotation of a 'flop').

3 - Miami's small ball outrebounding larger teams??? So, it's position, not size that leads to rebounds??? What about the super big guy in the middle to 'eat up space'??? Oh, that's SOOOO yesteryear!

4 - Talking to one of the (fellow) old heads at the gym on Sunday and I said, "Remember 1985-1991 when the commentators worked so hard to find every possible superlative to lavish on Jordan's game. People bitched when he didn't win the MVP every year, cause he was the best player on the planet? All that time, with all that great publicity, all those highlight plays, all the verbal massaging of his image, AND NO RING???? How did he get all that pub, without ever winning a championship??? Why is LBJ held up to a higher standard than his errorness???" When I got off my soapbox, I realized my partner was sporting a Jordan shirt, but my point was still legit.

Game 4 - we will need focus for 48 minutes. This is a young team with PLENTY of gas in the tank. But we aren't exactly chump change. Do the d@mn thing!

Why are the Players not represented?

Harden is Done. Now he's really going to sit on the bench eating Chips all day. He'll have 1 more reason to retire, Not just the Fatigue(fat) Issue.

Why wait for Shaq to retire Stern to change the rule again. The flopping wasn't that bad in the MJ era. Lebron U know what to do. Keep Going hard in the MoFukin' Paint. Now they are either going have to get out of the way or get run over. A charge is a Charge, but the whole falling down without getting touched every time that's flopping.

I've said it all along Stern is a Great Lawyer. U saw how he tore Jim Rome a new one. Accuse Everyone Deny Everything.

"Accuse Everyone Deny Everything" - what politician did Stern learn that from???

I agree on the Potential of our Young players (Cole,Harris,and Pitt).

Size is Important at the C and PF position. U don't notice the Difference because Ibaka is not a great rebounder for his ability and Shane is as good a rebounder as JA.

This series is the exception not the rule. Don't think Shane is going to be the Starting PF next year for 82 games. Even Good Soldier Shane will slap the Sh!t out of Spo.

Shane is a SF moonlighting as a PF. He's a veteran and probably has the Highest basketball IQ on the team. I believe not just out of the players. Shane went to Duke and was coached by the greatest College BB ever. On top of that Shane's Naturally Smart, Probably graduated Out of Duke with A 4.0. That's a perfect Storm for a Future Head Coach.

No, I'm not saying what everyone is thinking. Shane will make some team happy. I hope he can start off as an Assistant to Spo in like 3-4 years. If things go right Spo will be the Next Young Don Shula Miami is looking for. But 2 more Games. Heat in 5. Lets break OkC's Will tonight.

Harden don't need to flop. All he needs to do is take a charge on the chin to absorb the contact. He wouldn't feel a thing. Mike Tyson on his prime couldn't knock him it with multiple power shots to the chin.......Harden wins Goonie Gu Gu of the year.

I'm driving me nuts

Every President of Any Country.

Stern Reminds Me of Dick Cheney. I can't stand what he stands for, but I respect His ability to Debate and Convince. The man has a way with Words. How U think George bush got elected. both of them. Those 2 are the Greatest Puppet Masters I've ever seen. Goodell is getting there but those guys have at least 20 years Experience on him.

Didn't think it was possible, but Dashi, you know more about basketball than politics.

"Shane went to Duke and was coached by the greatest College BB ever" - who just got sent fishing in the FIRST ROUND of the NCAA (JV league) this year. C'mon, where's the consistency???

So coach K is not the Greatest BB "COACH" Ever? U know what I meant, I don't double check sometime. My bad, Someone Call My Momma. It's either him or John Wooden

Really, The Man Coaches the US Olympic Team. He's making the Adjustment to the New 1 and Done Scheme going on in the College Game. Thats not fair U only Lose once and ur out The Ncaa Tournament. He's also rated on how many Athletes he Graduates and or puts in this league.

Coach K is an Institution. He has probably put enough Good players in the NBA he can field 2 teams right now.

Yeah, but he doesn't do that consistently. After he wins his 12th title, then, and only then, will he have my respect.

" If things go right Spo will be the Next Young Don Shula Miami is looking for."-Me

Spo still hasn't won 1 and U love to Compare him to G.O.A.T's. I'm a Realist, Yes Spo is the Heat head Coach. That doesn't give him the Right to be Named the "Undisputed Best in the League". When Spo goes 72-10, wins 10+ titles, Has Multiple Players in The NBA Hall-Of-Fame.

Then Yes we can compare the 2, But Spo is not even Rick Carlisle or DR yet. 2 More wins. Like MY Man KG will SAy, Let's Do It!

^^^^holy shite, now that's funny Greg...

I don't know how to feel about tonight's game but we have to make sure to keep them under 100pts.

Spo's been doing a # on Scott Brooks...he has to adjust to Brooks adjustments tonight.

Wow! Ibaka, first time at the championship level? Maybe the media in the Congo isn't quite as carniverous at they are here.

I've never put too much into the 'bulletin board' material, cause, if you aren't internally motivated to play these games, you shouldn't be here.

Another point: I'm watching the media hand pick which close calls/close no-calls were made the last three games and wondering how Byron Russell's back is feeling.

Ibaka is just happy to be on TV. I believe the national media in winobe might be a little more carnivorous than the one here.

Hey, Russell trashed talked that series and look what happened to him. He got put in NBA history forever. I bet Russell regrets the trash talk.

Lebron needs to have that Stoic face today. Take it to that goal tending machine. Break him.

Just make Perkin keep hating. Until Perkins stops with the his ugliness towards Miami, I hope he never wins a championship. Just because LB and Wade kicked them out of the playoffs, and then LB tweeted about him being posterized, among the fact that Perkins is still on Boston's bozack, makes him one of the ugliest characters (even worst than KG because he doesn't have the game to back it up) in the NBA. Perkins, you play for the Thunder now. Stop worrying about if the Celtics feel they can beat Miami or where KG will resign. Stay in your lane or so maybe you can stop Griffin from posterizing you.

Let's don't get caught up in suddenly playing one-on-one ball. Ibaka says some stupid $hit, we don't have to single him out for punishment - win the damn series, that trumps any individual play.

Doesn't matter how much Russell trash talked, I'm sure it wasn't one-sided, that doesn't erase the completely obvious push-off that he endured. That 'non-call' is also in NBA history.

SMOKESCREEN.............To hide the fact that KD is totally over matched defending Lebron. 5 bucks Brook makes a switch 2nite.

Yea MJ trash talked on the court, but I think the same thing happened to Gary payton. He opened his mouth and said he was better than mj before a final. I believe lebron is 1 dude that doesn't ball hog, but he should stop with the hero ball dribbling time off the clock. He needs to palm the ball more and use fakes before he starts his dribble. A la MJ, lebron can palm the ball with 1 hand. He doesn't use the triple threat position enough.

Yes, I agree don't make it personal lebron. Take it out on their whole team. This game will be nice to see stoic face lebron.

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