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Pacers Hibbert takes direct shot at Chris Bosh; Indiana already talking trash

Having a little fun on an off day for the Heat (literal thinkers, please take this blog post seriously) ...

Pacers center Roy Hibbert directed a little trash talk Miami's way after Indiana knocked off the mighty Magic. From the Indianapolis Star:

"We didn't do this the easy way," Hibbert said. "It took time. But Larry Bird and (general manager) David Morway drafted well. We got (David) West. We got George Hill, Leandro (Barbosa) and Lou (Amundson) for almost nothing. We didn't do this by signing a couple of superstars.''

Man, what a godsend that Hibbert. Just when you thought this was going to be the most boring second round series in the history of the league, the former Georgetown center comes through with a multi-layered house of insults so sophisticated it could pass as literature. Let's DECONSTRUCT this Roy Hibbert gem:

1. "We didn't do this the easy way."

In other words, Hibbert is saying the Heat did this the easy way. The Pacers, meanwhile, did this the hard way. Actually, the Pacers had a chance to do things the easy way -- you know, because so many free-agent superstars want to go play in Indianapolis -- but they actually passed on signing all the league's big-time players so they could make things difficult on themselves. What a guy, that Larry Bird.

2. "It took time."

As in, the Heat did this thing over night but we, the persistent Pacers, had to wait a long stinking time to beat a team in the first round as incredibly gifted and cohesive as the Orlando Magic. The Pacers represent the crock pot of success -- slow cooked and delicious. The Heat got hot in a microwave.

3. "But Larry Bird and (general manager) David Morway drafted well."

Hibbert translation: The Heat can't draft worth a damn.

4. "We got (David) West."

This is the first shot at Chris Bosh. David West's contract: two years, $20 million. Chris Bosh's contract: A lot more.

5. "We got George Hill, Leandro (Barbosa) and Lou (Amundson) for almost nothing."

Here, Hibbert punches the entire Heat franchise in the face at the expense of his own teammates. The Cheap 3 vs. The Big 3.

6. "We didn't do this by signing a couple of superstars."

The big finish. And this is gold, folks. Hibbert really brings it home with this shot. From 10,000 feet, you can see that the overriding message is that the Pacers are an actual team ("we") while the Heat is "a couple of superstars." Once again, Hibbert gives a nod to the fact that the Pacers had a chance to sign multiple superstars in their prime but thought better of it because, if nothing else, Indiana is all about hard work and doing things the hard way while Miami is just one big get-rich-quick Ponzi scheme surrounded by palm trees and water. Lastly, and this just really shows the genius of Roy Hibbert, he takes one last swing at Chris Bosh. A "couple" of superstars? Oh, it's so on!


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Haha! This is great, Jo. Fun to read. Keep them coming.

How is that a direct shot at Bosh? It's definitely a shot at the Heat and the team vs. superstar approach, but I don't see any shots at Bosh. Wade was already with Miami. I know he was a free agent, but the "couple" we added were Lebron and Bosh.

Good point Mike... but I too think that was a slight on Bosh. And I'm REALLY glad he said it. Nice RIP job on the blog too - props to Goodman. But when anyone thinks of the Heat's 2 best players, Bosh is not in the conversation. And he shouldn't be. But I'll say this... he's by far, the best "Third Best Player" in the league. GO HEAT!

Haha awesome stuff. I don't know if Hibbert was being as nuanced as Goodman makes him out to be, but the contrast he draws is clear: the solid, drafted, well groomed "team" versus The Big 3. Cute.

I'll say this to Hibbert, though. If Bosh and Chalmers play the Pacers series like they did in Game 5 of the Knicks series, it'll be over in four/five - and not in Hibber's favor.

MOTIVATION IS WHAT HE IS GIVING US. He tries to create an underdog status vs the big bullies of the league.

Miami heat will sweeeeeep these posers 4-0!!! Easy semis for my HEAT!!!:) the pacers are talking "trash" because thats the only thing they are good at, trying to make the refs hesitate to call fouls for the heat is a good reverse psych job "frank booger"!!! Nice try but miami will sweep these losers!!!!

Shots fired.

