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LeBron James, Heat show support in wake of Martin death

DETROIT -- The death of Trayvon Martin of Sanford has grabbed the emotions of LeBron James and his teammates. On Friday, James posted this touching picture on his Twitter account, capturing the collective sorrow of so many.


In addition to the photo, James wrote a series of Twitter hashtags to express his feelings: #WeAreTrayvonMartin #Hoodies #Stereotyped #WeWantJustice



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This brings a tear to my eye.Not of saddness but rejoicing to see athletes take a stand and display leadership the way the Muhammad Ali and Jim browns of the world used to.These guys have a powerful influence to the world and I'm glad to see lebron and company take a stand.

Wow! It is great to see the Heat a young man that probably reminds them of themselves!

i stand with u... hoods up... 007...

These guys doing what's right! Proud to be apart of HeatNation

Great photo but the dude writing this totally misses the point. Yes, there is sorrow but heaven forbid the author addresses what the real issue is here... racism and stereotyping. That's what the point of this photo should really be about.

happy born day chris....

Order now for your Trayvon Martin Miami Heat Hoodie.
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Specify "El Heat" if your shooting victim was Hispanic.
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with roomy pockets, to hold your nine on those vigilante search parties.

This is just as bad as when actors and actresses get involved in politics and don't know what they are talking about. Athletes should play sports, that's it. Sorry Lebron but your not exactly the intellectual type. Everyone wants to act like they were there and saw what happened. Let the police do their job and then if he's guilty he'll be arrested and tried and punished, but we shouldn't have athletes etc jumping on the bandwagon looking for mob justice. It is a shame what happened to trayvon but no one wants to mention that he was in Orlando because he was suspended from school.

He was suspended from school...and that makes him what? It Justifies his death, ppl don't bring that up because it's irrelevant, hes a young kid that got shot to death, you don't know the issues behind his school suspension either right? And since when do u have to b the intellectual type to have a conscience...let's get a win tonight against OKC, been looking forward to this game all year

I was suspended from high school at least twice. I now have a doctorate, which I received with highest honors. I am a white woman. Do you think if I had been shot when I was a teenager the fact that I had been suspended would have been at all relevant? He was not shot because he was suspended, or wearing a hoodie, or for any other ridiculous reason. He was shot because he was a young black man and anyone who says or thinks otherwise is a fool and is not paying attention.

That's right you and everyone else will forget about trayvon as soon as the media quits covering it. Let's go heat really you put that in the same sentence as mentioning someone's death. And his suspension from school COULD say a lot about him depending on what it was for. I'm not saying it justifies what happened or anything but we always try to make people who died out to be saints when they really werent at all. This has nothing to do about having a conscience, if Lebron had this sucks sorry whatever that would be one thing but they want to pose for pictures wearing hoods. Come on that's ridiculous, what you are standing in solidarity with someone and you don't even know the facts. What happens and I'm not saying it did but what happens if video comes out showing trayvon attacking Zimmerman, than what is everyone going to say.

Debra is not a white woman.

wow, this didn't turn out the way i thought it would have... but hey.... look it's only one game in the regular season... but, that game in april... plz mark it down... bron, listen, the league wanted someone they could match you up with, well, they found him, KD.... wade, dirk is thinking about the game coming up, so be ready.,.. bosh, what is going on with you... those passes, i mean, damn... look, we have to bounce back against the pacers tonight... stay focused... a 50 win season is doable and thertes only 19 games left... can't take ant team lightly... 48 minutes... we see the picture so put that one behind you... let's get it.. come on...007...

I've finally come to the realization (painfully slow) that this group may never win a title. No matter how Spo massages everyone & everything and no matter how Pat Riley & Micky Arison tinkers with the just may never happen.

I understand & get the social message...profiling is not right and this no doubt was a terrible tragedy. But, there are human travesties happening around the world every second. I would never judge MJ or Tiger...because they were not politically involved like Ali or Jim Brown. Everybody is different on what they focus on throughout their lives.

