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LeBron fights back emotions after tough loss to Bulls

This one hurt.

You could see it on LeBron James' face. He was fighting back his emotions, pausing to collect himself before speaking, after Thursday night's 96-86 loss the Bulls at United Center.

“I hurts,” James said. “As a team, we felt like we played well. We gave ourselves a chance to win...but they pretty much dominated the overtime.”

The Bulls outscored the Heat 12-2 in the extra period. James said the Heat was spent emotionally after C.J. Watson drained a difficult three-pointer to tie the game with 2.2 seconds left. It appeared that either LeBron or Shane Battier left Watson alone. Both players were helping triple-team Kyle Korver, who was 5 of 6 from three-point range for the game.

The Heat's Big 3 scored 71 points (30 from James; 21 from Wade; 20 from Bosh) but Miami didn't have the depth to contend for the Bulls' bench. Chicago's reserves outscored the Heat's 47-7.

The Heat is 13-10 since the All-Star break and 1-8 on the road since then against teams in the playoff hunt. The game's wild finish overshadowed a bold move by Heat coach Erik Spoelstra to once again overhaul his rotation. Udonis Haslem started the game at center and the Heat shortened its bench. Norris Cole, Terrel Harris and James Jones--regulars in recent games--did not play. Joel Anthony played less than seven minutes.

The Heat committed 19 turnovers compared to 16 by the Bulls.

Derrick Rose was 1 of 13 from the field and finished with just two points. The reinging MVP, slowed by an ankle injury, didn't even play in the overtime period. John Lucas was the reserve guard who beat the Heat in Miami's first loss to the Bulls. This time it was Watson's 16 points off the bench that the Heat was unable to match. Mario Chalmers had four points on 2 of 7 shooting.


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terrible coach. what is riley waiting for? he needs to take over for the playoff run; make sporstra the assistant. that idiot coach will never win a title---and this is the last year to get it done with the 3. there is a reason jackson has 11 titles and other so called "good" coaches have none. that fool doesnt know the talent he has or when to use it. terrel harris should have been checking a bull 3 point shooter not slow footed miller, who is clearly washed up. hames jones can shoot better than 1-9.

Sorry Miami, it aint your coach, Bulls are more deep and this is our year. I'm sure you weren't suprised we whooped ya. Only reason it went to OT is Rose shouldn't have been in near end of regulation. He sucked tonight. Bulls may be a better team with out him, TEAM.

they beat us three out of four times last year too, what did that get them

"they beat us three out of four times last year too, what did that get them"

...and the Heat went to the Finals with 3 kings and a bunch of court jesters. "What did that get them?"

Hey, LeFraud, next time, be elite and make two free throws with under 20 seconds left and you're not crying like a girl after the game. OK, you bum?
The Three My-Egos. Punked last year and won't even make the Finals this year. Hell, they may not make the Eastern Conference finals this year. LeFraud, Fade, Botch and Riley -- the Four Horsemen of the Apocraplypse. Complete frauds. Unmasked. No more rings for you, Riley and Fade, and no rings for you at all, LeFraud! (Botch doesn't even merit being talked about here. He's no more than M.L. Carr or Larry Spriggs.)

Where were LeBroom's emotions for his gome town?

home town, ie.

Heat has no big outside shooter and no bench. Can't win with that combo

I love how people from other teams get on here and talk crap. You'll never see me on another teams blog.

Ignore the rabid Bulls fans... They are Bulls fans, not basketball fans. My own thought is that this is NOT the Bull's year. If they were healthy, then yes, I'd say they had as good or better shot as any team in the NBA. But when you have 3 of your starting five injured (Neither Deng or Rose will be 100% rest of year - who knows about Rip) it's going to be tough to beat the Heat 4 times. My prediction is the Bulls will lose to Heat again in Conference Finals (in 6 or 7 this time). I just think that the Heat are this team's Detroit - the brick wall they have to run into repeatedly before they get over the hump to a championship...

Pretty sure the game was played on Thursday, not Friday. You know, because today is Friday and the game was played yesterday.

honestly after watching last night game its really scaring me.. i dont think spo can really motivate this team like he should be doing, we all know how good the heat can be.. our bench is not where it needs to be right now and as the coach he needs to have a coming to jesus meeting with all of them. i may just be freaking out a little but this cannot translate into the playoffs.