First of all......Dwayne Wade WAS drafted.Soooooooooooooooooooooo the only 2 Superstars are James and Bosh.Secondly......but THIS is really first.............If Indiana has started off apparently trying to get the Heat s attention...they did.Further...and the key point to all of this early talk from the Pacers is it s interesting to say the least that when teams BECOME SCARED and their respective coach too...they ll begin with negative criticism of their opponent.NOT a SMART move by any of them.The Heat will respect their opponents and then kick their arse.

As an Indy fan, I'm not really about the pre-series talk. But, seriously ... I dunno which is more asinine ... the beat writers for your newspapers or the fans who buy or read these drama-infused crap journalism. Yes, Hibbert criticized the bandwagon, superstar approach. If you don't think your three stars discussed teaming up during free agency, then you have suspended belief in reality. As for the writer attacking Indy as a free agent destination, I'm pretty sure that only holds true for basketball (a sport that gives star treatment and awards flopping). NFL is king, and Miami is not the king of free agency for football. You guys have the worst fans in sports. I don't expect Joseph Goodman to know a whole lot about sports, because he clearly doesn't, but seriously ... we didn't pursue big-name free agents? Maybe because we were in cap hell due to the brawl, you retard.


Jeez, Joe I knew you finally had a good blog post in you. Great post! Lets hope all this trash talk gets back to the Heat and they use it as further motivation to whip Pacers butt. Although, I doubt they need the extra motivation..

Ryan, how about you stay on the Pacers blog TROLL. I'll prepare a eulogy after the Heat beat the ish out the Pacers in 5 games, maybe a sweep if the Pacers team keeps talking crap. In the meantime enjoy that cold, dark, no beach town of yours..

The real take on the HEAT is: they will not win it this year! Labron's game is still the same- no low post play, no will to take the last shot. When James got to ask someone( past players) how tobe a Champion, then you have issues anyway. (A winner don't ask other winners how to win). Bosh -aka SOFT, known through out the NBA from other players as a 6'11 power forward that plays like a back-up small forward that is being over paid! Stop crying, work hard Get Tough! He needs more muscle on his frame and he checks out (head not in the game) Wade, a true baller. Unstoppabllee When healthy!! Fingee, ankle neckarm, hand whats next?!? His moves are crazy sick but one turned ankle from exiting the game permently :( . The other POW's are (is what it is) equals No Ring. P.S. Eric Spo is a very good ( assitant COACH) at Best and he is being out coached every game!

Ray, you write like a little girl, GTFOH.

ryan, i've got to give it to u, u r an articulate idiot.ucannot just win with super stars if they dont play like a team; see the knicks. what makes the heat collection great is their unselfishness and ability to play like a team. your attempt to make your hick rown team look relevant is a joke. please go away!

Anyone notice that for all the noise about us getting a center and PG, we've been closing games without either? Now, Chalmers has been playing well the last month, and other than some spot minutes for JA, we haven't used Turiaf, Pittman, or Curry. And that first round series was against the Defensive POY, and a PF that is marketed as one of the best in the game. Maybe all that pre-postseason handwringing over not having Dwight Howard and Chris Paul fill those spots is, well, just that 'noise'. Remember when we go small in the middle and big on the perimeter, it creates match up problems for the opponent, and being 18-8 in the postseason the last two years, that's winning nearly 70% of ALL OF YOUR POSTSEASON GAMES, isn't too shabby. Can any other team, or coach, boast any better record during that time frame? ..............thought so. Keep them guessing SPO. The more noise I hear from the casual fan, the more I know you are making the right moves.

Oh, and Ryan, any team could have cleared their cap space (suffering through a few not-so-super-cool seasons) and created an organizational atmosphere that very good players would want to join. Just so happens Riley did it first and best. Don't hate cause you draft and/or traded for piece of crap thugs. And if you think that players don't talk ALL THE TIME about where they'ld like to play or with whom, YOU are in the suspended reality. It's happening as we breathe right now. And can we look at the team salaries from last year. I'm betting the Knicks and that team out west that got swept in the second round last year paid a LOT more and got a LOT less. Game - Riley.

i meant hick town

Spiderman a.k.a not man enough to put your real name! Im a fan of the Heat and I do Not like how this team is playing right now. If you are a real fan of this team you would have some concerns aswell. P.s. I never seen past ballars wearing fake glasses, crazy beards, bookbags, wild haircuts, if im a bad guy or good guy role on the court, a center taking three point shots, Tweeting, technical fouls and last SAD FANS getting signatures from millionare kids. Lol

