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GAME 3: Celtics 101, Heat 91

BOSTON -- The Heat still hasn't figured out how to win at TD Garden.

The Heat has struggled in games for two seasons in Boston and Friday night was no different. The Heat fell behind early and trailed by 24 points at the beginning of the fourth quarter. The Heat outscored the Celtics 28-16 in the final period but Boston held off the rally and won with ease.

In the Heat's Big 3 Era, Miami has only won once at the Garden. It came in Game 4 of last year's Eastern Conference finals. A victory on Sunday would blow the series open for the Heat. There's only one problem with that scenario, though. Rajon Rondo has avoided dislocating his elbow this time around.

Shane Battier fouled Rondo in the act of shooting with 4:29 left in the game. Rondo made his four-foot jump shot and then converted his and-one free throw to give Boston a 13-point lead.

The Heat won five straight games without Bosh but playing without their All-Star power forward finally caught up to Miami in Game 3. Kevin Garnett had 24 points and 11 rebounds and the Heat got absolutely nothing from fill-in Shane Battier. He finished without any points and just three rebounds. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra wouldn't commit to ruling out Bosh for Game 4 but it's doubtful he plays on Sunday.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James combined for 35 free-throw attempts in Game 2. After what seemed like a national outcry that the NBA somehow had it in for the Celtics, Wade and James had just five free-throw attempts between them in Game 3. James was 1 of 5 from the line and Wade didn't attempt a foul shot. It's the first time since his rookie season Wade hasn't attempted a free throw in a playoff game.

He wasn't historic in Game 3 but Rondo was still the Celtics catalyst. He finished with 21 points, 10 assists and six rebounds.

The Heat was 10 of 20 from the free-throw line. That's right, 50 percent. I think Erik Spoelstra just threw up a little in his mouth. The Celtics were 20 of 26 from the line.

Maybe it's just me, but I think Chalmers needs to be more of a focal point for the Heat. The guy is obviously playing better right now than he ever has but he only attempted 11 shots despite playing nearly 45 minutes. He was 5 of 11 from the field and 1 of 2 from three-point range for 14 points. This might sound crazy, but maybe it's time to start trusting Chalmers a little more. Of course, even Chalmers struggled from the foul line in Game 3. He was 3 of 6.

The Celtics had 58 points in the paint and out-rebounded the Heat 44-32. Boston had 12 offensive boards compared to six for the Heat.

"I feel great. I'm young."
--Rondo when asked how he felt after playing 53 minutes in Game 2 and 42 minutes in Game 3.

"We're not satisfied with just this one win. They've defended their home court and in a couple of days we'll do the same."

"I'm getting crap about my form, but I want people to know it's because it was on my knuckles. That's old school. My uncle taught me to do pushups on my knuckles. That's some Army-Navy stuff."
--Kevin Garnett on his push-ups after hitting the deck hard in the second half.

"They got us tonight. We still got a golden opportunity and we know it."
--Heat coach Erik Spoelstra

"We feel we can win on the road. We know this is a tough place to play."

"We'll play a much tougher Game 4."
--Heat forward Shane Battier


Feed You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. knew the Celts would never just roll over. Time to go find the big boy pants and suck it up. Let's just hope the Spurs & Thunder beat the hell out of each other !

The free throw shooting has become a major concern for this team. They seem to have completely lost their confidence at the line. James and Wade are by far the worst free throw shooters that I have ever seen for their positions. Guards and Small Forwards should all be over 80%.

Spo coached a great game even though we loss. This 1 is not on him.

There was a couple flaws though. Starting with that rotation in the 4th to late to make a run, and He should have spoken up to the ref's. I give him a pass on the rotation cause nobody knew they could score like that. The ref's I'm not saying get a Tec(like Doc), but c'mon man get in their face's and demand Ur teams respect. If U take away all the phantom fouls that went Boston's way and the No-calls Miami got. I bet it add's up to more than the 10 pts we lost by, even if we miss half our FT's.

The Ref's won that game for boston. Boston has been going about a nicer way to influence the ref's. Notice Post game they always say "I hope I don't get fined for saying this". Then they go out and cry about the ref's.

KG is a fake Thug. 10 push-ups. That's the most he has done all year. He can't even believe it himself. The guy gets away with holding and pushing off almost every play. He never sets a real screen. Constantly, moving his feet and grabbing the other team.

Again, I still say Heat in 5. Let's go heat.

But he did the push-ups on his knuckles. That's pretty hard core. I mean, maybe next time he'll do one-handed push-ups or maybe push-ups with claps in between.

"I mean, maybe next time he'll do one-handed push-ups or maybe push-ups with claps in between."


With his mouth, he should do it with his tongue. Then watch him try to yap with a mouthful of splinters or cooties.

Heat mailed in the last game but got lucky. They bet on luck again, and lost.