Bottom line is when things do not seem to go well for the Heat against better opposition, they seem to resort back to their old habits; i.e., a lot of one on one, pounding the ball, long difficult shots. In addition without any legitamate presence in the middle, the Heat are going to need LeBron to be Jordanesque for three quarters and Wade to be Jordanesque in the 4th in these games vs. Bulls, due to their lack of depth, and that is highly unlikely. I'm a die hard Bulls fan, yet a realist as well. But I will say this, if Rose and Hamilton begin to gel in these last few games, it is going to be very difficult for the Heat to elimate the Bulls. Lastly, quiet as kept, last night Tom Thibodeau ran circles around Eric Spoelstra.

No pressure now, we know we'll be the 2nd seed. We rolled into the championship series last year from that same spot.

Dallas was 10-9 in their last 19 games last year AND in 2006 when the Heat won their championship, they finished 7-9, SO.....

I thought maybe we (as Heat fan bloggers) would learn from last year's hand-wringing over the regular season that, not alot of that carries over to the postseason. Different season, different circumstances.

We lost to the team with the best record in the league last night, in their place, in overtime, and even that wouldn't have happened had LBJ made 2 of 2 from the line, instead of splitting them. He makes both and game over. We've all seen stars miss FTs at the end of the game, it hurts, but you get over it. Heck, Rose has missed 2 FTs at the ends of games to close out a win this year, and he's done it TWICE, recently against the Knicks, and earlier against the Heat. He's still got mad game, just like LBJ.

I've got NO problem with coach changing the lineup around. These guys know each other and are familiar with each other and can play in any combination. Players show up to the game ready to play when your number is called.

Don't give a rat's behind about our bench scoring vs the opponents bench scoring. We almost always have Wade or LBJ on the floor, leaving everybody else as the second option on offense. outside shooters?????? WTF? Jones/Miller/Chalmers/LBJ. Are their any other teams that have four guys shooting a higher percentage than that those four combined?

No more important games left on the schedule until playoffs start. I want to win the rest of them, let's be clear, but not getting my panties in a bunch at this point.

Heat have too much talent not enough chemistry. I think Riley might be scarred to come down and coach these guys in fear of ruining his coaching legacy. This would clearly be the most talented team he has had, yes even more so than the 8o's Lakers. Spolstra cant get it done they were outcoached by Thibs last night and the coinfidence the Bulls bench players gained yesterday will carry into the playoffs.

Heat have too much talent not enough chemistry. I think Riley might be scarred to come down and coach these guys in fear of ruining his coaching legacy. This would clearly be the most talented team he has had, yes even more so than the 8o's Lakers. Spolstra cant get it done they were outcoached by Thibs last night and the coinfidence the Bulls bench players gained yesterday will carry into the playoffs. I see the Bulls beating the Heat this year in a tough Eastern Conf Final.

Yeah Greg Gembe it sounds good and all the way you word it, but let's look at the reality of the situation. The Bulls won the 4th qtr and overtime with Rose, Noah, and Boozer on the bench vs. the Heat's best players. There should be some level of concern especially with the way the Heat have played on the road against teams above 500. I understand they are the most talented team in basketball, but the fact remains they have no legit size and no bench. Not to mention they are near the bottom of the league defending the 3 point shot, which was evident last night. Furtehrmore, there does not seem to be a set rotation for this team in April? And who is the real closer on this team? If I were a Heat fan, I would be very concerned with the possibility of facing the Bulls down the line, but that is my biased opinion lol

And did SPO 'outcoach' Thibs last year when the Heat won 4 straight games vs the Bulls? You do remember that series, right? It ended in a 4-1 Heat springboard into the championship while the Bulls sat at home polishing their MVP and COY trophies. Recall any of that?

Last year?

I thought this was about LAST NIGHT when that $300 million + roster lost to a bunch of backups in a game that the HEAT virtually called a must win??? What about those FACTS? Last year? LOL wow

Watson, Brewer, Deng, Gibson Asik > Wade, James Bosh, Miller, Turiaf

Who would've thunk it LMAO

Boozer seldom finishes games, and when it counted - in the playoffs - when you are playing to win, your team doesn't fair too well versus the Heat.

Nothing about SPO outcoaching Thibs? Gonna let that go?

