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Pacers Hibbert takes direct shot at Chris Bosh; Indiana already talking trash

Having a little fun on an off day for the Heat (literal thinkers, please take this blog post seriously) ...

Pacers center Roy Hibbert directed a little trash talk Miami's way after Indiana knocked off the mighty Magic. From the Indianapolis Star:

"We didn't do this the easy way," Hibbert said. "It took time. But Larry Bird and (general manager) David Morway drafted well. We got (David) West. We got George Hill, Leandro (Barbosa) and Lou (Amundson) for almost nothing. We didn't do this by signing a couple of superstars.''

Man, what a godsend that Hibbert. Just when you thought this was going to be the most boring second round series in the history of the league, the former Georgetown center comes through with a multi-layered house of insults so sophisticated it could pass as literature. Let's DECONSTRUCT this Roy Hibbert gem:

1. "We didn't do this the easy way."

In other words, Hibbert is saying the Heat did this the easy way. The Pacers, meanwhile, did this the hard way. Actually, the Pacers had a chance to do things the easy way -- you know, because so many free-agent superstars want to go play in Indianapolis -- but they actually passed on signing all the league's big-time players so they could make things difficult on themselves. What a guy, that Larry Bird.

2. "It took time."

As in, the Heat did this thing over night but we, the persistent Pacers, had to wait a long stinking time to beat a team in the first round as incredibly gifted and cohesive as the Orlando Magic. The Pacers represent the crock pot of success -- slow cooked and delicious. The Heat got hot in a microwave.

3. "But Larry Bird and (general manager) David Morway drafted well."

Hibbert translation: The Heat can't draft worth a damn.

4. "We got (David) West."

This is the first shot at Chris Bosh. David West's contract: two years, $20 million. Chris Bosh's contract: A lot more.

5. "We got George Hill, Leandro (Barbosa) and Lou (Amundson) for almost nothing."

Here, Hibbert punches the entire Heat franchise in the face at the expense of his own teammates. The Cheap 3 vs. The Big 3.

6. "We didn't do this by signing a couple of superstars."

The big finish. And this is gold, folks. Hibbert really brings it home with this shot. From 10,000 feet, you can see that the overriding message is that the Pacers are an actual team ("we") while the Heat is "a couple of superstars." Once again, Hibbert gives a nod to the fact that the Pacers had a chance to sign multiple superstars in their prime but thought better of it because, if nothing else, Indiana is all about hard work and doing things the hard way while Miami is just one big get-rich-quick Ponzi scheme surrounded by palm trees and water. Lastly, and this just really shows the genius of Roy Hibbert, he takes one last swing at Chris Bosh. A "couple" of superstars? Oh, it's so on!


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