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GAME 2: Heat 115, Celtics 111 OT

Rajon Rondo did something no other player has ever done in an NBA playoff game on Wednesday. The Heat still won.

Rondo had 44 points, eight rebounds and 10 assists. A few players have have gone for the 40-8-10 combination in a playoff game but 44 points is an all-time NBA postseason high for that statistical combination.

The Heat still won.

Like I wrote in the game story for the paper and the website, Wednesday's 115-111 victory for the Heat was demoralizing for the Celtics. Sure, the Heat is only up 2-0 heading to Boston, but the way Miami first rallied in third quarter, and then overcome a potentially disastrous finish in the fourth quarter, left you feeling like Miami absorbed the Celtics best punch.

Oh, and then there's this: Wednesday marked the 10th time the Heat has taken a 2-0 series lead and Miami has never lost a series after leading 2-0.

Dwyane Wade converted his three-point play with 59 seconds left in overtime. It put the Heat up by five points and Wade and James combined to make 5 of 6 from the free-throw line to hold off Boston. In other words, Wade more than made up for missing that steal near the end of regulation. You know, the one that led to Ray Allen's three-pointer. The game was tied 99-99 entering overtime.

Rondo gave a performance for the ages but the Heat also walked away with a bit of history. The Heat rallied from a 15-point deficit, a franchise record for come-from-behind victories in the playoffs.

Miami outscored Boston 35-22 in the third quarter. The Heat has outscored opponents by double digits in each of its last five third quarters. Wade led the Heat with 12 points in the period and LeBron James had 11 points. Udonis Haslem contributed seven points and six rebounds.

Wade started the game slowly, going 1 of 6 for two points in the first half. He finished the game with 23 points. After the game, Wade said the Celtics did a good job of limiting his driving lanes in the first half but he remained patient. In the third quarter, Wade got the rim for three important baskets. As a team, the Heat was 8 of 9 in the paint in the third quarter. Miami outscored the Celtics 40-30 in points in the paint and the Heat outscored the Celtics 18-8 on second-chance points.

Wednesday was Wade's 100th career postseason game, a franchise record. Haslem is second with 90.

Wade has scored at least 20 points in all 12 of his postseason games against the Celtics. He is the first player to score at least 20 points in 12 consecutive postseason games against the Celtics since Jerry West did it 18 consecutive times from 1966-69 (all NBA Finals). In his 12 postseason game against the Celtics, Wade has averaged 30.2 points per game while shooting 54.9 percent.

The Great Alaskan scored 22 points for the Heat, including 14 points in the first half. Mario Chalmers' effort in the first half, which included three three-pointers, kept the Heat in the game. Chalmers also had six assists, four rebounds and two steals. His steal to set up Wade's three-point play in overtime was the defensive stop of the game.

Chalmers' 12 points in the second quarter was his highest scoring quarter this postseason and his 14 points in the first half was also a postseason high. He has scored at least 20 points twice this postseason, equaling his career numbers for 20-point postseason games entering the playoffs.

Haslem's big third quarter was a precursor to his contributions in the fourth quarter and overtime. His 18-footer from the baseline gave the Heat a 98-94 lead with 1:08 left in regulation. In overtime, Haslem's 13-footer from the baseline tied the game at 103-103. His cutting run to the basket followed by a dunk gave the Heat a 107-105 lead with 1:28 to play. Haslem initiated the play with a defensive rebound on the other end after a missed layup by Rondo.

Haslem's 13 points and 11 rebounds was his 15th postseason double-double and his first double-double in the postseason since May 3, 2009 against Atlanta. 

LeBron led the Heat with 34 points despite going 7 of 20 from the field. He augmented his struggles from the field by going 18 of 24 from the free-throw line (both tied postseason highs for LeBron). As a team, the Celtics attempted just five more free throws than LeBron.

The Heat was 31 of 47 from the free-throw line. The Celtics were 26 of 29.

LeBron had 21 points after halftime and his 30-point was his seventh this postseason, tying Kobe Bryant. James has scored 66 points in two games against the Celtics and he has scored at least 30 points in four of his last five games. Additionally, LeBron's two 30-point performances against the Celtics are the only two 30-point games Boston has allowed this postseason.

LeBron has five 30-point, 10-rebound games this postseason, giving him six in the playoffs with the Heat. That's a franchise record. Wade has five and Alonzo Mourning and Shaq did it twice.

