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GAME 5: Heat 121, Thunder 106

NBA Champions!

What a magical night. LeBron James delivered his first triple-double of the season in Game 5 of the NBA Finals and the Heat closed out the series with an emphatic 121-106 victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder at AmericanAirlines Arena.

The Heat put together a 19-1 run in the third quarter. Miami led by 24 points entering the fourth quarter.

LeBron James was an unstoppable force throughout the postseason and he closed out the series with his first triple-double of the season, scoring 26 points to go along with 13 assists and 11 rebounds. He put together one of the postseason's greatest individual performances, averaging 30.3 points, 9.7 rebounds and 5.6 assists in 23 games.

Mike Miller wrote himself into NBA Finals lore with 23 points on 7 of 8 from three-point range. It was a career postseason high in scoring for Miller in what might have been his last game. Miller hinted towards retirement in his postgame news conference.

"I've got to make the best decision, not only for the organization, for the players that work every night, for the Arisons who believed in me, for Coach Riley for bringing me here, and then for my family," Miller said. "Just got to make sure it's the best one."

Miller has three years left on his contract. He'll meet with doctors in the next week to determine the extent of his injuries. If he needs surgery (or surgeries), Miller might call it quits and retire. It's a tricky situation. Miller would rather have the Heat use its amnesty clause on him. It would allow him to be paid the full amount of his contract.

Miller's seven three-pointers was one shy of the Finals record, set by Ray Allen in 2010.

The Heat was 14 of 26 from three-point range. The 14 three-pointers was one shy of the postseason record. All five Heat starters scored in double figures for the first time this postseason.

Chris Bosh delivered 24 points, a postseason career high, and seven rebounds to go along with two blocks in Game 5. The Heat, which lost the first game of the series with Bosh coming off the bench, won four straight with Bosh back in the starting lineup. Bosh had 12 points in the third quarter. Closing out the series at home was significant for Bosh, who collapsed in the Heat's "Hall of Champions" after the 2011 Finals. The moment was caught on camera and it haunted Bosh for an entire season.

"It was everything for me," Bosh said. "It was just erasing all those memories."

Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem won their second Finals on Thursday. It was the first NBA championship for the 13 other members of the team. Wade finished with 20 points, eight rebounds, three assists and four blocks. Wade averaged 23.5 points in the Heat's four victories of the series. Wade has scored at least 20 points in 15 of his 17 career Finals games.


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They proved all the haters wrong. Let's go heat!


Riley was right...the veteran player/roster finds a way at the right time. Made me a believer AGAIN !



About Dang Time

Douchi - It hasn't been a long time for us Heat fans. Maybe for LBJ fans it's been a long 9 years. Heat fans just got a ring in 2006, and we were in the Championships last year - the first year this team was assembled - so we turned it around pretty quick.


The game hasn't passed Riles by. He had the vision to cap everybody's contract (that he could) the year Wade's ended, cleared all that cap space - at the expense of fielding some middle of the road teams - to get to yesterday's win. One of the greatest coaches of all time, one of the best President/GMs of all time, a class individual who runs Mickey's company the same way. He was a huge part of what LBJ/CB/Batt/etc...bought into when deciding to come to Miami.

Congrats Pat!

Veterans win championships - the newest shiniest toy on the shelf is what the media wants to talk about.

SPO got a lot, A LOT, of cred last night from EVERYBODY.

First team to come from behind in three straight series......had to be some credit to the coaching staff for pulling that off. Great adjustments! Great focus! Great leadership! You are a champion forever Eric!

In this copy cat league, let's see who has the testicular fortitude to play small ball like us. No team is as versatile as we are, NONE!

SPO DID use his bench effectively!
SPO DID use his starters minutes effectively!
SPO DID use his timeouts effectively!
SPO DID give great press conference answers!
SPO DID motivate his team effectively!
SPO DID put the smack down on Woodson/Fogel/Rivers/Brooks!
SPO DID use his lineups effectively!

We have a great coach in Miami! You can get on board with that, or get off the wagon.

....and I ain't done yet!


Black - I can see Ray Ray with us, but I think KG is going to ride off into that gangsta's sunset. And I know that JO isn't Jermaine O'Neal, is it?


I'm good with KG's game, I just think his body is shutting down on him. far as JO, as long as his spot is Juwan's chair and not on the floor, I'm good with it. But I'ld rather see JA, Pitt, and Turiaf fill that role. How about a Chris Kamaan siting?

