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GAME 5: Celtics 94, Heat 90

It's been over for about an hour now and my game story for the paper has long been filed but I still don't understand how the Heat lost this game.

Consider this: Rajon Rondo had just three field goals in Game 5 and the Celtics won. He had 16 in Game 2 and the Heat won in overtime.

Consider something else: The Heat out-rebounded the Celtics 49-39 but still lost. How? Boston managed to outscore the Heat 9-8 on fast-break points, an area where the Heat usually dominates. Miami had 42 points in the paint compared to 40 for Boston. It's just the third time in Heat franchise history the Heat has lost a postseason game when out-rebounding an opponent by double-digits.

Another head scratcher: Why wasn't Chris Bosh in the game in the final minutes? He played great in the first half, scoring nine points and grabbing six rebounds in 10 minutes. But Erik Spoelstra chose to play Bosh just five minutes in the second half. When asked why he didn't put Bosh in the game in crunch time, Spoelstra said he thought it wouldn't be "fair" to Bosh.

Of course, before you jump on Spoelstra, consider the wisdom of Dwyane Wade. After the game, Wade said, "It's not about playing calling. It's about mano-a-mano."

Kevin Garnett's free throws with nine seconds left gave Boston a 94-90 lead.

Wade and LeBron had absolutely no help in this game. I mean, was Mario Chalmers paid off to play so poorly? At one point, I think Spoelstra, Wade, LeBron and Udonis Haslem each wanted to kill Chalmers for something different within a five-minute span of the fourth quarter.

Bosh and Chalmers had nine points each but Wade and LeBron were the Heat's only players to score in double-digits.

The loss marked the first time the Heat has lost a Game 5 at AmericanAirlines Arena. Before Tuesday, the Heat was 10-0 in Game 5s at home.

The Heat played well in the fourth quarter but couldn't overcome a combined 36 points in the second and third periods. In the fourth, Boston hung on by way of four clutch three-pointers (two from Paul Pierce and two from Mickael Pietrus).

His four 30-point games against Boston this series marks the first time he has recorded four 30-point games in a single series against the Celtics. Sixth double-double of the postseason with 30 points and 13 rebounds.

Rondo's tip pass to Pietrus, who drilled a three-pointer to cut the Heat's lead to three points with six minutes to play.

"This is the journey we have to be on for whatever reason."
--Erik Spoelstra


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If you want to now where Bosh was in the last 5 minutes, check his +/- for the game. -12 in 14 minutes.

"IT WAS OVER WHEN..." the Heat decided Chalmers' points were just as or more important than stopping Rondo.

And by stopping Rondo, I DON'T mean points.

I DO mean 10 + 10 + 15 + 13 dimes since Miami's great escape last Wednesday.

Total Rondo dimes in the Heat's lone blowout win? 7.

Cf tonite. Rondo only scores 7 pts ... but dished 13 dimes. How has KG shed 10 years in this series? Why is Wade struggling so much? Amazed C spacers get such clean looks on kickouts? Rondo. Rondo. Rondo. Who or What drives Boston comebacks via steal, rebound, defense or dime? RONDO.

The Heat don't have optionS, plural. There's only ONE option with the quicks to justify extended minutes in Miami's next and LAST chance to STOP RONDO.

The Heat are in trouble. The coach is outwardly calm, but it's an act. You can see it in his eyes & hear in his voice -- the voice of panicky denial ("OK, it’s a loss and that’s all it is").

Bigger question: Is he so frozen by panic to trust a rookie in a do-or-die game even if the rookie doesn't always deliver? Because the Heat will need 45 minutes of quicks to keep Rondo in check. 45 minutes of hounding, harassing defensem from a rookie who must be effective yet smart enough to avoid fouls. 45 minutes of penetration and quarterbacking to disrupt Boston's matchup zone whenever it stymies his teammates.

And if the coach can't find the will or mins. to trust the only viable option to STOP RONDO over 48, and hence the Cs? The coach will be job-hunting because it's just a job and that's all it is.

Are you all going to ask Spo simple questions like:
1. Why Turiaf started games 1 and 2 which the Heat won as hasn't played since,
2. Why he started Joel Anthony last game but gave him 0 minutes tonight.
When have you ever seen an Eastern Confence Finals Team start 3 different line-ups in the same series?
3. Why he continues to play Shane Battier big minutes. 32 minutes and he scores 5 points and 2 rebounds. SMH
4 why not go with no PG? Mario Chalmers plays like the dumbest player in the NBA at times,

Bye, Spo.

miami is over rated! Miami lose game 6 in Boston!!

