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A birthday edition (my birthday) of "Stuff People Ask Me on Twitter"...

Michael Cassidy (@MichaelIVCassidy) asks, I heard @ZaslowShow say in the postgame that LeBron wasn’t right. Some sort of leg issue. Any insight? He OK?

I can’t say for sure, but LeBron didn’t seem to be hurting or injured after the game. He was walking normally and was in a good mood during postgame. He even seemed concerned for a few reporters who were looking pretty tired after the game. He did go 7 of 20 from the field, but he was 18 of 24 from the free-throw line. It’s not like he was settling for jumpers the entire game. Plus, does an injured LeBron take the final shot of the game when D-Wade is on the same team? Doubtful. He’s fine.

P.Gully (@TweetTully) asks, what happens if I let go of the rope?

Several factors to think about here:
1. What did you eat for breakfast?
2. Are you underwater? If so, what’s your drag coefficient? 
3. Were you born in the year of the horse?
4. Is your rope attached to a horse?
5. Is the rope on fire?

See, there are a lot of variable at play here — a lot of twists and turns — before we can correctly answer what happens when YOU let go of the rope. Just don’t freaking let go, man. That’s the best answer I can give you. I knew this guy who let go of the rope one time. Things didn't turn out well.

Mark Tomsic (@marcusjj19) asks, nearly impossible for the lottery to be fixed, right? Talk of it is silly.

I’ve never sat in on an NBA lottery and I can’t say I would even know what to look for even if I did. There are probably some clever ways to rig a lottery. Did David Stern throw in the top pick of the lottery to sell the Hornets? Just one example of silly talk. Look, the lottery isn't rigged. If the lottery was fixed, it could have serious implications for the NBA. As in, no more NBA.

Naveen Ganglani (@naveenganglani) asks, comments on Wally's thoughts on KG?

To catch everyone up to speed, former NBA journeyman Wally Szczerbiak wrote this about Garnett on Twitter after Game 2: “KG is another one who lacks the #clutchgene always has?”

I’m not a genealogist per se, but I did successful map the idiot gene last night while on Twitter.

FinzUp (@eduardo1garcia) asks, has any player ever smacked you in the [butt] after a good story you've written?

No, but a coach has threatened to kick it.

Naveen Ganglani (@naveenganglani) asks, predictions on how the team does during the two games in Boston?

I’m thinking a split. The Heat will win Game 3 but lose Game 4. I was right about Games 3 and 4 in Indianapolis, so we’ll see.

Kyddhere (@kyddhere) asks, is D-Wade the best player in the NBA after contact?

It’s an interesting question. Wade’s body control in the air is legendary, but I’m not quite sure Wade’s the best player on his team after contact. LeBron is probably better given the fact that he has the strength to shrug off body checks from Kendrick Perkins and still score buckets. Blake Griffin has to be in the conversation as well. As shooting guards go, it doesn’t get much better than Wade or Kobe Bryant after contact.

Gustavo Arocha (GArocha87) asks, what worries you most if the Heat face the Spurs?


Marlon/capt’n/mar (@MTarrell) asks, does Spoelstra get enough credit?

“Enough” credit? At this point, he doesn’t get ANY credit. I mean, Spoelstra didn’t even receive one vote for the NBA’s Coach of the Year Award. While he isn’t a media darling yet, Spoelstra has won over his team. LeBron heaped plenty of praise on Spoelstra after the Indiana series. I’ll give Spoelstra credit right now for bringing out the best in Wade. No one’s talking about it, but whatever he said to Wade in that huddle during Game 3 against Indiana did the trick.

Andrew Wadhams (@Andrew28500) asks, is Battier using a walker after playing 45 minutes last night?

Does said walker come with a cup holder for beer? If so, then yes.

Eddie (@NBABallerHoller) asks, when is Eddy Curry getting on the court?

Night Court? People’s Court? In all seriousness, I assume you’re joking.

Yohendy Almeida (@yohendyalmeida) asks, I know is early, but can the Heat make a move to obtain

Festus Ezeli on draft night like they did with Norris Cole? Heat might not have to. They’ve got a late first-round pick and Festus might still be around.

Monica Raquel (@DivasDining) asks, can Rio do the Triple Lindy?

