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The People's Elbow

The Rock would be impressed but I'm sure the NBA is not. Pretty sure Dexter Pittman has a suspension coming after this foul.



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best play dexter pittman has made all year, good job, there are consequences and repercussions for your actions, indiana, you reap what you sow

Lance deserved it. So does their whole malicious, instigating team (since pre-game 1). Karma is a bissh.

Heat in 6.

where are all the haters now? i see they were out in force after game three.

they're hiding in shame, most likely.

go heat!!

That's what i'm talking about physical. Little man ran into a wall. It didn't look intentional to me. ;-) He had his back turned and elbows up going for the ball. If pittman really wants to hurt him he would've followed thru with the elbow and stood his ground. that's a big boy people. they would've been taking him out in a stretcher instead.

Pacers have been judo chopping and and droping Bo's on the Heat Left and Right and the ref's don't even call it. Haslems eye should have been a FLAGRANT 2. What was the call on that?

Steve Kerr is one of them haters. He's the one yelling Flagrant 2 on everything. Also Suspend Haslem? Hansbrough Flopped. Lebron & Wade take a shot like that and they don't even call foul sometimes. What, now we're not playing playoff basketball cause the heat get physical. It's ok when they do it right. Notice how he had nothing to say once it turned into a route. Praising Indiana any chance he gets even when they're down. I'm just trying to light a FIRE under SPO. Get him on his job

Pittman's was a cheap shot and if the Pacers did that to UD or any of our players, we'ld be ragin' mad. When you set out to send a message, or to shut the other team up, you have to at least make a basketball play. Haslem did, Hansborough did, Pittman didn't. He reached out and led with his elbow and should probably get a game or two suspension.

Now, JA, AGAIN was making plays that Pittman, Howard, Turiaf, and Pittman could/would NEVER make. The block on the fast break for one. He's just so much more athletic than those other guys, so he can do so much more when he's in the right position.

Incredible game, by most of the Heat players. Norris Cole even looked to score.

LeFraud and LeWade looked LeGreat!

The 'real' PG that we don't have, yanked down 11 boards.

Hibbert's highlight against our 'non-centers' was a 3pt shot.

Our rotations, or lack of (I can never remember which), was on point.

Our whole coaching staff had a 'fire under them' - whatever that means - and were on their job - whatever that means.

7 down - 9 to go

Rollin like a limp bizkit song!

Way to beat dat asz physically. Way to beat dat asz mentally. Way to just beat dat asz. Pittman gets his first espn highlight before he goes on vacation. He contribution is greatly appreciated. Dumb refs will call it right from here out for fear of losing control.


Finally, The heat Bigman have returned to Miami...

Finally, after all the cheap shots without the referees calling them, and Bosh getting hurt, etc., Miami fought back. I loved it. I've been saying we need a Raja Bell, Matt Barnes, Ron Artest type player. We haven't had one since PJ Brown and Alonzo morning though Haslem has sometimes talked it, he's rarely just destroyed anyone like last night. Hansbrough does it and its just a foul. Haslem does it flagrant 2?!? Teams are trying to hurt our players hoping one will fall and then they can beat the heat. They may not be doing to personally hurt the heat, but even if they are doing it better their chances a la 76ers vs Bulls (those Rose injury was a freak accident) and without refs making calls, the Heat finally had to do something about it. Spo grew a pair and allowed it.

With those plays, our confidence grew and our team, even baby Heat players like Pittman looked like men instead of mice.

Let's Go Heat!

Enforcers Matt Barnes and Ron Artest just got BOUNCED out of the 2nd round, ah, don't think they helped their team very much at all. Let's keep them out their in fakerland.

Steve Kerr and Reggie Miller both hate anything associated with Riley's teams, and it shows in their commentating.