For me, the sequence of passes between Wade and James leading to Haslem dunk in overtime was the play of the game. Simply amazing.

Once again did not attempt a three-pointer.


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Great game sir. Hope you can write an article about the Heat winning it all this year. Good luck

Heat got lucky and pulled it out our azz.


Rondo made a mockery of the heats game plan. Oh, that's right the fool doesn't have 1. Rondo is to "unpredictable". Come on do something SPO.

On top of that he played 53 minutes. Who ever is being guarded by Rondo, run in circles on offense until u get tired then "switch". I bet a whole game of running around chasing chalmers and cole, Rondo won't have the strength to dribble never less to shoot the ball. 53 minutes, they should've taken out Rondo in a stretcher or he would've caught a cramp running all game. Instead giving him10 ft to shoot All day. Not cool spo

We better not expect to win a title or game 3 with a performance like that. If the Celtics had depth they would've killed us yesterday. Let's go heat, but this series just got interesting.

I had a lot of other comments about the game but feel compelled to respond to this idiotic blurb.

SPO doesn't have a game plan, he's a terrible I suggest we have players just 'running around' on offense to tire out another player. That, my man, discredits anything you have ever written, or likely, ever will write.

Your blind hatred for SPO and any success/failure of his team, is obvious, and your posts can only be taken serious by like haters with little to NO feel for the game of basketball, particularly NBA strategy.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Anybody for 3-point practice before Game 3???

I guess I'm the middle line between Dashi's dislike and Greg Gembe's undying love of Spo.

Dashi I agree that Spo made his adjustments late and almost cost us the game, but bottom line is he did made some adjustments and did win. And he made those adjustments along with a comeback against a great coach like Doc Rivers.

I think Spo failed on rotations again after having been great with his rotations recently and I think it almost cost us the game. Once the Heat went up and the Celts rallied, before the Celts take the lead, call a time out and make some subs. Don't wait til the Celts take a 3 pt lead which went up to 5 points with 3 minutes to go.

If Rhondo will be in the whole game, its true, run him, but we had to keep chalmers in at the same time and for some reason I don't really think Rhondo gets tired.

Chalmers has become mini-dwade. What's best about Chalmers is even last year he stepped it up in the POST SEASON where it really counts.


It's not undying love, but for God's sake, if you are going to complain about his job performance, HAVE A FREAKIN' CLUE what you are talking about.

An offense based on running around trying to tire Rondo out?

SPO can't coach cause he never played in the NBA, but some dude from San Antonio that never played would be a great replacement?

C'mon that horse hockey at it's best.

How's this for blaming SPO for something:

Up three at the end of the game and the ball gets thrown into KG - LBJ is guarding Ray Ray on the perimeter and instictively goes into the post to provided help defense - KG kicks the ball to Allen, who splashes a three to tie the game. I would think in the huddle prior to this play that ALL the coaches would be talking about guarding the three point line, while not giving up a layup, because a two at this point wouldn't tie the game. The media wants to blame Wade for going for a steal, any reponsible ball player, which LBJ is, would man up and say it is my fault for leaving Allen. Maybe the bench was telling LBJ not to leave the shooter, but ultimately (as per this blog) EVERYTHING that goes wrong on the court is the coaches fault, while the players are the ones who win the games.

This was a strategy problem if it wasnt' addressed on the sideline, if it was addressed, then it's the player fault.

Anyone here think that Beasley could have helped us win this game the way UD did? Anyone still carrying the torch for that failure? Was our PF switching off and guarding one of the quickest PGs in the league? Didn't he block his layup playing one-on-one defense?
Any credit for that stategy going to SPO? Do the ends justify the strategy?

so wait, spo failed on his rotations putting Haslem in the game at center and staying small which brought us back from a 15 point deficit...then Battier and Haslem hit huge shots in the end...Ya its spo's fault for 16 missed field goals too. You spo haters just suck!! He's just a coach, the players have to come through.

sorry, 16 missed free throws..

Miami needs to get Boston out of there heads. No crowd to feed off of in Beantown. Chalmers was the only guy who was into the game early on. I thought JJ and Haslem gave the Heat a trash talking response like only a S. Floridian could. Not only did they play well, they got back up in the Celtic's faces. Great adjustment by spo. He temporarily benched Wade again. Wade responded again. Doc is a good ass coach that can our coach anyone.

Out coach anyone

Wow some of you guys are clueless about basketball coaching.