Why are the Celtic three point shooters always open?

I knew Miami was in trouble when Boston played so bad in the first half and was only down by two at the break....Then after the third they were down by 5.

If you want to now where Bosh was in the last 5 minutes, check his +/- for the game. -12 in 14 minutes.

Posted by: rochrist | Wednesday, June 06, 2012 at 01:38 AM

Spare me this rubbish. By the numbers ... exactly what is wrong.

i have to say the role players aren't playing their roles, the coach seems to be out coached, the ageless celtics seem to have been drinking at the fountain of youth, and the zone defense against the heat is overwhelming. speaking of defense, have you seen the heat's defense lately, they seem to missing in action? how many times did garnett hit that dunk in the paint with nobody covering him?

man, that was a tough one to take, and it seems it took the heart out of the heat. the dagger to me was the pierce three with less than a minute left, over lebron, no less.

i sure hope game six turns out differently, but from the looks of things, probably not.

go heat, bring your game to game 6, otherwise the season is over, sooner than we all thought.

Is having LeBron James helping to make the Heat a better team? The MVP and his King like presence seems to have a negative effect on teams. It seems like I am watching the Cleveland Cavaliers again.

Is LeBron James the greatest NBA player to play the game during the first 46 minutes?

Miami, if your teams loses this series, LeBron will be taking his act to an NBA city near you.

Fire so. Plain and simple.
U guys are blaming lebron, if lebron avg 20 pts a game we lose each game by 20. He dominates and consistently plays 45 out of 48 minutes a game. He is scoring more and avg More Assist and rebounds than the regular season. The coach can't coach for 3 minutes.

Where's JA?
Where's Turiaf?

It's not that we don't have a bench? It's we don't know how to use our bench. Coaches fault or U wan t to blame bron for that.

The key point in your blog is the Heat have lost only three playoff games when out rebounding their opponent by double digits. The heat have not played that many playoff games, to have three losses like that is many not few. Here is a team that has a very short playoof history that has lost three times when they dominate the boards. Something is seriously wrong. short...Celtics must be the better TEAM.

Zero minutes for Joel & Turiaf means Spo is playing lineups he hasn't played all season.

Celtics won again because Rondo, Garnett, & Doc Rivers control their space & this series.

Heat offense revolves way too much with 1 on 5. Little or no ball movement = a losing gameplan.

Why Rondo has total freedom to the foul line is ridiculous.

Bosh looked lost on D particular Garnett on a slam but thought he should've played down the stretch.

Wow...guess we'll find out if this Heat team has a REAL heart. You know the Celtics do.

Are y'all ready to believe in your team in the face of adversity??? The Heat WILL win games 6 and 7. It's time to put up

Lebron = Dan Marino.

That is all.

The analysts know and are now openly talking about how Spoelstra was out coached last year during the finals and now in this series. Honestly, I think the Heat can play better without coaching at this point. Did you see the body language at the end of the game? Half the team--lead by Wade wasn't even looking at what Spo was drawing up and it showed by the stinkeroo shot Wade took at the end. I hear a lot about the players' IQ, but I never hear anything about coaching IQ--pathetic. They were lucky to get by Indiana and even if they manage to get by Boston--which I seriously doubt, they will be stomped by either the Thunder or the Spurs. It's time for a coaching change and perhaps even an upper management one as well.

Spo-3 different line up?!? wow.

Spo-Not playing Bosh when Bosh was available and it was a dogfight (and Turiaf and JA to see what they could give) double wow

Spo-Players will make mistakes. I can't blame Chalmers. He's not a superstar. But when he was playing great, why weren't we winning those games?
So now we should blame Chalmers especially with new lineup in 3 games?

Refereeing is terrible but hey, we know that, so we adjust.

Everytime at the end of quarters or games, Lebron stands and wastes time instead of pass, pass, pass, have defense scrambling and then get the ball to open shooter or back to Lebron or Wade with wider open lanes. Just makes too much sense. The media has pointed some of this out yet Spo does nothing to change.

Let's go Heat. Let's go SPO!!!!!!!!!

Riley won't hire Phil Jackson, Jerry Sloan or Larry Brown because if he makes some of his famously bad drafts, trades, or free agent moves, they will call Riley out. Its been established that Riley likes yes men, hence why he didn't like working with jeff/stan van gundy. We will continue to lose because of Riley's ego. Spo is Spo. He wasn't ready to be a head coach, but if any of us was offered such a glamorous job, wouldn't we at least take it with the hope that we are good enough to keep it?