No set rotation is a joke of an arguement. Coaches should be coaching by how the game is being played out, NOT some preordained stiff rotation policy. It doesn't sound like you've done much coaching, on any level, in your life.

Don't defend the three, but defend the paint. No size, but we've had recent success against larger teams like the Fakers and the Bulls (I think we are 5-2 in our last seven games vs the Bulls).

As far as bench, if you feel comfortable with Lucas and Watson saving Roses' rear in the next couple of weeks, good for you. I'll be here when we meet in the playoffs, you won't have to look for me.

Rose and Noah do though and they were next to him. He did not outcoach Thibs thats why I did not comment. What evidence do you have that suggests he did? True enough they won the series, but what magical adjustment did Spo really make that was obvious to the common eye?

Defend the paint? Wouldn't that be like in the category of rebounding on the defensive glass? I'm not a coach on any level, but I'd place it in that category.

The Bulls have the best record in the NBA, and granted that does not guarantee anything, but they're in a much better position than your Heat right now.

Are you suggesting Spoelstra is a better coach than Thibs? And if so, that' fine, but picture this Mr. Heat No. 1 fan. Imagine if Thibs was the coach of the Heat..........the defense pun intended.

Since the Heat defeated the Bulls in five games last year, I'm leaning towards the camp that thinks none of this matters. That said, it probably wasn't a good idea for Spoelstra to put so much importance on this one game.

Here's a question: What's the Heat's best road victory this season? Check the schedule. It's tough to say. There's no signature road victory. Remember last season when the Heat defeated the Thunder in OKC? That game felt like a turning point. The Heat hasn't had that kind of win this season.


As simple as start chanting:"we want Riley", during the whole game.

Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh losing to a bunch of backups, IN CRUNCH TIME, of a game that they themselves labeled as big, is an issue regardless of the positive spin anyone attempts to place on this. It should not be overlooked.

Your backups were in because your best player was 1-13 from the field. Our big three all scored over 20 pts.

Defending scoring in the lane is different than defensive rebounding, and if I've got to explain the difference to you - I'll use your line - "I'm not a coach on any level" says it all.

5-2 in our last 7 games vs the Bulls!!!!!

You keep riding the CJ Watson/John Lucas horse all you want. Let's see how far that carries you.

And Riley ain't making a coaching change any time soon, definitely not before the playoffs this year, are you kidding me. I mean, what is Pat going to do, make LBJ make that first FT????? He makes that, and NO ONE FROM CHICAGO WOULD BE ON THIS BLOG!!!! That simple.

Players play, coaches coach.

The ONLY thing to consider about the coaching from last night, and no one has brought this up so far, but watch the SPO haters come out in force once I do, is - do you foul when up 3 and little time on the clock. Some coaches do, others don't. And remember, after the outcome of the game is too late to decide. That's why is isn't set in stone about which way to play out the ending.

5-2 in our last 7 games vs da Bulls.

...and if you don't know, now you know!

Chicago put on a coaching clinic,Heat, run plays not one on one when it matters,this team will never win without a strong coach that can control Wade,turnovers,put his foot print on this team,develope a cohesive unit.

Yes, Thibs getting LBJ to miss that FT was genius coaching.

Hey Chicago, if you are going to talk about records between the Bulls and Heat from last season and this than you are wrong in your record standings,
Bulls beat the heat - 4-0 during regular season matchups last season, won 1 in playoffs and have won 2 so far this season.
Heat won 4 last season and 1 so far this season, so by my calculations, Bulls have a better record 7-5. Please change your screen name to Miami, you are an embarrassment to this city.

Sorry Chicago, that was meant for Greg Gembe. Very confusing the way this paper lists bloggers, but then again Miami is very confusing anyway.

No penetration by the Heat makes them pretty easy to defend. Relying on long jump shots will not cut it in

I like Spo, I think he is a good coach, but I think LeBron needs someone that can push him. His disappearance act in OT was confounding yet again.

You all are brutal. The Heat have one of the best records in the NBA, just lost a close game in overtime to the team with the best record and you make out that they have a bum of a coach, call certain players names and such, and want them strung up by the short hairs j etc. Get real...everybody looses. How can having one of the best teams in the NBA be so painful for you fair weathered fans. I love my Bulls and the kind of team they are but if they loose I'm not going to hang them out to dry! This is a process and more importantly, entertainment.

dvelcro, need an abacus?