Spo runs great offenses that are suited to his personnel. He runs several motion sets that are designed to draw the opposing big men out from the paint- thus giving Wade and Lebron better looks at the basket. Those offensive sets are perfect for our personnel.

Plus we have been playing less "hero ball" and are less stagnant as the past- the ball is flowing from one side to the other.

He has Lebron, Wade, and Bosh co-existing effectively, and they are rising to the challenges before them- they are in a construct that will allow them to succeed.

GO SPO and TEAM HEAT!!!!!!

Spo did good, but he should have substituted Battier or Mike Miller back in earlier when the heat took the lead and then Boston made a run and took a 5 pt lead. That's what I mean by a bad sub rotation at that point.

Spo should have had his guys foul the two point shooter once he saw Boston moving the ball around setting up the 3 point plays, especially knowing that Boston was down by 3.

Miami had a timeout to set up a play when Lebron missed his jumper at the end of regulation. I think they had just come out of a timeout and a better play should have been drawn up rather than a isolation, but when Lebron got locked down by Rhondo at the top of the key, I think Spo should have used that timeout instead of letting Lebron take the bad shot. Also I think Spo shouldn't have tried to put the end of game situation on Lebron to prove media wrong. I think with a tie game, we should have kicked it out to one of our open role players unless DWade or Lebron were going to drive in for a foul. Isolating Lebron when you have a threat like DWade to help take pressure off of Lebron is a waste.

Overall though if you can only count about 3 mistakes then Spo did pretty good. But some of those mistakes can sometimes be big and cost the heat games. It almost did this time, but Kudo for SPO not whining and sitting on bench like he used to and being resilient and not folding to the pressure.

SPO overall performance B-. Would have been a B, but I have come to expect more from Spo lately since Wade and him had that heated exchange. He been coaching his butt off since that exchange so last night wasn't up to his new standard he has set. Thats what comes with being great. You set new standards for yourself. Chalmers will be feeling the same new pressure soon.

Lebron got locked down by Rondo??? holy sh!t that's the worst comment ever by any blogger ever!! 6'8" MVP over 6'2" point guard might as well be a wide open jump shot, great choice by Lebron and great move by Spo for NOT calling a timeout. I'll take Lebron vs Rondo ALL DAY!! Man E_B, step your game up bro.

"Anybody for 3-point practice before Game 3???"

FREE THROWS! almost = death throes!

Practice won't make perfect but hopefully, necessarily better than 16 missed, 31-47 or 66% -- especially AT Bos.

I can go into "Detail" on all the things he did wrong (Bad Subsitutions, Miss-Use of Time-outs, Lack of Offensive Execution(Same dang play everytime), Stopping Rondo, No Presence in the Paint, JA's use, UD's Miss-use, Didn't Motivate his team (Why did they only show Doc? He has nothing to say), Didn't Argue 1 no-call to the ref's, Sporano's fist pump, Lebron's first Post-up came in the 4th with 3mins to go, Etc.), But I'm not.

Running Around- what ray allen and reggie miller use to do. Run in circles if u want idiot(Show some respect fool, u don't want to go there), but send rondo thru at least 3 screens each possesion. I shouldn't have to go into detail(Using backdoor cuts,C-cuts,Basket Cuts, use differnt Screens),but do something SPO. Milk and JJ are great at running around. While we're at it I'll have One-foot Ray running around to, let's see how much pain u can take in that foot ray. Someone please step on his foot. It's not a foul if U do it right, like going up for a rebound or in the post . It's the Playoff's.

Again I don't dislike the man. SPO is a great guy, If it was up to me I'll give him his old job back if he wants. Make him An Assistant, he's young and has some experience, that's valuable. He is just way to out matched to coach this team. SPO will be good for a young developing team that can go thru some growing pains with him as he comes into his own as a coach.

What the heat need is someone that is Smart(Someone who can Run an Offense,handle rotations, exploit match-ups instead of getting miss-matched on, Handle Time-outs, Etc.), Can motivate his team, Have some People Skills with the ref's, Trust his team, and to Speak up for his team when they are getting taken advantage of.

Why did it take UD until the 3rd to see minutes? Riley grabbed SPO's candy azz at half-time and told him to look at the box score JA played 13 mins and had as many Points and Rebounds as Turiaf 2pts 2 rebs who played only played 4 minutes.