First things first.. I’m 37 and been dedicated NBA fan since Bird through the ball at Laimbeer. Sherman Douglas, Rony Seikaly, Grant Long.. Now you know I’ve been a Heat fan since the start and wore the symbol during the worst of times and during the best of times. The problem, as I see it, is that our couching staff isn’t the best. It’s like a glass of Kool-Aid with too much Kool-Aid in it—Looks deeply colored and delicious, but pick it up and put it to your lips and it tastes horrible. Spo looks great, but he’s move like flav-or-aid instead of Kool-Aid. What we need is a true experienced coach to come busting through the wall screaming OHHH YEAHHH! Else, we did waste this talented threesome.
Here is my back up on Spo-- He’s like giving a 16 year old with a learners permit a Porsche. Just because he knows how to drive, doesn’t mean he should be given the best. Yes, he took us to the playoffs every year since 2008.. or did he just ride the coat tails of Wade who is a decent enough star to ensure we make the 8th spot with any supporting cast? Think about it. What has Spo really done? He’s changed starting lineups consistently-- have you ever seen any winning team ever change up so much? He speaks about “the human condition” like its something bad, like heart isn’t part of this game, part of life, part of a winner. He says things like “I didn’t think it was fair to play Chris Bosh in the last three minutes.” Fair to who? There is an old saying that Spo needs to acknowledge and it’s that life is not fair. When Jordan was sick with the flu he played. Bosh should have been in there. Bosh should have demanded to play. Riley should have sent a note to Spo saying one thing—Bosh.
If we lose this series, I’ll still be a heat fan. My Grandmother used to say, one bad Priest doesn’t kill the heart of the Church. Nor will one bad coach kill the entire organization, but it will be hard to accept everything we had, all the hopes, dreams, and aspirations that will evaporate during the Heat in the second decade of the 20th century.

The reason the Heat lost is simple....forget whether Lebron drains shots in the last few seconds etc. Just look at the quality of the shots Boston had in the fourth quarter v. what the looks the Heat had. Rondo created so many easy dunks and wide open looks for his teammates; while the Heat are heaving up prayers with 3 seconds left on the shot clock. So, even with only 8 or 9 points, Rondo still killed us. It's over Thursday. This team has no mental fortitude and Boston clearly WANTS it more

I agree. Boston can get a clean look anytime they want due to a great point guard and Miami makes it look so hard out to get any kind of basket. Its torture watching this team on offense. Last night it was pointed out many times that Lebron and Wade are most effective catching on the run going through the defense. Well why are they on the perimeter dribbling the ball for 23 seconds and heaving up prayers? They should be cutting and getting open while the PG distributes the pass. I dont blame Chalmers. The kid does what he needs to the problem is that Wade and Lebron also want to be the PG. The Technical called on Chalmers needs to be reviewed by the league as well as many of those other calls. The charge called on Bosh in the 3rd qtr was ridiculous. Pierce was in the restricted area. Clear as day. Why cant that be another reviewable call? What are these officials looking at??

Even with all the bad calls these guys cannot make free throws. Every time someone goes to the line I never feel confident we will get 2 points. Laugh all you want but the only player on this consistently makes free throws is Joel. Lebron and Wade should be ashamed of their free throw shooting. Just ashamed. I expect that from Wade but not the MVP.

How many dunks can Garnett have in a game. Where are our bigs? I understand they are an offense liability but trading baskets is not going to win the series. If the other team cant score they cannot win so why are we not playing our best defensive team on the floor. I dont get that. Yes we need to score and in that 4th qtr when we were down 24 that was a great strategy to use the small lineup but we shouldnt be using that in a close game. We cant get any stops when we need to!!!

Here is the thing? Where is the heart? Where is the hustle? Wade is too lazy on defense and does not give his best effort all the time. He makes some great blocks and makes some great plays then the next minute will lollygag up court and the other team just scores right back. Do you understand Wade that when you score 2 points then are lazy coming back on D and the other team scores that your 2 points are negated? What Wade understands is that his stat sheet looks better with his 2 points and that is what he cares about.

Going to take every ounce of effort to win this series. This team should know if they dont win it they will be broken apart somehow. It will be obvious this formula does not work. Can we get it together? I will know after the first 5 minutes of game 6 if this team has heart. Remember Wade and Lebron, you cant do it alone.

A lot of glass half empty on this blog.

Riley orchestrated one of the biggest talent turnovers in an off-season that ANY team in ANY league has EVER done. Thank you Pat, we could still be watching the Pacers v the Celtics and have Beasley on our team.