This season Heat are 1-2 vs Bulls. The Heat won 4 straight playoffs games vs the Bulls last year to end their season. Work with me, this is where it gets tricky. Add the 4 wins from last year and one from this year and you get.....take your time.....5 wins. Couple that with the two losses this year and you have a 5-2 vs the Bulls in the last 7 games.

Pete67, rewatch the first quarter and then tell me LBJ, Wade and Chalmers weren't getting to the lane.

Regirgitated stale arguements from bystanders.

So many teachable moments. Maybe we can have another 'beer summitt' up on PA Ave. and clear all this up.

Anybody figure out how Thibs was able to coach LBJ into missing that FT with 11 seconds to go? Because, realistically, the Heat win that game if that FT falls, and then Thibs isn't outcoaching anybody, Miami's rotations work, and Rose still goes 1-13. Bueller, Bueller, anybody??

I thought weird-looking Bosh was the team-cry baby?

...that's not birdman from the Nuggets calling someone weird-looking, is it?

Bulls Fan coming with the TRUTH!

Why all the talk about last year? Is that a predictor what happens this year? If so this year would be a predictor for next year, and so on. That means Dallas wins every year and Miami will never see a championship again. I bet if the Heat made it to the finals against Dallas this year the fans would not even go to the games because LAST year is such a great preditor of what would happen.

Yes, last year's playoffs are a great, and our best predictor, of what will happen this year, in the playoffs.

Two great teams...only one will advance beyond the ECF.

If the LeBron that closed out the Bulls in game 5 last year shows up, it'll be Miami. If he doesn't, it will almost certainly be Chicago.

Chicago needs to worry about which LeBron shows up. Miami needs to worry about how the hell they are going to score against Gibson-Asik, cuz they get nada going against those two.

Either way, should be a hell of an entertaining series.

It's easy for Bulls fans to forget that they swept the regular season series against the Heat last season. That didn't do them any favors in the playoffs last year, did it?

Sure, the Bulls have played very well (their bench, in particular) against the Heat this season, but two regular season wins at home does not give you an all-access pass to the Finals. The playoffs are a completely different animal than the regular season. Yes, the Heat have a lot to think about. The Heat bench has been practically non-existant and the Big Three are going through a bit of a rough stretch. That being said, any team that boasts LeBron, D-Wade, and Chris Bosh in the starting line-up is going to be tough to beat four times in seven games.

Enjoy the regular season bragging rights, Bulls fans. Just like last season, your claim to being the East's best may very well be a bit premature. April 28 can't get here soon enough.

I blame coach Spo with the dear in the headlight looks that he always gives when we are getting whooped............

Interesting arguments. I am a Bull fan and have been for over forty years. My near worthless opinions:

Bulls are a great regular season team. Long bench helps with back to backs. Playoff games don't need long benches.

Wade and LeBron are great, Bosh is okay, but I'll take OKC over either one of these teams. Their record was built on beating better competition. Spurs pretty good, too.

D. Rose will not have s long career, unfortunately. Too small to continually take it inside. I prefer Derek Williams (or Chris Paul.)

Dvelcro and Greg, you're both morons. Pick a starting point and you can make either team look good. Both of you are right in your statements. I say you're only as good as your recent games. Bulls clearly the better team right now.

Miami lost its 10 pt lead late in the 3rd qtr when spo used lebron as no.4. They were out rebounded. Miami lost its advantage. They were loosing the lead and spo didn't make the adjustment. You don't do that against the bulls. It all started from there! I just hope spo will stop doing that. Use a regular lineup! Use Lebron as no.3 or no.1. The bulls made the adjustment and spo didn't. That's all she wrote!

You can't expect your recipe for a championship to turn out great if the ingredients you are using do not work well together. i.e. Le brat and Fadeaway play the same game and when push comes to shove they go forget about their other teammates and go one-on-one. also if the "big two" do not stay on the court for the full 48 minutes when the game is in doubt. This is what you get when you play the Bulls, Celtics, Spurs or Oklahoma. This team is a disaster waiting to happen and it is not Spoelstra's fault. The parts don't fit, there is no balance and somehow LeBrat and Fadeaway somehow managed to turn the "e" in team to "I". They still don't know how to put it together in crunch time. Great Individual Talents. tiny tiny basketball IQ. Does not equate to championships my friend.