This game was to close for comfort. U don't have legs at the end to "shoot" when U play to many minutes. Look at one-leg ray his shot ain't the same. As The "Autistic Quadriplegic" U guys make me out to be. U know A Idiot who has never dribbled a ball or picked up a stick his whole life. While I'm at it I got 2-left feet, Lack depth of Perception, and I'm a caveman who can't read or write. Well I'm Autistic I'm So retarded

Last i checked U don't have to be Jordan to watch a game and see something wrong. Hum, that makes ur point mute right(Greatest player ever is as good as U when it comes to judging NBA talent). I feel the distribution of minutes is essential for a teams success

That's who we should be worried about. S.A. Who is Old and Deep. Plus, well coached. Please, don't tell me S.A. has better players than us.

Those coaches that didn't play in the nba and are coaching most of them their dad was a coach. U guys just need to find 1 thing wrong(nit-Pick).

I like how Joe thru that Bass Jab in at the end for u guys. I think Doc figured Out Soft Bass and that White guy suck. If i'm going to go out might as well go out in flames. Boston won't practice or shoot-around til game 3. They're tired to many minutes, but they have to play like that cause it's the only option. What's Spo's reason?

^^^wow i can't even get through the first few words of that jibberish much less 10 paragraphs. This dude must poop a little too close to the tent.

Didn't need that timeout at the end of regulation. That is what practice is for. The Heat knew what to do in that situation. They weren't coming out with some sort of special Houdini play, they were going to give the ball to one of their best offensive weapons and tell him to get a good shot off, just like Phil, or Doc, or Carlisle, or Pop, or any NBA team would do. They had the mismatch with Rondo on our SF so they didn't have to screen to get the advantage. LBJ got a good look, it just didn't fall.

The media isn't going to be content with anything that LBJ does, kicking it to his teammates (as Wade did to UD), driving the ball, shooting a jumper, they already have their story lines written, they just spin reality to make it fit.

The other reason you don't call a timeout in that situation is that you give Doc a chance to set up a play if there is time left on the clock.

We $hit on SPO because he let a team come ALL THE WAY BACK from 5 down, and it's because of his rotations, but when we come back from 15, it has nothing to do with rotations or strategy. (probably a result of global warmning)

Jon Barry can get the gas face (old 3rd Bass reference, for you Old Heads) for his analysis. "Miami won't win if LBJ and Wade don't put up those huge numbers". Chalmers and UD took the spine out of that argument. RIO kept us in the game in the first half when Wade and LBJ collectively hit ONE bucket. UD finished the game just as strong. You won't hear anyone say, "Boston couldn't win even with Rondo's Herculian effort". It's a one-way street.

Wade barely touched Rondo at the end of the game, despite Rondo's head whip. Whatever happened to 'referees swallow their whistle at the end of games, you've got to earn it'? Maybe that was a no call from the other end of the court, when Rondo hit LBJ in the chest and then KG hit him on the head and the Heat got a jump ball out of that?

Lebron Didn't post-up.
Who is responsible for that?

UD Didn't see Minutes Until the 3rd
Who's Responsible?

"Team Consistency"

If a player is out of position more than once

Iso (hero Ball) by Lebron on the last play?
With that miss-match his first reaction should be to post him up everytime. Who's Responsible for telling him that?

The list can be 100 long and we won the game. Sad

Yet, Spo does 1 thing right, He did a great job. It's his job. If he goes and out coaches Doc, he did a great job.

I expected to win at least by 15, Or that was just me.
I said Heat in 5, But that gimme game I was giving boston doesn't look so easy.

Is that Laymen's Enough for U,
Senor Pinga

oh boo hoo lebron didn't post up...blame spo

won 5 straight games but there's no consistancy...blame spo

Haslem played 30 foking minutes...blame spo

expect to win by 15 with no bosh and Rondo having a career game but only win in overtime by 4...blame spo

Heat sweep the Celts...blame spo

go insert your tampon and cry to your mama,

Spo is doing fine so please relax people. I don't expect Rondo to put up those numbers again. He was in rhythm and that can happen any given night just not every night. Also, I can live with LBJ's last shot at the end of the game. No need to call a timeout, just let him rise over his defender and take the shot. He makes it, good and if he misses that's fine. Whatever we do, please don't leave any seconds on the clock for a last shot for them.

