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GAME 4: Celtics 93, Heat 91 (OT)

BOSTON -- It was a first for LeBron James.

James fouled out of Game 4 for the first time in postseason game on Sunday. For the final tense seconds of overtime, James watched from the bench as the Heat tried desperately to steal a game at TD Garden.

Miami had a chance at the win but Dwyane Wade's three-point attempt came up short.

Wade pumped faked at the buzzer and got off a clean shot from three-point range. The shot was on line but hit the front of the rim.

Chris Bosh, who missed his ninth straight game with an abdominal strain on Sunday, is hoping to return to action for Tuesday's Game 5 in Miami. Bosh wouldn't commit to a return after the game but the team is aiming to active Bosh, according to a report by ESPN.

The Heat lost for the first time in postseason history on Sunday. The Heat is 6-1 all-time in postseason overtime games. The Heat managed just two points in the extra period.

Both Dwyane Wade and LeBron James passed up the final shot of regulation. James drew a double team from Mickael Pietrus and Kevin Garnett with time ticking down. He passed to Udonis Haslem, who's off-balance shot missed the rim.

Unproductive first halves have plagued the Heat throughout the postseason and Sunday was no different. The Heat trailed 61-47 at halftime.


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I'm beginning to think the nba is rigged. C's cry about Miami getting too many free throws and Wade and Bron shoots only 5 total free throws. They cry about superstars not fouling out and LBJ fouls out on some BS. We still win if Wade plays strong for more than 1/2 a game. Never thought he would be the weak link. Spo on the other hand.......weak as they come.

the players still have to play, and they're not. whining about the refs, sounds like an excuse, kind of like the celtic fans gave the first couple games.

the heat needs to make some free throws and the series would be over already. that's where the real problem lies. sub par free throw shooting, by the stars, no less.

these guys are professional basketball players, they need to play like it. it seems they're looking for someone else to step up, when they need to step up.

go heat!

This is the time where Spo becomes outcoached. I loved how he put that small lineup in game 3 and thought Spo is getting it, but why did he wait so late and let time run out?

His adjustment was great, but he took too long to adjust.

Wade is killing me jogging down court (I guess that's why he wanted to get rid of the Flash monikor). He's just on the court. He looks like he just wants to be a role player.

Mario Chalmers must have some type of evil genius device that steals the super powers from heroes, because everything that Wade looks to have lost - explosiveness, agility, taking it to the hole, shooting - Chalmers has done the reverse and added to his ability.

It's on the Ref's and SPO.

U can miss half ur FT's and still win. IF the Ref's call it how it's suppose to be called.

Boston won't shoot half those FT's and the Heat will shoot at least 15 more. So even if we miss half the FT's. We make at least 7 more points.

Who's responsible if the whole team is not shooting Ft's? The players.

This Series would already be over if Spo knew how to Coach. We should win this Series, but we only go as far as Spo can coach us.

You can see it in the eyes of Heat players. They are in trouble and know it. It may be the biggest choke in NBA history if they fall to the Celtics after starting out 2-0. Teams leading the conference finals go on to win 95 percent of the time since the first peachbasket was nailed to a pole.

Can LeBron pull them through?

im a Celtic fan for almost 25 years.. but i am also a basketball fan. i find myself on the Herald often because i am also a Dolphin fan for even longer, 30 plus..

i respect greatness when i see it, i.e LBJ and D Wade. but i beleive the refs and the league have a hand in who wins and loses and fouls called or not called. its sooooo obvious. does anyone remember J Van Gundy being fined when he coached the Rockets and claimed then that the games were fixed???

but with that said i watch anyway. its good theater i guess.

there has been bigger Chokes in NBA history.

Last years final.

Last year S.A. First round exit.

When we beat dallas in 6.

When Lebron was down 0-2 in the Confernece finals against detroit and ended up winning 4-2 (part of that 5%). He had that game 5 when he scored 29 out of 30 of the last points for Cleveland.

The 2007 #1 Mav's getting whooped by the # 8 GS Warriors.

04 finals Lakers lost to Detroit 4-1. Lakers had Shaq, Kobe, Malone, GP, Fisher, Horry, Etc.

T-mac and Doc rivers up 3-1 against the pistons in 03.