Heat fans better hope they dont get matched with the Knicks in the 1st round because if they do the Heat are 1 and done. All that money and the Heat still choke. At least it wasnt the EMU crying after another loss

We will not win with this coach!! Rotations suck; even Chicago coach knows when to sit a superstar. King James had bad 4th quarters in the finals, yet hogg up all the minutes, regardless. A three guard line-up killed us in the finals- We got outcoached!Down three against the Bulls--why not foul? Why in the heck would you call for a triple team on Korver? Unthinkablb!!! Mike Miller, & Battier can shoot 1-19 and coach keeps playing them! James Jones is never given the Ray Allen, Richard Hamilton, Reggie Miller Picks.Why? Heat centers what are they doing? Surely they're not to busy to set screens!! Its the COACH 100%!!!


regular season records are for losers, if d rose dont play well the cows arent goin anywhere, how many times are you gonna count on a cj watson fade away, oh an BULLS_BABY, the bulls had the mvp? and the coach of the year and what did that get them, AND STOP HATING ON MY BEAUTIFUL CITY DONT BE MAD CUZ WE HAVE BEAUTIFUL BEACHES AND WOMEN AND YOU GOT UGLY FAT MIDWESTERNERS, see you in the conference finals

(yes im cuban so start the hatin)

birdman is a celtics fan

Don't Raptors eat birds??

Knicks winner of 9 straight at home - until yesterday.

Heat with a road win vs a (probable) playoff team.

Heat closing out a close game on the road.

Heat outrebounding the Knicks.

Heat outrebounding a taller team.

Coach (apparently) making the right substitutions, either making game time adjustments or sticking with a pattern.

LJB, Wade, CB - ALL coexisting and having good games on the same night - despite Wade and LBJ 'duplicating' the same position (whatever that means)

Which team is looking forward to seeing us in a 7 game series?

Is scoring your team's last 17 points, bringing them from behind to win, considered a 'close out'? Can we consider LBJ a 'closer' yet? Or does one need to simply make one shot, at the end of an already close game (ala Kome) to garnish that praise?

Thank you AGAIN...LeBron !

Was THAT the signature win ?

Update this fukkin blog! Damn Joe get your hand off your Kock and write some articles..

While a lot of big name stars seem to be out/injured/resting right now, why is it that LBJ doesn't take a game off? We know he's in INCREDIBLE condition, (sort of the antithesis of what a laqueen would be), but does he not need a break also? Maybe he gets his soon in the upcoming schedule.

Get yours, CB. Rebounding has nothing to do with seeing the ball on offense. You can get these numbers in most games. Hopefully this is YOUR reawakening.

Another great job of staying with a set rotation or mixing it up and making game time adjustments, coaching STAFF. I forget which one we are supposed to be critical of.

The NBA did a terrible (turrible) job of scheduling this year's shortened season. Too many teams playing too many games that matter with little to no rest. Fortunately, we only need a win to seal the second seed in the East. First seed is still within reach, but not too probable, and I don't think we need to push our players to exhaustion to get that top seed.

Did Randy Wittman outcoach Thibs yesterday in DC? Where da Bull fans??? Did Wall outplay the MVP? Did Nene take it to pony tail boy? Keep playing like this Chi-town, and that game on Thursday is going to have more meaning than you want it to have. We already KNOW that we can go into your house and win playoff games, your team has yet to prove that in Miami. Better keep that top seed card in your hand, you are going to need it.

...and I actually saw the end of the Wiz - Bulls game and the officials gave the Bulls an extra chance to tie the game up at the end. Rip shoots a three that gets tipped while still in his hand, but Rip was the last person to touch the ball, and they still gave it back to Chi-town. Can't keep counting on miracle endings to win'll bite you eventually.

Spiderman, do you think that your comment to Joe is going to elicit more or less stories about the Heat?

I mean, really, most of the people on here tend to cut up most of his insight anyway. Sh*t, you watch the games, get on here and give your two cents, ABOUT BASKETBALL. That's what drives this forum. Not the half-wit junior high mentality comments from an action figure that didn't even make the Avengers movie. Tingling yet?