Yes, Rio is the Rodney Dangerfield of the Heat. Does that mean he can successful complete the world’s most difficult dive, the Triple Lindy? Not necessarily. It took Dangerfield years of practice to pull off that dive. Rio, while the superior athlete, can’t just walk out on 10-meter platform and bust a Triple Lindy. Now, with a little practice, I’m sure Rio would be confident he could do it.

Jahnel Simpson (@jahnelss) asks, I'm young could you give me some info on Dangerfield?

Only the greatest comedian ever to "get no respect," who also happened to star in a golf movie filmed in South Florida. I mean, as a sports fan, I don’t care how old you are, you’ve got to know about Caddyshack. Netflix, bro. Thank me later.

Pariez Sur Moi (@SELFMADE G22) asks, 'Rio's been sensational this year, period, the team's gelling like never before. How does CB fit in the rotation now?

Same way when he left it. He starts at power forward the moment he’s ready. Bosh will play in the NBA Finals and the Heat will need him.

Daniel Mena (@THEE_CAPTAIN), asks why doesn't Spoelstra tell Wade & Chalmers to play up defensively on Rondo?

It’s a pick-your-poison thing, I suppose. Play up on Rondo and he could end up with 25 assists.

Joel Estrada (@joeljestrada) asks, what has a better chance. Us winning against the Spurs (if we make it that far) or a Great White vs. a baby seal?

Oh, man. Great question. A trick question, but a great question nonetheless. See, here’s the thing about seals. The babies stay on the land or the pack ice or whatever. For a Great White to get at a baby seal, it would have to beach itself, or run aground or whatever you call it when sharks try to get out of the ocean. In this scenario, I don’t like the shark’s chances. See, sharks have gills, which are made for pulling oxygen out of water. People and walruses and seals have lungs, which do the same thing as gills but with air. I’m going with a baby seal on this one. Now if you had said Killer Whale, I might have said the jig was up for the baby seal.

As for the Heat against the Spurs, it wouldn't be a contest between a Great White and a baby seal. It'd be like a fight to the death between two apex predators. I actually think the Heat matches up better against the Spurs than the Thunder. I don't want to look too far ahead, though. We'll get into that if the Heat take care of the Celtics.


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Great stuff Joe. the most fun I have seen you have with any set of questions.I think the Heat will win and face the Spurs, where I hope to see Spo keep up the decent coaching he has put up these last games.The key for me is limiting the effectiveness of Parker and Ginobli. We have the people that can do it, and when we go big, we dont lose the ability to keep up with them. The flying death machine will prevail!

"No, but a coach has threatened to kick it." - Urban?


Alright that was just mean

Spo will never hurt a fly. I take it back. I just wanted to see how that would sound.

Spo get's no respect I tell ya. No respect!
-Rodney Dangerfield- The King of the One-Liners

Lebron was probably real tired. Leg's probably started cramping up a little. That sucks if it has ever happened to U. U know the pain. IT Feels like UR Hamstring is about to rip off ur leg. UR Toe's curl up and get tight.

I wouldn't know since i'm stuck in this chair and have no use for my legs.

But anyone who has ever played sports down here in the "humid miami summer" knows that U got to stay Hydrated and stretch ur muscles so they don't tighten up.

If not Ur going to end up on the floor crying like a little girl, grabbing ur legs like u just been shot. I hate when it happens to me, but it is kind of funny when it happens to someone else. - He falls off the chair at 2 min - FF to the 50 second mark if u want skip the build-up (That's how I leave after I'm done). Yes that is a cramp not something else. Gotta Love Women Tennis

That's what I want to happen to Rondo next time he plays that many minutes. run him to the ground.

*leave them

Thats another thing. Rondo played the whole game and was able to do it as we made it so easy for him. He never had to work hard for his points so he was fresh to the end, even after 53 mins.We need to guard him next time.

In this country Presidential elections are fixed, you mean to tell me that the NBA lottery can't be??? PUH-LEEZ! I don't even mind either, just so long as I keep getting entertained.

The NBA is fixed

Conspiracy Theory?

Why did Jordan always win the finals in game 6 at home. I think The last 1 was the only 1 he didn't win at home, but it was still game 6

The Ref's in 75% of the games are shaving points or getting paid to look the other way

The Lottery

The Draft

Anything David Stern does (Worst Commissioner In all of Sport). He should be put in jail for his crimes against NBA Players this Year. For the love of money a bunch of players are hurt. The Human Body can not take that constant Punishment. Imagine if Goodell would've said 2 football games a week cause of the lock-out. We the fans will love it, but how many players would finish the season.