We need to improve our FT's and never leave Ray on the wing side alone in those decisive moments. Besides that, we can argue all the IF's, I'm just glad we proved we can win those tight games and that's all that matters for now. Tomorrow we'll worry about something else. Next!

oh i forgot.

Wade goes for the steal which leaves haslem out of position and Allen wide open for the 3...blame spo

Lebron misses wide open layup then a jump shot over a midget compared to him...blame spo

How stupid can a blogger get?
ask Dushi

"We $hit on SPO because he let a team come ALL THE WAY BACK from 5 down, and it's because of his rotations, but when we come back from 15, it has nothing to do with rotations or strategy. (probably a result of global warmning)"

I only derived we should have rotated to stop celts run (break their momentum) and not let them take lead. That does not mean I derived that Spo wasn't doing well on his rotations when we came back from 15 down.

Dashi has it right when he says Spo has to be consistent. What's the point of coming back from 15 and losing? We won, but you get the point.

Agree with Dashi - Spo should have made sure Lebron posted Rhondo on last play or called a timeout to set up a play since he had one. Spo should have let lebron know to either go in for contact, post up smaller Rhondo, or kick out to an unexpected role player since they were shooting well.

Lebron couldn't get pass Rhondo = Rhondo locked him down and forced him into a tough fade away shot.

Miami definitely needs to work on free throws.

Jon Barry, Reggie Miller and the rest of the Heat Haters can now start talking about how whoever comes out of the West, Miami can't match up with them and will lose.

Spo's judgement day is coming. I for one hopes he passes. It will mean a championship in Miami.

Let's go Spo, let's go Heat!

Lebron being "locked down" by Rondo is laughable...he obviously saw KG lingering in the paint and realized shooting over a PG while clock wined down was a better option and it was. go watch the tape. No chance he would've been matched up with Rondo again for a post up following a timeout knowing Doc. Stop being lazy, he missed the jumper he usually makes, not spos fault.

No one is giving spo credit for sh!t...he's just a coach. Players have to come through and execute.

Agree with you on one thing, Lets go Heat!!

Oh lord of Nothing, but Pinga in UR Mouth N Dushi.

Do I personify something for U. The Guy who use to beat U up after-school everyday? UR Dad? Or 1 of those 1000's of guys that banged Ur Mom.

Stop Making Ur self look like a "Fool/Azz Clown" and Post something without just using my name to belittle my opinion little man.

JA played 20 and got 2 pt 3 rebs.
Ur telling there was "consistency" is those 5 wins in any thing other than we won?
I'm sorry i'm not going to nit-pick ur ignant response any further

Hey if ur going to go with the name calling at least spice it up everytime, don't do like SPO and do the same thing over and over.
For example Lord Dong=
Master blaster
Senor Pinga
Miami "Zo' Zo'" Killer
King PiPi
Mr. I need to make up for "it" so let me post it in my name
Ms. Kobe

again with the -- if he's consistant, he doesn't make the in-game adjustments, and if he makes in-game adjustments, he doesn't have a set rotation.

"Stop Making Ur self look like a "Fool/Azz Clown" and Post something without just using my name to belittle my opinion little man." Yes, you set the bar pretty high here big guy.

I guess that's what you do when you run out of your ridiculous analysis, start with the personal attacks.

Listen Dushi bag...your ignorant long winded posts are completely annoying and Mr. Gembe said it best that we were better off with Sledge around. He was an instigator but at least we could get through the first sentance without barfing on the computer screen. Since you've shown up you've added zero input to this blog. So do us all a favor and put an egg in your shoe and beat it.

Also leave me out of your homo erotic fantasies of pingas in mouths you complete come mierda of a so called heat fan. if you wana talk about moms, at least i have one you waist of test tube sperm street grease. Stop talking out of your culo and maybe you'd get some respect around here caca brain.

Good win... Now game 3...

The positives out weigh your negitives. Good job Spo. My position is unchanged. Spo is a average coach with the potential to be great. Got to get it done this year cause can't afford to wait. Is it a no win sittuation? Hell no, you got the 2 best players in the nba with plenty of support. GET ERRRR DONE!

"Stop Making Ur self look like a "Fool/Azz Clown" and Post something without just using my name to belittle my opinion little man." Yes, you set the bar pretty high here big guy. - Greg "Nitpick" gembe

Even U here are with the constant "idiotic" remarks and The Dashi stays quiet.

"I had a lot of other comments about the game but feel compelled to respond to this idiotic blurb"

"I guess that's what you do when you run out of your ridiculous analysis, start with the personal attacks."

