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Dwyane Wade returns with bounce in his step

You knew everything was going to be OK when Dwyane Wade bounded past Landry Fields in the first half and threw down a monstrous fast-break dunk.

After two week's of rest, Wade returned from his sprained ankle on Friday against the Knicks and scored 28 points in the Heat's 99-89 victory. It wasn't a fair fight, what with the Knicks playing without Carmelo Anthony and relying on the three-point shot to make up the difference. The Knicks attempted 43 three-pointers, a record for opponents in Heat franchise history.


--First, let's talk about how bad the Knicks. Man, they're bad. OK, I think that pretty much covers it.

--Wade played nearly 32 minutes and led the Heat with 19 shots. While his offensive game was impressive, his defensive work was the most encouraging sign that he is once again healthy. Wade had five steals to go along with two blocks.

--Wade and LeBron James combined for 10 dunks, the most since James joined the Heat.

--Hard to say which dunk was best, but I cast my vote for the alley-oop from Norris Cole to LeBron in the second quarter. Sick.

--Joel Anthony was a beast. He recorded five blocks and anchored the Heat's defense near the basket. The Heat outscored the Knicks 42-14 in points in the paint.

--A few thoughts on the cause and effect of Wade's return:

     --The Heat was 2 of 10 from three-point range. In game's without Wade, the Heat's three-point shooters seem to be more effective.

     --Chris Bosh clearly was off his game. After carrying the team in Wade's absence, Bosh was 4 of 18 shooting for 13 points.

--The Heat went small inside against the Knicks. Eddy Curry did not play in his first game against his old team and neither did Dexter Pittman. Udonis Haslem played more than 25 minutes and recorded six rebounds and four points.

--Mario Chalmers found himself in early foul trouble and had his worst game awhile, scoring two points on 1 of 6 shooting. Norris Cole picked up the slack despite needing to leave the game at one point to receive four stitches above his left eye. Cole had eight points in nearly 30 minutes.




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This was one of the most exciting regular season game I have ever seen. I was on that Grey Goose hard and thought it was dunk for a drunk night. It looked liked NY was on that yack and it was dunk on a drunk.Its hard to pick a top dunk in this game. Roll em all up in 1 highlight reel and make it the top play of the day.

Sweet win...Dwade - oh yea - is back !

Obviously with packed schedule & hardly any training camp... many guys ala Dirk came into the season not in great game shape. A refreshed Wade sure made the difference.

Hope Spo lightens the Big 3 minutes when he can using more of his bench to keep them fresh.

we still need a coach , we never win with spo ( sorry ) , please hire JEFF VAN GUNDY

If we get KMartin does that mean Bosh will play center? Any thoughts on this deal if it happens

I know this is a blog and all, but damn use some spell/grammar checking or reread your writing before you post it. "First, let's talk about how bad the Knicks (are)." "Chalmers ... had his worst game (in) awhile."

Oh, and by the way, Wade didn't play "nearly 32 minutes" - he actually played 33.

Will Spo shave his head? That's the rumor coming out of unspecified sources....

Actually, he already shaved his head. He wears a wig.


I am not convinced Wade and James can win together without a true center. Is Curry showing any improvement as a force to recokened with anytime soon? How long is this project going to take?

Jeff VanGundy makes a great coach, but I think that clown prefers being in the booth. Besides he doesn't lke Riley,may take a cruise ship and a ton of Carnival stocks to laude him to the HEAT.

NY is a mess, they made a mstake when theylet Billups go. Isiah Thomas didn't make that call, who screwed up with that trade?

the pick-up of k-mart would be big.... but let be real, he's not mike.... but still it's big... i say make the move for mo.... and mcgee now.... than sign k-mart... or sign k-mart than trade for mo and mcgee.... mcgee is a young chandler who doesn't know how good he is yet... we could get the best out of him here.....0007...

We've got, like the third best record in the league....we just beat the team with the best record....we are beating teams with over .500 winning's a short season.....JA is playing effectively.....we just spent a bunch of time/effort getting Curry ready to try and contribute off the bench

---All that to say, our CHEMISTRY is too good right now to add anything but a bench/role player. NO NEW starting guards or NO NEW starting centers? We don't have the 14 best players on the planet on our roster right now, so yes, we could add better statistical players at some positions. But what we think we gain, would not outweigh the learning curve that would be necessary. Do you think our defense plays as great as it does by mistake? That's a lot of effort and repetition, and we don't have time to do a reboot on our season, just too short.

So let's start the fire SPO mantra, right. Hell, let's get Thibideau from Chicago, oops, his team-with-the-MVP-and-best-record-in-the-league, didn't get to the championship last year, and just got beat by the team that sets the standard in their conference. Avery Johnson anyone? What's the Nets record? Jeff Van Gundy (who is not at odds with Riley) is comfortable being the clowning mouthpiece on ABC.