Barkley says that LBJ is the best player on the planet and then complains when they show confidence in their skills.

koME says the fakers aren't going away, like when the Bulls beat the Pistons. Hey koME, master of NBA history - didn't the Pistons come back from the dead to beat you, Shaq, Karl Malone, Gary Payton (the last two only went to LA cause they were chasing a ring), and the rest of Tinseltown in a 5 game championship beatdown a few years ago? I believe they did. Now take you smug trampled under foot snake skin and slither back into your world of trying to be mj.

definitely don't want them in Miami, but its been a while since miami had shown fight with the exception of DWade leveling K Garnett and others. Where is that Alonzo and PJ Brown mentality of not getting beat up on? I guess Posey was close and DWade does, but what happened to our forwards and center?

Reggie Miller irks me with his idiotic one-sided comments against the Heat. I hope he has to eat his words this year. One of the Barry Brothers does also. Most commentators for that matter. Its hard to find a commentator that will call it fair for Miami.

"The People's Elbow"

Great title.

Justice served. Stephenson seen choking on the court.

Haters to the left.

After looking at that foul by Haslem a couple more times....
He should be suspended for the rest of the playoffs....... A black guy can't do that to a white guy.

I love the win and the way we played. Shows that when we are on track, even the bench can step it up. I agree with UD's foul on Hansborough in that yeah, it was retaliation, but Hansborough did rake his fingers across Wades face meanwhile with his other hand feigned going for the ball. He had it coming and you know UD is gonna give it. What I don't agree with is Pittman's foul. It just seemed to me a play that was unnecessary and it made him look like the kid that never plays and does something stupid to get some kind of attention from the cool kids in order to feel accepted when he does finally get the chance. Either way, "Dale Heat!"

Haslem took a hard foul in game 4. Wade took 1 last night. Bron getting them every game. How much can a team take. Riley past teams took a lot of heat for hard fouls. They changed the rules because of it. Now the league having memory

Hey someone has to stand up for Pitt. The guy Flopped.

Noah, Bynum, Perkins All Do It. Shaq and Mutumbo did it all the time to people. No Flagrant 2 that's Putting Respect in the Paint in the Playoffs. Sending a message for game 6 and Beyond. U will get Smack'd down if u come down here with the Big Boys. Man Up

Again Pitt didn't hit him that hard, Cause if he did he will be gasping for air not just walking rubbing his neck. The Guy would've been a bit Taller that catches him in the Chest, or Stomach if the Guy could Jump. Then We wouldn't be having this Conversation. What, Does Pitt have to do? Duck when he Jumps Now? Ok, Steve Kerr

No Blood No Foul only on the Heat. Look at UD's Eye. A No Call. At least Not the Right One

Even if Pitt doesn't play. When they put him in people know he's going to Bang. Next series give him 5 minutes a game against Garnett. Yes, the man will school him which will help him in the long run, but a quick Tec or 2 against Garnett won't hurt either. Pitt Man doesn't back down from No Man. I remember Pitt and Dwight having to be seperated a couple times. Ask Bynum? Oh wait we can't. No Fear in that Boy Pitt

AGAIN JA is a World Class Athlete, A Great Defensive PF, But U can Maximize His and Haslems ability Playing next to a C like Turiaf or Pittman. It lets them play to their ability which is making Athletic plays while the C's take up Space. Turiaf and Pittman can Box Out (Things that don't show up in the box score) Hibbert, and let JA and Haslem run around grab Rebounds and Blocks.

Hey even a Garbage can gets a Steak SPO. I'm talking about Consistency. We Can't go from 75 pts a game to 120 the Next. Some days use 7 players some games use 12. Just cause u haven't seen how a player reacts in certain situations it doesn't mean u can't play them to see if he succeeds or fails. We have the players use them

U think JA, Haslem, JJ and Chalmers (Our 3rd best player sometimes, sorta like Rondo wit a Jumpshot) where Studs from the get. They were allowed to play and develop on bad heat teams. Chalmers should've been allowed a chance to grow more last year. Wait till next Year keep getting better Rio

Now that we have a Good Team. We shall continue to play and develop our own (Cole, Pittman, and Harris) slowly.