^^^haa classic Greg...if CB keeps playing like this the championship is ours. I say we rest most of these guys again on Wed and play at full tilt on Thurs vs Bulls...who's with me?

I'm with you. Rest v Raptors and Wizards, maybe even Rockets.

That being said, let's keep an eye on the Bulls to see how far they are going to slip. We proved last year that home court advantage is NOT a must throughtout the playoffs, but if the Bulls are going to hand it to us.

We don't have to rest all the starters every game, stagger their days a bit. Shoot, at any given time we can have two All-Stars sitting and one doing work on the court. Let's give the 2nd unit some minutes, I'm sure they hear the haters talking about we have no bench.....think they'ld like a chance to prove these idiots wrong? So do I!

WOW... all this talk and the playoffs hasn't even started yet....look, we need to finish strong.... stay healthy, work on some things and get ready for the real season to start..... i will admit, i thought we should have won that game against the bulls... ok we lost... so what... we move forward.... i'll be a lot more upset if this was the east finals and we let one slip away, but it's not so let's move forward.... and for the bulls fans, all i can say is, good regular season.... thats all yall get... the reason i say that is, we are going to win it all.... yep, i said it.... win it alll.... keep up the good play... finish strong... we're ok with the 2nd spot, and let's get ready... that includes the coach.... i do think we're gonna need pittman.... so play him.... bosh at the five is interesting with ud at the four.... playing jones more looks ok but he must shoot the ball... we're ok.... finish strong...007...

Lol, I'm a Thunder fan and I can say without an agenda in the matter that Greg might have just a wee bit of an inferiority complex toward the Bulls. Sheesh! Relax dude, you're only reinforcing the fact that you're caught up in what they're doing.

And PS, of course Wall can outplay the MVP when the MVP didn't play! Nor Deng for the matter. I didn't even watch the game and knew that. Get your facts in order. And figure out how you'll beat OKC in a 7 game series.


I follow the NBA, so I might be commenting on other teams other than Miami. But, I never go to another teams' blog to comment. Now, I might comment about your Thunder, but I don't feel inferior to them - is that possible.

As a Heat fan, I don't feel inferior to anyone. My team has as good a chance to win as OKC, Bulls, or Spurs. Actually, the odds in Vegas might even have my team as a favorite. There are 4 top tier teams in the league, as I just named, and I 'respect' them all, I just like my chances more than the others.

Now, what was it that made you think you can get by the Spurs to play in the Championship series?

Wow...Magic says LeBron is the MVP. Guess who said LBJ would be the MVP eight games into the season - MWAH ! I know...just another pat on the back !

...and he damn well should be!

Good call, RP (didn't you make the Norris Cole call, also).

LBJ's numbers are clearly better than Durant's, but some will sku some other team number or something like that to warrant voting for Durant. Certainly taking Durant or LBJ off their teams would hurt, but not completely destroy, their teams. Take Deron Williams or Dwight Howard off their teams, and they have nothing.

So, RP, look into that magical crystal ball, and tell us how the season is going to end up for the Heat.

Greg, continue to talk to your self over and over again loser. Instead of spending all your time talking about the Heat why do you get a life scrub..


I'm balancing a lot of stuff in my life, as most bloggers on here are. I'm fortunate enough to have a job that allows me a couple of minutes a day to express opinions about the basketball team I follow. I've got other irons in the fire, not just hoops. Not consumed by a sports team, but I know talent, and I love the style of play that we are capable of showing.

Are you supposed to monitoring Joe's quantity and quality of work. Why are you lashing out at others? Those tights getting a bit cramped in the crouch? Did Mary Jane leave you for your best friend again?

DAMN... yall ok.... look, rest some guys tonight against the raptors but get the win... bron, it's your show... go for whatever you want... play pittman, start jones, play curry... see if cole can get his game back... and work on some pick and rolls with bron... they can't stop him on that... different styles of defenses that might work and look good out there, have fun....007..


Didn't the Heat put Curry and Pittman on an inactive roster? I thought I read something to that effect. Anybody got that insight?

well greg, i think that come playoff time we will need some big size to bang down low, so, getting them some run now wouldn't hurt... my opion... but if you look at the matchups we should be ok first round... but second round, we might need them... i think the pacers are a threat and hebert is a problem... again, my opion...