This won't be the biggest choke in NBA HISTORY, But it should mean the end for Spo.

its true. The celtics whine about not getting free throws, though in the regular season they were 27th at getting to the line, while miami was 8th. Another stat was that Boston was a high fouling team along with Indiana while Miami wasn't. So of course there should be a big disparity in the free throws between the two teams. In fact, though Miami was getting more free throws, I thought the ref still weren't making calls when Lebron was getting hammered.

Now the Celts basically beg the refs to help them beat the heat and the refs oblige. Game 3 had so many officiating errors from calling out of bounds on DWade when it was Garnett and not looking at instant replay to fix it to Haslem stuffing Garnett and being called for a foul (which Garnett does pushups and doesn't get a tech for unsportmanlike behavior). It was much worst, but those are just a few calls and Miami still marched on and almost came back and won.

Rivers is outcoaching Spo. Spo must make adjustments. He must complain about refereeing instead of worrying about the $25000 he will be charged. In the end he will make that money back when he wins the championship (bonus). We are playing 5-8 (JA has picked up his game a bit but sometimes we still play 4-8), so it will be hard for the Heat. What happens with the hateful officiating if we face teams that can really beat us like San Antonio and OKC? I hate to say it but the NBA is rigged and I think since everyone wants the Heat to fail, the powers that be will make sure it happens.

Sorry but the ref excuse, however true, is weak. There's no way a team featuring Wade & James should have this much difficulty scoring clutch points or getting crucial stops. It's hard to say who's getting "outcoached" no matter what Jon Barry screams. We aren't in the huddle. We don't know what's being said, heeded or ignored. What we can *see* is better execution from the Cs on offense *AND* defense following timeouts.

Yes, Spo must share the blame and will (in all likelihood), if the Heat fail, become the 1st scapegoat *if* the Heat do not respond. But it's on Heat players to figure this out too -- including free throws. Bron and Wade are 2 of the smartest players, not just superstars. in the league. If it means drawing up plays/defenses "in the sand" to get an edge or stop, then just, ahem, do it. Own it. Keep it. Never look back. The world is full of couldas & shouldas, i.e., losers, a loser's excuse for failure.

Now, THAT's something which should get anyone's attention, superstar or not. How much do YOU fear failure? The Heat, so far, don't fear enough. Lulled by their escape act against the athletically-gifted thought weaker-minded Pacer, Heat players apparently thought they could cakewalk Boston's Retirement Home.


The mentally tougher team will win this series. The numbers say this series is tied. The effort, body language, lack of focus and complaining suggest 1 team is behind. Dangerously behind.

"Lulled by their escape act against the athletically-gifted [though] weaker-minded Pacer[s]..."

We got to remember we don't own home-court in the finals. And the way thing are looking, having the best reecord during the regular season really does matter in these playoff's.

who says regular season doesn't matter now?

Spo should start with "I wish I don't get fined for saying this ...", Then go on and Complain about the ref's. I bet if Spo wins a title Mickey will give him a big enough bonus that he can pay those fines and then some.

U think Pat or Phil really paid all the fines they got? They've both have been fined over a million dollars by the league. The Owners knew they had to do what they had to do to win the title.

That was bs last night. We can not allow the ref's to dictate if we win. And we must stay aggressive at all cost. everyone has to step up even with bosh we can not play around with this team. Right now, come to play, and win game 5... 007...

black, tell DWade that. He seems to not be the old DWade.


everything else is uncivilized.

Do over. The charges against Bron were RIDICULOUS. Did those refs even know the RULES?


Any other team would forward a DVR to the league expecting an admission of error.

What would Stu do? Fine the Heat for criticizing officials and suspend Heat players for abiding the rules.

The problem is SPO doesn't stand up for the injustice's against his TEAM. It looks to me that he doesn't care how hard the other team hit's his team.

Who sends the tape to the League? the Coach or the Players?

What we got here is a David Stern production. He wants a 7 game series for both conferences - pure, plain & simple. It's sickening to watch. The team that can eat the most crap sandwiches will win. Stern could care less...these refs have ruined every game in this series. It's not even basketball...guys not making basketball plays mostly because the refs have called a rotten game. I call it 48 minutes of vomit.

Why the hell are the Heat letting Rondo handle the ball up to the foul line with zero pressure? It's like playing with your 6 year old. WTF ? It's no wonder he owns the Heat. Let anybody have that freedom...Black the Trucker would be an All-Star ! I'd stick Trucker on Garnett anyway !

Seriously...instead of giving Rondo different looks the Heat just seem to give him even more space to do any damn thing he wants.

