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Dexter Pittman, not Eddy Curry, the Heat's biggest loser

WASHINGTON -- Dexter Pittman has moved ahead of Eddy Curry on the Heat's depth chart. Pittman played 12 minutes against the Wizards on Friday and had two points and four rebounds.

I caught up with Pittman afterwards in the locker room and asked him about he new physique. Pittman has lost 35 pounds since the start of training camp. The second-year player added that Eddy Curry has lost 33 pounds since the start of camp.

Pittman is down to 280 pounds with a body-fat index of 14 percent. His goal is to get down to 12 or 11 percent.



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Whats goin on with joel pryzbilla? We have to get a inside presence if we gone win it all...I believe

Great acomplishment by Dexter, with more PT he will not only shed some more weight but also shed his rust and become more athletic in his play.
Very good performance, the sky is the limit Pitt. keep it up.

We do not need another big body "Joel Pryzbilla" to rust away on the bench, what we need is to start getting the two big's currently on the roster to shake-off their rust and start playing into the Heat's playoff plans now, in order to be ready for when it counts, the playoffs!

Pittman is better than Pryzbilla, in my opinion.


what is th prolem of coach Spolkra with James Jones, he is the best three pointe player in the league and he does,t get a chance to play, why? what is the problem with him.


what is it about small lineups thatt Spo loves so much?

Pittman needs to start!!

Curry has only played 27 minutes in 27 games. Thats not enough with the way our bigs are stinking up the place.

i say, give pittman and curry more playing time.... lets see what they can do..... but if there were to be a way we could get mcgee.... make it happen....007....

Pittman gets enough time as is. No matter how much weight he loses he still can't seem to jump. He's not big enough to move players around and not explosive enough to leap over to grab boards. I see overseas in this kid future.

Pittman showing some nice moves lately, but still making some mistakes as well. Looks like he is improving, which is what the Heat are looking for, he's not turning into Parrish or Gilmore overnight (couple of old head references for your Monday morning). He definitely looks better than Curry at this point. And let's keep in mind that Curry was, and is, a project - a shot in the dark, which we most likely hit nothing - sort of like one of Shaq's FTs.

The rest is coming together. We score a lot of points in the paint, our points given up in the paint is low, just putting a taller player at the 5 spot (Joel P)doesn't guarantee squat.

Curious to see how we fare in Wisconsin tonight, with a bigger game tomorrow in Indy.

Oh, and was Wade absolutely SICK in the second quarter in DC!!! So this is what I got for Larry Legend, we are going to win AND have fun this year. Kome who? At this stage, Kome couldn't carry DWade's sneakers into the gym.

BUMS! Spolestra needs to be fired


If SPO needs to be fired, with the third best record in the league, and a team that improved it's bench from last year's team that went 6 games into the Championship series.....which coach SHOULDN'T be fired?

Is Thibedeau (CHI) and Brooks (OKC) safe? How about Brown (LAL)? Does Collins (PHI) get axed? DO D'Antonio (NYK) or Johnson (NJN) survive the cut?


...and certainly, judging by record, Rick Carlisle has forgotten most of his coaching knowledge since he led his team to the Championship last June....FIRE HIS A$$!!!!!

should never of cut Gladess

The only coach worse than Spo in my opion coached against him on Sunday. The difference being, a whole lot more talet on the heat. Don't forget, Spo got whipped by that same coach for the first defeat of the season. Until the championship trophy is raised, i say BUMS!

So the worst two coaches in the league are SPO and Larry Drew??

And how can we forget that first loss of the season? I can vividly remember every loss, every small misstep along the way.

Hopefully we can meet the Atlanta Hawks in the first round of the playoffs. At least we'll have the advantage in the coaching department, after that though, it'll get tough.

While we are remembering specific losses, what did the Heat and SPO do to the Mavs and Rick Carlisle the first game of the year? What do you call that?

How about the three rounds of EC playoffs last year. Doug Collins, Doc Rivers, Thibedeau -- they should ALL be shown the door! Hell, fire Popovich, keep Jackson in retirement, and for beasley's (god's son) sake, don't let Riley influence the Heat organization!!!

Comedy central today folks, keep the laughs coming.

Fear the deer!.....enough of that CRAP!......Time to kick the REAR of the deer! Deer sausages in the morning for all Heat fans!

Let him go Greg...he's probably still lamenting the moment when his 6th grade girlfriend kissed his best friend, then got angry at his cat...who became part of the Key West cat juggling show...then tripped on his cat's empty milk saucer...then on & on... right up to when the Heat didn't win every possession of every game.

I'm exhausted !

Either of the 2 could end up like the oriental guy in NY. You never know untill you play them.

The only real fact here is we need them both to be ready for whenever their numbers are called in the post season, not this short regular one. This is all that truly matters! Give us a few big key block shots, a few dunks, crash the glass, close the paint against the bigger front court players and the penetration of guard plays down the stretch.

Still BUMS! Love ya Wade glade to see you playing like a man again.


Must of been a bad week for Heat1....losing your cat, tripping over saucers, and then, the unthinkable, his favorite show with Erkel gets cancelled. Did I do thaaaaat?

Miami looks great now the talent is winning games. the jury is still out on spo as a coach. last year they lost the chip cause he was out coached, the regular season everything is easy breeze for Miami But when the playoffs begin and they start playing the best teams we will see. I love Miami but think spo sucks as a coach he's like the hard headed kid who touches a hot stove gets burned then does it again ugh!! they are gonna need a inside presence in order to win it all Bosh is soft and shoots 20 footers all day and can't bang down low. when the better teams kick that zone in on them it neutralizes Wade and Lebron if Curry can't play get rid of him,we can't tell cause he gets no playing time thanks to spo but he is a bonafide low post scorer that can help the team and make them unstoppable if he still has it!! Pittman is still a project.

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