Next up: the players

Chalmers - we may NOT need an upgrade at the point guard position. And when did he play his best? When Durant moved over to guard him. (Sorry KD, you have to vastly improve the 50% of your game that is defense, before being mentioned with LBJ as an MVP candidate)

Chalmers is NOW a champion at the JV (collegiate) and Varsity (NBA level)! Way to run the show, and know when to get yours! Keep improving your outside jumper and you will someday have more value than Rondo.

Norris Coles is a legitimate back up to Chalmers. After not even looking to shoot in the first two playoff series, you grew into your spot quite nicely. I like the high-top Philly fade too. Keep working with your game and we will never mention T-Mac's name again.

"Miller done" -> Come undone

"Fire Spo" -> Fire in the belly

"LeBron chokes" -> Choke on this

"Wade garbage" -> Solid gold garbage

"Bosh soft" -> Killing you softly

"Buncha Titos -> Titos win Title

"We are witnesses" -> Witnessed

Hey...anyone heard from Black Mamba lately????

Lakers have won 1 game outside of the first round in the last two years. Time for KoMe to start throwing his teammates and management under the bus.

I was working my way there Taheati, you beat me to it!

How freakin' good does it feel in FLA today?

"Hey...anyone heard from Black Mamba lately????"

Hey greg - lil punk Dashi is all quiet today, no stupid analysis of Spo today.

2012 Champs!!! Great win, i'm so happy for LBJ and the veterans! Lets enjoy it and next season we'll start to look for #3! GO HEAT!!!

This team went through so much adversity the past 2 years but got the job done. Im so proud of the whole organization. SPO did a fantastic job getting this group through the past 2 seasons. The roster is not in bad shape for a run the next 4-5 years. PG situation seems pretty set with a Chalmers/Cole tandem. Have shooters to space the floor. I think a bigger body could be used in the C position at times. Im just so proud of everyone. So proud. This team looked down and out so many times but stood strong. Cant wait to have my 2012 championship shirt and hat. I will wear them with pride.

See you guys at the parade!

Fan I'm sorry I've been Celebrating.

I've Already Gave My Congratulations and Apologies.

I shouldn't have to do it again but here goes

Book It. 2012 World Champs. Miami Heat
The King Got A Ring

We Will be back and better next Year. The Beginning of a Dynasty has just Begun. We have the Players. Lets do it again Next Year. Not 1, Not 2, Not 3

My Congratulations

Lebron and Bosh, U guys are Champions Now

The Young Guys and Old Guy, for winning 1

Spo and Wade, U 2 are Forever Married lets keep it coming. "My Endless Love" should be playing on the Montage at the End of Wades Career when they Retire his Jersey, with them 2 Smiling at the End

Chalmers, Battier, UD and Milk, U Guys played Ur roles everybody stepped up at some point in the playoffs. No Bibby or Big z this year to bring us down. U Guys are Clutch and Play with Effort.

My Apologies

Spo, U have Earned my Respect. Great growth this playoff run. Even showed some intensity Tonight. "Consistency" U showed it in The Finals. Best Series I've Ever seen U Coach, Even Game 1 was well Coached. Just get in Those Ref's a little More, U got 2 Rings Now use them. Specially the 2012 Head Coach one. Lets go 72-10 Next Year and get U Coach of the Year.

Shane, U should not be fined for Shooting the Ball. The Man Does his Job. I would like to see u play out Ur Career in Miami. Great Example as a Role Player and Person

Cole, Pitt and Harris, Maybe next year we can see more playing time. Keep Developing. U guys are the Future.

Let's Go Heat!

Its alright Dashi, I think we're all in a good mood to celebrate and not argue.


The beginning of a dynasty?

g007 and the rest of the Heat fans:

Represent proudly at the parade and ceremonies. We've had to endure the(unwarranted) hate from SOOOOO many angles. This team stayed focused through it all. Perservere / own it / grind it out / whatever catch phrase SPO used to describe it....IT HAPPENED!!

This isn't the year I get down to the celebrations, I feel you all are MORE THAN qualified to push it up a little higher for PA's #1 Heat fan!!


Wade - you and LBJ CAN co-exsist! You don't both need the ball, and you are a true professional proven by the way you simply and gracefully handed over the front bus seat to LBJ.