You make adjustments as a coach and you get killed by the masses for not being consistant. You stay with a set lineup and you get killed for not making adjustments. It's part of coaching, and any of you that have coached know that and accept that.

We have the same coach that beat Doug Collins, Doc Rivers and (coach of the year) Thibedeau last year, each in 5 games. He hasn't forgotten any basketball knowledge since rolling through those 'top of the line' coaches. Maybe, just maybe, it's player execution.

Turnovers killed us last night.

KG getting behind our defense last night killed us.

Turiaf has been giving us little to nothing. JA not playing - I don't know why, but I know when his number is called, he'll play with energy and focus.

Bosh didn't play at the end - not like he was going to be the panacea anyhow - but we aren't a better defensive team with him on the court. Offensively, definitely better. Maybe coach thought we needed more help on defense than on offense.

Other than some parts of the third quarter, we moved the ball well. There were some beautiful multi-pass possessions that resulted in good looks. Whether the player makes the final shot, doesn't determine whether our offense is clicking. Sometime players miss good clean open shots.

Notice a lot of names on this blog that I haven't seen. Nice to see you, where you been? Only come outside when it's raining?

We're about to see how we play with our backs against the wall. Win or lose, hopefully we play with passion and desire.

I'm still a Heat fan if we lose, and that's a fan of the WHOLE organization. We CAN win the next two games, it's not impossible, and then what will Chris Brousard say, "it's NOT time to blow this team up"? That's just the super-hyper media making noise. Be gone!

Fire Spo!!!
Everygame he's starting to remind me of sporano more and more.

Sporano could never motivate
Never figure out the O-line Starters (Set a Rotation)
Coldn't develop a QB (PG)
Never says nothing of substance to his team or the media
Can't coach O
Can't Coach D
Post-game never admit's blame for his team. Alway's the player's didn't execute or he doesn't answer the Question cause he doesn't know the answers to them

Now we really have to leave every thing out on the floor because this is it. I have to say, this run has had its eye opening reasons for why we need some moves made.. Although I still think we have enough.. GAMEPLAN.... First, we might need to use pittman early... What I mean is, he has to play the physical post controling being... So, with that said, he has to get into KG... And when rondo gets in the lane, hit him... ELBOW kg to shut down his mental aggressiveness.. Next, stop the three ball happiness.. Put Bron on the block early and attack down low... NEED a big game in this one... Wade, main man, look to go down there as well, and also look to attack from inside because the ref's will look to stop the drive. alla game four.. That close in shot below the free throw line is available... On the block use the bank shot.. Bosh, happy to see you back, now you have to stay aggressive, the jumper is needed but we really need you to crash the glass and play solid defense.. Everyone will have to be ready for them to come out ready for a war. From tip to buzzer this is going to be a fight. Look if pittman get into foul trouble it's ok, all he has to do is settle things down and set the tone that this is going to be a fight so come to play... Our defensive rotations have to cover the three ball, they will come out early trying to stretch the defense.. Don't give them any good looks.. and keep an eye on bass at the foul line area.. We must RUN, ATTACK with the fastbreak as much as possible... TWO'S and free throws should build a lead and we have to maintain it for the hole 48 minutes. Win game 6 at all cost.. We have to take it to 7... Everyone, come to play.. We have to out work them at everything.. We can't let them go on 15 to 1 runs in this one... Stay aggressive... And when we have a lead we can not get comfortable, we have to push it even more.. 48 minutes, Attack, TAKE IT TO THEM, WIN GAME 6, BY ALL MEANS...007...

I guess Spoelstra didn't get the memo:
That's Kevin Garnett!
Am I the only one that notices Joel Anthony gives Kevin Garnett fits when He guards Him.

I believe. Call me crazy, but I still believe we can when this thing.

And I wish all the LeBron haters would get a new tune and a freakin' life PERIOD! It's sickening to see the hate for this one individual.

JUS win, baby!

Oops, meant WIN! WIN! WIN! #Heat

I have to question why Spo continues to defend Garnett with the switching defense. The center ( Haslem)pops outs to put pressure on the ball, and leaves Garnett for the switch. Which was late all night and leaving him wide open in the paint. If this is the guy that is hurting you, then why didn't Spo make the adjustment and have Haslem play him straight up? This was in my opinion a huge part of the loss.

Only prediction: 1st casualty if Heat lose tomorrow? Not Spo.


Adios "Heat Index", which ESPN can no longer justify given more failure + downs than highlights + rings. No crystal ball either. The scrubbing has already begun (the Heat Index no longer appears as a pulldown option on ESPN's home page when you mouseover "NBA", though it still appears on the submenu when you click NBA).