That's just this post.

We can go back and see, Buddy.
"Consistency"- U Show it

I try and talk basketball and explain my point's, but some of U like to take things personal and be Super Twitter Thugs.

Go and Question My basketball playing ability? Or Acumen of the game? My Knowledge and Mastery Of the English Language?

Yet, Has Dashi ever said "greg" u can't shoot or run. U Don't know what it's like to play 40 minutes of a game and then are ask to pull it out and save all the mess the coach has made all game? Consistently.

U guys are fools. With Ur I'ma take my ball and go home attitude. So only me and my friends can be on here and post, Clowns.

Hey, my Lord what have U posted of substance here other than attack me?

I Said it somewhere else here after being called out on it. Yes, it is "Childish" and I will not fall into these Troll's trap.

I will keep Stating "My Opinion". Just don't look for me to even respond anymore. If ur First Sentence Starts With Idiot or any other form of the word Stupid. Don't Expect me to respond, U Incompetent Moron's.

I Could care less about ur life or U as a person, Just state Ur Opinion on the Post and Move on. I know I try

Believe Me I'll go about my Day Smoke My Tree's and go To "Ruby Tuesday's" for the Munchie's, Right Greg

Let's not make it personal

Let's stick to the game from now on.

Game 3 will be very interesting to watch. How both team's come out and play? Does Bass even see playing time? Should JA or UD be used more? Can Shane keep up this shooting? Which D-Wade do we expect? How will the Ref's Call it? Will we play tight on Rondo? Can Ray Still Shoot? Will Rondo shoot like that again in this series? They are still a bunch of Questions in this Series left to be answered.

Game 3 should be a great game to watch. Tighter than I would like,but I say heat by 4.

Great thing so far is we see Spo making proper adjustments in all the series so far.

NY, to Indy, to Celts, he's winning out with adjustments in the 3rd quarter vs the other coaches.

It is also noted that Lebron, Wade, Chalmers, Bosh, and UD have public vouched for Spo saying he is doing an incredible job and they clarify why. Why would your negative opinions of Spo ever come close to overriding their "professional" assessment of Spo?

You aren't on the outside, do not know all the factors and we are all not professionally qualified to accurately assess Spo's quality in day-to-day coaching.

What we do know is that he is effective and they are winning without one of their major players on the court. And Spo still has upside / can get better as time goes on. The Heat haven't plateaued on any level and that is a good thing- being on the rise.

*on the inside rather

Another thing that should be noted about any negative things you may see is that coaching is a chess match in-game. What looks like a mistake is rather a piece being taken off the chessboard, but then you counter with a move of your own.

It is okay to see foul-ups or disadvantages, as that is part of the chess match of adjusting, counter-adjustments, and controlling the overall outcome.


That's why the 'set rotation' argument is mute. You make adjustments during the game based on matchups, fouls, effectiveness, etc...

And this, got to win this year or we fire the coach, constant whining......Does Coach K get a pass every year he doesn't win it all, or get bumped in the first round?? He's got talent every year. Do the Yankees with their bloated payroll and talent fire their skipper every year they don't win the World Series (since George passed). Calipari scrapes the AAu pool for the most talented one-and-done players, and they don't win every year, does he get a pass. Bill Bellichek in New England doesn't win it every year, ditto Tom Caughlin. Sometimes winning takes time. An injury, and bad call, a botched play, it all factors in.

Sometimes the players don't execute the game plan, who's fault is that?

U always say good thing's about ur Coach. Look at the Orlando or NY situation.

U have to be a prick like Kobe to Sabotage Ur team Publicly. U keep that in House. On the other hand A coach has the right to be critical of his player's performance to the Media.

He needs to take how he feels about certain players out, that should have nothing to do with his minutes. JA is great, but he shouldn't be playing ahead of UD or Turiaf. He is a Huge Offensive Liability. It's 4 on 5 when he's out there on O.

Battier Shouldn't be playing PF. Start Turiaf alongside UD or JA for a little better size and use the other one off the bench. Bass is not better than UD. Bass and JA is a Push. JA has better D Bass has better O.

Battier should only come off the bench for Bron or Wade for Defensive Purposes on the Perimeter. Miller Or JJ should be the 6th man or 1st Offensive Option off the bench. Give them 10-3's a game between the 2.