Get healthy in the off season, take a break from the Olympics, come back ready to roll 82 games into the playoffs next year. (Get 100 FTs up a day)

You blocks were HUGE yesterday, especially that one on Durant that they called a goal-tending. Think ESPN will be rewinding that bad call over and over again?

Got 2 - want more?

On to Next Year.

I don't see the Heat Adding A Veteran, Cap reasons not next year but for the next couple years. Maybe try to get a Center, but those Guys are Way over paid a 8 & 8 season and they Salary already jumps to the 10 mil+ range. It's best to draft Ur Big Men.

We get our 1st rd pick back this year and the Ability to Trade Next Years pick back also. That and some Money(Gotta Love how the Nba Draft Works) and they can Move up to the Middle of the 1st rd. Just draft a Center.

I believe Riley has already been Scouting what He's going to add next Year, I believe he can find the Hidden Acorn in the Draft. The Prez Grabbed Cole Out of Cleveland State last year. By trading Picks with Chicago and Moving Up to get him. That was a Steal.

I'm one of those that Says Grab FaB Melo not a Veteran. U know Grab Some 7ft Rookie that Can Rebound and Defend at a High Level 10 & 10+ and have around 2+ blocks a game, Scoring is Not Necessary. Soft Hands Are a Requirement.

The Potential For 10 & 10+, I know no Rookie C is going to do that off the bat(he would have to be A High lottery Pick Center). But a Rotation Of a Rookie and Pitt at C with Ja & turiaf when they want to Go Small.

Curry Should be gone Next Year. Howard is probably going to retire. Mike played like it was his last game? Maybe it is? Maybe it's not? Great Game Milk

Just Continue To Build off what We have. Let the Big 3 , UD and Shane be the Veteran Leadership of this Team. Let them take Young Guys Under they Wing.

KG wouldn't work he would want to second Guess Spo at Everything.

"KG wouldn't work he would want to second Guess Spo at Everything."

------and really, hasn't Douchi already claimed that role?

NBA Champions! Congrats to entire Miami Heat organization! Heat fans of the world rejoice! feels good :)

LEBRON JAMES - was THAT clutch enough for you haters??

Triple-Dub to end the series??


You are the best player on the planet.

There are NO holes in your game.

Skip Bayless, did LBJ's genetics just change? DOes he suddenly have that clutch gene?

You showed just how much distance was between you and the next best player in the league.


Oh, ah, Dan Gilbert, eata####up!

Yes, But Spo Doesn't Hear or See ME, Don't Make the Dashi feel So Special.

Spo will see KG everyday.

Or is My conspiracy/ Hypothetical Situation True, Greg. Or should I say Erik.


Chris Bosh

Mr. Too Soft - how's that arguement working out now?

He really seemed to play with more energy after coming back from his injury. Tipped balls, rebounds, even (gulp) a block or two. Great job!

He has always been one of the best shooting big men in the game, that never left.

Enjoy your ring, and try to overcome all the hate from Toronto that rose up after you decided to play for a different organization. Oh wait, that was only LBJ that caught that flap.

UD - you are a champion through and through. You took the back seat when we were giving supercoolbeas WAY TOO MUCH respect, and you did it gracefully. The way you approach the game is a beautiful thing, and personally, I'm glad you let the braids go. I think you get more respect on the court now, don't know why, but you do. Your heart and dedication to this franchise should NEVER go unrecognized.

And since we are way past this issue, thanks for having d-wade's back in the Pacer series -- the Hansborough foul!

Shane Battier

You were a crucial piece to this team puzzle. You took almost as many different defensive assignments as LBJ. Tipped balls, drawn charges, lock down defense, and knock-down threes - you will never get the honor you deserve for what you brought to this already great team. You played like NO YOUNG early 20's hyped-up college player could play. Glad we picked you up! Stay as long as you are now a collegiate and professional champion.

JA - you are energy personified. You helped pave the road to the dance, although your number wasn't called too frequently in the last round. Thanks for your selfless effort and continual improvement on the offensive end. You will probably never be a Jabbar type 20pt a game scorer, but you anchor the best defense in the league. Congrats on your championship.

Curry - you are one lucky cat. You won't be on the team next year, because you'll be 320 by the end of August.

We gave you a look, you didn't work out -- hope you enjoyed the ride -- see ya.


Had to get this off my chest.