Same deal w/free throws. Ditto players NOT moving without the ball so iso handlers/attackers have nowhere to go and no one to dish when the Cs stop their dribble, trap, seal or collapse. Has Wade forgotten Crean's advice already? Waaaaayyyyyy too many jumpshots and far too few boxouts.

And if the Heat continue their matador D (flops r not enuff), just concede Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and break out the golf bags.

"Waaaaayyyyyy too many jumpshots and far too few boxouts." (not on Wade but the whole team)

we won there game 4 guys last yr. so yes we can win there. If U listen to Jalen rose last nite, he was right. Magic barry wilbon etc all went off on how heat is bad etc. but jalen said its about pride. at home, if u lose its over down 3-0 and they came out and won a must win. with that said, he made it like miami is stil easily win series. guys, even if we lose game 4. we aint losin 3 in a row. go up 3-2 at home and have a chance to close it out in 6. BUT NO MORE INJURY TALK BOS FANS> PIERCE AND ALLEN R FINE..Made excuses incase bos got swept. WE R MISSIN OUR ALL STAR BIG MAN>

2/. play eddy curry for 1st 5 min. if hes a liability. go to joel anthony. hes 7 foot, he can guard garnett, and he can getus put bax around rim. RONNY or EDDY, does it really matter??? Joel or UD usually finish anyway. COME ON SPO.

BOT HOW ABOUT BOSH??? IS HE READY?? They made him travel...

anyone agree. Turiaf is just there to eat a few min till anthony and UD come in. Why not (not pittman, no experience) play Eddy curry in 1st qtr. Worse case, he cant hurt us that much, he can use fouls, body up KG CURRY CAN. HES TALLER>..

JA is the end of SPO

I love the guy, but he shouldn't see as many minutes "consistently", not at C at least. I've come to the realization Spo doesn't understand the concept of Height, Length, and Size at the Center position or any other position as an advantage/Miss-Match. A guy that is 7 ft 300 lb can do a lot of things just standing around in the Paint. They don't have to block shots just as long as they alter them. Shaq didn't block as many shots as Zo did, but he sure made people throw up prayers a lot more often. IF they get tired Switch them out, U have the players. Curry, Pitt, and Howard should be seeing at least 5 minutes a game at the C.

It's to late now
He did it last year when Big Z, Dampier, and Magloire played. Pat can only do so much. He gave him better options this year, but he didn't develop them or trusted them enough to play this year. Pat brought Battier in to be "Lebron's Defensive Replacement" ala a bruce bowens/ Ron artest type, not as the 4th scoring option or Starting PF over UD and JA if bosh goes down.

The Miami Heat Depth Chart

C- Turiaf (Out of position he's a PF), Pitt, Curry, Howard

PF- Bosh, UD, JA, Turiaf (where he belongs)

SF/SG- MVP, Miller, Jones, and Battier

SG/PG- Wade, Harris(D-wade Jr)

PG- Chalmers & Cole

Why don't we play with any C's. KG can not out-muscle any of our C's. He will need to get his Push-up game up, crashing into the big boy's (Curry & Pitt). Bass is not stronger than Turiaf, UD or JA, but he is stronger than Shane "No J" Battier.

*Spo didn't develop them

Why don't we play with any C's?

Posted by: Dashi | Saturday, June 02, 2012 at 02:49 PM

Very simple answer here. The Heat wanted a center in the offseason but couldn't afford one. They took Battier with the mini mid-level exception. As it turns out, Battier has been important this postseason with the loss of Bosh. With limited options, the Heat took a flyer on Eddy Curry and it hasn't worked out.

Curry probably is not a good practice player just like tim tebow.

MY point is to play them(Curry & Pitt) during the regular season. I know it's to late now. Rotations should be set coming into the playoffs. U shouldn't be throwing a line-up that has never played 1 minute together All season and playing them in the 4th quarter of an Eastern Conference Finals. It worked, but will he use it again? and if he does, does he do it earlier?

Lin got cut from like 4 teams cause he sucked in practice, put him in a couple games and voila' they found an acorn like ireland would say. Pitt should've been seeing consistent minutes all season. So, riley can know if he has to draft another C or just let him keep developing. Shane is important to this team. He's a great Defensive stopper, but he should be guarding SF/SG/PG. U are not just asking Shane to Play the PF and Defend it. U are also asking him to Rebound as a PF. He's a good rebounder, but he's no UD or JA natural PF's.

Wait, did you just compare Eddy Curry to Tim Tebow? Oh, man. There couldn't be two different "practice players" in professional sports.

(It was a Joke)- I should've posted that.
Curry is more Matt Moore
Nah, that would make him better than tebow.

I thought Curry had gotten a Press confernece to be the Back-up Center for the Heat?

Ur right though Tim practice's his azz off and he still sucks. Curry has the talent he's just lazy. Tebow Over-achieved with His talent and Curry has Under-achieved.