Good piece by David Neal [ ] on ownership. Too much buck-passing over the last 3 games. Time for Heat players to own up. The Thunder just proved home court "advantage" isn't an elixir. And neither is Bosh. OWN IT or lose it.

We certainly don't know what the game plan is for Rondo, we only know the results. I personally would rather see him go for 30 pts and 5 assist then 15 and 15. In other words, I'ld rather see him shooting than distributing and getting Pierce and Allen heated up and confident.

The organization would send copies of the plays to the league if they felt there were officiating problems, but what good would that do? It ain't changing the last game, and the league isn't sending a memo to the officials to correct their mistakes. Home team will get the majority of the close calls. How many DVDs do you think the NBA offices get during the regular season? 5? 10? 50? If it did any good at all, I would have sent a library of tapes from the Jordan/Bulls era.

Matchups for tonight:

Garnett - Black
Pierce - RP
Allen - Heatup
Bass - taheati
Rondo - Gembe (I'm going to run around in circles and tire him out)
Rivers - Dashi (c'mon, with your coaching experience, this should be a walk in the park for you)

Home town crowd: BE RELENTESSLY LOUD!!!! All game!


Oh its on Greg...they've poked the bear. I'ma throw a banana peel on the court when Allen runs by. haaa

Dwade needs some home cookin'

Funny how people show up on this board when we lose a couple games but when we dispose of them, they scatter like cockroaches when you turn the lights on...who was that Indy fan, was it Marshall?? We are the envy of the entire NBA fan base.

DWade needs to consistently give us what we have become accustomed to from him. I think he needs the olympics to stay in shape rather than take the time off.

nice to see u back greg. Thanks for thinking so highly of The Dashi.

What would make U think I'll Let U start on my team? Just kidding U can Guard Rondo to start, but if I see U get winded and tired don't worry I'll bring someone in for U for 5 minutes. That goes for everyone not just my superstar. Also, as ur coach I will never say we can't come up with a game-plan for Rondo. That's Silly Even Jordan had a Game-Plan. Rondo is not Special. He's basically Gary Payton without a Jumpshot. I won't have U waste most Ur energy running around. I'll bring Milk & JJ to play how R.Miller & R.Hamilton would(Run Around). U can run around thru off-ball screens. There's more than just the On-ball Screen at the top of the key. Also, We will rotate the PG duties. It won't just be Lebron or Wade setting up the Offense. Ur the Point Greg that means I would like U to set-up the O 75% of the time. U know 3 out of 4 times down court.

As ur coach, I promise I will use all advantages at my disposal. If That means I will have Pat sit directly behind me during games so be it. Yes, the media will make fun of me for having him sit behind me. But what makes a Man a Man is knowing when to ask for help when he needs it.

U already know I will stand-up for U and the team. So, that might mean I might be throwing a Replay Monitor, Kicking the Ball, or Throwing off my coat, etc. (Not all during the same outburst, I have to keep something up my sleeve everytime I lose it and get T'd). With that being said I will need good Assistants. I'll hire D'antoni for O and a Van Gundy for Defense. Hey, if we can have All-Star Player(LBJ,Wade,Bosh) why not have All-Star Coaches (Dashi,D'antoni,JVG) also.

Don't worry about me sending tapes to the league. I'll have someone leak them on Youtube for Us.

$hiit, I'll be tired before the warmup/layup lines are done. Better keep Chalmers and Coles ready from the get.

I did have a game plan for Rondo, and if I got to choose between him being a scorer or an assist guy, I'ld rather have him scoring. Now that doesn't mean I'm giving him ANY easy baskets, but he'll have to prove it from the perimeter before I get chest-to-chest with him defensively. It's easier to guard one guy with the ball than have to rotate to the ball after each pass.

Don't need Pat on the bench. SPO, AND HIS STAFF, are capable of making in-game adjustments. I'm betting everything that Pat and SPO - AND HIS STAFF - are on the same page as far as game plan and attack points. Don't need too many cooks or you spoil the stew.

Need this one, C's will be a tough out at home, even if we go back up 3-2.

You can call that team "OSHA"............OUT OF SHAPE HEAT ALTERNATIVE. 1 minute quaters with 8 time outs for safety.LMAO! Alright Heat, it's do or die. Let' get it done.

Now, that's a game I can get with!

Sorry, couldn't remember everybody on the blog, Jeff you've got Pietrus.