Popovich's rotations sucked yesterday, he needs replaced. Brooks obviously outcoached him.

Diaw is too small to play center, they need a big body to 'take up space'.

OKC played at home. This only proves S.A. is beatable. Game 4 will tell if it goes 5 or 7 games. Home-Court advantage Spurs pull it out. Ref's will help if things get tight.

OKC is more TALENTED than S.A.

Brooks did Out-coach Pop's "1" game and looked what happened. They won by 20. Brooks is up-n-coming, but he's on the hot seat next year. OKC doesn't have the expectations that come with being "The Miami Heat" these last 2 years (Title Or Fail?). This year OKC became a Legitimate Contender for a Title. If they Don't reach the Finals next year or lose before then. Them nice folks in OKC will have him gone.

Pop's is a hall of fame coach. Has won 4 titles with that squad on the floor. He's playing with House money. Tim is at the end of a great career. Way better than KG. Tony is just an Avg PG that he has molded into a good one. Picture Chalmers with years of Coaching. I'll take Rio over Tony. Ginobili, that guy is a product of a system if i have ever seen one. Pop's doesn't let him start cause he know's Manu isn't physically capable to handle it consistently. So he brings him off the bench to Lead and Score. Pop has earned his respect thru Years of hard work. It wasn't given like they do to some. U can Compare Pop's to Riley, not to SPO. Pop's is a Top 5 greatest coach of all-time. He is a god in S.A. He has a statue of himself outside the stadium.

Let me guess We should've respected Sporano like if he was Don Shula.

I expect to see a good game tonight. It will be nice to Blowout Boston at home, but I say heat by 4. Hopefully, the ref's call it down the middle.

Bugs Bunny - "What a maroon!"

Silly Wabbit!

If the NBA is fixed, why worry about who out-coach's who? Its fixed. Just like destiny, why worry if its all set in stone? Ridiculous.


Some will say we lost last year to make up for 2006

People Make them up all the time cause they are in denial

The officials and the league didn't help Dirk and Jason Terry hit those 3's, that's ridiculous.

And if you are going to play the 'hate management' game that ESPN and the media predictably always do, shouldn't Billy Hunter and Derek Fisher be jailed also? I mean, no one forced them to sign the CBA. The players union held out, held out, held out.....what did they think the outcome was going to be?

You got a problem with your company, put your own money up, build a better mouse trap (basketball league), and live the good life you think you deserve. But that won't happen in our entitlement society.

Didn't Hunter and Fisher take money under the table to sign those contracts? Conspiracy

Yes, Terry and Dirk hit Those shots and the ref's called it down the middle (Not really). But did Lebron throw the finals? A lockout was coming. The man went from making a joke of terry to it being the other way around. The Heat were the favorite at the time. A Lot of money could be made. Or U can say Carlisle just Out-Coached SPO and the Better Coach won (We had the better team). Conspiracy

I'm just saying U can make a "Conspiracy" out of anything.

Basketball isn't as fixed as baseball, but teams and league's cheats for their benefit. Conspiracy

Glad I'm not you dude.

Good Luck with all that you got going on inside your dome. Sounds like a mess.

^^^Greg there we go again. U just can't help it can U. It's OK for the sake of both of us "STOP" already. I'ma do us both a favor "Even" if U make an Intelligent and Educated response without some back handed silly childish remark. I just won't answer. For my own sanity, cause U don't even merit a response clown.

I make a point that "anyone" can "make-up" a conspiracy and there U go on a rant.

I got a "Conspiracy".

Greg Gembe is Erik Spoelstra

It doesn't have to be true to be a Conspiracy, it just has to give the mind doubt.

Are U Erik? Greg

Your comments are so out of wack with reality, I wonder why I sometimes stoop to that level to respond myself.

So are we cool with going back to a month ago, when you didn't appear on this blog?

^^^Greg there we go again. U just can't help it can U. It's OK for the sake of both of us "STOP" already. I'ma do us both a favor "Even" if U make an Intelligent and Educated response without some back handed silly childish remark. I just won't answer. For my own sanity, cause U don't even merit a response clown.

Works for me, but you won't live up to your own words.

'How many conclusions (about whats right, wrong, good or bad) r u coming 2 2 try n control everything n everybody so you never get 2 b free? - Ricky Williams

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