Get back on the Attack... Make them run and make the ref's call the foul. everyone come to play.. Need this one here..007...

Sun-Sentinel has a story up on grooving Wade early.

Spo: "I'd like to see if we can get him some easy ones, in the open court, on cuts, in the post, maybe some drives on the weak side; But we also have to do a better job of getting him in areas where he can be aggressive, and that will be part of our focus."

But Wade/Bron have to do their parts too. If Wade/Bron aren't moving when they get the ball, they've already lost half-the-battle. Catch-then-move is basically the same 'ol iso. You've already lost the element of surprise and limited your opportunities for separation by standing still *waiting* for a pass. Whereas if/when Wade/Bron are moving *when* they receive a pass, defenses/defenders are necessarily playing catchup.

It's not much different than football. Successful, consistent passing attacks feature QBs who throw *before* the (WR makes his) break so wideouts catch the ball in stride, maxing concurrent potential for separation + YAC. Stop-and-catch attacks, OTOH, are easier to defend (limited YAC), since defenses/DBs can sit on wideouts, jump the route (picks) or recover and PD.

Blocking rules also favor offball movement. Quoting the NBA directly: "For off ball players, the defender must get into position and allow enough opportunity for the offensive player to stop and/or change direction. All ties are considered blocks as the defender did not beat him to the spot but arrived at the same time."[ ]

And I *do* mean Wade *and* Bron. Wade is an *excellent* passer***, as good or perhaps even better than Bron. So there's no reason why BOTH shouldn't play the rabbit (a la Rip Hamilton) to confuse defenses even more (

*** All-Star week's Skill Challenge may be just a game, but it's a game of skills -- JOB skills, which Wade won twice putting Steve Nash, among others, to shame (Wade broke the existing ET record in one or both wins).

If wade and bron aren't moving it's the coaches call. I hate the guy, but even JVG said we were standing around on "defense" not just on O anymore. If they(bron and wade) have nowhere to go pre-play it could be cause spo said he lets the players run the offense and he doesn't call plays or sets. No dribble-drive, No Motion Offense. Just ISO or pick n roll at top of the key with JA. He's letting the inmates run the asylum. If u are going to do that though, u let 1 inmate(player) usually ur PG run the team.

What happened to that little back cut wade & bron were running game 2?

Consistency, Spo

Alot of bickering going on here...what's the big secret ? This is the way the Heat have played all season other than the hot stretch before the All-Star break.

I am agreeing more with the concept of these playoff games being tilted way too much to the home team. David Stern's manuvering was able to derail the Spurs machine in OKC pretty easily. The Heat will need to play lights out to have a chance tonight. Stern just loves to tinker those 7 games's getting sickening.

I like to see Miami duplicate what they did in game 3 of last year game. Win a game when they get know calls there way. I have a strong feeling they will need it. Calling the great, unstopable Mr Wade.......WHERE R U?

Game 3 of the finals.

RP, Stop with the conspiracy's people don't like them here.

Just kidding, but yeah Stern has to much control. The reason they don't want U to complain about the ref's is because they don't want U to "expose" them. When that ref came out for shaving points, he said there was more ref's doing it. How come they haven't exposed more?

Simple, Stern is an attorney who knows the law. The government won't screw with him or the league cause they know he will win. Notice, how the players Union didn't want to de-certify or go to court against him. The man controls the League. He doesn't decide the outcome, but him and his ref's influence it.

My problem with the heat playing the "same" for the last 2 years is I don't see growth or consistency in what they do on Offense or Defense. Yeah, lebron has learned how to play with wade, but the person responsible of making them play as a "whole" team isn't doing his job. Just cause Bron and Wade are Superstars it doesn't mean U can't control them. Ur the coach, it's ur team and they do as U say and Go as U lead. Players are just tools for the Job. Coaches are the hands that put the tools to good use. We have the best tools in the league, but it all goes to crap when U got a 10 year old trying to Build a house with them.

do you spitblood dashi? how do you feel about alex smith?

I'm glad he's not our QB, Don't tell me T-hill is Alex Smith 2.0. Alex didn't get an Offensive minded head coach until last year and look how he flourished. Look at Mr. Brady, he was worst than robo henne at michigan and look at what BB did with him. Bill turned that scrub into a Hall-of Famer (Greatest Qb of all-time?), not the other way around.

Nah, I don't spit blood, but I eat Thunder and Shi! lightning.

JA is still the key in my book. He hasn't been in rythm averaging only 17 min. He did a job on KG last year. KG got to relieved seeing him on the bench because he is the only one CAPABLE of shutting him down.

Got to feel

QUITTER.....sorry.....wrong blog.....Go Heat!

By fouling out, James found a whole new way to disappear in a big game.

Face the Heat are good team. That's all. Not a great team.

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