Dudes, we got a premier team, we upgraded from last year, other teams are chasing us, and we want to add more spice to the chili? Easy, we've got the right blend already.

Whatta game ! Gotta respect da Bulls...but Coach Thib is gonna burn out Rose playing what...44 minutes !

Anyone notice LBJ effectively checking Rose the last few minutes shades of last year ? I think Rose still has that NCAA Final funk monkey on his back when he blew it missing those foul shots. (of course if you recall Callipari had his dunce hat on too!)

Anyone notice when Heat carved up Bulls the few times they tried a zone ? Hit it high...then dropped it off low to Bosh.

Of course Bulls were missing Deng & Watson...Thib figures the only way Bulls can advance to Finals would be to win home court advantage for the Eastern Conference.

Still...every team should fear the key injury along with a laser focus on the fatigue factor going forward.

Hey...what's the deal with this BLOG ?

Yes LBJ did guard Rose at the end of the game, but it was UD that stepped up to try and draw a charge that made Rose's last shot more difficult. Bosh acknowledged his teammate afterward, (although it'll probably go unnoticed at the world wide leader of sports highlights')

As far as point guards go, seems like Chalmer's team has bested Roses' team in college and pros.

Chalmers has grown into a quality point guard in this league, and will continue to get better.

Cole struggled a bit on Sunday. Shot selection will improve with experience. You don't have to chuck em up like John Wall - you've got offensive studs all around you.

I thought Cole had a outstanding game in the 1st half. He sat way to long in the 2nd half. He deserved more minutes in THIS game. Chalmer should be the starter(great year) but Cole clearly shined harder in the 1st half. Spo just didn't reward the rookie properly.Iso and blown leads are a big problem. Every1 knew Wade was gonna do it at the end. When that didn't work, every1 knew Bron was gonna do it. Play calling got to get better. I felt relieved(not good) after this win. We can't win all the battles and hit the self destruct button when teams surrender. These problems have been here like a cancer for many years now.

listen, we have to really buckle down and start winning a lot more of the games we should win.... can't give away games... this was a tough games, the bulls are a top flight team in the east.... but we have to take every one the same.... and look to improve roster wise.... i like mo.... mcgee isn't going anywhere... but k-mart, sign him... we came within two games of winning the title, with this team... now lets improve to ensure that we don't fall short... but i can say, i like the style of play... keep it up... i do think if mo was the starting point we could be that much better.... but hey that's me... tbc... 007....

I agree with jeff on the Cole/Chalmers take. Chalmers got ate up by Rose the whole game & made Chalmers look like he wasn't even there ! Whereas Cole plays a stronger aggresive style of game... but did come out flat in the 2nd half & got beat badly on D like alot of guys do surely didn't help from him sitting so long. Greg...the dude is a rookie...I agree NC should think more pass first then shoot but many times has no choice with the shot clock winding down. At least he CAN create...hey I saw Wade slap the backboard with a couple airball shots too. I would take Cole's upside from here Greg over Chalmers in a heartbeat.

So here's the biggest problem I see: Wade, for the first time in his career, is really settling for bad shots and has bad shot selection.

He came out and really stunk up the place. But the good thing about Wade is he finally started passing the ball instead of shooting it. I will take Wade with 15 points rather than Wade trying to keep his stats up and finishing with 40, but causing us to lose the game by settling for bad shots.

Spo needs to man-up and tell Wade, that was a poor shot. Wade may not know it because he's used to making spectacular shots.

Spo and Joel are actually doing well. I can't complain about either. But I will if critique when they deserve it.

Lets go Heat!

Wasnt' trying to poop on Coles game, I'm very much a fan. Just saying, his drive to push the ball and create needs to sometimes be tempered. And from the coaching staff's view, they'ld tell you it's a lot easier to try to tone down a game that is full of energy, then to energize someone's game who is lethargic (supercool).

Also, we don't live in an 'upside' world. That's another word for potential, or yet to be developed. In the last 5 years Chalmers, has played, and won, a college national championship, played in at least 4 playoff series, and played in 6 NBA championship games. He's not chopped liver. Will Cole be as effective as RIO someday??? I'ld love to have that controversy of two legitament PG's, so I hope so. Until that upside becomes reality, RIO starts and finishes, Cole can keep improving his game, learning from the vets.

Trap game tonight, let's don't fall into it. Young legs (Cole/Harris) time to shine.

I agree with you Greg...Chalmers has played well this season. Nothing is ever perfect but hope Heat feel they have enough firepower at the point NOT to go out and sign a veteran point guard.

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