Ex-Herald beatwriter Mike Wallace is a good guy who should stick since he's based in South Beach. Never warmed up to the Bron gossip or tepid 'analysis' from Cleveland refugee Brian Windhorst. Lost all respect for Haberstroh during the lockout. Agreed w/a lot of Arnovitz on Heat.

Meh. Who cares. Let the pink slips BEGIN. Broussard, Barry & Wilbon? BE GONE.

"Maybe, just maybe, it's player execution."


It's always player execution. But the buck stops you-know-where when players don't execute and coaches refuse to yank or replace.

Last 2 words: STOP RONDO.

If the players don't execute and the coach still leaves them in. Who's fault is it?
We've already have run down everything Spo does bad.
What does he do good?

Bosh had 7 pts and 7 boards early on. Don't know why he was not in there... Man crush.......HASLEM. JA and Howard played well against Boston last year. Haven't seen em this year. Bron getting burned out playing EXTENSIVE minutes out of position looks familiar though. Atleast the set rotation is giving him the proper rest this time....LMFAO! Wade has put us in a hole if you ask me. He haven't played like a superstar in 1 game so far. I watched him kill C's triple teams for years with no help. Doc Rivers is a joy to watch. Think the Heat are seeing what a good coach look like up close in this series. I still appreciate what mr Riley has put together. Now add the final piece.....COACHING!!

I saw the weak-side defender not rotating to KG fast enough, when UD or whoever was hedging on the ball screen in the middle of the court. Usually we do a great job of rotating on defense. Just watching the game last night, without the ability to stop and replay the action to see why we weren't recovering in time, I can't give a basketball answer as to why we were constantl late on that particular play. I did tape the game, but I'm going to be more interested in seeing the Spurs and OKC battle in game 6 than replaying yesterday's game.

By the way, hat's off to the home town crowd yesterday, from my TV set, it seemed like they were engaged most of the game, and LOUD! Hopefully they will get another shot at it on Saturday.

Rondo with only 3 buckets yesterday, and one INCREDIBLE assist off of Wade's block of Bass. Like I said, I'ld rather him have 30 points than 15 assists.

Coles with a nice come-from-behind steal on Rondo. That's the way to play, Rook.

I would like to see LBJ and Wade on the blocks a bit more also, but if your perimeter players aren't knocking down their looks, the C's are going to pack the paint with players and we'll either get tough double-teamed shots in the post or hit or miss perimeter shots. Get on the post and make a quick move.

I would like to see more drives to the basket to start with on Thursday. Everyone is settling for the jump shot. Do a pump fake and drive to the basket. Look for a foul or layup. Lebron and Wade and Chalmers can drive whenever they want. If they come then that leaves an open player to hit a 3 or jumper from the wing. Easy offense. Stop dribbing the shot clock to 2 and shooting a 3. You notice Boston is never doing that.

We definitely need more Bosh. He is one of the few guys last night with some intensity. Team looked bored and uninspired. If you are not inspired to be in the ECF and be fighting for a championship at this stage of the game then quit playing basketball. There better be heart and determination on Thursday. Through the past 2 years this team has thrived at times on the road in a hostile environment. Lets see it tomorrow night. Play for 48 minutes right from the opening tip. Run these jokes off the court. Stop those smiles from KG and Pierce. SPO why dont you post that picture of Pierce laughing after that 3 over Lebron in the locker room for everyone to see to motivate them. Play that sorry post game interview from Garnett and let this team get mad and fired. Stop with the philosophical stuff. Get them mad and fired up. Can someone please stepup and be a leader on this team. Stop crying and just play basketball.

Spo is the biggest culprit. He thinks changing lineups is an adjustment as opposed to changing strategy.

I know Greg Gembe, Spo does no wrong. Its always a reason that its not his fault.

I give Spo credit when he does well, but honestly Miami should have won the championship in the regular season by being so dominant that teams walked in expecting to lose i.e. Chicago Bulls of the 90s. Teams gave a fight but at the end they were tenative and nervous because even if they were in the game, they weren't because Chicago was so dominant and always found a way to pull games out in the end. Not only was MJ and Pippen feared, but so was the strategy - the triangle, and so was the coach. I've wondered with such athletes, why Spo won't learn the triangle that works for players like MJ, Pippen, Kobe, and from that same mold, would work for Wade and Lebron and even Chalmers.

Next up, what's up with Wade?!? Has he been paid off?!? This is not DWade. He runs down court lazily. On offense he barely tries. He dribbles, does one move, then gives up to the defender and passes the ball out. He usually passes the ball out to players in a bad position. This has to do with Spo's offense these days but also with Wade either being paid off or just not believing in Spo anymore.