Cut some of Miller's Minutes. That Clown Don't Need'em.

Two hours after the loss, Larry Bird complained to a Pacer beatwriter about how "S-O=F=T" his tean played [ ]. Does that mean the Pacer GM pre-approved Pacer cheap shots, taunting, other incitabe acts, including "bounties" in games prior? Will it foretell -- or demand -- a nite of in flagrante delicto by Pacer players in their last gasp tomorrow nite?

Roger Goodell, if not Stu Jackson, wants ta know.

Speaking of the NFL -- how 'bout them Heat?

No reason why rollout passes to, from & between James & Wade + teammates can't continue to keep Indy's secondary from covering or pressing, to keep Indy's defense on its heels -- *IF* Heat offball players continue to move, screen, curl & cut.




We don't put people in the game to 'take up space'. You are in there to perform. JA is one of the best defensive centers in the league, period!

We can go from 75 to 115 points a game, and we love it!

Some games you use 8 players, other games you play 11 in the first half. That's called 'in game adjustments'.

A quick Tech or two against the Celtics won't hurt? That's ridiculous to give up points to play thug ball. Teams loss by a possession or a point sometimes. Stupid idea.

Pittman absolutely saw Stevenson coming down the lane, measured him out, and led with the elbow to the throat. All that with less than 20 seconds to go in the game. Bad decision young guy. Although missing him for a few games won't derail the Heat's chances, do you think the Pacers would only go after 'him' in retaliation. Hell NO! They will want to send a message to our core players, and if they injure one of them significantly, Pittman's play will look even more ridiculous.

There are plenty of ways to send that same message during the context of the battle other than the middle of the lane, sized up, elbow to the throat. He'll learn. He'll adjutst. But that play was bushleague. UD at least made a play in the direction of the ball, so did Hansborough - and both of those plays were correctly called a flagrant foul.

Boxing out does show up in the box score. Look under the column titled rebounds.

....and Mike Miller is a clown?????

i have to agree with Dashi. I am big on playing Joel Anthony at the 4. Even turiaf at the 4 and playing real centers. You take away too much from a player when they play out of position. A player may be a GREAT power forward but a terrible center like Bosh. Height isn't the tell-tell sign - meaning if you're taller, then you can play center, but I can tell you, if you're short and don't jump for rebounds in the middle, you're definitely not a center and that's JA. He only skies up for blocks. He hops around in the middle (not enough space and makes him look clumsy)instead of running. He needs to be out further. Pittman deserves more time at center just for showing he will be an enforcer for his star players and not allow them to be hurt. Why hasn't JA done this? It takes Haslem and Pittman to do this?

There are many centers that do nothing more clog lanes which alters shots, makes it easier for speedier players on help defense, and gets an occasional block here and there.I'm for it. Just make sure they don't clog offensive lanes also.

Also, Mike Miller

He plays surprisingly well on defense and works hard out there. He rebounds well too. Only thing we brought him in for offensive reasons and he usually hesitates on a 3 (causes bad release and he misses) or plays hot potato with the ball instead of shooting it at all.

Its hilarious throat choking Stephenson was hit in the throat the next game. Pittman, that was genius. Spo, awesome you finally let heat inflict a little get-back.

So, you think that SPO finally gave the backups a 'green light' to do stupid shiite on the court? Absurd.

The reason the guys carrying the main weight for the Heat don't do that stupid prison-yard thug crap, is because it would 'hurt' their team if they got tossed, NOT HELP THEIR TEAM.

You never back down, but you also don't have to instigate. LBJ has been hit numberous times and hasn't swung at anybody yet, in these playoffs. God help the Heat if he does respond like some of you jokers think he should. Dropping 40/18/9 smacks them right back in the face without playing the punk roll of cheap shotting the opponent (which is what Pittman did). Thank you LBJ for being more of a man, and understanding this is a team game, and not a school yard scuffle.