Trolling? I'm open to intelligent discussion. THis is not an intelligent article. He deconstructed something that did not need deconstructed. He does not hold a B.S. in psychology. However, I do. I'm not about to pretend like I am a great contributor to psychoanalytic thought, but this article was composed to evoke a reaction ... and it is a work of homerism to rah-rah up the local fans. The only thing that could be perceived as a dig is Hibbert's remark about the "superstar" approach. No, Indy does not have a beach. I don't want to live near a beach. I visit relatives regularly in Florida, but I don't appreciate high temperatures year-round. I don't even enjoy summers in Indiana. Miami/L.A./N.Y. will always have an advantage in recruiting the type of culture the NBA represents. The NFL is a different culture. You can call Indy a hick town all you want, but it really just goes to show you have no idea what you're talking about. If you gave me the option of having LeBron/Wade/Bosh or a HEALTHY Brandon Roy/Kevin Durant/David West, I'm taking the second group EVERY time. I like(d) Wade a lot, but LeBron's attitude has rubbed off on him. The Pacers have done everything they can do with the constraints they have to work under. I still think we are one piece away. If we could somehow convince D. Williams to sign, I'd objectively take our team over the others. We need solid PG play ... and for Hibbert to be consistent ... probably tougher too.

Oh, and Nige ... the Knicks do NOT have superstars. They have All-Stars (voted in by children and teens), but they are a rudderless ship. Players of this generation say they "want to join a contender" ... which is code for "I'm a loser who can't make the players around me better." Anthony/Amare will NEVER lead their team to a title.

Ryan - let's hope David West's attitude doesn't rub off on the rest of the team.

Melo - one of the top players in the league

Amare - overrated and stupid

Chandler - Defensive Player of the Year (noted voted on by children and teens)

Not exactly devoid of talent

C'mon now ... Would you trade one of your "Big Three" straight up for Melo? You cannot build around him. You build around a superstar.

No, not one of the Heat team as constructed, because we already have a pretty decent SF. But if you did trade Melo for LBJ, we'ld still be pretty damn good. Our coaching staff would figure out the best way to utilize him, and our organization (from the top management) would encourage him to buy into our 'team' philosophy, and he would evolve into a total professional (preparation, conduct on and off the court, etc...), leaving the Baltimore thug part of his image back in the Charm City.

Miami fans suck, real sports fans wouldnt buy into this piece of crap work of journalism. No doubt the Heat are great, but they have pathetic fans that barely support the home teams. For God's sake, it took signing LeBron James and some more brightly colored baseball uniforms to get you all to show up.

Hibbert did damage because the absence of Howard, thats all I need to say!

Good time to post this article... GAMEPLAN....First, we must run as much as possible when hibbert is on the floor.. Look, I know this isnt going to sound nice but Hibbert has asma.. And when he gets tired attack him, get him in foul trouble.. another thing I noticed, when he's out of the game, they play a slight zone, look to get the defensive three call.. Getting them out of the paint opens a lane to the rim.. Crash the boards hard... Shooters get extra shots up, we need yall to be hot... Bron, you have to dominate your match-up.. granger is ok but you should have your way with him.. Wade, main man, this kid goerge is a long tall but slightly slow one, keep moving and attack, get to the line, might need some big play in this series to get it under control... Bosh, you will have an open jumper available there, get hot, crash the glass, get to the line as well, your play has to be big in this series as well... Over all, let's look at what they do well: their size down low, their debth, and the three ball.. OK... We can attack their bigs at will.. We can guard the three ball... The debth, we just have to deal with.. NOW.. Let's look at a way to attack... RUN... Get to the line.. Out work them... Crash the glass... 48 minutes.. They want to trash talk, JUST WIN... Shooters come ready to play.. Set a tone. This will be the next step in coming closer to holding the trophy... let's get it...007...

Hibbert comment doesn't surprise me since it's being all season long, "smart guys" want to take a shot at the Heat, but the Heat TEAM just stay focus and let the ball talk... This is just more motivation for the players and MUCH more satisfaction as a Heat TRUE fan to watch the Pacers "cheap big 3" get dismantle on this series which honestly was going to be a BORING one....