Bosh played well, Lebron is BALLING, but Wade is killing the Heat by not producing like one of the Big 3. Chalmers (even with last nights mediocre game) has helped where Wade wouldn't and Chalmers has grown, but he's no Wade.

Culprit #2 - DWade Wade County is crumbling

Culprit 3 - The refs

They allow Rhondo to push, bully, get in players face along with KG. After seeing that, softy Paul Pierce tries it a bit (though he looks fake doing it). Ray Allen gets big respect for just playing good b-ball and not compromising himself.

The Celtics actually begged the refs for help to beat miami and the refs are helping. I don't know if the Celts call this a legitimate win if they win the series, but I don't think they care. Celtics flop, play dirty and win by any means necessary.

Culprit 4 - Doc Rivers

Where Spo fails, he succeeds. From getting in face of refs, calling them out through his players and not shutting his players down in the media, strategizing, being a dominant leader (they call him a tyrant) while having combustible personalities such as KG and Rhondo on the team, to making the right adjustments (be it having his players stand in front of Lebron and flop to make Lebron foul out to knowing how to use his personal properly).

If this was a UFC match, Rivers reversed off his back from the ground and out of Spo's guard. He has gotten Spo in his guard and his punching away at his face waiting for Spo to reach out so he can then counter with a arm bar and make Spo tap out. And my money's on Spo doing exactly what Rivers want and tapping out.

Culprit 5 - Greg Gembe

For acting like Spo can do no wrong - j/k

Is Riley of course.

Riley - I'll take a yes man anyday before I take a proven, winning coach. Phil who?! Not on my watch. Sure we could win championships, but he would overshadow what I did in Miami so far and would question my authori-ty.

While we did not deserve to win last night, it seems that Boston gets to the line everytime they drive. Wade and Lebron get bumped, tossed, hit, etc and do not seem to be getting the calls. Now, if we could also make or FT's.

They better come ready on Thursday night, because the Celts and the Garden are going to be electric. If we can sneak out the win somehow, I think that momentum completely shifts to our side, with arguably the biggest game in team history on Sat night at the AAA.

Come on guys! Shut the haters up! We are no longer the favorites, so the pressure should be on Boston to close us out.

Yeah - but I did hold Rondo to 3 buckets yesterday.

Tex Winter was behind the triangle offense, not Phil Jacka$$.

The rest of the previous posts are too full of misinformation and lies, I need to take a lunch break to counter.

That was Ewing, Oakley, Mase, Starks, and Derek Harper trembling in front of the Bulls? That's Dashi-level funny!!!

I didn't say Phil Jackson was behind triangle. If I did, please quote me.

If Spoelstra is so INSISTENT! on playing Battier that many minutes, then put His ass on Pierce instead of KG. West was MURDERING! Battier in the Indiana series, in much the same way that KG is MURDERING! Him in this series. D-Wade was right,"It's not about playing calling. It's about mano-a-mano.". And when their mano (KG) is going to the basket, our mano (Battier) can't stop Him. Get somebody's ass in their that's going to put an end to this crap.

PS: Oh, and another thing, put your best defensive player (LBJ), on their best offensive player (Rondo). Pietrus,Bass, and Ray Allen CAN'T BEAT YOU!

Goodman - perhaps you should consider covering badmitton instead of BB: the cHeat lost the game b/c the Celtics are a great TEAM, not a 2-superstar over-hyped bunch: get it now?

Everyone was afraid of the Bulls. In clutch moments, few teams could be clutch because it was like: these are the Bulls with MJ, Pippen, master strategists Phil Jackson. Teams played tight and stiff against Chicago because Chicago was like Mayweather. You give him a fight, but few believe they can actually beat him and many times go in already losing because mentally, they just don't believe they can really win.

Reality speaks volumes!!

Yeah, though Wade and LeBron may score a lots of points - but they commonly make MAJOR-COSTLY TURNOVERS, game after game, especially D.Wade. The TV commentators never make mention of this issue. Both players show no remorse after making a mistake or turnover nor do they seem to encourage/motivate their fellow teammates. Leadership and greatness are not implemented or manifested by SELFISH PLAY!! Plus, who is coaching WHO? Under the present coaching situation, the HEAT will not win a championship. Thats REALITY!! For now, its just "make-believe", an illusion, a "CHARLATAN". Reality 101!!

heat fans wahhhhhhh

Miami Heat the biggest joke in NBA right now.