Yep - was me on Cole. Still think it was a good choice relative to the pick and what was available. However...after an impressive start...I have little confidence in his offensive game. Defensively...he's not too bad a liability but when Chalmers is having an off can see why Spo goes with either LBJ or Wade at the point by committee.

As far as the playoffs go...I'd like to see LeBron become alot more assertive offensively especially posting whoever is guarding him DOWN ON THE BLOCK so when/if the double team comes...he can make the necessary pass to the right guy. THIS I think would alleviate much of the half-court quagmire on offense.

Can't wait !

The point is...if LBJ takes 10 more shots a game whether they go in or not...the other team will be loading up on stopping him to the point where the other guys will get better looks. I think you'll see both Wade & LeBron's shot attempts increase come playoff time. CB's shot attempt totals will vary with his confidence level game to game.

Another point is...I'd much rather see the Big 3 miss a shot than the other guys clanging the backboard with bricks.

Cole just hitting that predicable rookie wall. Maybe with a couple of days of between games (playoffs) he can get his stride back. His speed definitely is an asset on the court.

I'm OK with our other shooters getting looks, I think Riley has done a good job of putting perimeter shooters around our penetrators. Chalmers hitting about 40% from behind the arc. JJ/Miller/Battier can certainly stroke it from deep. I get a little anxious when they miss the wide open ones.....the contested shots - I know they aren't hitting all of those.

We are positioned to win in the post season as well as any team is. Let's go do the d*mn thing!

It's Funny how most people are putting Okl in the finals. If the playoffs started today, they would get Dallas in the 1st rd. I have never seen them get by the Mavs in the playoffs. Oh.....thats because Mavs have dominated them in the post season. On the other hand Miami has dominated the east in the post season.

Excellent point Jpejeff.

UD getting in the Top 10 highlights. It wasn't exactly Blake Griffin-esk, but a dunk finish on a fast break nonetheless.

Chitown tonight. I'll be glued to the tube for this one. Keep AAA rockin,' Heat fans! Let em know who the MVP will be this year.

Goin to the game tonight to watch Dwade & Lebron dunk on that tranny Noah...I hope they keep going with Haslem starting along with Bosh in the front court. I think Bosh can dog that tranny too and get em in foul trouble if he takes him off the dribble. Greg i'll be sure to give em a shout out for you from PA's #1 Heat fan...GO HEAT!!! Da-le!

Good lookin' out, Heatup!

I'll be rootin' from the king chair in my man cave.

M-V-P! M-V-P!

Good win tonight... Think coming down to these last four games and if the bulls lose two and we win out things look a lot better... Focus... Bron, maybe sit wiz game... Bring back bosh... But win out... Statement game is in beantown.. Hey, things happen.. Stay the course... Things might just fall into place...

i love how theres no bulls fans talking trash, ahhhhh refreshing, for now

Why do I pay for this blog when it only gets updated once a month? Great win last night nonetheless, I would love to read more about it.

Don't know what LeBron deserves most...the MVP or an award for "getting fouled the most without getting the call". He almost NEVER gets the call ...especially on the drive !

Rip Hamilton needs to remember what weight class he fights in before elbowing Wade in the chest again.

How many Bulls are going to run into LBJ (then fall down)? Keep testing him, I like that.

JJ's foul was a little over the top. I'm OK with taking shots at the pony-tail boy, but you can hide it better than JJ did.

Outside chance we get the top seed now. That's probably more important to the Bulls than us, we can win anywhere in the playoffs.

Good to get the win, but this wasn't a signature win for us, in my opinion. Wouldn't have put too much emphasis on it if we had lost, so I'm trying to stay consistant.

LBJ's two finishes in the paint in the 2nd half, with contact, one left handed and the other a right handed flip over his head, had me talking 'MVP' with y'all!!

He is playing OUTSTANDING basketball right now. I'm biased but, MVP and DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR awards should both be his.

Man what a game to be at...three different dust ups, low scoring game. great energy at the arena last night. Thats eastern conference bball at its best.

Btw, not the biggest Pittman supporter, and i know Haslem/bosh will be our starting front court in the playoffs...but i'd like to see him start with bosh a couple games. Pittman has toughness, girth, better touch around the basket than any of our centers, and 5 fouls to give. i think the Heat has done a great job developing this kid and getting him into shape.