I would like to see Bosh get some "light" work in Game 4 or 5 to get ready for the finals. We need Bosh to win that title

Once again your analysis is piss poor. As soon as Spo started Battier in game 4 against Indy was when this team started clicking without Bosh. Battier pulls the opposing big or PF out to the 3 pnt line which opens up the lane/paint for the 2 best slashers and finishers in the game (lebron/wade). Not to mention he's holding his own on defense & the huge 3 he hit at the end of the 4th. How do you not see this??

JA is one of the best pick n roll defenders and shot blockers in the league. You don't need another offensive threat when 2 players are getting all the touches...he's perfect fit for this team like Rodman was for the Bulls. Not to mention UD did play way more minutes than JA. Again, you are watching the games, how do you not see this?

these 2 things you are complaining about is exactly what has clicked & helped this team win 5 games in a row.

Potential close-out game and you think our PF can get some 'light' work in vs a proud veteran team that is talking about putting us on the floor? Yeah, like Bass and Garnett are going to play patty-cake with CB, letting him go where he wants on the floor.

It doesn't seem possible, but you keep out-doing yourself with your statements.

All those guys have already won. When U haven't Won anything U don't get that Option. Once, SPO get's 1 title u get that extra screw up. Once, he wins 2 and is hall of fame worthy. SPO can have 5 bad years and I'll still respect him.

We didn't even give Van gundy half the chance this guy is getting. I don't want to hear he resigned. That would mean Van Gundy "Quit" and 1 thing that loud mouth is not is a quitter. Out of respect for riley he
stepped aside.

Bill B's Genius is starting to get questioned. Can the Pats win another 1?

Coach K is the Winning-est Coach in College Basketball History. Created Duke Basketball

If Callipari Didn't Win this Year he was going to be questioned. His time was getting short

Steinbrenner went thru managers like Cigars. Torre won 4 and he got rid of him. How may titles have they won since The Boss Passed. I love how u guide ur questions to suit only ur point. George won 7 titles with 4 different managers

Couglin was on the hot seat again, last Year. Ask any giants fan

Sometimes the game-plan is wrong, No? Players are placed out of position to, The lack of Post play, Subs, Defensive Assignments, Team Intensity, Positive Motivation, Etc. Etc.

I never said use "Set rotations".

I always say "play everybody" at least 5 minutes. Who knows that guy might be ready to have the night of his life. I've seen JJ go 6 of 7 from 3 this year and then not play for a whole month without being injured. Don't expect him to come out like that again, if he is not seeing consistent minutes.

Haven't U notice how U guy's only say he "adjusted" well.

That's what I'm saying he need's to Dictate the game more. Make Doc Adjust. Notice when Spo makes an adjustment Doc automatically responds. Guy's start to get up off the bench or when the heat make a quick run he call's time-out to try and stop it before it's to late.

and another thing, Battier has really come alive and helped this team a lot more since starting. its brought the best out of him. Now THAT you gotta hand to Spo.

There are things you can criticize spo about, he's still learning and makes mistakes. But the coach can only do so much good or harm, its up to the players.

I'm even wondering if maybe Bosh would start at center with Battier in the front court...or would bosh come off the bench for a couple games while working off the rust. Thoughts?

Bass will play patty cake with CB



I Love JA, but let's be realistic. He can't hold Rodman's G-string

JA has effort and heart. Like Keith Askins and them. JA is not even in PJ Brown level. IF he was so great he'll be earning UD money at least. He's our 3rd best PF. A guy that should comes off the bench for defense.

Battier over Bosh?

I want the Heat to win a title, but SA is going have to show us why u don't start shane at PF or JA at C. U'll see. They are good players, but they are playing out of position to much. It's ok for a couple a series

JA's brilliant pick-n-roll defense is going after the guy with the ball, forget about his guy, and pray some else rotates to cover. Yes, He's athletic enough to some time make a come from behind block. But Notice, How JA leaves the paint open everytime. He gets exposed constantly. He always leaves his man to cover the ball. UD is a better Pick-n-roll Defender.

Imagine, If UD played over JA? the guy would've had a 20 & 20 last night. Shane or JA has never done that. UD did it in 1 half, what shane hasn't done his whole career til game 1. A post-season Double-Double.

Special K.......more like Paul Westphal if Heat dont win it all.

not saying JA is as good as rodman and the g-string refernce was funny, what i'm saying is that its a good fit for this team just like Rodman was for the bulls...a pure defender/shotblocker. Rodman was the best rebounder in the league though.