I have pride and don't like it. I wonder why Riley or Spo never got a specialist in there to help out. Doesn't Boston have Flip Saunders helping them right now?

That was also pat coaching the knicks against
Phil "All I do Is Win Titles" Jackson.
Tex might have created that Offense, but Phil was the leader of Men.

Conspiracy or let's call it hypothetical theories?


Phil took the Year off knowing this will happen.

Riley knows there is no one better. Unless, he comes off the bench, doubt it he's been living the CEO life to long to go back to coaching. Mickey might have a decision to make? Phil is waiting til we get eliminated to start throwing his name out there, out of respect to the craft of coaching. Orlando was offering D.Howard and a chance to be the president of the team. He turned it down, Phil only wants to coach where he's guaranteed the chance to play in the NBA finals. Phil will do the rest. I don't blame him. He's earned it not like some people.


Wade is throwing the games. He's had it with spo's ineptitude and realize that this guy doesn't have "it". The ability to lead Men. He might have realized that there are only 5 coaches who have won more than 2 titles And Spo won't ever be in that elite company.

1. The Heat are being OUTCOACHED. Rivers made adjustments with the aged, seven-series tired, Bradley injured, gimpy Ray Allen team. 2. Did anyone hear Spoelstra's no answer answer to the question asked of him by the sideline reporter in the second half? He has no answers. No adjustments. 3. Players are not getting back on defense and need to run the Celtics out the gym instead of sauntering up the court. 4. Make your free throws. 5. FIRE Spoelstra and get a real coach with experience. The Heat have too talented of a roster (BUT THEY NEED MORE HELP OTHER THAN THE BIG 3) to not have a bonafide coach at the helm. True...Spoelstra's not the one on the floor but he certainly the one not coming up with winning game plans.

"not 1... not 2.. not 3.. not 4.. not 5... not 6.. not 6... not 7"

ohhhh thats all so true... LBJ meant ZERO!!!!! LOL

Spo is sabotaging him. Wade has given up on Spo. He has a title already. I think Lebron and Bosh are getting the short end of the stick. All those other guys already have rings in Miami. Juwan Howard too but he was riding coat tails anyway. Mike Miller doesnt yet deserve sympathy until he starts making more of a mark on games.

Haslem and Wade are the only two players from the 2006 team that are currently on the active roster. Where did 'all those other guys' get their rings? Howard got one in college while with the Fab Five right? Oh, that's right.......

As I Boston Celtics fan am delighted to see this but honestly the Heat should be mopping the floor with the Celtics. James and Wade score 52 combined points or whatever but it looked like when they needed to make a basket they thought of missing and missed, or dished it off to an inferior player. I enjoyed watching your "We did it" celebration again lsast night after the game but that really is the problem. James and Wade think they are superstars and the championship shold be theirs without working. That holds the Heat back. They remind me of A-rod hitting meaningless homeruns for five years (04-09) but choking when it counted.

Last night I saw the school yard bully (Heat) get hit by a smaller kid (Celtics) and saw the fear in the bully's eyes. James does not have the heart of a champion. He has been enabled since being a teenager. No one has pushed or challegned him. Off the court, he seems a stand up guy but on it, I think he is a real p^&sy at heart. In Cleveland at least he would have demanded the ball and put the team on his shoulders. In Miami, he bought into his own hype and you see what you get.

Valid points on Spoelstra's coaching. Poor defending aside, why you do not have Miller on one side and Jones on other draining a few threes to force the Celtics out of a zone defense is beyond me, but thanks for the help.

Greg, to clarify:

Howard and Mike Miller: I know they don't have rings like Lebron or Bosh but I'm not sympathetic to that because Howard was riding Heat to championship and Mike Miller hasn't shot the ball when he's open like he supposed to because he's trying to maintain high 3pt % and he'll leave an open 3 pt shot and kick it out.

Out of all the rest of the core Heat, I did miss Chalmers, but my core is DWade, LEbron, Bosh, Haslem, Chalmers - I feel Lebron and Bosh are getting the short end because they are serious about winning. Wade has ring and so does Haslem. I missed Chalmers. The rest are those replacement parts that get 1 year contracts and are interchangeable. I do think that JA is an interchangeable piece that will soon be upgraded just like Juwan, James Jones, etc. etc.


Gotcha. I thought when you said, "All those other guys already have rings in Miami" that you meant "All those other guys already have rings in Miami". I see there was an alternate meaning. My bad.

Goodman - perhaps you should consider covering badmitton instead of BB: the cHeat lost the game b/c the Celtics are a great TEAM, not a 2-superstar over-hyped bunch: get it now?