For all Heat fans...the tragedy would be for this current band of brothers to fail in winning just one title (not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,...)

Look out...Pacers are licking their chops.

well, ok, let's forget about that 50 win season... listen, we might need to take a day off and maybe do a bowling out to dinner night for the whole team... get back some chemistry and togetherness... the reason i say this is, we look a little lost out there... at this point the big picture is still a title run... and health has to be our main focus... let's work on some things and get back to playing defense... one thing i noticed is, team are trying to take away the drive to the basket... got to be smart knowing the playoffs are near.. no need for injury... but where are our shooters.. this is where yall come in... come playoff time we will have to be aggressive but lets wait till then... i think the 2 seed is ok... we are the heat... let that be the mindset... stay together... don't get down now... see the big picture... and stay healthy... tbc,...007...

Two eggs laid in a row. Didn't look mentally engaged through most of the OKC game. JA started strong with a couple of blocks and a dunk, but when Perkins has his season high in the FIRST HALF, you've got to refocus on your rotations and your effort. Bosh, looking like he's not focused, Cole looking like a rookie, Lebron not as aggressive as he has been, Battier not hitting the open shot attempts. The only one who seems to be hitting stride right now is UD, and even he isn't playing as well as he can.

These games hurt, but only momentarily. We win at home vs the Mavs, and that sting goes away. We would really have to drop a few more games to not be one of the top 3 seeds.

If I can offer an opinion on the tragedy that happened in Florida with Trayvon:

It's a tragedy whenever any youth is taken from us. It's a tragedy when children die from disease and hunger, and that happens every day. It was a tragedy when those French children were killed by the Muslim extremist. It was a tragedy the border patrol agent got killed when he was shot with guns that the US Gov sold to 'the bad guys'. It was a tragedy when our service members at Fort Hill got shot up by the idiot walking in shooting up the room and yelling 'allah akbar'. It's a tragedy when young men and women do not get a CHOICE to live or die, because their mom thinks it might be a little incovenient to raise a child. As parents, I'm sure we never ever want to see our children abused, suffer, or worse, die at such young ages.

But let's have some common sense about the situation. If Trayvon was an elderly black man with a cane walking down the street, would he have been a suspicious to Zimmerman? Being that it was at night, and the young man was wearing a hoody, how would the community watchman know that he was black, white, hispanic, asian? It does seem on the surface, and none of us were there to witness the incident, that there was excessive force used. Hopefully the truth comes out eventually.

My problem is with the indignation by people with access to the media. How cool is this: The new black panthers putting a bounty on Zimmerman's head? Spike Lee tweeting Zimmerman's address. The president weighing in on the situation - If I had a boy, he'ld look like Trayvon. (Didn't he learn anything from the incident with the Harvard prof about spouting off before the facts are in. I thought that might be a teachable moment for him. But like Eric Holder says, never let a good crisis go to waste). Where is the indignation regarding the thousands of babies killed every year, by moms that give their kids no CHOICE? Where is the indignation for the land owners and border patrol that are getting killed on our southern border? Where is the indignation for the young men in our cities that are killed every week by other men that look just like Trayvon?

That selectivness, begs this question? Who is injecting race into the equation? Is every time something bad happens to an asian, hispanic, or black because of their race? Why is the president so quick to voice his opinion on this issue when there are tragedies (and this certainly seems like a tragic loss of a young life) happening every day to people of ALL races?

I'm telling you right now, Obama has done more to inflame racial tension than any president in the last 50 years. He seems to see everything through a racial prism, and that is ridiculously harmful to our country.

RIP, Trayvon Martin, and may God be with your family, as well as Zimmerman's, in this time of sorrow.

...we seem to have strayed so far from what Dr. King was trying to teach us. Judge people by the content of their character, NOT the color of their skin. My goodness people, not everybody of a certain skin color is good or worthy of praise, and not everybody of a certain skin tone is guilty and suspicious. Apparently God wanted us to look at each other's heart and not skin as well. I'm very comfortable telling you that their are idiots with the same skin tone as me, and their are brillant remarkable people that look nothing like me. You can't just steroetype people (as our president does) without knowing a person's heart.