Miami fans suck, real sports fans wouldnt buy into this piece of crap work of journalism. No doubt the Heat are great, but they have pathetic fans that barely support the home teams. For God's sake, it took signing LeBron James and some more brightly colored baseball uniforms to get you all to show up.

Posted by: Jack | Friday, May 11, 2012 at 12:01 PM

Jack, wow. Really? Who spit in your frosted flakes this morning? It's a satirical blog post, friend. Didn't you read the editor's note at the beginning of the post. Most likely, you just read the headline and left a comment. Lighten up a little bit and have some fun. It's a game we're writing about here. If I wanted everyone to be angry and serious about everything I write I would have become a war correspondent.


The Heat will try to push the pace to neutralize Hibbert but let's keep in mind that the Pacers have superior guard-play in this series. It won't be easy. Now, granted, LeBron and Dwyane kinda make that whole argument a moot put (in theory), but we'll see.

Jack- common why does everybody think we had no fans before lebron. U forgot we won a title in 2006? the Mourning days?...we've been showin up since the days of the Miami arena..don't confuse the heat with the marlins, you look around Miami and all you see it's Wade t shirts and jerseys..ofcourse lebron has a lot of fans that followed also

'we didn't do this the easy way...' - did what? What have the pacers accomplished? I'm confused

Vogel Is a Larrys Bitch,Shut up and take your beeting!!! Heat in 5

Beating... My Bad

1st Round picks for Indiana
2011 Kawhi Leonard instead of Iman Shumpert 2 picks later
2010 Paul George
2009 Tyler Hansborough
2008 Jerryd Bayless then traded to get Roy Hibbert
2007 Nathan Jawai
2006 Shawne Williams 2 picks later could of had Rajon Rondo
2005 Danny Granger
2004 David Harrison
2003 No first round, picked 2nd Rnd James Jones
2002 Fred Jones
2001 No First Rnd could of had Gilbert Arenas,Tony Parker,Zach Randolph
2000 Primoz Brezec
Nice work Larry Bird!!!

Steller digging Twhack. Kind of puts the argument about the 'right' way into perspective. Now they have done some work in the trading and free agency, Hill and West ball, but without Jeff Foster, Detlef, the Davis bros, Reggie, Mark Jackson, and Byron Scott, they ain't gettin' by the Heat.

Ryan, trolling is considered going to another team blog and posting comments when your not even a fan of the team. I dont think you'll catch anyone in here going to the Pacers blog, frankly because no one cares about the Pussers. As far as you taking Brandon Roy/Kevin Durant/David West over the Heat Big 3, the Indiana winters must of froze some of your brain cells. LOL

your an idiot. Typical media guy trying to twist words

Ray edwards, I dont give a crap what the players wear, or how they dress themselves, maybe thats your sort of thing to look at? Ahhheh-homo...... Excuse me... Let me guess your like every other fans who want them to beat every team by 20 pts a night. SMH. They win you cant ask for anything else.

Well I hope he's telling jokes when the heat run them off the court. Hibbert is a bum the only reason he's an all-star is that there are no big men in the nba

wow this article stupid.....goodman you're a moron haha

I'm a S. Floridian and long time Heat fan. So they want to talk a little smack, and he didn't say anything personal. So now fans of my team want to attack Indiana? I don't know if any of you knew this, but that is the home of basketball. Ryan, saying the NFL is bigger in Indy is a lie. It goes: basketball, auto racing, then football. I think Indy as a state deserves a little more respect from us. Hibbert, maybe not as much.

This Hibbert smack don't mean the game. Just adds a few more cans of whoop-azz.

Dig ya Trucker ! You go Greg !

HaHa....After the sweep by my "Miami Heat". All these macho talks will be over..

Miami in 4 games=sweep

Miami has the worst fans in sports, and I think its funny how this little wife sharing writer attacks larry bird, a top 5 player of all time... terrible writing, terrible fans (you aren't taking the team with the 5th best record seriously) and a terrible thing all people from Miami do, and that is do blow and share wives


Who cares.. Indy will be lucky to win a game.

The Heat will crush the pacers.....mark my words!

Where did you get your literary degree? How stupid an article!
Hibbert is a lot smarter than you are Goodman.

And by the way the Heat are a bunch of floppers and now they have a columnist Flop....per.

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