Posted by: gocanes1 | Wednesday, June 06, 2012 at 01:02 PM

Badmitton, got it. Now eat my shorts. Seriously, a Canes fan calling the Heat cheaters? There are so many things wrong with this.

Riley is the root of the current Heat shortcomings. He succumbed to LeBron’s and Wade’s friendship pressure to sign Bosh thereby leaving peanuts for five or six other rotation players. Two superb players and a really good one who do not quite fit together, yet devour two-thirds of team salary.

Bosh’s skill set is not a mesh with the Heat. He is not a center, he is an all-star 6-10 jump shooter who collects his share of rebounds because of his height but is not tough under the basket and is not a defensive presence in the middle (like Garnett, for example), which is what the Heat needs to complement LeBron and Wade.

The other main shortcoming is at point guard. Chalmers doesn’t cut it. On offense he is a slasher like Wade, not a ball distributor. His defense is inconsistent. There is no one who effectively can guard a Rondo or a Parker or a Westbrook.

At this point it’s unlikely that a rabbit will appear out of the hat. No championship this year, Riley has to look to better balance the team. Not easy given that the Heat right now is about $8 million over the current salary cap. Trade Bosh and Chalmers (not much value) for an experienced point guard and a couple of mid-level bangers who will better clog up the middle and fight for defensive rebounds and make driving the lane more of a hazardous adventure.

OK thanks, I feel better.

There's a whole lotta bickering here....

I just hope win or lose...the Heat go out playing hard ! No quitting PLEASE !!!

Lets talk about the human condition instead of strategy and x's and o's.

I finally figured why Spo gets me:

He let's people know he doesn't know much about b-ball. He's the only coach I hear that talks about human conditions and grinding it out every night. Getting hands dirty, getting after it, but never anything of substance. He never talks b-ball like say a Doc Rivers, Phil Jack, or any other coach.

Listen to his post game interview for game for and they asked him to describe last play and he stumbles badly.

He should have someone writing comments for him or an ear piece. Its like he gives away our secret that our coach doesn't know much about b-ball x's and o's. I wouldn't mind Spo if he would just quiet down and not make the Miami Heat staff/team look like a joke.

Sporano never has nothing to say. Always with the dumb look.


Oops I mean Spoelstra

Here is a quote from Lebron after Game 5:

"We played good enough to give ourselves a chance to win," James said. "That's all you can ask for."

This is exactly why Lebron and his Heat will not win this year or next. It sounds like he has already conceded to the Celts. Lebron doesn't have the toughness and leadership to get it done during critical moments in a game. This is what will set players like Durant and Kobe aside from him. The problem I see with Lebron is that he is not aggressive or assertive enough on the court. It's like he becomes a non-factor. Perhaps, the coaching is a main contributor. Who knows? With Lebron, I don't see the killer instinct that most elite and past great players display in games. MJ, Magic, and Bird had it. Kobe has been the aggressor many times in the recent past. Durant is now in that same breath of conversations during critical moments in the 3rd and 4th quarters as seen in Game 4 and 5 against SA. KG showed last night what it takes at the age of 36. Where is Lebron?

On a different note, Lebron should have stayed in Cleveland. The results are the same for him in Miami. Playoff appearances and no championships. Five, six, and seven championships was just all talk. The Lebron "I'm going to take my talents to South Beach" Project will be history soon and a failure for the second consecutive year. He should have remained patient and stayed with the team that drafted him.

Good job, good effort!

That little kid can motivate better than Spo.

A coach completes the player not other way around, A coach Points out Ur weakness and makes them strengths. Good Coaches Help players Individually or gives them the tools(Specialist,Asst. Coach, Zo, Etc.) to accomplish them. Great Coaches help the whole team(All 12) not just the star players. Spo does neither where does that put him.

A coach is responsible for motivating his team when they feel they can't win. Not the players, Lebron and Wade are players not coaches.

Lebron and the Big 3 shouldn't have to worry about close games (last 2 minutes, not just last 24 seconds). They need to work on Consistency, Cause When they are clicking on all Cylinders they can beat anybody by 20 or more. Am I Lying?

Good Job, Good Effort in the 1st
Means U can rest the Big 3 in the 4th

Spo's coaching...... Hater's oppinion.....D Wades's game in the conference finals.....Bosh's injury......Boston.......NY.........Bron/Wade's free throw.....Losing......Cleveland.....The economy......Fox news........Working.....A chicken head.................SUCKS! SUCKS! SUCKS!

Stream of consciousness?

Tonight we will find out if the Heat want it more than Boston.

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