JA's job in the pick n roll is to engulf the ball handler and yes the next guy is supposed to rotate...its called 5 guys on a string with everyone always rotating to the open he's not praying someone rotates, he's expecting them to do their job.

UD played 30 minutes compared to JA's 20 or whatever and closed out the 4th so not sure what you're saying about JA over UD...maybe because JA started the second half but obviously Spo wants UD off the bench because he's been thriving in that role and closing out the game. JA is more suited for center cause he's taller and longer as well.

Not battier over Bosh...bosh at center battier at PF...maybe start Turiaf and bring Bosh off the bench as to be center and the focus of the offense with the second unit. I think Battier would do fine against Matt Boner and that other fat ass...and again, it opens the lane for the 2 best slashers in the league.

Oh I forgot to add the "UR Idiotic comments/analysis/I Just hate the way You type"-comment. Etc. Etc.

Then I state my point.
U can stop it's getting old, buddy.

U don't have to "Denigrate" everything I or anyone else say's, just to make ur point sound good and mine sound bad. Doesn't work that way.

If U make or have a valid Point
Believe me I'll take it into consideration and not take evreything U say as blasphemy like U do.

Ur right about the rotation on defense. That's why I feel JA as a PF like Rodman works (just use him right), But U need a C to take up space in the paint. So JA can round around and do all the little things around him.

I'm big on Pitt for that reason. He's Young, Big, Strong. U can turn him into that Guy. U think Rondo will try Pitt in the hole. Rondo wouldn't play 53 minutes. Now don't go and nit-pick. I know Pitt can't start at C, right now. U can use Turiaf with UD, and Pitt and JA off the bench till bosh comes in. then U start Turiaf and CB with UD/JA/and Pitt off the bench.

What I was trying to say is UD should start at PF. Not Shane OR JA.

I could see that work

1st Team
Turiaf, Battier/UD depending on Match-up, LBJ, Wade, and Chalmers

2nd Team
Bosh, JA, Miller, JJ, and Cole

We won't have to worry about where the bench points are going to come from with bosh leading the 2nd team.

OKC and SA use their 3rd best player as the 6th man of the team

good point about SA and OKC using their 3rd best player off the bench for a scoring punch...question is, would he accept it?

I know U guys are going to hate me for repeating this


It's Spo's "job" to make him accept it. Convince, Bosh it is for the better of the team. The Goal is the title. It's temporary. Tell him U don't want to rush him. Give him the OKC example. Tell him how ray came off the bench this year coming back from injury, and probably will be coming off the bench if bradley wasn't hurt. Tell him it's not who starts but who finishes. Explain to him the Miss-matches.

One thing I have to say about Bosh is he might be even less selfish than lebron. Bosh is not Melo or a Kobe. He's not me first, He just wants to win. Remember He played in Toronto for 7 years. That experience humbles a man.

To me that is the 1 major quality besides world-class talent the big 3 have is that U can tell there is no ego between them. They truly want to succeed as a group.

Sorry I don't agree. Perkins is a punk and if it came down to Lebron scoring the basekt vs Perkins looking like the punk my guess is the NBA would make sure Lebron won.That is kind of my whole point above. Having Garnett, Allen and that other other guy (yes I know his name I just refuse to say it) made Perkins look better then he was. Zack Randolph is not scared of Perkins.There is no way Perkins was worth the money he wanted or was paid in Oklahoma and defending Danny Ainge is the last thing in the world I would ever want to do but he had merit in this situation. Perkins was not worth the money he wanted. Need proof watch him being taken out of the game when it matters as a Thunder. You really wanted to pay a guy 5 million a year to get 2 points, 2 rebounds, 2 turnovers and no blocked shots or steals in 3 OT's? I doubt it.

First off, nice Two and a Half Men plug!The end of this game put a knot in my stomach, even more so than game five. Game five was a resilutoon. LeBron hitting the back-to-back 3s before stealing the ball and slamming away the chances of the Celtics coming back was an exclamation mark.Game four was a heartbreaker. The series was 2-1 going in and the Celtics just had to execute. On that last play, it wasn't the fault of Pierce, Allen or Garnett. It was the Heat's defense fighting to stop and break up any potential play. Poor execution by the Celtics; perfect convolution by the Heat. That was the last gasp of the Celtics before having it taken to em in overtime.

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