Oh you gonna need 12 time outs.

How can any of the Heat fans actually complain about the referees with a straight face? Your claims that the referees are favoring the Celtics are just ludicrous. Let's look at the stats from the 1st four playoff games.

Total Fouls: Miami - 89
Boston - 106
Free Throws: Miami - 114
Boston - 96
Player Fouled Out: Miami - 1
Boston - 4

The data does not support your argument so please stop blaming the referees for the Heat's losses. It just makes you look like a bunch of whiners.

That's why everybody will play 5. No timeouts Jeff. If u want a break foul someone or take off ur shoe. I'll get the sign. I'll send bust in for U

Seriously though we need to win tonight. I guess we are going to have bosh back for game 5. Hopefully it's the end as Shane being a PF.

IB (in Boston?)

You can't just put those numbers up and claim great officiating. You have to look at the trends of how teams play. The Heat were in the top 10 (8th, I believe) in FTA over the course of the 2012 season, and I believe the C's were in the lower third in the league (20-something) as far as going to the line. It depends on your personnel and strategy.

EX: Wade IS going to go to the line more than a jump shooter like Allen, it's going to happen.

I think overall the officiating has been lackluster, in every series that I've watched, even the ones out West.

LBJ fouling out - was that a good call on the league MVP? Jordan could crucify Jon Starks and wouldn't have got a sixth foul. Or they would have called it on him, realized it was his 6th, and given an early foul to Scott Burrell.

Some phantom fouls on Pierce come to mind as well.

That being said, don't put me in the 'we lost cause of the officiating' crowd. We've had a good look to win the game on Sunday and missed it, and you can go back and count many plays, that if we would have executed better, we wouldn't have even been in the situation to make a shot or go to overtime. Boston could say the same thing about Game 2.

If we play up to our potential, it won't matter about a missed call here or there. Proof is in the pudding, and it's a three game series now, with two games being played in MIA. Gotta like our chances!

@ IB PROFEN........Looking at LBJ so called fouls in slow motion will make any fan complain. Defender was moving on the 1st offensive foul. You can understand that one because it happens all the time. 2nd offensive foul, the guy was in the restrictive zone.........BS. The double foul against Bron and KG should have been a no call. Bron got pulled down on the last foul......More Bs..........Whenever Bron intitiates contact, the defender is pulling the chair from under him while pulling him down. 1st Boston complains about Bron and Wade never fouling out. Then they go out with a game plan to make it appear Bron is running over the Defender and it worked. Doc is a great coach who knows how to munipilate and control refs and media. He has got them to change calls in the series and just flat out miss calls. I loved the play where the guy landed out of bounce and pass to a open 3 pt shooter. BOSTON is getting screwed on some calls too. Far as Pearce goes. I haven't heard one person say that his foul were not fouls. THEY say it's the playoffs.....let em play. Every1 is in agreement that refs are seeing fouls that are not just there with Bron.There is a reason why the guy never fouls out. MVP.....defense amd offense.

Pietrus is taking flopping to a new level. Stern....where are you know on this topic? Kicking at some1 is just like swinging at some1. Haven't heard any1 talk about dirty Rondo.

Where r u now mr Stern

Dear In Backwards?

I would like to ask U how do those stats match-up with the regular season? Since U already know the playoff stats.

Thanks for pointing out that the Ref's are influencing the series. Numbers never lie and those #'s say someone is Cheating. Thanks, In-Brady

The 3rd best team at getting fouled(including No-calls, All Season) is getting fouled less than # 28 out of 30. Boston is also in the Top 10 in giving Fouls(Including No-Calls), while Miami as a Team ranks way behind them. Lebron has never fouled out of a playoff game. The Flopper even Fouls out at home.

Everyone here can agree it's not only the ref's to blame. I certainly Don't think it's Just the Ref's. It's not Lebron or Wade, either.

go heat.

It's over for this team. Pat needs to retire after this season you put in a coach like Spoelstra. That can't out coach the good coaches. And his rotation sucks a s s. Pat has to get the blame No bench and Bo money. Pat thought that three players will win the title boy was he ever wrong. OKC that's the blue print of a team with dynasty written all over them!! Pat i love you but it's time to move on no more decision making from you. Thanks for the good times bro!!! Well until next year!!!

Can we all say it with me.


Where was JA today?

No consistency from this clown. There's a lot more, but why bother Spo is not the problem.


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