Also i got home in time to watch the second game on TNT and couldn't believe how Barkley is now saying Lebron has to do too much for the heat to win, that he has to play like superman...i can't stand this knucklehead's blatant hypercritical anti-Heat stance any more.

First he said Lebron was a wuss for goin to join forces with the Wade and Bosh as to say it's going to be too easy...then he says Wade needs to be the closer and its his team...then this year he starts saying Lebron needs to stop deferring to wade cuz he's the best he's saying Lebron needs to do too much...which one is it meathead??? what a F@#K Stupid $%&^#$&# muther #$@%@% blow hard...enough already!!! I feel better now.

Pittman had a nice game yesterday - showed a couple of nice offensive moves/finishes.

Still doesn't rotate as quickly as JA, but it's coming. I agree, the Organization did a good job of being patient and Pitt did a good job of getting into shape.

Still got Turiaff to take some minutes in the middle, along with Pitt and JA, I think that leaves Curry as the odd man out. Especially on a team that can use their PFs in the center spot at times.

Barkley has bipolar disorder and never got a ring so that's why he doesn't want king lebron to get his first ring.

I agree on Pittman's play... I think he needs some run.. He shows some of what we lacked against bigger teams.. Just a body... Now when you look at the way some of these teams rebound, we need a big who can just body a defender... Thats where I think his play will be huge... I noticed the three ball struggle, get it hot come postseason... Need that... just not to happy.. ATTACK... No set, run a flow... WIN....... 007...

Hey...I'm hearing you guys. Barkley can be funny but WTF...he NEVER ever won the big one ! LeBron would've wore his azz out ! Pitt's wide body does make an impression at times though his cordination level has yet to be found. Spo is working his combos around well.

Well...was there a foul to give with 4.5 left ? Seems to have happened before at key times...can anyone explain why Spo & his staff don't act on this ?

Dudes all had their moments...and those turn your face away moments. Ugh !

Know it won't happen but for the rest of the season (for fear of injury) please play only five players for all the final games...Cole, Jones, Harris, Howard, and too Curry !

Miller - 2nd in NBA with 3pt %

UD - Leads bench players with Reb/game

Battier - one of the better 1-4 position defenders off the bench

BUT, if you only judge a bench by points scored, you would keep repeating the media's myth that we don't have a bench, or our bench is weak. Keep in mind that when our 'bench' is playing, we usually have one or two All-Stars taking up a good bit of the offensive scoring load, so our 'bench' players don't get that many shot attempts as other teams' bench.

Chalmers has been impressing me with his ability to get to the rim and finish shots. Could he turn into a Rondo WITH an outside scoring threat?

Cole is still struggling a bit with his decision making.

Pittman is improving.

Celts and Wiz left to tune up. I'm geeked up for the playoffs!!

RP - here's how I would approach a game with a 2 point lead at the end, regarding whether to foul or not:

High school level - don't foul, make them hit a three to beat you

College level - about 50/50 on fouling, depends on the team you are playing and how they shoot the ball.

NBA level - don't rush to foul. Most teams have players that shoot from 25-30 feet like we shoot free throws (effortlessly).

Not a perfect set-in-stone strategy, but that's how I'ld play it.

Some players can shoot 3 points like it was a free throw lol


So if Shaq had a rack of balls lined up at the FT line and Ray Allen had a rack of balls lined up somewhere on the 3pt arc, are you betting that Shaq makes more than Ray?? ctm (that's my new take the world by storm shortcut for saying chuckle to myself. For all the lol's people use, I don't hear people actually doing that. Overused trite saying that we will laugh at in a few years)

Somewhat of an interesting week ahead...

The utter collapse of the Magic may fall right into the Heat's lap.

LBJ was the cherry on his MVP sundae vs Rockets.

Hope Spo's maintenance plan continues.

Pittman showing some force inside.

Why is Curry still on the roster ?

Anybody have any history on any player who recently has suffered a similar injury like Wade's ?

No history - just glad it's:

1 - not on the shooting hand

2 - not a hamstring, back, eye, groin injury

Wade has until Saturday to get 'treatment'. We'll be ready for whomever is trying to dethrone us as EC Champs!

Durant and Kome will try to outscore the other in this last week. Really hope Kome doesn't cause himself an injury in that chase to individual awardom. Now THAT would be karma, no?

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