If there's one theme that rankled throughout the Finals and STILL rankles at this happiest of moments: The FRAUDULENT risible, coronation-in-waiting of Spidey Boy,

Wait on. Just don't hold your breath suckas.

How often did we hear -- and still hear -- how the 2012 Finals was actually a duel between "2" franchise players: MVP vs. scoring champ?

HA. More like scoring CHUMP. Actually, franchise FRAUD. OKC's Finals MVP was and remains Westbrook.

KD? Durantula (trademark infringement pending)? The girly-girl prissy-sissy who slipped a forearm shiv to Chalmers and got it returned COD in his face?

EXPOSED. "K" = the KNOCKOUTs Bron delivered time after time to Durant's defenseless defense. "D" = DESTROYED, like Miami destroyed Durant's high dribble/handle with steal upon steal, Durant's 1-trick postup game which only worked with an assist from ref whistles, Durant's weaka$$ flailing vs. Miami's transition and/or halfcourt d, Durant's Olive Oyl impersonation during tips, jumpballs, dives & scrambles, i.e. anything & everything that required CONTACT.

Yeah, Durant ONLY delivers that shiv because Durant actually "believes" he's untouchable, infallible, essentially unaccountable.

Of course & unfortuntely, he's right. Thanks to media suckups still in line to anoint His holiness, Durant remains baby Geezus to Yoda Stern & his Bron-hating toadies.

So thank you heretics. Thank you Rio. THANK YOU HEAT. Bless you ALL for exposing, if only for a week, the complete June swoon of the B I G G E S T reigning fraud in the NBA.

K-kinda D-dickle$$ Durant.


That right there is a classic verbal beatdown!



Every doubting stuffed shirt/talking head:

Chris Broussard
Magic Johnson
Jon Barry

The rest of the doubting ESPN voices

The doubting trolls that meander on and off this blog (when convenient)


WE DON'T NEED - a big lumbering center to 'take up space' or 'use his 6 fouls'

WE DON'T NEED - a top 3 PG to run this team or to 'run around in circles to tire Rondo out'

WE DON'T NEED - Phil Jack$$$ on any other coach to win championships in Miami, or to berate the officials or to motivate our players or to give our opponents insight into our stratedgy

WE DON'T NEED - to break up the big 3, sending LBJ to Orlando for Howard

WE DON'T NEED - to break up LBJ and WADE, because they don't NEED to dominate the ball and CAN play off of each other quite well

WE DON'T NEED - more bench scoring, especially when our second team usually plays with one or two of our all-stars

WE DON'T NEED - a set rotation, let our opponents keep guessing

WE DON't NEED - to decide once and for all, who our 'closer' is

WE DON'T NEED - to rest our starters 2 minutes every quarter

WE DON'T NEED - Riley to step down to the sidelines to coach this team

What did I miss?

Not that we won't continue to tinker with our roster, but Pat and Company got it RIGHT this year.

We had enough with the personnel on the roster, we played it right, and we won the CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Much love to my fellow Heat fans - I enjoyed the ride with you.

I'm out for the weekend, got my son's birthday to shop for. Think he's getting any Heat gear?? Count on it!

Enjoy Greg! I got my heat gear this afternoon at lunch time!

See you guys Monday at 9!


I believe Magic Johnson and Chris Broussard are Heat Fans and Lebron Fans

Now the List

Skip Tebow- U look more Asinine by the Day
Steve Kerr
Reggie Miller
Tim Legler
John Barry
The Rest of the ESPN Clownz

I like the "We don't" list. I just have to tell U we do need to give our Players rest during the Regular Season and Play our Young One's More.

Congratulations to the Miami Heat! also, congrats to the Oklahoma City Thunder for giving our Heat a great series! NOW! for the HATERS!

starting with the ESPN critics:

Jon Barry! U r so fake! I watched how u consistently criticized the Miami Heat when it seemed convenient when ever they didn't seem great! U always appeared as U were rooting against our team through out the season! Now that we've won U want to sit on national tv and say u're glad the Heat won? nah U r a faker!

Skip Bayless! unlike Jon Barry who is a faker! U r not a phony but just very misguided in your opinions and critiques! although u maybe a professional I just think your assessments of especially the Miami Heat and Lebron James has been off key and off base with your half analysis and half truths. This is why U r seen as a hater.

heat fans we are so lucky cause james still have room to improve please work on it the 12 to 18 ft jump shot baby it willbe all over not. heat in 13

gfhjkj sakj sahkj

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