I feel pain when i see Miller on the court. The guy is a bleeder. He was always hurt in DC but atleast he scored consistently. He does well on D because of the system. No one on one matchups
. Just everyone helping each other. A lot of trust is involved because you are defending more than 1 guy. Pittman doesn't have that trust.

Pittman is weak for that. I'm a heat fan but that was str8 bush league. Sad part about it his sloppy self fell to the ground while, the punk Stevenson stayed up.

hey maybe next time stephenson will think twice before acting like an idiot, stop defending this punk, hes not an innocent victim

And maybe the next time Pittman tries to protect the paint legally, he'll get whistled for a foul and maybe suspended, because, guess what, the officials will be looking for him in a different light now, and that will linger long after Stevenson and the Pacers are fishing.

Was it all worth it to be top thug for a day?

And this is totally different from what UD and Hansborough did, so we can't compare the two.

U need players that carry that "thug" label with them. He did nothing thugish if ask me. U think Detroit would have won any titles without them thugs back in the day or in the 2000's. (Rodman Breaking Pippens nose or wit out the crazy wallace's.) Ben was in that fight against artest. Yet, we don't look at him in that light. Again defend ur team since the national media (ESPN) doesn't want too.

The only thing out of line was at the time of the game it took place.

The question we should be asking is what was stephenson doing with 20 seconds left down by 40 trying to go in the paint for? To show the heat up. Nah, Buddy not today

Could've taken a Jumpshot instead of taking it to the hole. Again 20 seconds down by 40. Indiana players were already walking off the court when he went Up and got Smack'd Down.

The Pacers and the league have been beating Lebron up all year. He doesn't have to fight back that's what them "thug" teammate's are for. U take care of ur Superstar. Let the role players know there role.

What Pittman did was necessary. Maybe not how he did it. He'll learn hopefully. It aint that Bron/Wade dont want to respond to hard fouls, they cant. We cant afford to lose them. Thug or no thug,Somebody better respond before they lose it. Thanks Pittman for your contribution. Just learn how to do it right.

Playing Physical and Aggressive is not being a Thug. When Indiana was doing it to us nobody called granger a thug. Again, running up on people with closed fist, chest bumping, talking about i'ma beat u up is thugish, Indiana. Split second decision to give someone the business in mid air not a thug move, Miami.

Pitt's lack of discipline on the court could be from lack of playing time. I would've used more line ups off the bench with Pitt and Howard during the season, Howard can teach the kid the ropes during the regular season. We can't afford to throw games in the playoffs now.

Show him some of them Vet Moves Pitt needs to score on O and how not to get caught by the refs while playing D. Again 5 minutes a game wouldn't hurt nobody. Maybe everybody in the front line will benefit. Use Bosh about 30 mins, JA and UD about 20 mins a gm a piece. It should Ease up some of Lebron's Load. Superman does get tired every once in a while. Don't burn him out like Ricky

Pitt didn't do the elbow for Lebron & Wade that was UD took care of. Pitt did it for Howard.

What i meant is he should have waited for a Jumpshot instead of trying to go for a highlight reel put-back dunk with 20 seconds left down by 40. Pitt was just going to box him out.

That works for me. Pitt was boxing out and Stephenson ranned into a ARM-PIT.........MAN

I can't be mad a Pittman. In fact, I would have been mad if no Heat player responded to the rough play.

Two things happen now:

1) The refs have to call the game right and tight so players stop with the extra

and that helps Miami because the Knicks looked like they were doing all type of physical ( physical when the refs don't call it and media want to talk about it, dirty when the refs call it or its a heat player dishing it out) play


2) let teams know that force will be met with force.

Pittman, Haslem, Chalmers were just letting other teams know. In the end it lessen dirty play when teams understand there will be retaliation.

GRANGER and his team were barking and talking crap but then wend the heat gave them a little bite they wanna cry and act like the victims wend in fact pacers players start it all!!!

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