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Kendrick Perkins lashes out at LeBron James

Oh, the nonsense that turns into news these days. The latest installment comes from Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins, who apparently is still a little sensitive about getting "poster-ized" by Clippers forward Blake Griffin.

Perkins has made a point in recent days to remind everyone of his toughness on the court. Would he challenge Griffin again? "Of course!" Perkins screamed from the moutain top. "I'm not afraid of anyone!" Or something like that.

Of course, gritty Kendrick Perkins is oh so sensitive when it comes to Twitter. Aren't we all. Getting dunked on by Griffin is one thing, but being called out on Twitter is another thing entirely.

LeBron James posted this to his Twitter account after Griffin's dunk: "Dunk of the Year! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!!! Wow! I guess I'm No. 2 now. Move over #6."

Perkins' hubris couldn't handle the scorn, if that's what you want to call it. Here's what Perkins had to say about James to Yahoo! Sports:

"You don't see Kobe tweeting," Perkins said. "You don't see Michael Jordan tweeting. If you're an elite player, plays like that don't excite you. Even more coverage of the Big 3 and their adventures in Miami.

"At the end of the day, the guys who are playing for the right reasons who are trying to win championships are not worrying about one play. They also are not tweeting about themselves talking about going down to No. 2.

Then Perkins apparently followed up with: "I just feel [James] is always looking for attention and he wants the world to like him."

LeBron addressed Perkins' gripe after Wednesday's loss to the Orlando Magic.

"Did I call him out? I mean, did you read the tweet? Did I call him out? I can see why he felt embarrassed. I don't think I was the only one to react to the unbelievable play by Blake and that's what it was all about," James said. "Now, if Kendrick Perkins dunked on somebody like that on the other end, I would have done the same thing.

"If Perkins dunked on Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan or whatever the case may be, it would be the same thing. That's just my love for the game and connecting with my fans."



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