I'm sorry, but this whole situation has me concerned.

Profiling - Let me say this. That term has gotten tossed around and become a lightening rod for emotion. Again judging other people by things they can't change is WRONG! Period! But, when are plains are being targeted for violence, almost exclusively, by old white Catholic women, then by all means, let's focus on them in the TSA lines. Profiling in it's best form is gatherning information based on factual trends and trying to eliminate problems associated with a certain group. If the majority of deadly car crashes on our highways are caused by wealthy middle aged men in sports cars, you are damn right, I want our traffic cops to keep a closer eye on them than the moms in the mini-vans. Gathering information based on history is valuable, and when our FBI and CIA does it, it almost undoubtably saves American lives.

I know that profiling can be used in a negative way also. Like when an elected leader claims his grandmother would cross the street to avoid passing a black person - see that right there is profiling in a negative way.

We've got to get passed this simple-*ss mentality of disliking OR LIKING a person based on physical characteristics or based on things a person has no control over (race, gender, ethnicity).

Man, I hope I'm done on this subject, but I feel like this crisis is not going to go to waste. Thanks Eric.

Greg - are you on some ballot somewhere this fall so I can vote for you !

RP, no, I don't think I would even get elected to the local school board with my ideas and lifestyle. I'm busy just trying to raise my kids with an understanding of right and wrong, and there still is right and wrong, be a decent husband, hold down this job, and watch the Heat kick butt and take names. Oh, and occasionally interact with the rest of the Heat followers on this blog. Any additional good stuff that comes my way, is all gravy, and I'm thankful for it.

Get the ---- out of here, racist!
I knew when I saw that the Heat players were standing in support of Trayvon, that they would help us find out who among Heat fans are the racist.
No, Obama has not done more to cause racial divide in this country! Whites like yourself has cause are causing and will continue to cause more racial divide than anyone else in the country!
And if you don't like the fact that these players are supporting a young man killed for nothing more than being unfortunate enough to be picked as a target by some deranged community nut case, then you're demonstrating a clear example of the racism of your kind! smh

Greg you are a POS racist bigot.

Thanks for the open dialogue.

What is it exactly that I said that awarded me the label of racist? And what race am I supposedly hating or stereotyping?

I certainly have expressed that I felt it was a tragedy that this young man died. Do I hate everyone from Zimmerman's race because I questioned the amount of force that was used?

I offered facts and opinions about a case that is ONLY getting national attention BECAUSE OF RACE. I was touching on the fact that there seems to be selective indignation by some people.

You, with your presumption of my race and stereotyping of said race, are exactly why we can't move forward with this conversation.

Your whole arguement in your blog is based on assumptions and wild accusations that have yet to be proven or disproven. The Heat players don't know any more than we do about what happened that night. I feel strongly that this was a tragic loss of a young life. But I wasn't there to witness what happened, nor were you, nor were the Heat players. Just like all the other tragedies I mentioned (I forgot to add the murders of the Afgan children, allegedly by one of our troops) they are examples of the worst of humanity that we live in today. This is no different.

Tawana Brawley / Duke Lacrosse - the truth will find a way out.

..and theblacsheep, I won't even try to guess what race you are (and I don't care) because when you start thinking that everyone of a certain race must feel or think or say the same thing, then YOU are stereotyping a race.

Free your mind, and the rest will follow!

..and now, apparently yesterday an Asian man walked into a Christian school and shot up the place, killing at least 5 and injuring many more. Let's see if the Christian community goes all vigilante and starts hating all Asain men. I doubt it. And let's see if professed Christians, Sharpton and Jackson jump on this as an affront to their Christian beliefs.

All tragedies, ALL of them. All could be avoided if our country walked closer to the Lord. If we would learn to trust him as a nation, we could be strong and respected again as the greatest nation on Earth.

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